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Chapter 845 - The Perfected Cultivator Ceremony

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     845 The Perfected Cultivator CeremonyChen Fan stayed in the Ancestral Temple as a Chinese Perfected Cultivator and the temple also started to prepare for his "Perfected Cultivator Ceremony."

    The Grand Elder, Xie Changying, said, "The Perfected Cultivator Ceremony is intended to celebrate the appearance of a new Perfected Cultivator in the race. All of our friends will be invited and we'll worship our ancestors! Now that you're here, we should tell the world about it, to show them the power of the Chinese."

    A Golden Core Cultivator was like a god.

    All Golden Core Perfected Cultivators were superior in any race or sect. When a sect acquired a new Perfected Cultivator, they would open their gates and organize banquets for people around the world for ten days. Since the Chinese finally had a Golden Core Cultivator, they would be on an equal footing with many large families and no one would despise them anymore.

    "With a Golden Core inside of me, I'll be able to control my destiny!"

    Qin Luo looked at Chen Fan with jealousy.

    All the Chinese were organizing a ceremony for him because he was a Perfected Cultivator. He didn't have to do anything; his only task was to sit there. By then, the elders would give him the supreme authority over the Chinese.

    But Qin Luo knew Chen Fan deserved it. Without him, the Chinese would have been exterminated by the Barbaric Dragons.

    "I will also become a Perfected Cultivator someday."

    Qin Luo clenched his fists.

    The elders were responsible for the matters of the ceremony, while Chen Fan only walked around the Ancestral Temple all day. He had been allowed to enter a few forbidden areas to read the oldest books of the Chinese.

    "Brother, did you really come from the other side of the universe? How far is your planet? Can you still go back?"

    Xiao Mang was like a curious child.

    She followed Chen Fan everywhere. After she knew that Chen Fan came from Earth, she had countless questions for him.

    "Your friends and family must be waiting for you on Planet East. I bet you must be sad for not being able to see them. I was also devastated when I lost my parents. Don't worry, brother. I'll be with you all the time," the girl mumbled as if she was going to take care of Chen Fan in Wang Xiaoyun's stead.


    Chen Fan found it hilarious.

    He then kept reading the book.

    This was the oldest book of the Chinese. Many secrets that only the elders could know were recorded inside.

    "Mountains collapsed, rivers dried and an immortal appeared. The immortal was a hundred thousand feet tall. It stood above the city saying some words, shining over ten thousand miles… After that, we lost our powers and we couldn't feel any Spirit Qi anymore… Three hundred years later, the chains will become loose and a new cultivator will appear."

    This passage was very confusing for many people.

    But for Chen Fan, it had explained why the Chinese couldn't cultivate. Together with Xiao Mang's Heavenly Divine Chains, the answer was even clearer to him.

    "This is truly a Grand Divine Power!" Chen Fan thought.

    That immortal took the cultivation talent of an entire race by saying something and the power of the curse lasted for generations. Even normal Nascent Soul Cultivators might not be aware of such a terrifying Grand Divine Power. Besides, no one would do such a cruel thing if they didn't hate the Chinese.

    Because such a powerful Grand Divine Power must have a terrifying counter-force.

    "Who hated the Chinese so much that he wanted them to suffer like that?" Chen Fan frowned.

    Chen Fan knew many Dharma Spells and secret arts that could do such things.

    The "Bloodline Curse" of the Blood Race was the simplest one. And yet, none of them were easy to use. All kinds of sacrifices were required and some people even had to offer their lives as a tribute.

    "No matter who did that, Lord Beihan should know about it. It might even be a spell cast by the first Lord Beihan. They said he had completed the true form of the Sky-Swallowing Python back then and he was as powerful as a Nascent Soul Cultivator. He should be able to live for thousands of years, but he disappeared when he was a thousand years old. Something must have happened."

    Chen Fan decided to go to the royal city and ask the Zhao family some other time.

    There were several forbidden areas in the Ancestral Temple.

    Some were for storing cultivation arts, some for old books, some for Spirit Pills and Spirit Medicine and some for the Dharma Treasures and weapons of the ancestors. The first few of them were very important, but no one seemed to care about the last one.

    The Dharma Treasures and weapons of the Chinese ancestors had been made for thousands of years.

    The Spirit Treasures that could still be used had already been taken, so almost all of the remaining ones in the forbidden area were useless or broken.

    Chen Fan looked over the weapons and found that they had lost all their Spirit Qi already.

    He stood in the forbidden area, glancing over the rusted weapons. They used to belong to the Perfected Cultivators and the Heavenly Lord of the Chinese, and had been used to fight with countless Overlords. But at the moment, they could only sit in a corner without anyone noticing them.

    "Hm?" Chen Fan suddenly murmured.

    He saw a broken sword. It was originally five feet long, but only half remained there. It was covered with rust and black blood stains.

    Chen Fan was shocked because he sensed a vicious energy in the blood. Even though the energy was weak, it was still lingering after its owner had died many years in the past.

    "This is… the blood of a Nascent Soul Predator? Was this the sword of the Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    He reached out and grabbed the sword. His Essence Core spinned and infused his True Martial True Essence inside.


    As the True Essence was infused, the sword let out a thunderous sound.

    The gathered rust fell off the blade and it sent out beams of light. It was crystal clear and bright. A terrifying energy wave was then shot into the sky, as if a peerless king had been reborn.

    The energy wave was so powerful that even a Golden Core Overlord would fear it. Chen Fan believed that it could level Old China Town when it used its full power.


    Chen Fan quickly retrieved the True Essence.

    The light disappeared and the banging sound stopped. The sword quickly became dim again.

    After a few more trials, Chen Fan finally understood and he was thrilled.

    "This is a Heavenly Treasure, no, it's part of a Heavenly Treasure, to be precise. It should only have the power of a Quasi-Heavenly Treasure. Although it's been split in half and its Artifact Spirit was destroyed, it's still more powerful than any of my weapons, except the Dinghai Pearl."

    Heavenly Treasures!

    They were the most powerful among the Spirit Treasures and were even stronger than the superior-grade Spirit Treasures. Not even a Normal Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord could make one. From the familiar energy and the blood on the sword, Chen Fan knew that it had belonged to Heaven's Equal.

    "Heaven's Equal blocked the Path of Heaven and split the universe back then. Who could destroy his sword and the Artifact Spirit inside? Was it the immortal that placed the curse on the Chinese?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    He knew that if even the weapon broke, there was only a slight chance that Heaven's Equal was alive.

    "Don't worry. I won't let you stay here buried in dust. I'll take you with me and behead the evils behind all this, to honor Heaven's Equal and the ancestors of the Chinese," Chen Fan said as he grabbed the sword tight.

    After losing the Artifact Spirit, it had become a weapon without the power of the Golden Core level and it couldn't even be initiated, but Chen Fan felt the pulses inside the sword as if it was responding.

    Chen Fan then found a few other ancient Spirit Treasures in the forbidden areas.

    The power of those Spirit Treasures was still there but the spells had been lost, so they couldn't be initiated. After Chen Fan refined them again, he gave them to the five most powerful elders of the Ancestral Temple and Qin Luo, who received them with extreme joy.

    After that, the Perfected Cultivator Ceremony finally began.

    On the day of the ceremony, the entire Old China Town was flooded with people. Flying ships covered the sky and countless beams of light landed in the city like raindrops. There wasn't even one Connate Cultivator before, and at the moment, they were everywhere.

    "Mu Feng, the Grand Elder of the Arctic Sect, is here to congratulate Perfected Cultivator Chen. May you be invincible!"

    "The Blood Beast King requested to see Perfected Cultivator Chen."

    "The Deputy Sect Master of the Dahuang Sect in the Shang State congratulates Perfected Cultivator Chen…"

    The ceremony wasn't only attended by those from the large sects, races and cultivation families of the Yan State; there were also people from other states, including the Shang State, the Qing State, the Luo State and the Kun State. The Grotto-heavens also sent their representatives.

    All of them except the royal family of the Beihan Region.

    "There are so many people!"

    Yun Yier looked around.

    "The Beihan Region has only nurtured a Perfected Cultivator once in more than a decade. Besides, this new Perfected Cultivator has already become a mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator before a hundred years of age. Everyone certainly wants to establish a good relationship with him," Lin Wuhua said.

    She was wearing a black gown, looking even colder than she used to be, like an iceberg. Other than Yun Yier and Mu Hongti, no one dared to get close to her.

    Lin Wuhua looked up and saw quite a lot of familiar faces.

    Gu Lingzi, Chu Tianyu, Bai Linger… These were all outstanding figures of the younger generation. Even the Grotto-heavens and the powerful races had to send someone to attend Chen Fan's Perfected Cultivator Ceremony, but they couldn't ask their elders to attend, or it would seem like they cared about it too much. So, they had sent some junior members like Lin Wuhua.

    But Lin Wuhua didn't really want to.

    When the elites were supposed to determine who was the most powerful among all, Chen Beixuan showed up and defeated all of them! And after that, there was Perfected Cultivator Chen who had killed many Golden Core Cultivators, completely taking their spotlight. As the representative of the Xuanming Grotto-heaven, she had to attend the ceremony and watch people worship another person. This made her feel a bit disappointed.

    "Stay close to me. Those who came are all Overlords, and even I wouldn't dare to provoke some of them," Lin Wuhua said.

    The two girls nodded quickly. There were a lot of Connate Cultivators and even a few Golden Core Cultivators present. Any one of them could easily crush the girls with a finger.

    "If Senior Chen was alive, he would be the one standing at the center, being worshipped by billions of people."

    Mu Hongti and Yun Yier were both sad.

    Then, the star of the ceremony finally made an appearance.

    The three girls looked up and saw the door of the Ancestral Temple open. A handsome young man with black hair and black eyes, wearing a black long robe, walked out with dozens of Chinese elders. He was being accompanied by a gorgeous girl in a purple gown.


    They froze immediately when they saw the young man.

    Lin Wuhua looked stunned, as if she had seen a ghost.