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Chapter 361 - I’ll Kill You If You Don’t Scram Now!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 361: I’ll Kill You If You Don’t Scram Now!

    A lady with the family name Lan?

    Ye Chen secretly frowned upon hearing that as he did not recall knowing such a person. However, he walked out after asking Lin Tai to rest well.

    There was a middle-aged lady in a black dress in the living room. She exuded a faint intimidating aura.

    Nevertheless, no matter how doubtful Ye Hai and the rest were, they did not ask anything. On the other hand, Su Yuhan looked rather terrible.

    “Who are you?” Ye Chen looked at her in an unfriendly manner as he sensed an aura from her that was no weaker than that of Xue Feng, Bai Hongyu and the rest.

    The lady in black glanced at Ye Hai, who reacted immediately. Carrying the little Mengmeng, he also got everyone else to leave.

    Just when Su Yuhan was going to leave, the lady in black suddenly spoke, “Please stay, Master!”


    Ye Chen’s eyes were even colder now upon hearing that. He said directly, “I’ll give you two minutes.”

    “Greetings, China’s No. 1, Mad Southern Ye!” The lady in black got up and bowed at Ye Chen as she introduced herself, “I believe you could’ve guessed that I come from Shang Santian. However, don’t be alarmed as I’ve got no ill intentions.”

    Her eyes were filled with fear when she said that because she found out that Xue Feng and the other half-step martial venerables had been killed by Ye Chen. How could she not be horrified?

    After all, half-step martial venerables were admirable even in Shang Santian.

    Ye Chen’s expression was cold. “You’ve got a minute!”

    The lady in black was rather annoyed to hear his response. Clearly, she did not expect Ye Chen to be so overbearing. “My name is Lan Daolian. People call me Aunt Lan. I come from Shang Santian’s Dark Judgement Division.”

    She glanced at Ye Chen by instinct as she spoke to this point. She seemed to be wanting to see some kind of reaction on his face. For instance, shock and disbelief. However, Ye Chen had no expression on his face from the beginning until now.

    She took a deep breath and said, “I’m here today for your wife, Su Yuhan. My Dark Judgement Division’s upper echelon used the Astrology Method and found out that Ms. Su has the Nether King’s body. Her destiny is to be the master of my Dark Judgement Division, so I’d like to ask Ms. Su to come with me…”

    “Please leave!” Ye Chen interrupted.

    Aunt Lan was slightly surprised, and she grew rather upset. “Mad Southern Ye, although you’ve killed a couple of half-step martial venerables, I’m warning you to get over yourself. There are real martial venerables above you. Coincidentally, there are martial venerables in my Dark Judgement Division!”

    She paused before continuing, “It’s a pure waste for Ms. Su to be with you. As long as she follows me to the Dark Judgement Division, her ability will surpass yours significantly within three years. By then, you’ll know the gap between the both of you.”

    To her, this was purely a great opportunity. Anyone would give everything up to take up her offer. The reason why Ye Chen had rejected that in such determination was plainly his apathy of Shang Santian. He did not know anything about the Dark Judgement Division.

    “So what?” Ye Chen gave a short response as he remained expressionless.

    “You’ve captured Xiao Feng and the rest. Whether you’ll kill them or not, you’ve offended the three organizations in Shang Santian!” Aunt Lan suppressed the rage within her and said coldly, “You won’t have the strength to fight back when they come to you. If you agree to let Ms. Su go to the Dark Judgement Division with me, we might fight for you to save your life!”

    “Save my life?” Ye Chen scoffed.

    Aunt Lan said, trying to seal the deal, “That’s right. My Dark Judgement Division is a super organization in Shang Santian. The Bai family and the Xue family will have to bow to us. They daren’t say no to any requests that we might have.”

    Her tone contained slight disdain because she thought that Ye Chen was scared now. ‘Why are you still pretending? You’ll have to bow to my Dark Judgement Division eventually!’

    However, Ye Chen looked at Su Yuhan next to him and said mysteriously, “Wifey, what do you think?”

    Su Yuhan’s pretty face blushed when she heard him calling her such an intimate endearment. She rolled her eyes at him angrily and said to Aunt Lan while looking at her, “You’ve been kind, but I’ve told you that I won’t go with you. I want to stay home to serve my husband and be with my daughter!”

    “Did you hear that?” Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction. He said to Aunt Lan, “My wife has spoken. Your bullsh*t Dark Judgement Division means nothing to us!”

    Aunt Lan could no longer hide her rage after hearing him insulting the Dark Judgement Division. “You…”

    “Scram!” Ye Chen had a change of tone instantly. “I’ll kill you if you don’t scram now. Since when has my woman ever needed to depend on anyone? When has my woman needed to depend on someone else to be powerful? I, Ye Chen, am her biggest pride and trump card!” He waved after saying that.

    When Aunt Lan felt an invisible pressure coming at her, her expression changed. She vanished from where she was within the blink of an eye.

    “Ye Chen, should we offend her?” Su Yuhan asked in concern.

    “When it comes to you, so what if I make the world my enemy?” Ye Chen looked at her in all seriousness.

    “Ptui! Go away!” The pretty Su Yuhan blushed and shooed him angrily. However, she felt as sweet as honey inside.


    Half an hour later, Ye Chen got out of the cultivation room. He held two medicinal pills in his hand, then he walked to Lin Tai’s room.

    “My lord, I’m a cripple!” Lin Tai was rather beaten. Since his arms were severed, apart from being able to stand, he could not even eat, let alone follow Ye Chen to achieve big things. He would rather die than living in such pain.

    “You’re not crippled. Believe me.” Ye Chen smiled calmly and handed him a pill. “Eat it. I guarantee that your arms will regenerate.”

    “R-Really?” Lin Tai’s body trembled as he was in disbelief. One must know that his arms had been chopped off. No matter how advanced the medicinal equipment was nowadays, he could not have his arms fixed.

    However, the medicinal pill before him was fragrant. He felt like his body was burning simply from sniffing it.

    “You’ll find out after you eat it.” Ye Chen shook his head slightly.

    Perhaps severed arms were incurable for regular people. However, to a cultivator like him, it was a piece of cake for severed limbs to regenerate, and so was reviving a person and growing flesh and bones.

    Meanwhile, one would need the Regeneration Pill for their severed limbs to regenerate. Currently, it was difficult for Ye Chen to refine such a medicinal pill, but it was a piece of cake for him to refine a low-grade one.

    Lin Tai opened his mouth and swallowed the pill. In the next second, his face turned extremely red while his body expanded.

    “Guide the energy in your body towards your arms!” Ye Chen reminded him immediately because those was the signs of Lin Tai failing to accept the compelling energy.

    Lin Tai did so immediately. His shoulders felt numb as if there were countless ants crawling on them.

    In the next second, he was shocked to find out that his severed arms were growing. They were regenerating quickly, and soon two brand new arms were reconstructed. Compared to his arms before, his new arms were as fair as milk.

    “M-my arms have been regenerated?” He spread his arms slowly while disbelief filled his eyes.

    He got up and knelt hard on the ground after finally accepting his new arms. “Thank you, my lord, for saving me!”

    Ye Chen shook his head slightly and said, “No need for that. You’re worthy of it. Oh, yeah, do you know anything about dismemberment?”