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Chapter 859 - Shedding Blood in the Royal City

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 859 Shedding Blood in the Royal City"Chatter…"

    The wind was howling and the air was filled with Sword Qi inside the royal city. Nobody dared to make any noise; it was so silent that everyone was able to hear the sound of Zhao Duluo's teeth grinding.

    Zhao Duluo looked over with a frightened face.

    He saw Chen Fan coming with a sword in his hand and there was a black crack behind him. It was a crack in the dimension. It didn't close up; it looked like an eye in the sky.

    The eighteen layers of arrays had been torn.

    Chen Fan's slash not only broke the last things the royal family relied on, it also took away all the pride and arrogance in Zhao Duluo's mind.

    "Clatter, clatter, clatter!"

    Chen Fan walked slowly.

    The five Divine Chains appeared clearly on him. They were twining around his body tightly, which created five visible marks. It was the consequence of using his full power two times in one day. The Sky-severing Sword even became dim after the last attack; it would need some time to recover.

    However, among the countless Connate Cultivators and Golden Core Cultivators, none of them dared to attack Chen Fan.

    The cultivators that had been blocking in front of Chen Fan had already run away. Nobody—including the Golden Core Cultivators of the Zhao family or the soldiers of the troops of the Beihan Region—dared to stop him. The crowd made way for Chen Fan and Zhao Duluo could be seen a hundred feet away.

    Even though he was the Prince of the royal family, who had command over thousands of people and was constantly protected by countless soldiers and Overlords, Zhao Duluo felt utterly lonely and weak at the moment, as if the world had abandoned him.

    Thousands of soldiers were frightened!

    "I once thought Lord Beihan was unstoppable and Sword King was already at the peak a cultivator could possibly reach. After seeing Perfected Cultivator Chen suppress the royal city today, I finally realized what the word invincible truly means!"

    Zhang Ming looked up in shock and in awe.

    He even wanted to be banished from his sect and follow Chen Fan.

    Qi Feng also looked at Chen Fan. They were at the same age and the same level. However, he was only a young disciple of the Tianji Grotto-heaven, while Chen Fan was already standing on the top of the Beihan Region, having made countless Perfected Cultivators yield.

    "This is the difference between us."

    Qi Feng heaved a sigh.

    At the same time, Chen Fan was already thirty feet away from Zhao Duluo. An elder finally came up.

    "Perfected Cultivator Chen, please listen to me. It's just a misunderstanding…"

    Someone recognized that the elder was Zhao Duluo's uncle, the brother of the current Lord Beihan. He was also a mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator who was able to fight with a peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivator with the blood of the Sky-Swallowing Python. He was a superior being in the Zhao family and even Sword King had to respect him.


    Chen Fan only made a slashing motion.

    The Sky-severing Sword was still rusted; it hadn't been awakened yet. It only sent out a small beam of light, which immediately split the elder in half.

    How powerful was a Heavenly Treasure?

    Normal people could already kill a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator with it, so it was even more terrifying when in Chen Fan's hands.

    The elder was startled. He didn't understand why Chen Fan didn't even let him finish talking.

    Then, a few Overlords and elders of the royal family also came up and tried to convince Chen Fan. Chen Fan then slashed seven times without hesitation and killed seven Golden Core Cultivators. Even though the Divine Chains on his body became tighter and the sword looked dimmer, Chen Fan didn't hold back at all.

    In the end, no one dared to stop Chen Fan; they let him walk towards Zhao Duluo.

    Meanwhile, Zhao Duluo had already knelt on the ground trembling. He didn't even have the courage to run away anymore.

    Suddenly, someone sighed.

    An extremely old man, who only had a scant amount of white hair and whose body was bent, stood in front of Chen Fan.

    "Ahem, that's it! This battle has cost our family dozens of Golden Core Cultivators. That should be able to allay your anger…"

    The old man stopped for a while between each sentence, as if it were extremely exhausting for him to speak.

    But a junior of the Zhao family exclaimed, "It's the Heavenly Ancestor. He's still alive?"

    Hearing this title, many old cultivators were startled and something seemed to have come to their minds. Even the Sect Masters of the six Grotto-heavens also looked serious.

    "Brother Qi, who's the Heavenly Ancestor?" Zhang Ming wondered.

    Someone came to convince Chen Fan when he was so vicious?

    "The Heavenly Ancestor? Is he the brother of the first Lord Beihan and the uncle of the current Lord Beihan?" Qi Feng asked.

    "I heard that he used to be invincible back then, and that he had already become a peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivator thousands of years ago, but the first Lord Beihan got the spotlight. He had no choice but to step down. He must have hid deep inside the Spirit Veins, or he would have died long before."

    A Golden Core Cultivator could live about two thousand years. Even if the blood of the Sky-Swallowing Python was strong, he could only live three thousand years at most. And yet, it had already been five thousand years since the first Lord Beihan's time.

    Seeing such a legend, countless people were terrified.

    Chen Fan stopped for the first time and asked the old man before him seriously, "Are you trying to stop me?"

    The eyes of the Heavenly Ancestor glittered and he became old again. He slowly shook his head and said as he panted, "I've already lived several thousand years. I'll only be able live a few years more after getting out this time. I won't survive the night if I fight with you.

    "However, think twice if you want to kill Zhao Duluo. Even though I don't really like this kid, he's my nephew. His father is much more powerful than I am and he's only half a step away from transforming to the true form of the Sky-Swallowing Python. It's impossible for you to defeat him if you don't, but aren't you scared you'd summon the Thunder Tribulation?"

    The Heavenly Ancestor saw Chen Fan's weakness immediately.

    "Haha, if Lord Beihan feels offended, just come to see me. I'll play with him!"

    Chen Fan smiled and didn't mind at all.

    He raised his hand.


    Zhao Duluo flew into his hand from ten feet away.

    "Please don't kill me. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry…" Zhao Duluo was horrified. He even yelled.

    "Help me, Ancestral Patriarch! I'm the descendant of the third generation and the future of the Zhao family. If you let him kill me, there will be no heir in the next two thousand years…"

    When the Heavenly Ancestor was about to speak…

    Chen Fan had already squeezed his hand.


    Zhao Duluo exploded like a watermelon and blood splashed around. He was still in shock as he died. He had never thought that Chen Fan would kill him just like that.


    Seeing this sight, the Heavenly Ancestor slowly closed his eyes. "This kid was correct. He was indeed the most powerful among the third generation of the Zhao family. Without him, we'll have no heir. My nephew might have let you go if you had killed someone else, but he'll come and fight with you now."

    "Let him come. I'm also looking for him."

    Chen Fan killed Zhao Duluo so effortlessly, just like killing an ant.

    Countless people lowered their heads and even the Sect Masters of the six Grotto-heavens bowed to express their respect for this invincible Overlord.

    "You've taken lives, destroyed the city and shown us your power. It's time for you to leave!"

    The Heavenly Ancestor had apparently become indifferent.

    "Not yet. Those who attacked me and humiliated the Chinese also have to die," Chen Fan said.


    The Heavenly Ancestor was enraged. He stood upright and an energy, which was more powerful than that of a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator, ran through his body. He was enveloped in a mighty aura, and there was a giant python a few thousand feet long behind him. The Heavenly Ancestor had so much energy right then… He didn't seem like an old man.

    Chen Fan didn't step back; he had a vicious look in his eyes.

    An earth-shattering battle was about to begin.

    Everyone held their breaths.

    But after half an hour, the Heavenly Ancestor heaved a sigh, then drew back his Dharma Power and returned to his old man appearance.

    "Fine, just do whatever you want. I can't stop you. But remember, leave some descendants for my family. Otherwise, I'll also exterminate the Chinese in Old China Town."

    He then turned around and left.

    Watching the Heavenly Ancestor leave, many members of the royal family and the Perfected Cultivators who attacked Chen Fan were left completely terrified.

    Chen Fan glanced over everyone and said with a smile, "As I've said, I'm going to settle the scores with the royal family."

    That day, the royal city was filled with Sword Qi. Fire burned for three days and there were corpses found everywhere within a hundred mile range. The entire Sky-Swallowing Palace was filled with screams and cries. Countless descendants of the royal family were killed and the nine troops of the Beihan Region were annihilated. Countless Golden Core Cultivators and Connate Cultivators died or were left with injuries.

    Only Zhao Qingchen, who hid outside the palace, survived.

    Tianhuang Calendar, July 3rd, 129500.

    Chen Beixuan killed Sword King, destroyed the royal city, killed the members of the Zhao family and slaughtered his way around for three days. The royal family almost lost all their descendants.

    The news was spread and the world, leaving everyone stunned!