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Chapter 362 - Dismembering Xue Feng To Everyone’s Horror!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 362: Dismembering Xue Feng To Everyone’s Horror!


    “That’s right, dismemberment!” Ye Chen nodded without hiding the cold gleam sparkling in his eyes. “How can I not take revenge on the people who bully my family and wants to kill me? I’ve said that it’ll be too easy for them if I kill them directly. I want everyone to know that the consequences for anyone who dares to make me their enemy and use my family to threaten me will be 10,000 times more painful!”

    Killing intent filled his body and a piercing chill shot into the sky when he said that!

    Lin Tai said fiercely, “My lord, I’m willing to be the hangman!”

    Ye Chen had said before that Lin Tai was his battle general. He would attack anyone that Ye Chen asked him too. He was not even afraid of death, let alone killing a million people.

    “Great!” Ye Chen said, “Let’s go. Follow me to Beijing. It seems like some people have forgotten about my technique since I’ve not been around!”


    Xue Yuantao woke up slowly. He saw three people standing before him just when he opened his eyes. They were Ye Chen, Lin Tai, and Yang Tian.

    Meanwhile, Xue Feng, Bai Hongyu, and the old man in gray were lying next to him. Their cultivation base had been destroyed by Ye Chen who even broke the tendons in their arms and legs.

    Ye Chen and Lin Tai looked at him expressionlessly.

    Xue Yuantao jolted facing Ye Chen’s stare as if his soul was leaving his body. “Mad Southern Ye, let me go. Please let me go. I-I deserve this. I shouldn’t have done this to you.”

    Now, he realized what real fear was. If he were given one more chance, he definitely would not have attacked the Ye family!

    “Mad Southern Ye, if you’re a man, just kill us once and for all!” Xue Feng’s voice was extremely husky.

    “I regret this. I’m regretting this!” Bai Hongyu’s face was filled with resentment. “If I’d known this earlier, I should’ve sent more experts from my family to fight you!”

    “Shut up!” Lin Tai went over and slapped each of them.

    “The Xue family?” Ye Chen lit a cigarette and looked at Xue Yuantao in a condescending manner. Danger filled his eyes. “It seems like Xue Lei, Xue Xuejiao, and Xue Xiao’s deaths didn’t terrify you guys enough. I didn’t kill them to the extent that your souls tremble!”

    “Spare my life. Please spare my life!” Xue Yuantao kowtowed like he was crushing garlic with his head. He pissed and pooped his pants in his terror. The Martial Dao master and the master of Xue family was like a dead dog at that moment.

    “Do you know why I haven’t killed you?” Ye Chen suddenly asked.

    Xue Yuantao was stunned. Just when he was going to speak, Ye Chen squatted and pressed his cigarette butt on his face.

    “Ahh!” As Xue Yuantao struggled, he shrieked.

    “Does it hurt?” Ye Chen said emotionlessly, “Did you guys never think of the consequences of your plan failing before attacking my family? I’m hurting too. My best brother, Wushuang’s life is still uncertain because of you guys. And because of you, the patriarch exhausted his soul power to defend my family!”

    “Devil! You’re the devil…” Xue Yuantao’s face distorted in torment.

    “Oh, the devil’s punishment is only coming now.” Ye Chen chuckled and said to Lin Tai next to him, “Do it, hangman. Remember, you must do it precisely. Slice his flesh one by one. You must slice 1,000 times. Not one slice more, not one slice less!”

    He handed the Master Destruction Saber to Lin Tai directly as soon as he said that.

    Lin Tai grinned after accepting the saber.

    “No!” Xue Yuantao had fear on his face. To his surprise, Lin Tai walked directly to Xue Feng instead.

    “What are you doing? What are you going?!” Xue Feng’s expression changed while he shuddered. He wanted to struggle by instinct, but he could not move at all.

    Bai Hongyu and the gray-clad old man had fear written all over their faces.

    As he watched that, Yang Tian, who was standing aside, had sympathy flashed across his face. He said, “Old Ye, aren’t we too cruel to be doing this?”


    Such a cruel punishment only existed during ancient times. It was used on extremely evil people, then was abolished during modern times. The death penalty nowadays was execution by shooting. No matter how evil the convict was, he would not suffer a torturous death such as dismemberment.

    “Cruel?” Ye Chen chuckled and turned his head to look at him. He said after narrowing his eyes, “Are you still my brother?”

    “Of course.” Yang Tian nodded without even thinking about it.

    Ye Chen said, “Do you know this only happened because I went to save you? Do you know that I’d do the same if they killed you?”

    Yang Tian was speechless at that moment, appearing guilty. Ye Chen was right. If not for him, Ye Chen would not have gone all the way to the northeast at all. Neither would Xue Feng and the rest have the chance to attack his family.

    “Do you know why I asked you here today?” Ye Chen said, “If you really want to walk the path I walk, you’ll have to experience all these. It’s just dismemberment, so what’s the big deal about it? If you can’t even take it, I’d advise you to leave now since you’re more suitable for being a regular man!”

    He looked rather cold as he spoke to this point. He was neither forcing Yang Tian nor brainwashing him. It was because this society that seemed righteous was also a cruel society.

    Since he was powerful, why would he care about all that!?

    “I get it now!” Yang Tian forced a smile and looked determined. He said after clenching his teeth, “Get Lin Tai to do it. I’ll watch!” He was unwilling to be apart from Ye Chen!

    By then, Lin Tai walked to Xue Feng and stripped him naked. Soon, a series of devastating shrieks could be heard from the room.

    “Mad Southern Ye, you’re the devil. The devil! Kill me, just kill me! I’m begging you!”

    Ye Chen casually set up a noise-canceling barrier

    Over an hour later, a tragic body appeared on the ground. Blood was everywhere as a pungent bloody stench lingered in the air.

    Xue Yuantao had fainted since the beginning. Meanwhile, Bai Hongyu and the old man in gray were shaking as if they had a cold.

    Yang Tian held onto the wall, almost having vomited all of his bile. With an extremely pale face, he was shaking inside.

    Lin Tai wiped his sweat and said while feeling exhausted, “My lord, I didn’t do a good job. He died when I was on the 980th slice!”

    Although he said that, his hand that was holding the saber could not stop shaking. Despite having gotten used to blood and killing without even blinking, he was shocked. The short one hour had sapped almost all of his strength.

    Ye Chen picked up the bucket of water aside and poured it on Xue Yuantao. He woke up instantly and said while shaking upon seeing Xue Feng’s body, “What exactly do you want me to do so that you’ll just kill me at once?”

    He had no hope for Ye Chen to spare his life now. His only wish was for Ye Chen to kill him! His scalp turned numb after recalling what happened to Xue Feng. He had goosebumps all over his body!

    “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely kill you, but now isn’t the right time. At least, I won’t kill you before your family has been destroyed!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly.

    Xue Yuantao spat a mouthful of blood out. “Mad Southern Ye, are you going to destroy my family? You sure are cruel!”