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Chapter 854 - Defeating Sword King

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 854 Defeating Sword KingHow powerful was Sword King? Perhaps nobody knew other than Lord Beihan. The Sect Masters of the six Grotto-heavens and the Ancestral Patriarch of the Ling family were quite secretive about this topic.

    A slash that was able to split the sea of clouds… Everyone finally knew how terrifying Sword King was.

    The elder of Tianji Grotto-heaven said, "The Haotian Sword Sect is a legendary large sect right at the top on Planet Tianhuang. It dominates a few regions and has a few hundred thousand years of history. It's a Heavenly Sect that has the most powerful cultivation arts, which are something that we can never imagine."

    The others were also in awe.

    Compared to the legendary Haotian Sword Sect, even the vast Beihan Region seemed tiny. Sword King's slash was enough to suppress the entire Beihan Region and level the six Grotto-heavens.

    "Brother, be careful," Xiao Mang yelled anxiously.

    The beginning and end of the slash couldn't be seen. Nobody could imagine this was something a human created. There seemed to be a Deity splitting the world!


    Chen Fan's eyes were glittering.

    The three Divine Chains around his body broke at the same time.

    Kun Peng, Thunder Loch and True Martial!

    Three Essence Cores the size of a pigeon egg pulsed and Chen Fan's body was filled with three energies. He had never used the power of those three Essence Cores before. They were like three little suns that almost made his body explode. Their power was so strong that the sky almost cracked open.


    Chen Fan shouted as his black hair fluttered in the wind.

    Three beams of light appeared behind him, which were black, yellow and golden respectively. Those light rays turned into three territory layers that wrapped Chen Fan inside. Some crackling sounds were produced when the Sword Qi arrived and clashed against the three-colored territory.

    Many black holes appeared and sucked in an endless amount of Sword Qi like a giant mouth.

    Then, many immortals with a dragon head and a human body appeared inside the territory. They slashed with purple swords in their hands. Each sword looked very similar to the Thunder Divine Blade. In the end, a beam of golden light broke up the Sword Qi like a heavy hammer.

    The Sword Qi was gradually dissipated under the attack of three Divine Powers.

    "What kind of territory is that?"

    Many onlookers widened their eyes.

    Every Golden Core Cultivator had a unique territory because the cultivation art each of them practiced was different. Once the territory was established, the cultivator could use a similar Divine Power, but being able to attack with three different ones like Chen Fan did was unprecedented.

    "Swallowing Power, Thunder Divine Force and a weird golden light. Three completely different energies merged together without conflicting one another. Is Chen Beixuan practicing three cultivation arts at the same time?"

    Qi Feng frowned.

    A lot of cultivators tried to practice different cultivation arts, but once they became Golden Core Cultivators, their core cultivation arts had to be pure or able to work in concert with each other, like Yin and Yang, the five elements, wind and thunder, light and shadow. Totally different energies couldn't be pulled together.

    Everyone was confused. However, Sword King wasn't scared at all.

    "Interesting," Sword King said as he flicked his fingers on the blade aura.


    With every flick, a small sword was separated from the blade aura. After nine flicks, nine flying swords appeared. Those flying swords created nine long blade auras in the sky under the control of Sword King, then they flashed towards Chen Fan.


    Ten thousand feet didn't seem to exist in front of the nine flying swords; they had already arrived before Chen Fan in a blink of an eye.

    Sword King's "Changliu Sword" had been formed with nine Spirit Treasures. No wonder it was so powerful.


    Chen Fan stood still.

    The nine blade auras attacked the three-colored territory and made it shake violently. Each of the flying swords was like a shooting star, and as heavy as a mountain. In the end, the territory started to crack.


    Then, Chen Fan couldn't wait anymore.

    He first took out the "Dinghai Pearl" and pushed Xiao Mang away. He then clenched his fist and threw a punch. Three Dharma Forms, including the Kun Peng, the Thunder Loch and the Light Wheel, showed up behind him at the same time.

    Chen Fan attacked with three Divine Forces together and knocked a flying sword away.

    "Again!" Chen Fan shouted.

    All of his punches swept a thousand feet and the world was full of Fist Qi.

    And Sword King was like a musician, controlling every flying sword to attack from tricky angles as if he were playing the piano. Being able to control nine swords that easily was a clear indication of Sword King's might.

    However, no flying sword could withstand Chen Fan's terrifying Fist Qi.

    "Clang, clang, clang."

    The nine flying swords were knocked off. Chen Fan rose higher in the air and rushed towards Sword King.

    "Pretty good."

    This time, Sword King was finally a bit impressed.

    He tapped the sword case on his back and the nine flying swords flew back inside. Then, a more powerful blade aura was shot out.

    "Take this!"

    Sword King held the sword in his hand and slashed.


    The sky was split in half and the dimension cracked. Countless dimensional storms came out. The world was in chaos and Essence Qi roiled.


    Chen Fan punched the Changliu Sword, but the sword only vibrated slightly.

    Three phantoms appeared behind Chen Fan and quickly exploded. He seemed to be overwhelmed by such a powerful energy and was pushed backwards. Even the three-color territory around him had been crushed.

    Chen Fan fell back!

    "Sword King is unstoppable!"

    Many members of the royal family cheered.

    The Sect Master of the Xuanming Grotto-heaven shook his head. "Sword King is a sixth-grade Golden Core Cultivator and has cultivated for almost a thousand years. He's much more powerful than normal peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivators. It's not wise to fight with him at all."

    Even Qi Feng and Zhang Ming had to admit that Sword King was certainly extremely powerful.

    "Chen Beixuan is too young after all."

    Zhang Ming heaved a sigh.

    Many people thought this battle already had a winner. Chen Fan hadn't even cultivated for a hundred years. How could he be compared to Sword King who had lived a thousand years?

    "Break! Break!"

    Sword King slashed thirty seven times and Chen Fan blocked them all. He was pushed back a hundred miles in the sea of clouds, before Sword King's Sword Qi dissipated. Xiao Mang was about to cry, after seeing how Chen Fan was being attacked.

    But then, Chen Fan became stronger. He didn't run away from the thirty eighth punch, but went head to head with it.

    "True Martial Divine Fist!"

    A crackling noise sounded from within Chen Fan.

    The terrifying Swallowing Power and the Thunder Divine Force turned into the purest True Martial Divine Force. Chen Fan was enveloped by a golden aura and a golden fire; his power didn't seem to be inferior to that of a Grand Perfected Cultivator.

    Chen Fan then punched the Changliu Sword. This time, both Sword King and him fell back.

    "You've become stronger again, and are now comparable to a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator. Your True Essence is even purer than my Sword Essence. Wonderful!"

    Sword King's eyes brightened as if he had seen some treasures.

    The Pure Essence Sword Qi turned all his True Essence into Haotian Sword Essence.

    Haotian Sword Essence was extremely pure and was vastly superior when compared to normal True Qi. It could break mountains and crack Spirit Armors. The Haotian Sword Sect could run wild on Planet Tianhuang and suppress a region because of it. And yet, the True Martial Divine Force Chen Fan had was even purer than his Sword Essence. If his Sword Essence was a piece of wood, the True Martial Divine Force would be a diamond!

    "I can't go head to head with it."

    Sword King immediately made a decision. Beside his powerful True Essence, he was also known for his sword arts. Rumor had it that he had mastered nine hundred ninety nine sword arts.

    "Starry Sword Art."

    "Dipper Sword Art."

    "Three Lives Sword Qi."

    Sword King used eight sword arts at the same time. People had never seen or heard of any one of them, which were true eye-openers.

    "Sword King indeed knows a lot of peerless sword arts."

    The elder of a Grotto-heaven sighed.

    The Sword Qi in the air cracked and turned into an ocean. Sword King was too powerful. His Sword Qi was like a sea of hurricanes. Many towering pillars of Sword Qi spinned in the world and shattered all the clouds in a hundred miles.

    Many different sword arts hit Chen Fan, making him shake. The Three Lives Sword Qi could even control time. If Chen Fan didn't have the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, he would have become old and died.

    "Get out of my way!"

    Chen Fan was enraged by this Sword Qi attack. Layers of golden Blood Qi began to surge out of his body and turned into golden fire.

    In the end, a giant golden light wheel showed up behind him. The shadow of the Kun Peng and the Thunder Loch appeared on it. The Dimensional Power and Thunder Divine Force twined around the light wheel and turned into the purest True Martial Divine Force.

    Chen Fan controlled the Divine Force and threw a punch.

    Once he made his move…

    The world was reversed! The entire dimension cracked and became the center of a storm. Endless waves of debris from the dimension were rolled up and everyone had to fall back.

    Chen Fan flashed to where Sword King was with his invincible body and punched the Changliu Sword.


    This invincible sword couldn't bear the Fist Qi and it turned back to nine flying swords which flashed in all directions. Sword King was also punched down from a hundred thousand feet in the sky, straight onto the ground like a shooting star.

    Everyone froze, unable to believe what they had just seen.

    Sword King lost?