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Chapter 847 - Backed into a Corner?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 847 Backed into a Corner?"He's Chen Beixuan?"

    "Wasn't Chen Beixuan dead? Why is he here? How did he become a Perfected Cultivator of the Chinese?"

    "I heard that Chen Beixuan had escaped from the Beihan Region!"

    Everyone was shocked and there was a clamor of voices.

    Countless people from the sects and the powerful families found it unbelievable. This new Perfected Cultivator was a criminal, someone Sword King wanted to catch?

    "Commander Zhu, even if you're the commander of the White Python Guards, you can't say something like that to smear our Perfected Cultivator," Qin Luo narrowed his eyes and said coldly.

    "Right, it's the Perfected Cultivator Ceremony of our Perfected Cultivator Chen now. If Commander Zhu causes trouble here, you'll become our enemy and we'll fight with you until we die." Elder Muchun, who had an explosive temper, was enraged.

    Many others were also upset.

    The Perfected Cultivator Ceremony was the most solemn and sacred ceremony, for a sect and its race. Whoever disturbed the ceremony would become the biggest enemy of that sect. Even if Zhu Jiushan was an important person from the Royal Palace, he couldn't do whatever he wanted.

    A lot of Chinese elders were furious.

    The elder of the Xukong Sect said, "Commander Zhu, this is a serious matter. Not even Sword King can slander a Golden Core Perfected Cultivator without any evidence. Besides, this Perfected Cultivator is a mighty existence and has a promising future!"

    The envoys of a few families and the Top Ten also agreed.

    They had a powerful background. Even if they weren't as strong as Zhu Jiushan, they weren't afraid of him. He couldn't slaughter the disciples and envoys of the families and the Grotto-heavens.

    "We have recordings as evidence. Chen Fan looks exactly the same as Chen Beixuan…"

    Before a Connate Cultivator of the White Python Guards finished, Qin Luo chuckled and said, "Recordings can be forged. If Commander Zhu wants some, I can make one showing that you're one of Chen Beixuan's accomplices."

    Many people smiled.

    The world of cultivation had many secret arts, Dharma Spells and Divine Powers. A recording wasn't the most reliable evidence. Many cultivators would disguise themselves to impersonate others and kill people.

    "A few young envoys here have seen Perfected Cultivator Chen at the Juehan Mountain Range. I guess they won't lie," Chi Fenkong said.

    Everyone was startled; they could only look at one another.

    Chu Tianyu then came up with a smile.

    "Right, I met Perfected Cultivator Chen in Zhuyan City. He looks the same as he was a year ago!"

    Many exclaimed once he showed up.

    "It's Chu Tianyu from the Chu family, one of the eight powerful families in the region. Some said he's as powerful as a Golden Core Cultivator and the most outstanding Overlord among the younger generation."

    The appearance of Chu Tianyu frightened a lot of people.


    Gu Lingzi from the Silver Spirits, Bai Linger from Yin Yang Grotto-heaven and the others told everyone that they recognized Chen Fan. Bai Linger even looked surprised as she spoke. She had never thought Chen Fan would be this powerful.

    With so many elites coming forward, people started to doubt that Chen Fan was exactly who they said he was.

    "Perfected Cultivator Chen, what else do you have to say?" Zhu Jiushan said confidently.

    "It's easy for you to ask a few young Overlords to lie," Qin Luo said.

    "Haha, if this evidence is still not sufficient, why don't we ask his little lover?" Zhu Jiushan chuckled and grabbed someone from the crowd.

    An elegant girl in a red gown flew out and appeared in front of everyone.

    "Sister Mu," Yun Yier yelled.

    That girl was Mu Hongti.

    Zhu Jiushan smiled and said, "Perfected Cultivator Chen killed two heirs of the Qingyang Sect for her sake back then. Now that she's out here, don't you have anything to say?"

    "Miss Mu, your parents and the entire Mu family are still in the dungeon of the White Python Guards. What you do will determine their future."

    Mu Hongti wanted to say that she didn't recognize Chen Fan, but she was speechless after hearing what Zhu Jiushan said. She looked at Chen Fan, heart-broken.

    "Sister Lin, please save Sister Mu."

    Tears welled up in Yun Yier's eyes. She begged while grabbing Lin Wuhua's black gown.

    "It's useless. Nobody can save anyone from Zhu Jiushan. He's a resourceful person. He must have prepared everything before he came. The entire Old China Town is full of traps now. Even Chen Beixuan might not be able to escape, let alone your Sister Mu," Lin Wuhua said coldly.


    Yun Yier turned pale.

    Then, many people looked at Chen Fan. Countless envoys, elders of the Grotto-heavens and Chinese people who had attended the ceremony were waiting for Chen Fan to reply.

    Qin Luo wanted to refute, but he couldn't say anything.

    There were many similarities between Chen Fan and Chen Beixuan. They were both Chinese, young and powerful… Even Qin Luo had to admit those three things. Chen Fan was too suspicious. Besides, he already knew the truth.

    "I can't believe this is happening."

    The elder of the Xukong Sect shook his head.

    It felt like a century had passed.

    Chen Fan flicked his fingers expressionlessly and said, "Yes, I'm Chen Beixuan! So what? Do you want to catch me?"


    Zhu Jiushan burst into laughter.

    Countless people were disappointed. They had thought about that, but then they were forced to accept reality.

    Chi Fenkong stepped forward with fire around him and nine fire phoenixes flew to the sky. He then yelled, "Chen Beixuan, you've committed a felony. You took the blood of a Prince. Surrender and confess your sins now!"

    "A felony?"

    Chen Fan shook his head and snickered, "I'm a Chinese Perfected Cultivator and Zhao Qingchen is just an unimportant person. He disrespected me and it's reasonable even if I kill him, not to mention just taking his blood. Nobody can disagree with that."

    After hearing what Chen Fan said, everyone else had to agree with him.

    Perfected Cultivators were as superior as gods! If they were offended, even eliminating nine families was normal, let alone killing someone. Some Perfected Cultivators would even kill millions of people from a race at once.

    That was why the world was so respectful to Perfected Cultivators.

    "Cut the crap! The Prince is the descendant of the royal family. Lord Beihan determines what to do with him. It's none of your business."

    Zhu Jiushan grunted and said, "Sword King requested that you meet him at the Royal Palace immediately and confess your sins. If you're sincere enough, you'll be given a chance to make things right."

    "What if I refuse?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    As a mid-stage Golden Core Overlord who stood at the top of the Beihan Region, not even Sword King and the Royal Palace could give him that much pressure, or they would have never been able to live in peace for centuries.

    "Then, I can only catch you and take you to him. By then, we'll have killed millions of Chinese people and destroyed Old China Town."

    Zhu Jiushan laughed.

    Qin Luo and Elder Muchun clenched their fists and glared at Zhu Jiushan. Xiao Mang even tugged at Chen Fan's clothes tighter, feeling quite anxious.

    "Haha, you?"

    Chen Fan raised his eyebrows with disdain.

    Everyone also felt that something was off. The two of them were mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators. Even though Zhu Jiushan was stronger, it was difficult for him to make Chen Fan kneel and surrender. Chen Fan could easily escape.

    "I might not be able to do so alone, but how about adding the help of the Manghuang Guards and the Hanchi Guards?"

    Zhu Jiushan snickered.

    After that, claps of thunder came. Two groups of flying ships appeared in the sky. Each group had a hundred enormous ships that covered the sun. They had apparently been there for a long time, but they hid themselves with Dharma Treasures.

    There were two cultivators standing on them.

    One was in a white outfit wielding a folding fan in his hand, while the other was five meters tall, towering like a giant.

    "The Commander of the Hanchi Guards, Li Chunyang, and the Commander of the Manghuang Guards, Lei Shan!"

    Many people shouted.

    These were all powerful beings from the Royal Palace. Li Chunyang and Lei Shan might not be mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators, but their Divine Powers were strong and they were powerhouses in their own right.

    Together with Chi Fenkong who was a fourth-grade Golden Core Cultivator…

    There were four more mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators in front of Chen Fan.

    But this was only the beginning. Afterwards, there were claps of thunder above Old China Town once again, and many cultivators showed up.

    "Perfected Cultivator Xuanbing, the Lord of the Sui State. Lord Wu, the Lord of the Bing State. Zi Tianqiong, the Lord of the Lei State. Xi Menshang, the General of the Navy…"

    Every one of them was an impressive cultivator and there were all Lords of the states or Generals, to boot. The Royal Palace had command over thirty six states and seventeen troops, and their leaders were all Perfected Cultivators.

    "Oh no, there are eight Lords and three Commanders of the guards in total. Oh, to have more than ten Golden Core Overlords gather in this small city! Even the Sect Masters of the Grotto-heavens would die in front of so many Golden Core Cultivators."

    Countless people were terrified.

    "There are so many Golden Core Cultivators. We're dead."

    Lin Wuhua shook her head.

    Yun Yier turned pale.

    The elder of the Xukong Sect also shook his head. "What a shame. He was only a step away from becoming the most powerful cultivator, but he offended the Royal Palace, the real dominator of the Beihan Region."

    The Chinese at the center of the storm were desperate.

    Over ten Golden Core energies came from the sky and spread throughout a hundred mile radius. Many weak Chinese had already fallen on the ground. If Xie Changying had not activated the array in time, millions of people in the city would have been killed.

    "Chen Beixuan, kneel or die!"

    Zhu Jiushan flew to the sky and a thousand-meter Sky-Swallowing Python appeared behind him. His terrifying cold waves froze everything within a hundred mile range.

    Under the body of the white python, Chen Fan and the entire Ancestral Temple looked minuscule.

    In the sky, beasts roared, blade auras were surging, fire phoenixes were letting out cries and black waves appeared. Old China Town seemed to have become Hell and everyone was frightened. Xiao Mang and Xie Changying turned pale; their hearts were plummeting.

    In a blink, Chen Fan was backed into a corner.