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Chapter 850 - Crush! Crush!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 850 Crush! Crush!"Did my brother win?"

    Xiao Mang looked up to the sky and couldn't believe what she was seeing.

    There had been eleven Perfected Cultivators and four powerhouses, but Chen Fan killed seven of them. He was especially unstoppable when he let out his Xuan Wu Divine Form.

    "It's impossible! It's impossible!"

    Chu Tianyu and the others were dumbfounded.

    What they had just seen was completely different from what they had expected. Zhu Jiushan and the Perfected Cultivators should have been able to suppress Chen Fan; instead, it was Chen Fan who defeated most of them by himself.

    Not only them, the elders of the other sects also froze like statues.

    Someone gasped and said, "Perfected Cultivator Chen is too powerful. What kind of Divine Power is that? It's even stronger than the Sky-Swallowing Python. Is it a legendary Heavenly Beast or a Divine Beast? But I've never heard of anyone with the blood of a Divine Beast in the Beihan Region, or anywhere else on Planet Tianhuang."

    Elder Jin of the Xukong Sect frowned and said suddenly, "Old Tang, don't you think that beast looks a bit familiar?"

    The envoy of Yin Yang Grotto-heaven hesitated and said, "I've seen it somewhere. It looks very familiar, but I'm not sure…"

    "It's not that you're uncertain. You just don't dare think about it," Elder Jin snickered and said as he looked at Chen Fan, "It's the legendary Xuan Wu, the most powerful Divine Beast across worlds. I can't believe I actually saw it. I have no regrets now."

    As for Lin Wuhua, she had already started trembling the moment Chen Fan turned into the beast; her eyes basically popped out.

    "The Xuan Wu! Right, that's the Xuan Wu! It looks the same as the one in the Ancestral Master Pavilion's painting. I was granted the chance to see the Xuan Wu Divine Beast with my very own eyes. It's absolutely incredible!"

    She was so emotional that her True Essence began to become unstable.

    "Sister Lin, what's a Xuan Wu? Is it incredible? Is it stronger than the Sky-Swallowing Python?" Yun Yier wondered.

    "The Sky-Swallowing Python?" Lin Wuhua sneered and her eyes were full of disdain, as if someone were comparing a Lamborghini and a Wuling Hongguang. She then said respectfully, "If the Sky-Swallowing Python is a pearl, the Xuan Wu would be the sun in the sky. The Sky-Swallowing Python only stays on Planet Tianhuang, but the Xuan Wu travels across the universe. Not even ten thousand Sky-Swallowing Pythons can compare to a single Xuan Wu, because the Xuan Wu is known as the most powerful around the world!"

    Hearing what she said.

    Everyone around them was stunned.

    Yun Yier gazed at Chen Fan.

    The Zhao family only possessed the blood of the Sky-Swallowing Python and it had been enough for them to rule over the Beihan Region and suppress the six Grotto-heavens for thousands of years. So, how powerful would Chen Fan be when he had the blood of the Xuan Wu, which was much stronger than that of the Sky-Swallowing Python?

    "Sister Mu… I think we've met a god," Yun Yier mumbled.

    While people in Old China Town were still in shock, Chen Fan had already descended from high above and chased after the last three cultivators.

    "Chen Beixuan, don't you go too far. The royal family and Sword King will never let you get away," Zhu Jiushan shouted.

    He rushed back to the array of the White Python Guards, but Chen Fan had already defeated the Hanchi Guards by then. Chen Fan didn't use any Divine or Dharmic Powers. He simply attacked with his sacred land.

    A hundred thousand soldiers of the Hanchi Guards, including Li Chunyang, immediately exploded and became splashes of blood. The ground where they were standing collapsed a hundred meters and a ten-mile giant hole appeared!

    A hundred thousand cultivators died after one attack!

    The Xuan Wu Sacred Land was too terrifying. It was as heavy as a thousand-mile lake which weighed billions of tons. No Dharma Spells or Spirit Treasures were needed. The sacred land itself was the most powerful Dharma Artifact. Even a mountain ten thousand feet tall couldn't withstand its weight; Chen Fan could crush everything easily with such a power.

    "Formation!" yelled Lei Shan, the Commander of the Manghuang Guards.

    The Spirit Armors of the Manghuang Guards sent out beams of light at the same time. A vast surge of Dharma Power went from every one of them into Lei Shan's body through their Spirit Armors and arrays.

    Lei Shan expanded the territory and the Dharma Form became a giant ten thousand meters tall.

    The giant had an axe on one hand and a shield on the other. Once it appeared, the sky was full of powerful energy waves. It was several times fiercer than a mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator, and was close to a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator.

    "Manghuang Array!"

    This was the real strength of the nine troops. It was an array that had a hundred thousand cultivators as the foundation and a Golden Core Cultivator as the core. Normal mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators would not survive after a few attacks from this giant. The nine troops of the Royal Palace could destroy Grotto-heavens because of this invincible array.

    At the same time.

    Zhu Jiushan also opened the "White Python Array" and turned into a Sky-Swallowing Python ten thousand meters long. The white python was covered with scales; it seemed to be able to swallow the sky when it opened its mouth.

    The two Overlords showed their arrays together.

    Their power had already surpassed that of the "Titan" Chen Fan fought with on the moon. Chen Fan used secret arts to increase his powers back then and he only destroyed the Titan when he turned into the Kun Peng. He had even spent a few months healing after that.

    But this day, Chen Fan didn't step back while facing those two stronger spirits. He attacked with his sacred land.


    The giant swayed its axe.

    The sacred land was extremely powerful. The axe cracked once it touched the sacred land and even the wrist of the giant broke. In the end, it had to use its shield to stop the sacred land.

    After this attack.

    Five thousand among the hundred thousand cultivators of the Manghuang Guards died.

    The shield also shattered after half a second. The sacred land fell from the sky and smashed the giant into a meat patty. Lei Shan let out a cry and was also crushed together with the hundred thousand cultivators. Chen Fan then took his Golden Core.


    Zhu Jiushan was about to help, but he was frightened when he saw this.

    Even Sword King needed some time to break the arrays of the nine troops, but it seemed so effortless for Chen Fan. When Zhu Jiushan was about to escape, Chen Fan had already approached him.

    This time, Chen Fan fought with his body instead of using his sacred land.


    Chen Fan made use of his true Divine Form, which was also ten thousand meters tall. However, the Xuan Wu of this size was much more powerful than the Sky-Swallowing Python with the same size.

    In a blink, the Xuan Wu smashed the head of the Sky-Swallowing Python and tore the array apart. The ten thousand soldiers couldn't withstand such a powerful energy and died instantly. Only Zhu Jiushan's Golden Core and Divine Soul managed to escape.

    "Please don't kill me. I can tell you everything I know about the Chinese, about Sword King…" Zhu Jiushan yelled as he ran.

    "No need!"

    Chen Fan opened his mouth and breathed in gently.

    The Spirit Qi in a hundred miles was sucked into Chen Fan's mouth, which caused a storm. Zhu Jiushan was pulled back even after being ten miles away; he could only despair as Chen Fan swallowed him whole.

    "Your Golden Core tastes pretty good."

    The Xuan Wu crushed the Golden Core and swallowed it.

    Everyone who saw this froze. The few remaining Golden Core Perfected Cultivators were terrified and wanted to run away immediately.

    Regardless of how Chen Fan defeated the three troops.

    Such a Golden Core was extremely hard and was said to be indestructible. Not even Spirit Treasures could split it. Only the top Overlords could harm and suppress a Golden Core Cultivator.

    And yet, Chen Fan ate the Golden Core as if he were eating candy. How could people not be frightened?

    After eating all the Golden Cores he collected, he looked somewhere in the sky. "You've been here for so long. Why are you trying to run now? Do you want to report this to your Master?"

    While everyone was startled…

    A black and a white shadow appeared in the sky, and then turned into a Yin Yang Fish while trying to escape.

    "It's the Black Elder and the White Elder. I heard that they're servants of the Royal Palace. They're as powerful as a mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator when they work together," someone yelled.

    But how could two Perfected Cultivators escape from Chen Fan?


    Chen Fan stomped his foot.

    Everything in a hundred miles froze.

    The Black Elder and the White Elder were held in the sky. They felt how the Water Essence Qi around them suddenly condensed and became a deep ocean. It was very hard for them to fly out of it.

    The Xuan Wu was the God of the North and was born to be able to control water. The other Golden Cores could only control the Water Essence Qi in a thousand feet, but the Xuan Wu could manipulate those in a hundred mile range.

    "Yin and yang, open!"

    While the Elders were about to cast a spell, Chen Fan had already appeared in front of them and attacked. He smashed both of their bodies and Dharma Treasures to pieces, leaving only their Golden Cores and Divine Souls.

    They were terrified, seeing how Chen Fan had easily grabbed their Golden Cores.

    "Please don't, Perfected Cultivator! We only came here to watch the battle. We've never done anything!"

    "Everything was planned by Prince Zhao Duluo and Zhu Jiushan. They gathered the seven Lords and set up traps around the city, to threaten the Chinese and catch you, and to take you to the royal city. They wanted you to kneel in front of the Prince to admit your mistake and become his servant. Doing so, they'd be able to scare the families and races, and show everyone what the Prince is willing to do for his people, which would help him become the next Lord Beihan…"

    The two of them were scared, so they immediately told Chen Fan everything.

    "Haha, don't even think about it."

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and said, "I'll settle the scores with the royal family and Zhao Duluo."

    Then, Chen Fan ate the Golden Cores and returned his human form. When the Grand Elder and the others were excitedly heading his way, he had already flown into the sky again with Xiao Mang.

    "Brother, where are we going?" Xiao Mang asked.

    "We're going to a ceremony. I'm a narrow-minded person. Whoever offends me has to pay back a hundred times!" Chen Fan snickered and flashed to the royal city with the girl.

    Only the Chinese and those who came to the ceremony were left standing there, looking at one another with a terrified face.

    "Ah, Zhu Jiushan was so prepared, but he never would have thought Perfected Cultivator Chen was this powerful! Everything is useless in front of such a strong force."

    The elder of the Xukong Sect heaved a sigh.

    "From now on, the entire Beihan Region will be scared of Chen Beixuan's name!"

    Everyone present went silent.