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Chapter 853 - Splitting the Sky

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     853 Splitting the SkyThe many Perfected Cultivators in the Royal Palace stopped because of what Sword King said. Not even the six Commanders were able to do something.

    Sword King had ruled the Royal Palace for centuries and was known as the most powerful Overlord in the Beihan Region. Nobody dared to disobey him.

    "Uncle, I can take him down," Zhao Duluo said.

    Dozens of Perfected Cultivators, including ten mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators, with six troops and Overlords around the city should be enough to take down Chen Beixuan.


    Sword King grunted and stared at Chen Fan.

    The Sect Master of the Tianji Grotto-heaven then said, "Your Highness, you might be able to take him down, but what are you planning to sacrifice? How many Perfected Cultivators will die? Do you want to destroy the royal city and kill millions of people?"


    Zhao Duluo hesitated.

    If he destroyed the royal city and led to heavy casualties, his father would show up and tear him apart, and the other Sect Masters would definitely jeer at him.

    "Besides, Chen Beixuan is a Grand Perfected Cultivator that can crush the air. Do you really think your people can defeat him? Such a powerful Perfected Cultivator can do whatever he wants, unless there's a Heavenly Lord's array here. Nobody can stop him other than the Overlords of the same level." The Sect Master of the Tianji Grotto-heaven shook his head.

    Zhao Duluo turned pale.

    He remembered how Chen Fan had slapped Zhao Duxuan which went across a few kilometers. The Sky-Swallowing Palace was protected by countless arrays and Zhao Duxuan was a Golden Core Perfected Cultivator with many Dharma Artifacts on him, but he had still been defeated by Chen Fan.

    Such an Overlord indeed wasn't someone that could be killed that easily.

    "Do you understand now? Go back and shut yourself in for fifty years. Don't ever come out until you become a mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator," Sword King said coldly.

    "Yes, uncle."

    When Zhao Duluo bowed and was about to step back.

    Chen Fan spoke.

    "Zhao Duluo, you sent someone to besiege Old China Town and tried to kill me. I still have to settle the scores with you. How can you leave?"

    Zhao Duluo immediately froze.

    Sword King flicked his sleeves angrily and said to Chen Fan.

    "Perfected Cultivator Chen, we didn't realize how powerful you were, but we know you're a Grand Perfected Cultivator now. We don't bear any grudges against you anymore and I'll just forget about what you did to the Prince, but please leave the royal city and never return to the Central State again."

    Everyone else understood what Sword King meant immediately.

    Sword King was acknowledging Chen Fan's power. He thought that Chen Fan could be on an equal footing with him and was comparable to a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator. The other three Grand Perfected Cultivators also had a similar deal with Sword King. They ruled their own areas and never interfered with one another.

    "I'm sorry, but I'm a narrow-minded person. Whoever offends me must pay for what he did. If you hand over Zhao Duluo and ask Lord Beihan to come meet me, I might let the Zhao family go," Chen Fan said.

    Even though Xiao Mang was nervous, she still burst into laughter.

    She had never seen someone admitting he was narrow-minded. Chen Fan even said it so naturally.

    "So, you're not planning to leave the royal city?" Sword King said.

    "That's right!"

    Chen Fan didn't hesitate at all.

    "Fine, then don't," Sword King said and flicked his sleeve.


    An invisible sword swept across the sky and the air in a few kilometers was split. A long white mark appeared and the sword went towards Chen Fan with terrifying Sword Qi.

    Sword King directly made an earth-shattering attack!

    And yet, Chen Fan wasn't scared at all; he simply stuck out his thumb in the air.


    A ray of black light flashed across the sky, then turned into a blade aura that clashed against the invisible sword.


    The air exploded.

    There were horrific energy waves and the Essence Qi rolled as if there were a storm. The Sword Qi was spread in all directions. Their attacks were comparable to the most powerful nuclear bomb, which could turn everything in ten miles to ashes.


    Sword King frowned.

    He stomped his foot gently and the Sword Qi in the world immediately froze. He then absorbed all the Sword Qi into his long sleeves and turned into a blade aura, shooting into the sky.

    "I'll wait for you in the sky."

    "Great!" Chen Fan replied and held Xiao Mang in his arms. He turned into a ray of black light and followed him.

    The three of them disappeared in a blink, leaving everyone in the royal city looking at one another.

    The Sect Master of the Tianji Grotto-heaven chuckled, then turned into a beam of light and went after them.

    "This is an unprecedented battle. How could we miss it?"

    The others also reached that decision. Many Sect Masters of the Grotto-heavens and the leaders from the prominent families flew into the sky. Almost all the guests were gone in a heartbeat.

    Pale faced, Zhao Duluo smacked his hand down and crushed half of the plaza.

    Chen Fan flew a hundred thousand feet up in the sky with Xiao Mang and saw a sun rising, making the sea of clouds golden in color.

    And Sword King was standing on the top of the clouds with a sword in his hand.

    "Chen Beixuan, you shouldn't be here."

    Sword King looked at the sun and said calmly.

    "This is the first time I've encountered a good component ever since I came to Planet Tianhuang. I've waited for this battle for so long." Chen Fan stretched his body.

    In the past…

    Chen Fan didn't even use half of his strength when he fought with Zhao Qingchen and the Barbaric Dragon God. Even Zhu Jiushan, he was only able to withstand a couple of attacks. Chen Fan was thrilled; it was fortunate to have met an opponent like Sword King. He wanted to know how far he could go.

    "I grew up in a sword sect and started learning sword arts at the age of one. I became a Connate Cultivator at twenty five, formed a sixth-grade Golden Core at thirty and my sword arts reached the phenomenal success level at two hundred years old. I thought I was unstoppable, but I lost to someone immediately after an attack. Since then, I realized how big the world is. I told myself I'd never leave the Beihan Region if I haven't entered the Nascent Soul Level," Sword King said slowly as if Chen Fan was his close friend.

    All the cultivators who flew to watch the battle were shocked.

    A peerless talent like Sword King had once been defeated by someone with a sword. So, how powerful were the elites outside of the Beihan Region?

    "Oh, really?"

    Chen Fan didn't care at all.

    "The Beihan Region is so small, but it makes you think this is the entire world. You have no idea how we're actually nothing compared to the real talents," Sword King said.

    "I've always been a confident person. Even though I might not be as talented as they are, my strength is incomparable."

    Chen Fan cracked a beaming smile.

    He was so arrogant that even Xiao Mang was overwhelmed. The other members of the royal family grunted and looked disgusted.

    "You're still young, so you certainly think that you're invincible. How can you succeed without encountering any difficulties?" Sword King shook his head and looked at Chen Fan with a pitiful face.

    "If you had challenged me a hundred years later, I might not have been able to defeat you. But now, it's a piece of cake!"


    A blade aura was shot out from the sword case carried on Sword King's back; it flew around the sky like a dragon. It cracked the air and shattered the sea of clouds. The blade aura then surrounded Sword King as if it had intelligence.

    Sword King stood with coldness in his eyes.

    "This is the Changliu Sword, a top superior-grade Spirit Treasure.

    "I've only used it three times during my time in the Beihan Region. The first time, I slayed a monster in the North Sea. The second time, I defeated the Ancestral Patriarch of the Ling family. The third time, I suppressed the six Grotto-heavens.

    "People always think that I'm as powerful as Lord Red Dragon, but they have no idea these cultivators can never be compared with the disciple of a Heavenly Sect. A sword… is enough for me to kill them all."


    Sword King grabbed the blade aura and slashed.


    The hundred-mile sea of clouds was split.

    An enormous, deep crack appeared in the clouds; the blade aura was like an unstoppable Divine Sword. The entire sky was broken.

    After seeing the slash.

    Thousands of cultivators were terrified.