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Chapter 365 - Cold Gleam on His Toes, Blood Lilies With Every Step He Took!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 365: Cold Gleam on His Toes, Blood Lilies With Every Step He Took!

    “Oh, really?”

    That voice that came out of nowhere shocked the people in the house. Even Xue Dong was stunned. “Who is it?”

    Surprise and joy flitted across Yan Ning, Zhang Daniu’s faces after a moment of being stunned.


    The doors to the Xue residence exploded. A slew of bloody things flew in and smashed the table in the house hard. When everyone looked closely, they were horrified to find out that those were over ten human heads.

    The people screamed, and they could not help but look at the door after dodging the flying heads. They inhaled sharply when they saw a skinny young man walking in with his arms behind his back. He held a rope to which three bloody people were tied.

    The young man was alone, and he walked in as if he was taking a stroll. However, he would emitted an invisible pressure with each step he took. A cold glimmer filled his eyes that seemed eerie as if they were thirsty for blood.

    Nobody dared to stop him. Everyone avoided him by instinct as he passed them because he was like an asura from hell with terrifying energy filling his body.

    Some of them had a slight change of expression. They clearly recognized Ye Chen, but they dared not say a word.

    “Who are you?” Xue Dong stared dangerously at Ye Chen. He had only heard of Ye Chen’s name but had never seen him before. Therefore, he did not recognize him.

    However, his expression changed when he saw that Xue Yuantao was among the people that Ye Chen was dragging in. “Dad!”

    The people in the house also noticed Xue Yuantao right away. All of them watched with their eyes wide open as disbelief filled their expressions.

    What did they see?

    The Xue family master, Xue Yuantao, was like a dead dog at that moment. His collarbone was pierced by the rope, and he was being dragged on the ground.

    “Brother Ye!” Yan Ning covered her mouth and screamed upon seeing Ye Chen walked in.

    Zhang Daniu’s body shook intensely. He spat blood out and said in a dazed manner, “B-Brother Ye?”

    Huang Pei, Huang Fugui, and the rest were over the moon.

    “I’m sorry that I made you guys suffer!” Ye Chen glanced at them with guilt on his face. He grabbed the three of them as soon as he was done speaking and they were sucked towards him.

    Huang Pei looked at Xue Dong in resentment when she could finally speak. She spoke while shaking, “B-Boss, kill him! You must kill him. He beat Brother Daniu up real bad!”

    Huang Pei had never hated anyone like that before. Xue Dong was the first.


    Ye Chen lit a cigarette and looked coldly at Xue Dong after taking a puff. “Don’t worry. He’ll die, alright!”

    “A-are you Mad Southern Ye?” Xue Dong snapped back to his senses then and he stared at Ye Chen in slight incredulity. “Why are you still alive? That’s impossible! Didn’t my great-grandfather kill you?”

    “I’m sorry to disappoint you!” Ye Chen exhaled a smoke ring and he said in an extremely cold voice, “About your great-grandfather, do you mean this piece of trash?”

    When he waved his arm hard, Xue Feng’s body that had been dismembered was thrown onto the ground.

    Dead silence filled the place!

    The people looked at the body on the ground blankly as goosebumps popped up all over their bodies.

    ‘Is t-that the patriarch of the Xue family, Xue Feng? The expert from the Qing dynasty who has lived for 120 years? And this happened to him?!’

    “Impossible! That’s definitely impossible!” Xue Dong shrieked. Xue Feng was his pillar of support, and he could not accept it that he was dead no matter what!

    Ye Chen glanced at the crowd with a cruel gaze. He enunciated word for word, “This is a personal grudge between the Xue family and me. Scram now if you don’t want to die. Otherwise, no lives will be spared!”

    Han Xu and Li Yuanqing dragged Yan Ning out instantly. It was chaotic in the living room as countless people jostled one another when they ran outside.

    There were a few old men standing on the spot with dense aura coming from them. They wanted to leave, but they did not want to embarrass themselves because the juniors that they had brought along were looking at them in a doubtful manner.

    One of the old men spoke, “Mad Southern Ye, I’m Mo Gan of the Mo Family. May I…”

    “Scram!” Ye Chen shouted.

    Mo Gan felt humiliated. “I admit that you’re powerful, but it’s best that you speak to me politely…”

    “Die!” Ye Chen threw a punch at him. Immediately, the man’s body exploded.

    “Stop! We’ll scram now. We’re leaving right away!” The remaining few old men looked terribly horrified. They dared not flaunt their identities and left with their juniors as if they were running for their lives.

    At that moment, Ye Chen was the only one left in the entire Xue residence. The Xue family members including Xue Dong, Zhang Daniu, Huang Pei, and the rest were left behind.

    “Get out first!” Ye Chen told the three of them without even turning his head.

    “Be careful, Boss!” Huang Fugui nodded as he led Huang Pei and Zhang Daniu out while limping.

    After they left, Ye Chen looked at Xue Dong with a grim expression. “Aren’t you going to kill me? If not now, when are you going to do it?”

    “Kill him!” Xue Dong shouted.

    Over ten hunks with guns rushed out instantly and fired at Ye Chen without hesitation.

    However, when Ye Chen stretched his hand out and waved, the bullets ricocheted. As a series of grunts and thuds came, there were soon more than ten bodies on the ground!

    It was silent and terrifying!

    Cold sweat was dripping from Xue Dong’s face. Although he knew that Ye Chen was powerful, he never expected that the latter to be so powerful that he could kill more than ten people with merely a light wave of his hand.

    “Die!” Insanity flashed through Xue Dong’s eyes. He threw a punch at Ye Chen first, determined to crush Ye Chen into pieces.


    However, Ye Chen kicked the air. He crushed Xue Dong beneath his foot directly, causing the ground to sink over a meter deep.

    Xue Dong shrieked as he felt like the bones all over his body were crushed. Disbelief filled his eyes while he demanded, “How are you so powerful? How are you so powerful?!”

    He had no strength to fight back At that moment, he finally believed that Ye Chen had killed Xue Feng.

    “How dare you touch my people when you’re merely an ant?” Ye Chen picked him up and pointed at his dantian where his sea of qi acupuncture point was. As the noise of gas leaking hissed, Xue Dong had horror on his face. “Ahh! H-How dare you crush my cultivation base?! No!”

    Ye Chen pierced the rope in his hand through his collarbone. He then dragged the four of them slowly toward the direction his Divine Consciousness was sensing.

    “I’ll kill you, b*stard!” Xue Dong’s mother came after him while brandishing a kitchen knife. She had resentment on her face, and she seemed to want to take Ye Chen’s life!

    “Die!” Ye Chen pointed.

    A spiritual power cyclone shot out and pierced through Xue Dong’s mother directly. Blood splashed everywhere while there was an extra body on the rope now.

    “No!” Pain spread across Xue Yuantao and Xue Dong’s faces!

    Ye Chen did not stop moving as he continued advancing forward.

    A plump middle-aged man took out a gun and pulled the trigger at Ye Chen. Insanity filled his face. He was Xue Dong’s second uncle, Xue Yuantao’s brother.

    “Die!” Ye Chen killed the man with a slap!

    “Die! Die!”


    Eventually, everyone in the Xue family was killed. Blood soaked the ground. The blood beneath Ye Chen’s feet would turn into a blood lily with each step he took.

    It looked extremely scary!

    Xue Dong and Xue Yuantao had lost their voice from shrieking and they were blinded with tears. Crimson tears filled their faces. One could say that they just witnessed Ye Chen killing almost everyone in the Xue family one after another.

    To them, Ye Chen was not human!

    He was a devil!

    An asura!

    A demon from hell!

    Ye Chen recalled the rope that was filled with bodies and grinned. As he showed his teeth, his grin was terrifying. “Don’t worry. It’ll be your turn soon!”

    At that moment, more than ten silhouettes with terrifying aurae came from far away. The leading man shouted, “Mad Southern Ye, stop right there!”