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Chapter 857 - Killing Everyone

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 857 Killing EveryoneThe five Essence Cores had almost reached the peak stage, so it was easy for them to bring about the Thunder Tribulation. Even so, Chen Fan also had his Divine Body as well, aside from the Essence Cores!

    He had been able to fight with Golden Core Cultivators ever since his Azure Thearch Longevity Body had reached the phenomenal success level. After a year of cultivation, his body had become more powerful, especially after he completed the Xuan Wu Divine Form.

    Every time he completed one of the Twelve Sky Art Paintings, he did not only get all kinds of Divine Powers and Dharma Spells, his body and Divine Soul would also become stronger. Chen Fan could at the moment beat up a Golden Core Cultivator and step on a Perfected Cultivator without using any Dharmic Power.


    He tore the sky apart, swayed his body and immediately disappeared, avoiding dozens of powerful attacks.

    "Oh no, he's using the Air-crushing Art." Everyone was startled.


    A crystal clear hand that seemed to be made of jade suddenly appeared behind the Lord of the Yun State. His Immortal Will noticed it and he was about to take evasive action.

    But then, that hand had already gone through his Four Righteousness Protection Aura and gently touched his chest.

    He then pushed.


    The Golden Core Body of the Lord of the Yun State exploded. His Divine Soul let out a cry; he was trying to escape with the Golden Core, but Chen Fan grabbed it and stored it inside the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    After that, Chen Fan hid away from the sky again. The next second, he showed up above the General of one of the seventeen troops. His feet were full of golden Blood Qi and they let out rays of golden light. He immediately stomped on the head of the General.

    In a blink, two Golden Core Cultivators had died.

    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Huang family yelled, "Spread out! Open your territories and let out your Dharma Forms. Be careful."

    The Huang family was one of the eight powerful families in the region. Rumor had it that the members of the family carried the blood of the Void Beasts. Even though the Void Beasts weren't Nascent Soul Beasts, they could travel between worlds and live inside dimension passages.

    So, cultivators of the Huang family generally had some dimensional powers. Their Ancestral Patriarch could even teleport within a small distance, but this was far weaker than Chen Fan's ability to tear the sky apart.

    Although such an ability was powerful, it was difficult to attack extra vigilant Golden Core Cultivators. When their territories were opened, Chen Fan would be spotted immediately once he showed up inside.

    "You know quite a lot."

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and stared at the Ancestral Patriarch of the Huang family, giving him a chill down his spine.

    The next second, Chen Fan appeared behind an elder of the Chu family. This time, the elder opened his territory beforehand creating a sea of Dragon Qi with thousands of dragons roaring in a thousand feet range.

    The elder had already reacted when Chen Fan showed up ten feet away from him. Hundreds of golden dragons flew towards Chen Fan. He fell back and used the Dharma Treasure in his hand at the same time.

    "It's useless."

    Chen Fan stepped forward.

    He got rid of the dragons easily and he split the territory in a blink, appearing in front of the elder of the Chu family. His hand shone bright like the sun as he slapped the elder, smashing his upper body.

    Countless splashes of golden blood and broken pieces of golden bones flew everywhere.

    After that, Chen Fan was like a skulking assassin. He moved dozens of miles away, arriving before a cultivator in the next second.

    Those he chose were all early-stage Golden Core Cultivators. With the power of his phenomenal-success Divine Body, killing them was a piece of cake, but it was hard for him to deal with mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators.

    "Damn it!"

    The Commander of the Pixiu Guards was enraged.

    In ten seconds, Chen Fan had killed a dozen Golden Core Cultivators. A lot of Lords had died and the leaders of the strong families and races were terrified.

    "Tell all the early-stage Golden Core Cultivators to leave. We'll stay here," Zhao Duluo said coldly.

    Many Perfected Cultivators immediately turned into beams of light and ran away after hearing that. In the end, only the six commanders, the leaders of three families and four strong races stayed. The others either escaped or died.

    "How would you be able to escape?"

    Chen Fan walked in the sky as if he were taking a stroll in the garden.

    A hundred miles was just a step for a phenomenal-success Divine Body. No matter how fast the Perfected Cultivators were and what powers they used, they couldn't be faster than the Air-crushing Art.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Chen Fan killed seven Golden Core Cultivators at once.

    In the end, he finally stopped after those people ran more than a hundred miles away.

    "Chen Beixuan, you might be able to kill those early-stage Golden Core Cultivators, but you have to exert yourself to deal with us," said the Commander of the Pixiu Guards.

    An early-stage and a mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator were completely different.

    An early-stage cultivator with a ninth-grade Golden Core couldn't even fight with a mid-grade cultivator with a second-grade Golden Core. There was a huge difference between them. Even though Chen Fan's phenomenal-success Divine Body was powerful, he could only fight against two mid-grade Golden Core Cultivators.


    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Huang family even took out a secret treasure.

    That was a pearl covered with azure glitter. It floated in the air and let down rays of light, which shone over the sky. Everyone saw that the sky seemed to have turned into glass and someone was flashing swiftly inside the dimension.

    "This is the Heavenly Eye Pearl. It was made with the left eye of a Void Beast by our ancestor. You can see all the treasures, humans and creatures behind the dimension… Nothing can escape its detection," said the Ancestral Patriarch of the Huang family.

    The leader of the Violent Apes chuckled and said, "Chen Beixuan, let's see where you can hide this time."

    Once Chen Fan showed up, a dozen attacks aimed his way. The mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators were powerful enough to crack the sky; Chen Fan had to hide in the dimension again.

    After a few times, Zhao Duluo was a bit anxious. He frowned and said, "Perfected Cultivator Huang, is there any way we can lock the dimension so he can't escape?"

    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Huang family said with sweat all over his face, "Your Highness, locking the dimension is a Divine Power only a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord has. Even my ancestors can't do so, not to mention myself."

    Chen Fan attacked again.

    This time, there was a rusty, broken copper sword in his hand. It was two and a half feet long and was covered with black blood stains. It had no Dharma Power at all, so it wasn't even comparable to a normal Dharma Artifact, let alone Spirit Treasures and Spirit Artifacts.

    "He's planning to attack us with that broken thing? Even if I stand still, he might not be able to hurt me." The leader of the Violent Apes cracked a smile.

    The Violent Apes were among the Top Ten and they were known for their viciousness and strength.

    The leader of the Violent Apes, Violent Ape King, was ten feet tall and brawny. Its black, shiny hair was harder than steel and no Spirit Treasure could harm it.

    Then, Chen Fan suddenly appeared with the sword and slashed at the Violent Ape King.

    "Get out of my way!"

    Violent Ape King didn't even open its territory as it tried to grab Chen Fan with its bare hands.


    Its hand cracked like a piece of tofu as it touched the broken sword. Chen Fan then turned into a beam of azure light with the sword and quickly flashed across the sky, cutting Violent Ape King's right hand off.


    There were splashes of blood in the sky and Violent Ape King screamed. It covered its arm and stepped back with a startled look. No one had ever hurt it before, except the peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivators. And then, someone had cut off its hand with a broken sword.

    Chen Fan slashed three more times and severed Violent Ape King's limbs. Then, he stabbed its head and crushed the Golden Core.

    Violent Ape King died.

    Everyone was terrified.

    "Fall back," the Commander of the Pixiu Guards yelled.

    But it was too late. With the sword, Chen Fan was like an assassin with a dagger or a soldier with a gun. He was beyond ten times more powerful. He traveled across dimensions and killed someone every time he showed up.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Everyone attacked together, but Chen Fan dodged to avoid them countless times.

    Even though they could see Chen Fan, they couldn't stop him. They were all alone when facing Chen Fan.

    Even though the broken sword might still be asleep, it was the sword of Heaven's Equal after all. It was a Heavenly Treasure, not something a Golden Core Body or ordinary Spirit Treasures and Spirit Armors could resist.


    After Chen Fan split the Commander of the Pixiu Guards and his golden spear in half, the remaining Golden Core Cultivators couldn't hang on anymore and they decided to escape.

    "I told you, you can't run away from me," Chen Fan said with viciousness in his eyes.

    He first held the "Heavenly Eye Pearl" in his arms, then appeared behind the Ancestral Patriarch of the Huang family. The Ancestral Patriarch was highly sensitive to the activities inside the dimension, so he immediately teleported a hundred feet using his talent.

    "You might be able to teleport once, but can you teleport a hundred times?"

    Chen Fan sneered.

    He was right behind the Ancestral Patriarch of the Huang family.

    Two azure men flashed quickly between dimensions. After teleporting seven times, the Ancestral Patriarch was finally exhausted and he stopped for a bit.

    Chen Fan then stabbed him in the head and destroyed his Divine Soul.

    After watching the Ancestral Patriarch of the Huang family die, the last few cultivators were terrified and began to run. Zhao Duluo even hoped to grow a pair of wings.

    "Bang! Bang! Bang!"

    Chen Fan killed three powerhouses in a heartbeat and immediately went after Zhao Duluo. If the last commander hadn't tried to stop him, Zhao Duluo would have died.

    When Chen Fan killed the commander, Zhao Duluo had already hidden in the royal city.

    "Zhao Duluo, come here to die."

    Chen Fan floated above the royal city with a broken sword as he looked down with cold eyes.

    He had killed dozens of Golden Core Cultivators, and there were countless bodies and arms cut off behind him. The sky was red; it even started raining blood, as if a fiend had had made and appearance in the world.

    The cultivators around the city were speechless.