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Chapter 856 - One Against a Hundred

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     856 One Against a Hundred

    Sword King died?

    All the onlookers couldn't believe it at all. The Sect Masters of the six Grotto-heavens and the leaders of many families were stunned into silence. Sword King had already used the "Xuantian Sword Art" and not even ordinary peak-stage Golden Core Cultivators would have been able to survive it.

    But Chen Fan had killed him with just a finger.

    Did this mean that Chen Fan had become more powerful than a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator?

    "A Nascent Soul Cultivator or above that?"

    Such a thought immediately came to everyone's minds.

    Many people were startled. A Nascent Soul Cultivator was also called Heavenly Lord, who was someone that could live a long life and stand at the top of the entire Planet Tianhuang. As for a cultivator above the Nascent Soul Level, there might not be even one on the whole planet.

    Prince Zhao Duluo was devastated. He didn't want to believe it.

    Sword King was the most powerful trump card of the Royal Palace. If he died, how could they fight with Chen Fan? Perfected Cultivator Golden Crow turned pale and was trembling.

    Only Xiao Mang jumped excitedly with joy all over her face.

    She was being protected by the Dinghai Pearl; not even a Nascent Soul Cultivator could break through it easily, let alone a Golden Core Cultivator.

    "He won? Just like that?"

    Zhang Ming couldn't believe what he had seen.

    "He has indeed won. I've heard my elders talk about the Xuantian Sword Art before. It's a supreme art of the Haotian Sword Sect. After practicing it to the highest level, one can harm a Nascent Soul Cultivator with a Golden Core Body. Only the core disciples have the chance to practice it. If even the Xuantian Sword Art lost, I'm afraid Sword King will never be able to turn the tides even if he survives."

    Qi Feng shook his head.

    Everyone around them also looked serious.

    Sword King was the most powerful cultivator in the Beihan Region and was a disciple of a Heavenly Sect, but he had lost to Chen Fan because of one poke. So, who else in the Beihan Region could fight against Chen Fan? The mysterious Lord Beihan? The members of the royal family were about to escape immediately.


    Suddenly, there was a thundercloud in the sky.

    Once it appeared, it expanded swiftly and covered a ten mile radius in a heartbeat. There were claps of thunder and many thunderbolts struck down. A terrifying energy fell from the sky, frightening countless Connate Cultivators and even Golden Core Cultivators wore serious faces.

    "What's going on?"

    While everyone was still in shock, they saw this phenomenon and became terrified.

    "Why does it feel like a Golden Core Thunder Tribulation? But I've never heard of such a large one. It's expanded over a hundred mile range in a few seconds and it's not even stopping. Also, there are all kinds of Divine Thunders in there."

    "The Five Elements Thunder, the Demon Divine Thunder, the Purple Divine Thunder, the Sky Fire Divine Thunder… Oh God, there are dozens of them. Any Core Formation Cultivator would die going through this Thunder Tribulation. In our case, maybe we could probably survive no more than a few strikes," an elder said.

    A few thousand Connate Cultivators had already flown down. Their bodies were shaking when they were just standing below the thundercloud, as if the apocalypse were coming.

    Only the Golden Core Overlords could stand, but they were also frightened.

    "Wait, look! Something's wrong with Chen Beixuan…" someone yelled.

    Everyone looked over and saw Chen Fan surrounded by five-color glitters. There were violent energy waves around him, as if he was about to shoot into the sky. He was trying to repress the energy while five Divine Chains twined around his body.

    "He's the one who brought the Thunder Tribulation here. He's going to enter the Nascent Soul Level!" the leader of the Violent Apes shouted.

    Many Golden Core Cultivators glared at him. Rather than the Nascent Soul Thunder Tribulation, this looked more than some peerless Spirit Treasure having been completed.

    "No matter what, we should attack together while we still have a chance. Otherwise, we're all going to die," Prince Zhao Duluo said coldly.

    The eyes of many members of the royal family brightened and the leaders of a lot of families were in awe. Chen Fan was too strong. They wouldn't give up any opportunity to eliminate him.


    In the end, over twenty Overlords of the royal family, together with those from the four powerful families and five races, made a joint attack. There were almost fifty Golden Core Cultivators in total. Only the cultivators from the six Grotto-heavens were just watching.

    The elder of the Xuanming Grotto-heaven said, "Sect Master, let's go!"

    "Hm, what's in it for us? We will still have to deal with Lord Beihan if we kill Chen Beixuan. Besides, can't you see that those from the Tianji Grotto-heaven are standing still? Is it really that satisfying to kill Chen Beixuan?"

    Their Sect Master grunted.

    He had already devised a plan in his mind. The Grand Elder's disciple, Lin Wuhua, seemed to be close to Chen Fan and she even asked to protect those two girls from Zhuyan City. If Chen Fan survived this time, he would try to establish a good relationship with him afterwards.


    Over fifty Golden Core Cultivators attacked at the same time. The power of a Golden Core Cultivator was comparable to that of a nuclear weapon; fifty Golden Core Cultivators attacking was like fifty nuclear bombs exploding in unison. Even the dimension was overwhelmed and it started to crack. The clouds in a hundred mile range were also rolling.

    "How dare you!" Chen Fan said furiously.

    In order to kill Sword King, he had gotten rid of the five Divine Chains and had momentarily tapped into his full strength. The five Essence Cores were indeed powerful; even a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator like Sword King was unable to survive an attack.

    Still, it had caused a Golden Core Thunder Tribulation afterwards. Without the Deception Art, the Thunder Tribulation would arrive quickly. Chen Fan had to cast that spell again.

    "Do you think you can kill me just because you have more cultivators? Looks like you've lost your mind."

    Chen Fan stopped casting spells and initiated his Essence Cores.


    The five Essence Cores—Xuanming, Azure Thearch, Kun Peng, Thunder Loch and True Martial—started to vibrate. The Xuan Wu, the Chaotic Divine Tree, the Kun Peng, the immortal with a dragon head and the golden light wheel appeared behind Chen Fan, turning into a five-colored aura that enveloped him. The world was immediately filled with a terrifying energy.

    The air froze again.

    Dimension Control!

    The fifty Golden Core Overlords couldn't move at all, not even look up.

    Chen Fan started sweating.

    Freezing dozens of Golden Core Cultivators at the same time was a heavy burden for him.


    Chen Fan looked at the Thunder Tribulation and immediately pulled out the Tianming Sword.


    The Tianming Sword, initiated with the True Essence of Chen Fan's five Essence Cores, grew to the size of a hundred feet and slashed, creating a large gap in the sky. A few Golden Core Cultivators were torn into pieces by the Xuanming Qi and couldn't even resist.

    The Sword Qi surge was like a swarm of dragons; each of them killed one Golden Core Cultivator.

    In a blink, ten Golden Core Cultivators died and the energy of the slash was finally used up after the eleventh one. When Chen Fan was about to slash again, he suddenly frowned.


    Everyone felt like the frozen dimension had suddenly melted.

    "What's going on?"

    Zhao Duluo and the others wondered.

    While they were watching in terror as Chen Fan killed the Golden Core Cultivators like slaughtering pigs, they could move again.

    "Look, the Thunder Tribulation has expanded again," the leader of the Chu family yelled.

    Everyone looked up and saw the Thunder Tribulation had expanded to a three hundred mile radius. It was still enlarging quickly and the thunderclouds had even descended a few hundred feet.

    "He's repressing his energy. He doesn't want to go through the Thunder Tribulation now. If he uses his full power, the Thunder Tribulation will get even bigger," Zhao Duluo's eyes brightened. "Don't hold back. Attack together and force him to use his full strength. The Thunder Tribulation will crush him after that."

    Everyone was shocked.

    They all used to be Core Formation Cultivators, so they certainly knew the characteristics of the Thunder Tribulation. Once it was formed, nobody could get away from it. Although the five-colored thundercloud was a hundred times more powerful than the normal one, the same principle was applied.


    The Commander of the Pixiu Guards rushed forward first.

    If Chen Fan survived, none of the people in the Royal Palace would be able to escape, so they were the most aggressive.


    Chen Fan frowned.

    Most of his energy had been stored in his five Essence Cores and he could only draw a small amount. Even so, normal Golden Core Cultivators were still no match for him.


    Chen Fan poked with his finger.

    A beam of azure light hit the Commander of the Pixiu Guards. The Commander spurted out blood and was knocked away. His ribs were fractured.

    But Zhao Duluo and the others looked thrilled.

    "He was able to kill Sword King with one finger before, but he can't even kill a mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator now. Something's wrong. We should work together. Break his spells and force him to go through the Thunder Tribulation."

    Zhao Duluo waved.

    Then, the remaining forty Golden Core Cultivators flashed towards Chen Fan from all directions.

    Sword Qi, Divine Flame, Chilly Thunder, Spirit Treasures… All sorts of Divine Powers and Dharma Spells shattered half of the clouds in the sky and a giant hole was formed.

    Billions of people in the royal city and the entire Central State saw lights intertwining and heard claps of thunder, as if there was a battle between the gods.


    Chen Fan attacked continuously and broke the Dharma Spells.

    However, he couldn't fight with so many cultivators at the same time after all; eight Spirit Treasures hit him, knocking him a thousand feet backwards. His body then sent out countless beams of light and shook violently. The phenomenal-success Divine Body seemed to be a bit overwhelmed.

    "You're going to die!"

    Chen Fan was finally enraged and there was a glint of viciousness in his eyes. "I can kill you easily even without the Essence Cores."

    Then, his hands tore the sky apart and he went into a dimension, disappearing from the world.