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Chapter 367 - Must I See The Dragon King Just Because He Wants to See Me?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 367: Must I See The Dragon King Just Because He Wants to See Me?

    Li Ying and the four people behind her were stunned to hear what Ye Chen said. She was in slight disbelief as she asked, “Are you out of your mind?”

    ‘Those are people from the Heavenly Palace! They’re not some Tom, Dick, or Harry. Do you really think you’re the real No. 1 in China just because the outsiders call you that?’

    Cheng Yin from the Heavenly Palace was stunned at first, then he laughed out loud. “Li Ying, it seems like someone isn’t taking the kindness your Dragon Soul has offered!”

    Before this, he thought it was impossible for them to kill Ye Chen since the Dragon Soul was here to protect him. Never had he thought that Ye Chen would shoot down his route of escape himself before they could fight.

    A middle-aged hunk behind Li Ying was smirking. “This brat is so ungrateful. Commander Li, let’s go. Let this brat die!”

    “That’s right. Who do you think you are to us Dragon Soul? If not for the Dragon King’s order, we wouldn’t even bother to look at him,” the other man scoffed.

    At that moment, Ye Chen’s overbearingness triggered the people from the Dragon Soul too.

    “Li Ying, since he’s ungrateful, leave with your people now. He’s not worth our falling out!” Cheng Yin said again.

    Li Ying looked at Ye Chen while feeling irritated, but she spoke after shaking her head, “That’s not going to happen. I’ve said that the Dragon King wants to see him. Whether he wants it or not, we must protect him!”

    She was enraged and was secretly cursing Ye Chen as an ungrateful b*stard.

    “Since that’s the case, that’s the end of the discussion!” The smile on Cheng Yin’s face faded. “Let’s fight. We have over ten people here, and there are only five of you. I’d like to see how you guys are going to take him away!”

    “Let’s fight!” Li Ying shouted. Although the people behind her were reluctant to, they released all of their power following her order.

    A battle broke out!

    At that moment, Li Ying’s phone rang. Her expression changed when she picked it up and looked at who was calling. She accepted the call looking extremely respectful. She was nodding and agreeing to whatever the caller was saying.

    “The Dragon King just called!” She passed Cheng Yin her phone.

    Cheng Yin took the phone immediately, and his expression changed a few times after hanging up. He glanced at Ye Chen hesitatingly. “You got lucky! Let’s go!”

    Then, he growled and left with his men.

    The phone call alone solved the fight between the two organizations, much to Ye Chen’s surprise.

    Li Ying turned her head and looked coldly at him. She said rudely, “Let’s go. The Dragon King wants to see you!”

    She took the lead and walked in front after saying that. When she walked a few steps out and turned her head to look, she realized that not only Ye Chen did not follow her, but instead, he was walking towards the other direction.

    Li Ying shouted immediately, “Stay right there!”

    Ye Chen looked at her expressionlessly.

    Li Ying said coldly when she noticed his ignorance. “I’ve told you that the Dragon King wants to see you. Didn’t you hear what I said?”

    “Must I see Dragon King just because he wants to see me?” Ye Chen chuckled. Mockery appeared at the corner of his lips. “Who is he even? He should be the one who comes to me if he wants to see me!” He left without even turning his head after saying that.

    “That b*stard!” Fire almost came out of Li Ying’s pretty eyes.

    The middle-aged man behind her said coldly, “Commander, this brat is just too much. I’ll tie him up!”

    He leaped immediately before waiting for Li Ying to react as soon as he said that, charging at Ye Chen as if he was a cannon. He said at the same time, “Where are you going, Ye?!”

    He threw his claws at Ye Chen. His nickname was Green Dragon at the Dragon Soul. His ability was unpredictable as his Green Dragon Claw was compelling and overbearing!

    “Scram!” Ye Chen shouted without even turning his head.


    An invisible storm came, causing a majestic wave that threw the man out directly. He staggered many steps back even after he landed on the ground. Horror filled his face right away.

    Li Ying and the rest were shocked when they snapped back to their senses!

    “I’ll forgive you guys since you were helping me earlier. If you dare attack me again, I’ll kill all of you!” Ye Chen’s extremely cold voice came from far away.

    Li Ying and the rest felt as if they were in a land full of snow.

    “What are you even proud about?” Li Ying scoffed as she watched Ye Chen strut far away. “Everything that you saw was just a setup.”


    Snow covered the Northeastern Changbai Mountain.

    An old farmer dressed in a raincoat made out of straw was sitting by a frozen lake at the moment. The farmer remained still with a fishing rod in his hands, as if he had seen the world. He was like an old man who was just fishing to kill time.

    If one were to look closer, the so-called fishing rod in his hand was made of thread consolidated by energy. The thread stretched from the hole chiselled on the surface of the lake.


    The old bull next to him was mooing at the lake while shaking its butt. Eventually, it lifted its leg and kicked the old farmer’s face after seeming to have lost its patience.

    The kick would have broken a person’s face even if it did not bring death.

    However, the air before the wizened farmer’s face was distorted when the old bull’s hoof was about to land on his face. Immediately, the old bull’s hoof was teleported to a pine tree behind.


    The pine tree that was as thick as a bucket fell with a thud.

    “Hey!” The old farmer rolled his eyes. “Can’t you wait for a little bit more? Also, you’re a bull that works in the field, so why do you love eating fish? Furthermore, your favorite is the rarest rainbow trout!”

    “Moo…” The old bull mooed again.

    “Alright, alright. Damn it! I almost got it now. Stop whining. The fishes will run away from all your whining!” The old farmer surrendered directly and handed the bull a pipe. “You can smoke two puffs if you’re impatient. I got these tobacco leaves from Shaanbei. It has a bold texture. Don’t worry. I promise you that I didn’t pour hot chili sauce on it this time!”


    The bull farted at him.

    “I caught one, I caught one!”

    Without an ounce of irritation at the bull, the farmer seemed over the moon. In the second, he recalled the thread quickly, and a red gleam flashed through the air.

    When he looked closely, it was a red fish that was the length of a chopstick. Like a sword, it was extremely lively. Even though it was snowing, there was a faint flame being exuded from its body.

    The old farmer held it in his hand, practically drooling. “I can’t believe it’s 20 years old. Amazing! It’s worth me coming all the way from the northwest and waiting for two days for this.”

    At that moment, his old phone rang. “Five million yuan has been transferred to your Alipay account!”

    The older farmer picked it up immediately and hung up a moment later. He was rather surprised. “I can’t believe that brat rejected my invitation. Isn’t he scared of revenge from Shang Santian? It’s unfortunate!”

    The old farmer shook his head and looked at the red fish in his hand. “That brat won’t have the chance to eat this delicious rainbow trout!”

    In the next second, the old bull did a sneaky attack. It ate the fish and swallowed it after munching on it a few times. Then, it smirkedat the old farmer after that.

    However, the old farmer was staring into space.

    “Heavenly Palace! Haha, the people are getting ahead of themselves. Are you so eager to be Shang Santian’s dog? Don’t you dare forget about your responsibility. Don’t you dare forget who your real master is!”