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Chapter 858 - Break the Galaxy

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 858 Break the Galaxy

    “Did Chen Beixuan win?”

    Many Qi Refinement Cultivators could only watch the battle in the city. They saw thousands of Connate Cultivators running back and many Golden Core Ancestral Patriarchs return with terrified looks. Even Prince Zhao Duluo had made a quick escape.

    A ridiculous thought came to everyone’s mind.

    “How is that possible? How would dozens of Perfected Cultivators, Sword King and the Royal Palace lose to Chen Beixuan?”

    Many cultivators witnessed this in utter disbelief.

    Chen Fan was only a newbie who had just entered the Golden Core Level in their eyes. However, he was already able to suppress the Zhao family.

    The Sect Masters of the six Grotto-heavens were also terrified.

    Chen Fan’s power had gone beyond everyone’s imagination. He might even be stronger than the legendary Lord Beihan.

    “We should have attacked earlier. Nobody knows if Chen Beixuan is more vicious than Lord Beihan.” The Sect Master of the Xukong Grotto-heaven frowned.

    “It’s too late. Half of the royal family has been injured. I’m not sure if they can resist Chen Beixuan.”

    The Sect Master of the Tianji Grotto-heaven shook his head.

    “Really? Not even Sword King would be able to break the royal city’s arrays. Unless Chen Beixuan is a Heavenly Lord, it’ll be too difficult for him to crush the arrays that have been protecting the Zhao family for thousands of years.”

    The other Sect Masters doubted.


    The Sect Master of the Tianji Grotto-heaven laughed, refraining to comment.

    Everyone around him was shocked.

    “Quick, quick! Initiate all the arrays and ask all our elders to join in. This is a life or death moment of the Zhao family,” Zhao Duluo said anxiously.

    The Royal Palace had been established in the royal city for thousands of years and they were extremely powerful.

    Many layers of rune curtains let out a thunderous sound, as they enveloped the entire royal city. Those rune curtains were spread through a hundred mile range. Some of them had glitters that corresponded to the stars in the sky, some had eighteen white pythons, some had five pillars that locked the air, while others…

    There were eighteen arrays in total.

    The Starry Array, the Python Spirit Array, the Five Reincarnation Array… Each of them was different, separately being powerful enough to resist attacks of a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator. They had all been formed by Grandmasters. Not even a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord would be able to break the eighteen arrays easily.

    Once the arrays were initiated, Zhao Duluo heaved a sigh and looked relieved.

    He looked at Chen Fan and said sincerely, “Perfected Cultivator Chen, I admire you. Everything that happened before was just a misunderstanding. I’ll immediately ask someone to send all the families back to Zhuyan City and make the Chinese the top race of the Beihan Region. I’ll also offer you tons of Spirit Treasures and Spirit Stones to compensate for your loss and as an apology.”

    Zhao Duluo had to be humble.

    Although the eighteen arrays were strong, they needed a lot of Spirit Qi. Even if the royal city was located above countless Spirit Veins and could get a large amount of Spirit Qi anytime, the arrays couldn’t be kept active all the time.

    If Chen Fan stayed outside the gate for three years, half of the people in the royal city would be starved to death.


    Chen Fan frowned and clenched his fist.

    His muscles moved and there seemed to be an energy that went from his feet through his stomach. His spine was like a bow and his fist was the arrow.


    Chen Fan threw a punch.

    His fist sent out beams of light and the powerful energy formed a golden light ray, flashing towards the royal city like a dragon. The punch carried the energy of the entire phenomenal-success Divine Body; even a mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator would be killed by it. It was comparable to an attack of a Grand Perfected Cultivator.

    But when it hit the curtain of runes—

    The eighteen array layers merely shook a bit and nothing else happened, except for some visible ripples.

    “Perfected Cultivator Chen, the arrays of the city were formed by top Grandmasters from the central region of Planet Tianhuang. Countless materials, treasures and thousands of Spirit Stones were used to make these arrays. If you were a Nascent Soul Cultivator, we wouldn’t be able to withstand your attacks and we would immediately surrender.

    “But you’re apparently still far from entering the Nascent Soul Level. Why don’t we just sit down and negotiate?”

    Zhao Duluo was still sincere and smiling.

    Chen Fan grunted and launched sixteen extra punches. The last one was even made with the True Martial Divine Fist. It turned into a golden wheel that clashed against the arrays, breaking three layers at once.

    And yet, those three layers immediately closed up again.

    Those arrays were rooted in the Spirit Veins below the royal city and had endless energy. Chen Fan would have to destroy the Spirit Veins of the entire Central State, or he would be unable to fight against a city by himself.

    Zhao Duluo was still trying to convince Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan didn’t attack anymore. He landed on a hill outside the city, closed his eyes and started initiating the Deception Art to draw back the True Essence inside his body.

    While everyone in the city was confused by his actions…

    They saw five Divine Chains appear on his body. As time passed, they became more and more concrete. The thundercloud in the sky seemed to have lost its target and began to shrink.

    One hour, two hours, three hours…

    About half a day later.


    The Divine Chains suddenly disappeared, as well as the thundercloud. It became sunny again and Chen Fan finally opened his eyes.

    He stood there calmly with his black hair fluttering in the wind. There was no energy on his body at all, as if he were an ordinary person.

    “Oh no!”

    Zhao Duluo’s heart sank.

    Then, Chen Fan said, “Zhao Duluo, if you come out, kneel before me and pay off the debt with your life, I’ll spare the Zhao family.”

    Zhao Duluo was still smiling.

    “It wasn’t such a big deal. Why do we have to come to this point? Please get inside and we’ll talk this through.”

    “Do you think you can resist me with these arrays?” Chen Fan said as he pulled out the broken sword, “Fine, let me show you how I crush your turtle shell.”


    There came the sound of a dragon. Chen Fan pulled out the copper sword inch by inch, while many elders of the Zhao family looked at him with disdain.

    The sword had a common appearance; it had no power at all. It wasn’t even comparable to the most ordinary Dharma Artifacts. It was impossible to break the arrays with this sword.

    “I guess the sword will be broken before he makes his attack.”

    “Does he think that he can shatter the world so easily like a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord?”

    “Chen Beixuan isn’t skilled enough.”

    Many Overlords of the royal family shook their heads.

    Only Zhao Duluo frowned. He had seen the broken sword in Chen Fan’s hand. Even though it looked simple, it was extremely sharp; not even the top Spirit Armors could withstand a slash.

    “But our arrays are made with Spirit Qi. They’ll keep closing up, unless Chen Beixuan can slash open the eighteen array layers at once. He’s not a Nascent Soul Cultivator, so he’s not powerful enough to do so.” Thinking of this, Zhao Duluo was relieved.


    The moment when Chen Fan pulled out the copper sword.


    An earth-shattering energy wave was swept through a few hundred miles.

    With Chen Fan as the center, the ground on a ten mile radius was cracked and the Sword Qi on the broken sword turned into a beam of light that shot up to a hundred thousand feet in the sky. Even people a thousand miles away could see this pillar of Sword Qi.

    It was much more powerful than an attack of a Golden Core Cultivator.

    Countless people’s eyes popped out.

    Along with a crackling sound—

    The rust on the broken sword fell off and the shiny blade was exposed. It was made with the brightest gold and it let out beams of light. This wasn’t a mere broken sword, but a peerless Deity Sword.


    The Sect Master of the Tianji Grotto-heaven widened his eyes and was grinding his teeth. “A Heavenly… Heavenly Treasure?”

    Everyone was stunned.

    Heavenly Treasures were the most powerful among all the Spirit Treasures and were also known as Supreme Spirit Treasures. Only peerless Heavenly Lords could make them.

    Every Heavenly Treasure could suppress a region or a sect, and there wasn’t even one in the Beihan Region. Only the oldest sects in the legends had Heavenly Treasures. So, who would have thought that the broken sword Chen Fan had was a Heavenly Treasure?

    “This is the ‘Sky-severing Sword.’ It’s the sword of Heaven’s Equal, the ancestor of the Chinese. He blocked the Path of Heaven and defeated countless enemies using this sword. Today, I’ll break your arrays and eliminate the Zhao family with it!”

    Chen Fan held the sword before him and closed his eyes.

    The slash that blocked the Path of Heaven appeared in front of Chen Fan’s eyes.

    He seemed to have traveled across time, to witness how Heaven’s Equal had produced that slash thousands of years in the past. Countless sword art wonders, the spin of True Essence, the movement of Dharma Power and secrets of Sword Qi appeared in Chen Fan’s mind.

    Chen Fan slashed gently.

    “Break the galaxy!”

    At that moment, the five Essence Cores were pulsing in unison. All of Chen Fan’s anger, everything he had endured since he had reached Planet Tianhuang and every pain the Chinese had suffered were all imbued in the sword.

    After that slash—

    The world was separated. On one side, there was a bright starry sky, while on the other, a sunny sky.

    The eighteen arrays, the royal city and the city walls were split in half. The earth cracked and a gap was spread from Chen Fan’s feet, through the entire city, to a hundred miles away.

    Chen Fan walked to where Zhao Duluo was.

    A million cultivators, ten thousands Connate Cultivators, a few hundred Golden Core Cultivators, none of them dared to stop him. Zhao Duluo looked up in fear, as if he were the only person left in the world.

    Everyone in the city was terrified!