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Chapter 364 - Zhang Daniu’s Determination!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 364: Zhang Daniu’s Determination!

    It was crowded in the living room of the Xue residence.

    Meanwhile, there were a few young people at the table far inside. Among them were Li Yuanqing, Yan Ning, and Han Xu. However, their expressions looked rather terrible because nobody was serving them even though they had arrived for a while. It felt as if the Xue family was icing them on purpose.

    The fatty Li Yuanqing could not help but scoff and say, “Xue Dong should really get over himself. Even Xue Lei wouldn’t have dared to do this to us when he was still alive.”

    After all, they were from wealthy families. Based on seniority, Xue Dong was nothing to them. However, now Xue Dong was icing them. How would they not be mad?

    “Alright, stop grumbling!” Yan Ning rolled her eyes at him and held her chin. She said while looking upset, “I heard from my Third Uncle that his great-grandfather is back. Besides that, he’s very powerful, and his ability has even surpassed the people on the Heaven Leaderboard. How could he not be arrogant?”

    Li Yuanqing shut his mouth immediately. He had heard the news too and even confirmed with Li Yuanxiao. Therefore, the Li family had sent him there. Whether he could pull any strings or not, the family would have to at least show their sincerity.

    At that moment, Han Xu, who had been quiet, pushed his glasses up and said, “I don’t think you guys know this, but Xue Yuantao isn’t here, and neither is Xue Feng. I heard that they’ve gone to Tiannan to fight Mad Southern Ye!”

    The few of them had a change of expression instantly, especially Yan Ning. She stammered as she spoke, “W-what? Xue Feng is going to kill Brother Ye?”

    Ever since the battle between Ye Chen and Bai Zhanyuan, they knew that he was Mad Southern Ye.

    “Not just him, he’s going to kill his family.” Han Xu shook his head. To him, although Xue Feng had never fought, he was the No. 1 expert in the Xue family. Even all of the experts on the Heaven Leaderboard yielded to him.

    If he were to fight, it was impossible for Mad Southern Ye to be his match!

    “No! I must tell Brother Ye!” Yan Ning clenched her teeth. She stood up and was about to leave the Xue residence.

    At that moment, an amused voice questioned, “Yan Ning, where are you going?”

    Yan Ning turned her head by instinct.

    A pale young man walked over from the path next to her. He had a lecherous look on his face when he looked at her. Meanwhile, there were two tall hunks behind him.

    “Xue Dong!” Yan Ning’s pretty face changed slightly. She scoffed, “I’ve got legs, so why do you care where I’m going?”

    She was about to leave after saying that. However, the two hunks behind Xue Dong stopped her immediately.

    Li Yuanqing and Han Xu, who were aside, stood up by instinct. They glared madly at Xue Dong.

    “What are you doing, Xue Dong?”

    “Nothing.” Xue Dong chuckled, “You guys hardly visit, yet you’re leaving before I, as the host, have done anything to welcome you guys. It’s rather inappropriate.”

    He patted the table before him softly as soon as he said that. A palm print appeared on the table, and they could see clear fingerprints on the print. Clearly, he had mastered his strength to perfection.

    Han Xu and the rest had a change of expression after seeing that. “Y-you’re a Martial Dao master now?”

    “I just had a fantastic stroke of luck.” Xue Dong waved casually, but he could not hide the arrogance between his brows.

    Han Xu and Li Yuanqing looked at each other, noticing dense horror in each other’s eyes. They were merely on Illuminating Pulse, and Xue Dong was nothing much in the past from what they remembered. His cultivation base was struggling with Internal Energy.

    Never had they expected that he would become a Martial Dao master so quickly.

    Apart from them, even the other guests were shocked. A series of compliments gushed out.

    The arrogance on Xue Dong’s face grew when he heard that. “There’s no rush to leave, guys. I happen to want to treat you guys to a good show!”

    “What show?” Yan Ning said coldly.

    Xue Dong smiled mysteriously and clapped.

    In the next second, a commotion came among the crowd standing outside. A path widened among the crowd as three people who had been tied up were dragged in. They were two men and a lady. They were Huang Fugui, Huang Pei, and Zhang Daniu from the Qi Medicine Hall.

    Apart from looking rather beaten, they suffered no injuries. It was just that they had cotton in their mouths, thus they could not make a sound.

    Yan Ning and the other two were stunned to see that.

    The hunks tossed the three of them onto the ground before saying to Xue Dong respectfully, “Master Xue, we’ve brought them here!”

    “What are you doing, Xue Dong?” Yan Ning could not help but demand, “They’re my friends. What makes you think that you can do this to them?”

    Huang Pei noticed her too, and she was sobbing.

    “Your friends?” Xue Dong stared at her while pretending he knew nothing. He then said, “But they offended me. My man bought medicine from their store and he was killed by the poison in the medicine. Do you think I wouldn’t take revenge for that?”

    The three of them shook their heads immediately to deny his accusation. However, the hunk next to them kicked them to the ground.

    “Bullsh*t!” Yan Ning could not help but curse no matter how patient she was. “I’ve bought medicine from their store, so how can you say that it’s poisonous? Also, even if someone is killed by fake medicine, you should call the police and let them handle it.”

    Xue Dong chuckled and ignored Yan Ning’s rage. Instead, he lifted his eyes to look at the hunk next to him. “Get them to kneel!”

    “Kneel!” the hunk shouted.

    The three of them remained still.

    The hunk’s face turned cold as he instantly signalled his men who pressed the three of them onto the ground to kneel.

    Furious, Zhang Daniu struggled.

    “Stop it!” Yan Ning shouted.

    “Yan Ning, this is my business. I hope that you won’t interfere. Otherwise, don’t blame me for hurting you!” Xue Dong became extremely unrelenting now.

    Han Xu held onto Yan Ning and shook his head.

    The Xue family had Xue Feng’s support. Since Xue Feng had the cultivation level of a Martial Dao master now, if he had a fallout with Yan Ning, not only would Huang Pei and the rest not be saved, but Yan Ning would also drag them into further trouble.

    Xue Dong grinned and walked to Zhang Daniu and the rest. He held onto Zhang Daniu’s throat and said wryly, “Given my status, I usually wouldn’t care about people that are like ants like you guys. You can only blame yourselves for being Mad Southern Ye’s employees.”

    He paused as he spoke to this point, “Now, I’ll give you guys a chance. As long as you guys say ‘Mad Southern Ye is a piece of trash and his wife will have sex with me’ three times, I’ll spare your lives. How does that sound?”

    Zhang Daniu shook his head immediately.

    Nonetheless, Xue Dong removed the cotton from Zhang Daniu’s mouth and said after cleaning his ears, “Say it now. Remember, you’ll have to say it three times.”

    “Ptui!” However, Zhang Daniu spat on his face. “I’ll never say that about Brother Chen even if you’re going to kill me.”

    Energy exploded from Xue Dong’s body the moment when Zhang Daniu spat on him. The energy blocked the spit from reaching his face. Although that was the case, he still looked terribly grim as he commanded, “Slap his mouth until he bleeds!”

    Pa, pa, pa!

    Someone took off his shoe to slap Zhang Daniu’s mouth. His mouth was all bloody after the round of abuse.

    Yan Ning’s tears rolled down her face as she watched while Han Xu remained holding her.

    Xue Dong dusted the corner of his shirt and looked at Zhang Daniu in a condescending manner. “I’ll give you one more chance. Are you going to say it?”

    Disdain filled Zhang Daniu’s face.

    Xue Dong could not help but grin. “Great, you’re pretty stubborn. Given that you’re so loyal to Mad Southern Ye, I don’t mind telling you guys the truth. My great-grandfather and my father have gone to Tiannan to kill Mad Southern Ye. When they present Mad Southern Ye’s head before you, you will give up.”

    The people gasped upon hearing that. Clearly, they never thought that the Xue family would do that. However, they began shaking their heads.

    To them, with Xue Feng in the battle, no matter how formidable Mad Southern Ye was, he would not be Xue Feng’s match!

    “My Brother Chen is powerful!” Zhang Daniu said in a gullible manner, “Since you guys have offended him, you will be the ones who will die.”

    “Hahaha!” Xue Dong laughed out loud as if he heard something funny. “My great-grandfather has probably killed him! Even if he hasn’t, I’ll kill Mad Southern Ye if he appears before me now!” He was laughing hysterically as if he was confident that he could kill Ye Chen.

    However, a calm voice came from outside at that moment, “Oh, really?”