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Chapter 848 - Pulling Out the Sword

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 848 Pulling Out the SwordThere was a white python and many other strange things in the sky.

    Everyone was terrified by the sight of so many Perfected Cultivators.

    "We're doomed. We're all doomed," a Chinese elder said as he trembled.

    Some people even started to stare at Chen Fan with a resentful look, clearly placing all the blame on him.

    "There are four mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators and seven early-stage Golden Core Cultivators. What a line-up! Together with the soldiers of the three troops, they're powerful enough to eliminate a Grotto-heaven and the Top Ten," Gu Lingzi said.

    "Let's see if Chen Beixuan would run or fight."

    Chu Tianyu snickered and sipped his wine.

    In the meantime, many flying ships landed on the ground. The soldiers of the three troops, who at least had the Ethereal Enlightenment Level, came out as a flood and besieged Old China Town.

    Each troop had over a hundred thousand soldiers; each of them wore a Spirit Armor and held a Spirit Weapon. They lined up into square formations under the lead of their generals. Even though they weren't really powerful individually, even Golden Core Cultivators had to be careful when all of them worked together.


    An enormous python, a dragon a thousand feet long and the phantom of a giant appeared outside Old China Town. Those were the arrays summoned by the three troops and they slowly approached the city.

    "Chen Beixuan, surrender!" Zhu Jiushan said while standing on the white python.

    "Of course, you can also run, but millions of people in Old China Town and the Chinese in the other thirty two cities will die."

    "I'll kill every single one of them, from cultivators to ordinary people, and the entire Beihan Region will have no Chinese anymore. Believe it or not, I'm known as the Human Slayer and I've killed over a hundred races in my lifetime."

    Billions of people were like ants for him. Zhu Jiushan was truly like a Perfected Cultivator who despised the world at the moment. All the Chinese people were terrified after hearing what he said.

    Chen Fan looked at the sky indifferently with hands behind his back.

    "Perfected Cultivator Chen, I'd surrender if I were you. Sword King always appreciates talents and he wouldn't kill you. Besides, whose life is more important? Yours or those of the Chinese?" Chu Tianyu asked.

    Chen Fan remained silent.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Some thunderous sound came from the outside.

    The soldiers of the three troops were attacking the array. Looking from afar, the giant had landed a hit on the array, creating some ripples.

    The "Nine Heavenly Lock Array" had been formed by a Grandmaster the Ancestral Temple had hired with countless Spirit Stones. When it was fully turned on, it could withstand attacks from Golden Core Perfected Cultivators. However, it seemed to be a bit overwhelmed at the moment, when three hundred thousand cultivators were attacking at the same time.

    An elder of the Ancestral Temple yelled, "Perfected Cultivator Chen!"

    "Shut up! When we start the Perfected Cultivator Ceremony and worship our ancestors, Perfected Cultivator Chen will become the leader of the Chinese. He's our hope. As long as he lives, the Chinese will still be here and we'll still be able to rise one day!"

    Xie Changying stomped his foot furiously.

    That elder quickly stood back with a pale face.

    However, the other elders and Qin Luo were devastated. Would their hopes be dashed again?

    "Brother," Xiao Mang said anxiously.

    Chen Fan continued to stand there.

    At the Sky-Swallowing Palace in the royal city…

    Sword King was standing in the middle of the hall and Zhao Duluo was bowing behind him. If he didn't move, the Prince would imitate his actions. After a while, Sword King spoke.

    "Has Zhu Jiushan arrived in Old China Town?"

    "Yes, uncle. Other than the three troops, I also requested the help of six Lords, including those of the Wu State, the Lei State, the Xuan State and the General of the Navy. Aside from that, I sent two old servants over as well. It's impossible for Chen Beixuan to escape," Zhao Duluo answered.

    "Good! We must do everything we can to deal with this mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator. Duluo, well done."

    Sword King nodded.

    Zhao Duluo was immediately thrilled. He knew that Sword King had high expectations and he had never seen him compliment anyone in the past century.

    "Better catch him alive. Chen Beixuan is a complete bundle. If he works for us, we'll be able to keep peace for a thousand years," Sword King said.

    Zhao Duluo smiled and said, "Yes, I've already asked Zhu Jiushan to take him down and bring him to you. By then, we can celebrate it in the Royal Palace Assembly."


    Sword King nodded with a glint of coldness in his eyes.

    He turned around and opened the door.

    "Let's go. Zhu Jiushan might be able to make it to the assembly. I have faith in him."

    Zhao Duluo walked behind Sword King with a triumphant smile.


    The soldiers of the three troops outside the city were attacking more intensely. The world was full of claps of thunder and the entire array shook. Cracks started to appear; it seemed that it would be broken soon.

    Many Perfected Cultivators also attacked from the sky.

    Countless people gazed at Chen Fan, waiting for his decision. Yun Yier and Mu Hongti looked worried. Chu Tianyu and Gu Lingzi gave mocking looks. The elder of the Xukong Sect felt pitiful. Qin Luo was anxious and the Grand Elder seemed confident…

    Those gazes were like an ocean…

    And Chen Fan was the center of that ocean. Every move he made caught the attention of millions of people.

    The girl caressed Chen Fan's hands and said firmly, "Brother, I'll support you no matter what." She stepped forward and stood next to him, facing the cultivators in the sky. Xiao Mang might not be powerful enough, but she wasn't afraid. She seemed to be a billion feet tall at the moment.


    Chen Fan finally moved.

    He held the girl's hands, then looked at the Perfected Cultivators above him and asked, "What did the Chinese do? What did I do?"

    Zhu Jiushan sneered and said, "You're too weak. Nobody would think that you're sinners if you had been born in a powerful sect or family. And yet, you're too weak. The Chinese are too weak. The Zhao family is the real dominator of the Beihan Region."


    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    He stared at Zhu Jiushan with pity, indifference and disdain.

    Chen Fan was like a god watching Zhu Jiushan and he didn't care at all. If he felt annoyed, he would have already stomped Zhu Jiushan to death.

    "Oh no!"

    Zhu Jiushan knew something was wrong.

    He cast a spell and asked the White Python Dharma Form to attack Chen Fan.

    But it was too late.

    "Zhu Jiushan, you've been wrong since the beginning. The Zhao family and you are not the most powerful ones in the Beihan Region. It's me… Chen Beixuan!" Chen Fan said as he raised his hands.

    The sound of a sword came!

    "If the Beihan Region has no justice, I'll make sure justice is served using my sword!"

    "I'll even the scores!"

    "I must tell the world…"

    Chen Fan's voice became louder and louder.

    "… that the Chinese aren't pushovers! And I am someone who can't be offended!"

    When he finished talking, claps of thunder came and a black Blade Qi rose behind Chen Fan. He held a sword in his hand and slashed.

    This slash…

    Became a river in the sky.