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Chapter 363 - I’ll Destroy His Family Like I Said Before!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 363: I’ll Destroy His Family Like I Said Before!

    Xue Yuantao was really fearful when he heard that Ye Chen wanted to destroy his family.

    To a wealthy family like the Xues, having their family destroyed would be the most tragic thing. After all, their legacy had been passed down for hundreds of years, and nobody was willing to be the culprit of ending their lineage.

    Xue Yuantao shrieked, “Mad Southern Ye, you’re China’s No. 1 after all, the powerhouse of the generation. How could you be so cruel and be such a pushover? You don’t carry the demeanor of a powerhouse at all!”

    “The demeanor of a powerhouse?” Ye Chen smirked in disdain. “Isn’t a powerhouse human? So, you guys can destroy my family, but I can’t destroy yours?”

    “You’re a cunning man, one who is drowned in power!” Bai Hongyu began cursing as his face was filled with resentment upon realizing that his life would not be spared.

    He thought what he said would trigger Ye Chen and get him killed once and for all. Never had he thought that Ye Chen would nod, seemingly in agreement. “I love the term ‘cunning man’. A gentleman’s revenge wouldn’t be too late even if a decade has passed. A cunning man’s revenge will take place instantly. Since that’s the case, I’d rather be a cunning man!”

    “You…” Bai Hongyu was enraged.

    “Enjoy your last moments!” Ye Chen scoffed and left after turning around.


    In the living room of the Ye residence, Ye Chen peeked at the pale Yang Tian and said, “How are you feeling? I’ll give you one last chance. You can give up if you can’t accept this.”

    “No!” Yang Tian shook his head in determination. He said after taking a deep breath, “I can take it. You’re right. This world seems civilized, but it’s cruel after all. Having power is everything.”

    He stared at Ye Chen in determination as he spoke, “I’ve seen a wider sky now. I can’t be a snail living in a shallow pond. Old Ye, I want to help you. I want to stand before you to shield you from any bullet and arrow that come at you. Even if bullets are raining down on me, I’ll stay right by your side!”

    “Great!” Ye Chen smiled calmly. “I’m glad that I’m right about you. Just wait. I’ll pass my knowledge to you when I’m done with what I have on my plate!”

    Wushuang and the patriarch’s death had made him determined to build his own organization. After all, he could not be carrying his parents wherever he went. Besides that, his parents had to live like regular people.

    Since the world could not contain him, he would step on the world beneath his feet!

    Standing aside, Lin Tai looked deeply at Yang Tian. After experiencing the gory scene earlier, he knew that this man must be a fighter under Ye Chen in the future. He said, “My lord, what do we do next?”

    “We’re going to Beijing, of course.” Ye Chen lifted his eyes and looked into the sky as a cruel smirk appeared at the corner of his lips. “I’ll destroy his family like I said!”


    It was a happy day at the Xue residence in Beijing!

    People would enter the villa every now and then while all sorts of luxurious cars were parked at the entrance. It looked like there was a car show going on when one looked over.

    Compared to the quiet residence before, it was filled with people at the moment. It was crowded with wealthy family members and Martial Dao experts because the Xue family had announced that the family’s patriarch, Xue Feng, had returned!

    Xue Feng!

    It was a name only the older generation would know.

    Legend had it that he was Xue Yuantao’s grandfather, a man from the end of the Qing dynasty. He had even been a palace guard before. Since the Qing dynasty was overthrown and the revolution came, China was at war.

    It was said that a warlord during the Second Sino-Japanese War had offended Xue Feng with the warlord’s weapons and people. As a result, Xue Feng invaded the warlord’s camp alone and destroyed the entire brigade despite them having firearms.

    However, Xue Feng disappeared after the Chinese Communist Revolution. People thought he was dead, but never had they thought that he would return now. Many were shocked when they calculated that Xue Feng had lived for at least 120 years.

    Since this man had returned, he would definitely conquer China. The situation in China would be renewed, hence many of them came to the Xue residence to start pulling strings.

    However, the Xue family did not care about that. They were arrogant.

    Shrieks emerged faintly from a room in the Xue residence. It seemed to be a lady groaning in pain, but then the shrieking stopped all of a sudden.

    The room door was opened.

    A young man, who looked pale and had blood at the corner of his lips, walked out with the top half of his body naked. Meanwhile, there was a fully naked lady lying in the room behind him. Her breasts seemed to have been bitten while she was bleeding down there.

    The young man was Xue Dong, Xue Yuantao’s son.

    At that moment, a middle-aged woman in thick makeup walked over. She frowned and said after looking into the room, “Xiaodong, there are so many guests out there, and you’re here messing around with a lady instead of talking to them? Put on your clothes.”

    Xue Dong snickered in ignorance. “Those people out there are here just to butter my great-grandfather up since he’s returned. Why will our family even care?”

    He licked the blood at the corner of his lips as he spoke, “Mom, I found out that my power has had a significant improvement after Great-grandfather passed the skill down to me.”

    “Really?” The middle-aged woman was surprised and happy.

    Xue Feng had to fool around with a few ladies each day since returning. Those ladies would die a devastating death as if they were mummies that had had their blood sucked dry.

    She found out that was the reason why Xue Feng’s skills were unique. Never had she thought that he would pass down the skill to Xue Dong.


    Xue Dong threw a punch on a big rock that weighed close to a ton before him. The rock was crushed with a loud thud.

    The middle-aged woman was stunned to see that.

    When Xue Dong noticed her reaction, he smiled arrogantly. “With my current abilities, Martial Dao masters are nothing to me. Even that Mad Southern Ye will die if we meet!”

    “You should forget about Mad Southern Ye. Your great-grandfather and your dad are in Tiannan. I believe they’ll bring Mad Southern Ye and his family’s heads home,” the middle-aged woman said in satisfaction.

    “How unfortunate!” Xue Dong was rather disappointed, but he said after a grin, “I heard that Mad Southern Ye’s wife used to be named one of the Beijing beauties. I’d like to taste her if she’s still alive. I wonder how much my power will be elevated by!”

    “My son, you’re amazing!” The middle-aged woman was over the moon, then she suddenly said, “Oh, yeah, I heard that you’ve captured the three people from Qi Medicine Hall. Don’t kill them just yet. We’ll torture them before everyone later. Outsiders will know that nobody can afford to offend our family now!”

    “That’s right!” Xue Dong grinned instantly. “Since I’ve no chance of killing Mad Southern Ye, I’ll kill his employees, especially that lady named Huang Pei. I’ll kill her right before her father’s eyes!”