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Chapter 855 - Truly Invincible

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 855 Truly InvincibleChen Fan knocked Sword King down from the sky in front of thousands of cultivators, as if he were destroying a legend. Many people couldn't believe the top cultivator in the Beihan Region had lost just like that.

    "No, Sword King is way more powerful than that," said the Sect Master of the Xuanming Grotto-heaven.

    The other Sect Masters also looked a bit terrified. They were the only ones who knew the true power of this invincible Overlord. He had suppressed the six Grotto-heavens all by himself. How powerful was that?

    Every Sect Master could borrow the power of their Grotto-heaven; a mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator could escalate in strength to that of a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator.

    A peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivator could even go further and increase his power several times.

    And yet, even such an Overlord would be unable to survive Sword King's slash. So, how was it possible that Sword King had lost? Chen Fan was only a bit stronger than a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator at the moment.

    As expected.

    The clouds several miles away were split and a Sword Qi was shot out. Sword King was standing on top of the clouds as his long hair fluttered; he didn't look defeated at all.

    On the other hand.

    There were some wounds on Chen Fan's body which had been caused by the Sword Qi. Even if those wounds could be healed quickly, Chen Fan had still lost blood and energy.

    "You're pretty powerful. No wonder you're so confident. However, it's not enough to defeat the most outstanding elites on Planet Tianhuang, not to mention defeating me," Sword King said calmly and confidently.


    Chen Fan smiled.

    Golden Blood Qi ran around his body and the wounds were immediately healed. In a few seconds, Chen Fan was back in top shape. His body was crystal clear and extremely hard, just like a diamond.


    Sword King shook his head and said with pity, "There are nine grades of Golden Cores! I forgot to tell you that I've only used the power of a normal inferior-grade Golden Core. Now, let me show you what a sixth-grade Golden Core is truly capable of."

    An energy wave several times more powerful than the last one came out of Sword King's body; he stood there like a towering pillar.

    The clouds in a hundred miles turned into a giant swirl with Sword King as the center.

    He stood in the middle like a god.

    But this wasn't the end. Sword King stretched out his hand and the nine blade auras flew back from afar and reached his palm again.

    "The Changliu Sword is a superior-grade Spirit Treasure of my sect. When our Ancestral Master made it, he placed three layers of seals on it. When they're fully initiated, its complete power will be released. I've only opened one layer so far."


    Sword King flicked his fingers.

    The nine flying swords vibrated violently at the same time. Their seven-inch bodies suddenly grew to a three feet long size. There seemed to be nine complete Changliu Swords floating around Sword King.

    Nine strands of Sword Qi rose and turned into a pillar with nine colors.

    There were nine, completely different energies surrounding Sword King, including metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, Yin and Yang. This superior-grade Spirit Treasure had been formed by nine flying swords with different attributes and they flew around one another in the air.

    "Even though I've learned more than nine hundred sword arts, those are only some of the less powerful ones. The only art I've practiced for a thousand years is the ‘Xuantian Sword Art' of the Haotian Sword Sect! It's one of the three top secret arts of my sect and it can be used to kill a Nascent Soul Cultivator when the phenomenal success level is completed!"

    After Sword King spoke.

    The nine flying swords in front of him let out some buzzing sounds. They then gathered and became a burst of purple blade aura a thousand feet long. Sword King held the blade aura as a terrifying energy rose to the sky.

    "Xuantian Sword Art!"

    Sword King's voice shook the land in a thousand mile radius.

    Before the Sword Qi arrived, the energy had already cracked the sky. A dimension gap appeared before Sword King and extended to where Chen Fan was. Everyone found this fascinating.

    There was a hole in the sky and endless energy was leaking out of it. Sword King hadn't even made an attack and the dimension had already cracked. He even broke the other worlds. Layers of energy from different worlds remained there and started to let out beams of colorful light, as if the gate to Heaven had been opened.

    A sixth-grade Golden Core!

    The power of a superior-grade Spirit Treasure.

    The secret sword art of a supreme sword sect.

    When Sword King slashed with this power, everyone finally understood why he could rule the Beihan Region.

    This slash had gone past time. Chen Fan and everything in a hundred feet around him froze. He couldn't even move a finger, not to mention the Essence Qi.

    "He's controlling the dimension!"

    Sword King's slash had a bit of controlling power.

    The Sect Master of Xuanming Grotto-heaven sighed and said, "We lost back then because of this sword!"

    The other four Sect Masters were also terrified. Their painful experience where they lost to Sword King back then had come to their minds. Such powerful sects with countless treasures and thousands of disciples—together with the power of the entire Grotto-heavens—had not been enough to stop him.

    Sword King cracked open the Grotto-heaven and separated the two worlds. Then, he left after defeating all his enemies.

    The sword aura was frightening everyone.

    Xiao Mang immediately turned pale and was completely speechless. She felt as if her heart were being squeezed by something. The bodies of many weaker cultivators and those who were close to the battlefield shattered into pieces and became blood mist. Only Golden Core Cultivators had barely escaped.

    The energy of the Xuantian Sword Art had already spread through a ten mile radius.

    Anyone who was sucked into the territory would be attacked.

    "He's too powerful. He's too powerful. This isn't a sword art from the human world. It belongs to a Deity. Sword King is comparable to a Nascent Soul Cultivator right now and even those peerless elites on the Longevity Roll are weaker than him."

    Qi Feng was terrified.

    "Brother Qi, who do you think will win? Does Perfected Cultivator Chen have a chance of winning?" Zhang Ming asked anxiously. He supported Chen Fan more.

    "Even a peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivator would die with that slash, let alone Chen Beixuan! He's no doubt going to die, unless Sword King holds back and doesn't kill him."

    Qi Feng shook his head.

    Everyone else also thought Chen Fan would lose.

    Perfected Cultivator Golden Crow and the members of the royal family were already wide eyed, clenching their fists and ready to celebrate.

    The three-color territory broke layer by layer. Before the purple blade aura arrived, its terrifying energy had already reached Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan suddenly burst into laughter.

    He had never laughed so brightly and happily! People were completely confused and Sword King's heart fell.

    Chen Fan looked at Sword King and said, "You were hiding your strength! What a coincidence… Me too!"

    Then, two more Divine Chains around his body cracked and two forces several times more powerful surged out.

    If the three little Essence Cores were three nuclear reactors.

    Those two Essence Cores were like two suns! They were sending out an endless energy. The shadow of the Xuan Wu and a Chaotic Divine Tree appeared behind Chen Fan, complementing the other three shadows.

    Five Essence Cores combined together perfectly and formed a strange pentagon.


    When these five Essence Cores spinned together, the air cracked and the frozen dimension melted before Chen Fan.


    That energy which could injure a Nascent Soul Cultivator was making a screeching sound when it clashed with Chen Fan's body. There were five rays of light around Chen Fan and they formed a halo that was immensely bright and indestructible.

    In the end.

    Chen Fan threw a punch and the blade aura was shattered.

    "How is that possible?"

    Not only the onlookers, even Sword King was startled.

    The Sword Qi that could kill a peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivator couldn't even hurt Chen Fan a bit. This was unbelievable! Sword King had never seen such powerful energy in anyone. He would only feel this irresistible power when he was facing the most unpredictable Ancestral Patriarch of his sect.

    "I told you the world might be large for you, but it's way too small for me! The elites and talents are only a joke.

    "I can crush everything if I want!"

    Chen Fan moved forward with hands behind his back.

    He was enveloped in a five-color aura as he walked towards Sword King.

    No matter how many times Sword King slashed, the purple blade aura was blocked by the five-color aura covering Chen Fan. In the end, Chen Fan stomped his foot gently.

    Everything in a ten thousand feet radius, including all the onlookers and Sword King, froze in the dimension; they couldn't move a single bit. All of them looked startled.

    Then, Chen Fan raised his finger and poked gently.


    In almost the very second he raised his hand, he had poked Sword King's forehead across ten thousand meters. Sword King was astonished; his entire body together with the Sword Essence inside exploded. He became a puff of blood mist and disappeared from the world.

    He froze the air and killed Sword King with one finger!

    It seemed effortless for him.

    The world was silent.

    Everyone was stunned!