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Chapter 852 - You“re Also an An

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 852 You“re Also an AnChen Fan made his way with fierceness. The beam of golden light broke through the arrays in the royal city and arrived above the palace.

    At that moment, thousands of people in the royal city looked up at the same time and saw a man and a woman in the sky.

    The man had black hair and black eyes. His clothes were fluttering in the wind and he was as handsome as a god. The woman was in a purple gown and she looked gorgeous.

    "How dare you break into the royal city!"

    The Commanders of the six troops shot into the sky with a furious look.

    They couldn't wait to crush Chen Fan. The six Commanders were responsible for guarding the nine gates of the royal city and protecting the safety of the people. And yet, Chen Fan broke through so easily, as if nobody was there, which left them completely stunned.

    "Is this how the Zhao family treats their guests?"

    Chen Fan flicked his fingers.

    There came the sound of a sword.

    The Tianming Sword turned into black waves which stretched for ten miles and hit the six Commanders. They quickly fell back with a frightened look. Even though they hadn't exerted themselves, Chen Fan's power had already gone beyond their collective power.

    "Stop," Zhao Duluo yelled.

    He parted from the crowd, repressing his anger and shock, and looked at the two cultivators in the sky.

    "Mr. Chen Beixuan, the royal family always treats their guests well, but if you break into the royal city and hurt our guards, you don't really seem like a guest."

    "You're Zhao Duluo, right? The Black Elder and White Elder told me that you're behind everything. I'm only doing what Zhu Jiushan did. He went to Old China Town and injured my Grand Elder. This is just a small punishment!" Chen Fan said.

    "The Commanders of the nine troops are superior. How can you compare them with your elder? Xie Changying is only a Connate Cultivator. He's not even an ant to me," Zhao Duxuan grunted.

    "How dare you humiliate us! Take this slap!" Chen Fan said with coldness in his eyes and he made a slapping motion with his right hand.


    Zhao Duxuan was knocked away by an invisible Qi Energy and a clear hand mark appeared on his face.


    At this moment.

    Even the Sect Masters of the six Grotto-heavens were startled.

    The slash just then was already astonishing, but this slap was completely beyond their imagination.

    "The Sky Shifting Art. This is a cultivation art of the Xukong Grotto-heaven and only Perfected Cultivator Taixu can use it," someone murmured.

    Everyone at the plaza was dumbfounded.

    Chen Fan defeated the six Commanders and slapped Prince Zhao Duxuan; everyone was frightened.

    "How arrogant!"

    An old minister of the Royal Palace was enraged and his hands were shaking.

    The royal family had ruled for thousands of years and no one had ever broken into the royal city. Many members of the royal family clenched their fists and their eyes almost spouted out fire. Chen Fan's slap seemed to have hit them as well.

    Even so, many young people were in awe of Chen Fan.

    "Brother Qi, Chen Beixuan is so powerful. He killed Zhu Jiushan and even came to the royal city. There's finally someone like Perfected Cultivator Juehan!" Zhang Ming exclaimed.

    The representative of the Tianji Grotto-heaven didn't seem to hear him. He just stared at Chen Fan and murmured as he frowned, "This is impossible… Is he really not a Golden Core Cultivator? It's unbelievable!"

    "How dare you slap me!"

    Zhao Duxuan reacted a while after he had been slapped. He was instantly enraged. There was smoke billowing out of his head and his eyes turned red.

    Even the Sect Masters of the six Grotto-heavens had to respect him, ever since he became a Golden Core Cultivator. And yet, Chen Fan slapped him in front of thousands of people; he was extremely furious..

    "I'm going to kill you!"

    Zhao Duxuan immediately rushed forward.

    A beam of white light shot up from the Sky-Swallowing Palace towards Chen Fan. Before Zhao Duxuan arrived though, the air had become chilly and it suddenly began to snow.


    Chen Fan didn't even use the Tianming Sword. He just flicked his fingers gently.


    The white light froze as if it had been hit by an invisible hammer. Then, Zhao Duxuan turned into a shooting star, flashing a few kilometers away. A thousand-meter gully was formed and he destroyed over a hundred buildings before stopping.

    This time.

    Everyone could finally see how Chen Fan attacked.

    Their shock was deepened.

    The six Commanders might be a bit weaker, but Zhao Duxuan was an early-stage Golden Core Prince. Together with the blood of the Sky-Swallowing Python, he wouldn't be worse than the six Commanders, but he couldn't even resist one attack from Chen Fan.

    "This man should be as powerful as Perfected Cultivator Taixu and the Ancestral Patriarch of the Ling family," Zhao Duluo said anxiously.

    The Commanders were terrified. Chen Fan's power was totally different from what they had heard. No wonder he could kill Zhu Jiushan.


    A cry suddenly sounded from afar. Then, a white snake dozens of feet long flashed into the sky and then became a thousand-meter python.

    The giant python was entirely white and was covered with cold scales. Its crimson eyes were staring at everyone as if they were its prey.

    The Sky-Swallowing Python Dharma Form.

    Zhao Duxuan had finally used the most powerful Divine Power of the Zhang family. Zhu Jiushan didn't have pure blood, while Zhao Duxuan's was extremely pure and powerful. The giant python opened its mouth as if it were going to swallow the world viciously.

    Once the giant python appeared, millions of people in the city knelt on the ground and trembled. Even the cultivators were unable to withstand such a power; only Connate Overlords could remain standing.

    "The blood of the Sky-Swallowing Python is divided into four levels, General Meaning, Blood Formation, Dharma Form and Transformation. Zhu Jiushan had reached the level of Dharma Form and is close to becoming the real Sky-Swallowing Python. Not even Zhu Jiushan can fight with him right now," the elder of a Grotto-heaven said seriously.

    While people around him were about to speak, Chen Fan stomped his foot.


    A huge claw suddenly appeared in the sky. It was over a thousand meters long and was covered in black scales. It stepped on the white python like a pillar.


    The giant python screamed.

    It was then smacked down on the ground, making an area within a hundred mile range shake and leaving an enormous pit. Countless citizens in the royal city ran in all directions.

    When they fought, they were like two dinosaurs. Every move they made could cause heavy casualties.

    "Elder Xue is only an ant in your eyes, but it may come as a surprise that you're also the same as an ant in mine," Chen Fan said.

    The giant python under his foot cried and shook its tail and head, making mountains collapse and the ground crack. Everything in a few thousand meter radius became ruins. However, no matter how hard Zhao Duxuan tried, he couldn't lift the strong foot.

    In the end, Chen Fan stomped and almost crushed all of Zhao Duxuan's organs.

    Zhu Duxuan was on the edge of dying. He turned into a white python dozens of feet long. The power of the Xuan Wu's foot wasn't something an early-stage Golden Core Cultivator could withstand. Chen Fan could even kill Zhu Jiushan, not to mention a weaker cultivator like him.

    "Stop!" Zhao Duluo shouted.

    Zhao Duxuan was his brother after all. He couldn't watch him die. Zhao Duluo then said coldly, "Chen Beixuan, this is the royal city of the Beihan Region, not your Old China Town. Do you really want to humiliate the Zhao family in front of all the Grotto-heavens and the big families?"

    "Yes, so what?"

    Chen Fan stepped on the white python with a wicked smile.

    Zhao Duluo flicked his sleeves and said coldly,"Let my brother go and leave immediately. Never come back to the Central State again and I'll spare your life. Otherwise, you'll die with all the Chinese."

    Beams of light flashed from the outside and landed around Chen Fan.

    Each light ray represented one Golden Core Perfected Cultivator. There were almost a hundred Golden Core Cultivators under the command of the Zhao family among thirty six states, the seventeen troops, the nine guards' divisions and the servants of the Beihan Region.

    Chen Fan was surrounded at the moment by dozens of Golden Core Cultivators. They were all waiting to attack.

    With so many Overlords around, even a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator would be frightened. Zhao Duluo knew that even the Grand Elder of the Xukong Sect or the Ancestral Patriarch of the Ling family would not be able to fight with dozens of Perfected Cultivators at the same time, let alone the fact that over ten of them were mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators.


    Chen Fan only stomped gently.


    Zhao Duxuan was instantly crushed. The true form of the Sky-Swallowing Python was like glass in front of the foot of the Xuan Wu. Its white scales, blood and flesh were scattered over the ground.

    Chen Fan killed Prince Zhao Duxuan.

    Nobody had expected to see this.

    "Oh no, he's going to fight until he dies!"

    Zhang Ming shook his head.

    And Perfected Cultivator Golden Crow even started laughing.


    Zhao Duluo was enraged.

    His entire body was trembling and he quickly closed his eyes to calm himself. When he opened his eyes again, they were full of viciousness.

    "Kill him."

    Zhao Duluo waved.

    Dozens of Golden Core Cultivators were about to attack together and eliminate Chen Fan from the world. Chen Fan wasn't afraid at all; not even when facing so many strong enemies. He held Xiao Mang's hand and sneered.

    "Stop! You're no match for him."

    Suddenly, a cold voice sounded.

    Everyone looked back.

    Sword King slowly turned around. His hair was white and he wasn't in his best condition anymore, but there was still viciousness in his eyes, like two swords.

    Glaring at Chen Fan!