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Chapter 366 - The Heavenly Palace and The Dragon Soul!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 366: The Heavenly Palace and The Dragon Soul!

    “Mad Southern Ye, stop right there!”

    More than ten silhouettes arrived before Ye Chen as soon as that shout was heard. All of them were dressed in black with killing intent radiating from their bodies. It was an old man in Taoist priest robes leading them.

    Ye Chen lifted his eyes to look at them. He realized that all of them had the ability of a Martial Dao master while the leading old man was a half-step martial venerable.

    Bai Hongyu and his servant, who were initially in despair, were over the moon upon seeing them. “Guardian Cheng, save me! Save us!”

    The old man in Taoist priest robes looked at the bodies on the rope behind Ye Chen and took out a golden token while speaking grimly, “I’m the Heavenly Palace’s Left-hand Guardian, Cheng Yin. Mad Southern Ye, you’ve killed too many people. Give us Master Bai and the rest. Kneel and be prepared to be captured!”

    His mannerisms were extraordinarily arrogant as he ordered Ye Chen!

    Ye Chen pulled the rope in his hand tight and squinted. He questioned coldly, “The Heavenly Palace? What’s that?”

    “How dare you!?” The experts took a step forward at the same time immediately. Over ten terrifying energies swept toward Ye Chen, seemingly wanting to suppress him.

    However, Ye Chen remained still.

    Cheng Yin smirked. “The Heavenly Palace is something above the Heaven Leaderboard. There’ve been countless people ranked on the Heaven Leaderboard throughout the years. Naturally, there are people who get out of the leaderboard and join the Heavenly Palace! Our Heavenly Palace’s responsibility is to suppress people who use their power to create trouble, people like you!”

    Ruthlessness filled Cheng Yin’s eyes as he spoke to this point.

    If the Martial Alliance was a civil organization, then the Heavenly Palace and the Dragon Soul would be official organizations. They were under the country’s jurisdiction, and they were named the two sharp swords of China!

    Even the military could not interfere with their business. They took orders from the president directly!

    “Mad Southern Ye, let me tell you this,” Cheng Yin spoke again, “These people before you were already the experts of the generation before you were born. If you don’t want to die a devastating death, I’d advise you that you don’t fight back. Follow me to the Heavenly Palace to accept your punishment.”

    “Oh!” Ye Chen responded and revealed mockery at the corner of his lips. “You bunch of trash dare to fight me? Or do you think my sword will be slower than yours?”

    “I’ll say this one last time!” Cheng Yin’s face turned cold. He said after a scoff, “Release Master Bai and the rest now. Kneel to accept your capture, or we’ll kill you!”

    He knew Ye Chen’s ability very well.

    But so what?

    Anyone who managed to get into the Heavenly Palace would have their names ranked on the Heaven Leaderboard when their ability was compared in the outside world.

    Moreover, the Heavenly Palace had been studying Martial Dao technology. Under the integration of Martial Dao and technology, even gods and buddhas would be killed if they were to fight them!

    As soon as he was done speaking, Bai Hongyu guffawed in joy. “Hahaha! Mad Southern Ye, bet you never thought that a China official would be here to protect me. If you dare kill me, you’d be China’s enemy!”

    “That’s right, Mad Southern Ye. Please kill me. I’m begging you. I’m so scared.” Xue Yuantao and Xue Dong were laughing hysterically. They seemed to be confident that Ye Chen dared not kill them.

    “Oh, really?” Ye Chen, however, had no expression on his face.

    In the next second, a golden gleam exploded on the rope in his hand. The rope was shrinking quickly as if it had turned into a thread.


    Including Master Bai and Xue Yuantao, the four of them exploded following the shrinking of the rope. The four of them exploded into bloody mist!

    It was overbearing and straightforward! He was determined to kill! It was cold and ruthless!

    Dead silence! The place was filled with dead silence!

    At that moment, the people, including Cheng Yin, stared with their eyes wide opened. They looked at Ye Chen in disbelief, then they gaped at the bloody mist in the air.

    ‘He really dared to kill the four of them right before our eyes?! Doesn’t this brat know that Heavenly Palace’s status is almighty in China?’

    “How dare you!?” Cheng Yin was enraged when he snapped back to his senses.

    “What wouldn’t I dare to do?!” Endless fierceness flashed through Ye Chen’s eyes while his face turned ferocious. He said in a compelling manner, “Even the gods wouldn’t dare to save anyone that I, Mad Southern Ye, want to kill, let alone the Heavenly Palace!”

    At the same time, brutal energy exploded from his body. He looked like a soaring dragon at that moment. He looked at the world in a condescending manner, and nobody dared to look directly at him.

    In the next second, a terrifying aura exploded from Cheng Yin’s body. It was like the galaxy pouring down from the heavens. “Kill this b*stard! Don’t you think you’ll leave alive today!”

    Cheng Yin’s face turned pale while majestic rage and killing intent came out of his eyes. He shouted like a madman, “Kill him!”

    Instantly, he ascended into the air and launched a squeeze hold onto Ye Chen as if he was going to crush heaven and earth. The rest also shouted and unleashed their abilities respectively as they charged at Ye Chen.

    A cold grin appeared at the corner of Ye Chen’s lips. Letting go of people who threatened him was purely wishful thinking! So what even if they were from the Heavenly Palace? Even if God were to come, he would kill without mercy! Anyone who touched the forbidden lamella of the dragon would die!

    “Stop it, everyone!”

    At that moment, another raging shriek came from outside. Five people in yellow entered immediately with a cool lady in the lead. She was no older than 30 years old while an experienced aura filled her body. The newcomers protected Ye Chen behind them subtly.

    Cheng Yin’s expression changed upon seeing them. Eventually, he recalled his attack and looked grim. He seemed to be in fear as he demanded, “Commander Li Ying, what does your Dragon Soul mean by doing this? Are you sticking your nose in our Heavenly Palace’s business?”

    Dragon Soul?

    Ye Chen frowned slightly.

    First the Heavenly Palace, and now the Dragon Soul. He merely wanted to kill the few pieces of trash today and never expected to attract two large organizations here.

    Li Ying said coldly while facing Cheng Yin’s displeasure, “The Dragon King wants to see this man!”

    “What?” Cheng Yin’s expression changed to one of shock. “The Dragon King wants to see this man? How’s that possible? I don’t believe it!”

    The most mysterious two people in China would be the Heavenly Palace’s Palace Master Guan Shanyue and the Dragon Soul’s Dragon King. The former had a name, at least, while nobody knew the latter’s real name. Nobody had any idea what the Dragon King’s gender, age, face and whereabouts were.

    Nevertheless, this Dragon King that had never shown up wanted to protect Ye Chen!

    How could Cheng Yin not be shocked?!

    “It’s up to you whether you want to believe that. No matter what, our Dragon Soul will protect this man. Be smart about your next move!” Li Ying’s pretty face turned unfriendly as she said, not holding back.

    “Let’s fight them!” Cheng Yin was enraged since Li Ying was so overbearing. “Your Dragon Soul has been fighting our Heavenly Palace all these years. We should take this opportunity to end it today!”

    Just when Li Ying was going to fight though, Ye Chen, who had been quiet, suddenly said, “You guys can fight, but shouldn’t you ask my opinion?”

    “Shut your mouth!” Li Ying glared at him angrily.

    ‘You should be happy that our Dragon Soul is protecting you!’

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly and said without accepting her kindness, “You guys may retreat. This is my business, and I don’t need you guys to stick your nose into my business!”