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Chapter 849 - Unstoppable

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 849 UnstoppableThe Tianming Sword!

    That was a superior-grade Spirit Treasure of the Xuanming Grotto-heaven and it used to be the sword of their Grand Elder, Perfected Cultivator Heiming. He was the best swordsman in the six Grotto-heavens. If he didn't lose to Sword King back then, he would have ruled the Beihan Region.

    When in Lin Wuhua's hands, the Tianming Sword was only a normal Spirit Treasure, but Chen Fan was the one who was holding it!


    When Chen Fan made a slashing move…

    One of the Divine Chains restraining him—where no one else could see—cracked. It was as thick as a baby's arm and was entirely black. Right at the moment it broke, an Essence Core pulsed inside Chen Fan's body.


    An unimaginable Xuanming True Essence was infused into the Tianming Sword from Chen Fan's arm. Then, the Tianming Sword turned into a river ten thousand feet long and split the sky in half.

    At that moment, countless people looked up dumbfoundedly.

    Everything in the sky was covered, leaving only the river. It was ten kilometers long and extended from the east to the west of Old China Town, separating the entire city. Black water constantly ran across the sky, as if a dam had collapsed.

    "That… That is the Tianming Sword!"

    Lin Wuhua and the others were stunned.

    The Tianming Sword was indeed powerful, but even Perfected Cultivator Heiming couldn't use it like that.

    Not only her.

    Gu Lingzi, Chu Tianyu, Qin Luo and the Grand Elder were startled by such a display.

    They could only watch as the river drowned the eleven Golden Core Cultivators, defeated the three hundred thousand soldiers and smashed the three array spirits.

    "Oh my god!"

    Meanwhile, nobody dared to say a word.

    Everyone was frightened by Chen Fan's slash.

    The Blade Qi and the black water swept over the entire Old China Town once before dissipating; Zhu Jiushan and the others were once again visible.

    The Perfected Cultivators from the Royal Palace were all thrown into a panic.

    The four mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators, including Zhu Jiushan, had opened their Dharma Forms and barely survived Chen Fan's attack, but the other seven Lords weren't so lucky. The territories and Dharma Forms of Lord Wu and Zi Tianqiong were crushed by the Sword Qi, and they only relied on their Dharma Treasures and their bodies.

    "Crack, crack."

    Countless Defensive Dharma Treasures and secret artifacts broke.

    In the end, almost all of the Perfected Cultivators were injured. Some weak Lords even spewed golden blood.

    "Damn it!"

    Zhu Jiushan was enraged.

    He glared at Chen Fan and his heart fell. Chen Fan's power was completely beyond his imagination. Being able to force eleven Perfected Cultivators back, including four mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators… Chen Fan seemed to be as powerful as a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator. Zhu Jiushan even saw Sword King on Chen Fan.

    "Kill him. Don't hold back, even if you have to destroy the entire Old China Town," Zhu Jiushan said.

    The other Perfected Cultivators had already used their full strength.


    Chen Fan snickered.

    He immediately let out the "Dinghai Pearl," turning it into a hundred-mile Grotto-heaven, enveloping Old China Town. Countless attacks suddenly disappeared when they were above the city. Then, Chen Fan shot into the sky with his sword and went after the Perfected Cultivators.

    "Chen Beixuan, we'll do you justice if you stop and follow me to see Sword King now."

    Zhu Jiushan was still trying to convince Chen Fan.

    "Go to hell!"

    Chen Fan slashed at him immediately.

    Some Xuanming Water came out as a flood from the Tianming Sword and turned ten kilometers of the sky into a long river. The black water carried Xuanming Qi. Even Golden Core Perfected Cultivators would feel a chill when they touched it and their Divine Souls would be frozen.


    The thousand-meter white python behind Zhu Jiushan lengthened into three thousand meters long. It was the Sky-Swallowing Python. The reason why Zhu Jiushan could become the leader of the nine troops and have command over the most powerful White Python Guards was that he also had the blood of the royal family.

    The other Perfected Cultivators also let out their Dharma Forms.

    Nine giant fire phoenixes, a giant, a Hanchi… Those Dharma Forms were all thousands of meters tall.


    Chen Fan's slash clashed against them.

    How powerful were more than ten Golden Core Cultivators when working together? Every attack they made was comparable to that of nuclear weapons. There seemed to be ten nuclear bombs exploding right then.

    A giant black hole appeared in the sky.

    The horrific energy turned into a storm, spreading in all directions and destroying every creature within a hundred miles, making the earth shake. Old China Town would have become a place of ruin if it hadn't been covered by the Dinghai Pearl. The people inside were frightened; they felt as if they were swaying like little boats in the ocean.


    The eleven Perfected Cultivators fell back together. The four mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators only took three steps backwards, while the others took dozens. In comparison, Chen Fan on the opposite side was pushed a hundred feet away.

    "He's no match for all of us," Zhu Jiushan yelled.

    The Perfected Cultivators were thrilled, but then, Chen Fan suddenly became a huge beast. It was surrounded by black water and thunderbolts, like the Lord of Hell.

    "This is?"

    Zhu Jiushan's eyes popped out. The beast in front of him reminded him of a legendary Divine Beast.

    Then, Chen Fan rushed forward.

    The Xuan Wu Essence Core had yet to go through the Thunder Tribulation to become a divine-grade Golden Core, so he couldn't resist a dozen Golden Core Cultivators, but when the Xuan Wu Divine Form appeared, the situation was completely different.

    The Xuan Wu was the God of the North and the Master of Black Water. It had come into being to lead thousands of beasts.

    Once it showed up, the power of the Xuan Wu River increased several times and became dozens of kilometers long. And yet, what was more terrifying was the gifted Divine Power of the Xuan Wu.


    The Xuan Wu let out a black thunderbolt.

    Looking closely, that thunderbolt had been formed by thousands of layers of Xuanming True Water, which then turned into the Xuanming Divine Thunder.

    The thunderbolt looked indifferent on the outside, but when it struck, it pierced through the dimension and created a long crack. The three Lords in the front didn't react in time and were burnt to ashes. Their Golden Cores also cracked.


    Zhu Jiushan and the others were astonished after witnessing such a sight.

    He killed three Perfected Cultivators with a thunderbolt? What kind of Thunder Art was it? They had never seen any art that was more powerful than the Nine Heaven Thunder Art in the legends.

    But that was only the beginning.

    The Xuan Wu opened its mouth again and shot out a long thunderbolt. It was ten meters thick, like a pillar in the sky. Inside the terrifying Xuanming Divine Thunder were over ten thousand layers of True Water.

    "Fall back!" Zhu Jiushan shouted quickly.

    However, it was too late. The speed of the Xuanming Divine Thunder was beyond that of light. All that they could see was a beam of black light flashing across the sky, and then, Chi Fenkong exploded.

    The nine fire phoenixes around his body were supposed to protect him.

    Not even the Tianming Sword's Qi had been able to breach Chi Fenkong's Nine Phoenix Defensive Art. But then, those nine phoenixes were torn apart as easily as pieces of paper. All the Divine Powers, Dharma Artifacts and Chi Fenkong's body became useless in front of the Xuanming Divine Thunder. Even his Golden Core was shattered.

    "A fourth-grade Golden Core Overlord died just like that?"

    One of the Lords was frightened.

    Although Chi Fenkong was only an early-stage Golden Core Cultivator, he had a fourth-grade Golden Core, so he should be as powerful as a normal mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator. He had also mastered countless secret arts and Divine Powers, but he couldn't even survive one attack of the Xuanming Divine Thunder?

    "This isn't the ordinary Xuanming Divine Thunder. I've seen the Perfected Cultivator of the Xuanming Grotto-heaven use it before, but it was as powerful. Let's retreat for now and return to the palace to ask Sword King for help," Zhu Jiushan yelled.

    He turned into a beam of white light and left.

    The others seemed to have just woken up from the dream; they immediately tried running away using their secret arts, but it was too late. Chen Fan stomped his foot and yelled, "Xuan Wu Sacred Land!"


    A black light was spread in a ten mile range like a black curtain; four Perfected Cultivators, except the Commanders of the three troops, were enveloped by it.

    Once inside that ominous light, they felt as if they were at the bottom of the ocean. They opened their eyes and realized what light it was. It had been formed by countless drops of Xuanming Heavy Water; each drop could turn into a river. Billions of them had created this territory, which could become a thousand-mile lake when used to its full potential.

    Xuan Wu Sacred Land!

    That was the most powerful feature of the Xuan Wu Essence Core. Once the sacred land was expanded, it could defeat thousands of enemies.


    The four Perfected Cultivators didn't even shout; they were instantly smashed by the Xuanming Heavy Water. The weight of a thousand-mile lake was more than a billion tons and even a Golden Core Cultivator would stand helpless when having to withstand such a heavy weight.

    Their bodies and Dharma Treasures were almost torn immediately. Even though their Golden Cores resisted for a second, they were also crushed moments after. In the end, their Divine Souls had also been destroyed.

    The black waves and water currents spinned and crushed everything.

    In a blink, four Perfected Cultivators had died!

    Zhu Jiushan and the other two looked up while overwhelmed by terror.