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Chapter 452: Valley of Fire

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 452: Valley of Fire

    Feng Zhan saw this, but he was not surprised as he expected this. He just shook his sleeve with a blank face. Under a strong wind, these green lights were blown away. He opened his mouth and spurted out a golden bell.

    The small bell was only palm size, and its appearance was exquisite. Its surface was covered with mysterious golden spirit patterns!

    Feng Zhan waved his hand without saying a word. The small bell flew up. After spinning in front of him, it became a thirty meters high giant bell in an instant.

    A bell hum rang.

    There was a burst of golden light on the surface of the giant bell. Countless tiny golden runes appeared. They intertwined into a golden glow. Under Feng Zhan’s command, it flashed into the ground.

    Qu Ling was using the power of talisman to flee deep underground. At the same time, his consciousness kept checking the situation behind him. After knowing that Feng Zhan wasn’t pursuing him, he couldn’t help but feel happy.

    But at the next moment, the extremely weak spatial fluctuation appeared behind him. A golden light rolled out and covered him in it.

    Qu Ling intuitively felt that his body was stiff, and he couldn’t move anymore. He could no longer condense any spiritual power in his body.

    “Mind Holding Bell!” He exclaimed.

    At this time, Feng Zhan in the mine tunnel above, launched a few symbols.

    The giant golden bell shook lightly, making a clear chime, then another golden light surged out and went into the ground.

    The moment Qu Ling heard the second bell ringing, his whole body was immediately enveloped in a suffocating sensation of heat, and the blood in his whole body boiled and flowed in a reversed direction in an instant. After spurting out the blood mixed with internal organs, there was no vitality in the eyes.

    The next moment, the golden light on the body surface tightened again. Qu Ling’s body burst instantly and turned into a mass of minced meat, even his soul could not escape.

    Feng Zhan scanned with his consciousness. After confirming that Qu Ling was utterly dead, he calmly retrieved the little bell.

    “Hmph, isn’t it only the Tianxiang Pavilion, Sky Bird Sect! The result of this gambling fight is already decided, what worry will I have?” Feng Zhan muttered a few words to himself, then turned and left here.


    On this day, Liu Ming, who was meditating in the cave house, had his sleeves trembled, emitting a burst of white light.

    His eyelids twitched. He opened his eyes and took out a white messaging disk array. A row of words appeared on it.

    “It’s finally time to move.” Liu Ming muttered a few times after seeing it clearly, then he stood up and walked out of the cave house, and flew to the headquarters with the black gas.

    A moment later, when he rushed to the square in front of the headquarters, a huge flying boat had already been waiting there.

    Feng Zhan, her daughter Feng Cai. Wei Zhong, the young man in black, and Xin Yuan were already waiting there.

    Feng Zhan stood with his hands behind him. When he saw Liu Ming coming, he smiled at Liu Ming slightly.

    Liu Ming naturally stepped forward and bowed.

    The ugly young man in black standing on the other side of Feng Zhan still looked proud under the accompaniment of Feng Cai, while Xin Yuan waved at him with a smile on his face.

    Except for the three of them. tere were also a bunch of Changfeng Association ordinary disciples that were busy preparing.

    “Okay, now that everyone has arrived. Let’s go now.” As Feng Zhan commanded, everyone immediately boarded the giant boat.

    Then there was a sound of the huge boat flying through the air. It flew far away.

    Feng Zhan’s giant boat was obviously also a flying spiritual weapon of high grade, and its traveling speed was far from comparable to that of Liu Ming’s previous mechanical flying boat.

    As this flying spiritual weapon soared in the air, the spiritual array under it would condensed clouds of white water vapour. Under the push of the white vapour, the flying boats could fly for thousand miles in an instant.

    Even so, it took two days for the giant boat to fly over an island at the border of the Changfeng Association and the Golden Jade League.

    The shape of this island was quite weird. There were dozens of large and small volcanic craters exposed to the surface of the sea. Some of them also emit black and red smoke from time to time. The hot air current kept rolling up, making the clouds in the sky red.

    The parts of these volcanoes that were extended out of the sea were all without grass. They were covered with red sandstone. They all appeared red under the refraction of light. Looking from a distance, the island in the middle seemed to be surrounded by masses of flames.

    This was where the famous Valley of Fire in the South Sea Region was located.

    Under the protection of a blue light curtain, the giant flying boat flew steadily over the crater, directly accelerated into the center of the island, and slowly landed in a valley similar to a basin.

    At this time, another giant flying boat of more than a hundred meters feet long had already stopped in the valley.

    The whole body of the flying boat was streamlined. There were dozens of fist-sized green crystal stones inlaid at both ends of the boat. On the front end of the boat stood a black giant flag with a huge “Golden” character imprinted on the flag.

    And in the open space in front of the giant boat, several figures were standing there at this moment.

    The leader is an elderly man with long beards, wearing a golden robe. The person was the Golden Jade League’s Leader Dugu Yu. Behind him stood a golden robe old man with a white hair and a childish face. He was the deputy leader of the Golden Jade League who came to challenge Changfeng Association that day. As for the thin man who went with the deputy leader was standing with the other cultivators of the Golden Jade League.

    And one of them was a scarred, hideous young man. His body was wrapped by a green mist which was very eye-catching.

    “Leader Dugu, you came early enough. It seems that you are determined to win the gambling fight.” Feng Zhan’s face sank when he saw these people. He walked off the flying boat with a bunch of people, and said coldly.

    “Hehe, you have the Five Spirits Sect’s disciple, Mr. Wei joining, I don’t dare to think about that. This time, I just want my disciples to get a bit more experience.” Dugu Yu laughed and replied casually.

    Feng Zhan let out a cold snort in his mind. He naturally would not believe such nonsense. Then, he took everyone down the flying boat, looked for a cleaner place, and sat down cross-legged.

    Liu Ming then carefully looked at the surrounding environment,

    This basin was in the center of the island. There were towering volcanic craters as far as he could could see, but the surrounding temperature was not as hot as when they flew past the crater before. There was some white mist coming out from the sand and gravel nearby, adding a sense of mystery to this place.

    When Liu Ming saw this, he took back his gaze and looked calmly at the people of the Golden Jade League.

    Not to mention Crystallization Period powerhouse like Dugu Yu, there was a majestic aura emitting from him as he just stood casually.

    But his attention was attracted by the scarred young man behind.

    In this person, Liu Ming felt a faint breath of danger. If he guessed correctly, he should be the rumored powerful disciple under the Golden Jade League’s leader, and he was also the biggest hope for the Golden Jade League to win this fight.

    The scarred young man seemed to feel Liu Ming’s gaze and suddenly raised his head, staring coldly on Liu Ming like electricity.

    Suddenly, Liu Ming felt a slight heat in his eyes. He was shocked in his mind. He then looked into the man’s eyes, and he looked away with a smile a few seconds later.

    When the scarred face young man saw this, a murderousness flashed across his face.

    In this way, after more than an hour, another white flying car slowly descended into the basin. After stopping, three women walked down from the car. The first one was a beautiful woman. The beautiful woman who was talking with Leader Dugu of the Golden Jade League.

    The beautiful woman was wearing light green tulle and had a peacock-like hairpin on her sideburns. Her bright eyes were full of charm.

    The two young women who followed behind her were covered with white veils. One had white and delicate skin with a charming look between her brows, while the other had a graceful figure. The pair of clear eyes faintly revealed a trace of murderous intention.

    “Welcome, Fairy Xiao.” Leader Dugu saw the woman coming, then he hurriedly greeted her with a fist and palm salute.

    “Leader Dugu, have the people from Purple Night Temple arrived yet?” The beautiful young woman raised her eyes and looked around, and she found that only the people of the Changfeng Association were here not far away. She asked indifferently.

    “Hehe, I don’t dare to let Fairy Xiao wait for me.” A cold voice came from a distance in the air.

    As soon as the voice sounded, a purple cloud flew out from the horizon. After a few flashes, it came to the sky above the basin and slowly descended.

    Several taoists in purple clothes appeared. As their sleeves waved, a silver light was flickering. This gave them a sense of immortality.

    A middle-aged taoist with a dull look waved his hand lightly after everyone landed, then the purple cloud under his feat disappeared. An object with cloud patterns appeared on his hand. Purple gas was coming out from the object. It should be a rare treasure at a glance.

    Behind the middle-aged taoist stood several Purple Night Temple’s disciples. Judging by their aura, they were all Condensation State cultivators. At first glance, they were all the direct disciples of Purple Night Temple.

    “Brother Shi, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I didn’t expect Guan Li to send you here this time.” When Feng Zhan saw the middle-aged taoist, he was overjoyed. He hurriedly greeted him as if he was an old acquaintance with this taoist.

    “It turned out to be Mr. Shi. I haven’t seen you for a few years. Your cultivation level seems to have become more refined. This time Purple Night Temple sent you out, it seems that they really think highly of this gambling fight.” The beautiful woman glanced at the taoist with surnamed Shi. After she frowned, she said with an ambiguous smile.

    “Even Fairy Xiao is willing to come here, so what’s weird for me to come here. I see that the Changfeng Association and Golden Jade League people seem to have arrived, so let’s start the gambling fight.” The middle-aged taoist nodded at Feng Zhan, then he replied the beautiful woman with a blank face.

    The beautiful woman surnamed Xiao snorted lightly, but she did not object to it.

    At this moment, there was a hoarse bird sound in the sky!

    Everyone was shocked!

    Liu Ming looked up and saw that in the distance, there was a huge spirit bird whistling from the horizon.

    The spirit bird was about thirty meters long. It was covered with blue feathers, and a blood-red pointed crown was on its head. Its wings were rapidly flapping, causing gusts of wind. There were more than ten people standing vaguely on it.

    “It’s Sky Bird Sect.” Seeing this, Dugu Yu blurted out.

    Feng Zhan’s eyes narrowed instantly!

    Another flying boat flew from behind the huge spirit bird.

    This boat was small in size. Its surface was light blue, and light gray transparent crystal stones were inlaid at both ends.

    Seeing this, the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao and the taoist couldn’t help feeling shocked.