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Chapter 842 - An Astonishing Battle

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     842 An Astonishing BattleWhat was invincible?

    Nobody really knew what an invincible Overlord looked like until they saw Chen Fan killing the Blood Beast God that day. They finally realized this was what invincible truly meant!

    "Compared to him, the so-called most powerful cultivators of the Chinese were just a joke."

    Qin Luo smiled wryly.

    Any Perfected Cultivator in the sky could kill him effortlessly, but Chen Fan treated them like ants and had actually killed Perfected Cultivators as if he were only slaughtering chickens. Qin Luo and everyone else were in awe of such a power.

    Countless Chinese people cheered again.

    "He's incredible!"

    Butcher Zhang jumped.

    "Oh God, Xiao Fan is too powerful. No, we can't call him Xiao Fan anymore. We should call him Perfected Cultivator Chen. I can't believe I have the honor to be his neighbor!" Auntie Liu cracked a beaming smile.

    The elders of the Chinese also burst into laughter and Xiao Mang heaved a sigh of relief.

    "Brother, I didn't know you were so powerful!"

    The girl looked at the sky.

    She thought she knew her lazy brother well after a few months together, but looking at the invincible Chen Fan right then, she realized that she didn't really know much about him.

    On the contrary, many warriors of the Barbaric Dragons and countless Overlords of the Yan State who came to watch the battle were pale and trembling.

    "It's unbelievable. When did the Chinese nurture such an Overlord? I had never heard about this."

    Many people were confused.

    Only a small number of people had heard about it and they glanced over to Chen Fan. Xie Changying even thought that Chen Fan looked like a man in the legends.

    "Is it really him?"

    Xie Changying's eyes popped out.

    No matter what people on the ground thought…

    The battle was still continuing in the sky. The power of the True Martial Divine Fist startled all the other Perfected Cultivators. The Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect and Sword Master Lietian were both terrified.

    "My friend, please stop and listen to me. It's just a misunderstanding."

    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect became more respectful again.

    "Right, Perfected Cultivator Chen. We're all Perfected Cultivators of the Yan State. Let's talk." Sword Master Lietian nodded and escaped at the same time.

    "I'm not really close to the Blood Beast God and the Barbaric Dragon God. The North Sea Monsters have nothing to do with the aliens on the land," the Lord of the North Sea Monsters yelled.

    "I told you, whoever stops me dies!"

    Chen Fan didn't hold back.

    Every time he threw a punch, a powerful golden Blood Qi filled the entire sky and went towards the four Perfected Cultivators. The attacks Chen Fan made with his True Martial Essence Core and phenomenal-success Divine Body were almost unstoppable.


    The territory of Exalted Cultivator Lingkong was torn again.

    Even though he had sneaked away with a Shift Art.

    His territory was being destroyed continuously. His power became weaker and there were more wounds on him. In comparison, Chen Fan was getting stronger. His True Martial Essence Core was spinning so fast that it let out a thunderous sound. He was enveloped in golden light and his body was crystal clear.

    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect yelled, "Perfected Cultivator Chen, do you want to kill us all? We're all from the large sects of the Yan State and I'm not the only Golden Core Cultivator in the Arctic Sect!"

    Sword Master Lietian even shouted at Chi Fenkong, "My Lord, you're still not going to help us?"

    The four Golden Core Cultivators didn't run away because they had Chi Fenkong there. Chi Fenkong was a mid-grade Golden Core Cultivator. Even though he only had a fourth-grade Golden Core, he was much more powerful than other cultivators in the Yan State. Chen Fan would never be truly invincible as long as Chi Fenkong was present.

    Chi Fenkong couldn't stand still anymore.

    He swayed his long sleeve and said politely, "Perfected Cultivator Chen, they indeed did something wrong this time, but just punishing them will be enough. I won't be able to help you if the royal family is angered. It wouldn't be good news for you and your people."

    Even Chi Fenkong was scared of Chen Fan's power. This was the first time he had been so gentle. No one had seen him talk to anyone like that and they were extremely surprised.

    "This is strength!"

    Xie Changying sighed.

    The Chinese were weak before, which was why Chi Fenkong had used them as pawns. Since Chen Fan appeared and killed two Golden Core Cultivators in quick succession, even Chi Fenkong had to respect him as an Overlord of the same level.

    Everyone thought Chen Fan would spare Chi Fenkong's life.

    Instead, Chen Fan grunted and swayed his body. The wheel appeared again and his hand was surrounded by a golden aura. He smashed Sword Master Lietian and his Spirit Treasure into little bits.


    Sword Master Lietian couldn't even say a word.

    His Golden Core Body immediately shattered and the Spirit Treasure in his hand, which was called the "Sky-Splitting Sword," was split in half. In the end, his entire Divine Soul and the Golden Core inside his body were crushed.

    The third Perfected Cultivator died!

    This time, even the Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect felt sad and lonely. Sword Master Lietian had lived for eight centuries. He had dominated dozens of cities and billions of people worshipped him. And yet, such a peerless Overlord was killed just like that. How could he not be worried?

    "How dare you!"

    Chi Fenkong was enraged.

    He had already talked to Chen Fan quite respectfully, but Chen Fan kept on killing. This made Chi Fenkong really angry.

    But this was only the beginning

    After a second, Chen Fan used his hand as a sword and pulled out a golden Divine Sword made with countless golden talisman inscriptions. He then slashed the Lord of the North Sea Monsters into two pieces.

    The body of the Lord of the North Sea Monsters was a few hundred meters tall and it had eight legs like an octopus.

    However, the "True Martial's Dharmic Blade" broke its skin, which could withstand a nuclear bomb explosion and the attacks of a Spirit Treasure. A golden light went through its core and crushed its Divine Soul as well. The fourth Perfected Cultivator had died.

    Then, Chen Fan cracked the air and split Exalted Cultivator Lingkong in half.

    In the end, he turned into a giant foot and stomped the Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect down to the ground.

    No matter how the Ancestral Patriarch threatened, begged or cursed, he didn't care at all and stepped down hard.


    A mountain a thousand feet outside Old China Town was leveled and Chen Fan's foot formed a giant pit on the ground. There seemed to be an earthquake that shook a thousand-mile area. When Chen Fan lifted his foot, the Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect had been smashed together with his Divine Soul; only his Golden Core was left.


    Everyone went silent after witnessing such an onslaught.

    The Barbaric Dragon God had shown up for just an hour and Chen Fan had killed six Golden Core Cultivators already. The most powerful Overlords of the entire Yan State had almost been completely annihilated. Chen Fan had suppressed a state all by himself!

    Those who witnessed this were terrified.

    Chi Fenkong clenched his fists and said, "Very well."

    His eyebrows were red, his eyes were burning and his long hair stood on end. He was extremely furious.

    Chen Fan had killed Sword Master Lietian, the Lord of the North Sea Monsters, Exalted Cultivator Lingkong and the Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect in front of him, which seemed like four slaps on his face. Chi Fenkong felt stripped of all his dignity as the Lord of the state.


    Chi Fenkong took a step forward and the nine firebirds around him let out cries in unison.

    Then, people finally realized those weren't firebirds, but nine phoenixes. Each one of them looked realistic and fierce.

    "Why? Do you want to fight?"

    Chen Fan looked down from the sky with hands behind his back.

    People would have thought he had lost his mind if he had said that earlier in the day, but then, even the most optimistic onlookers had to admit that Chen Fan was powerful enough to fight with Chi Fenkong.

    Everyone held their breath.

    On one side, there was Chi Fenkong, the most powerful Overlord in the Yan State, and on the other, Chen Fan the invincible Perfected Cultivator. The battle between them would surely be earth-shattering.

    Chi Fenkong stood there, clenching his fists tightly and his eyes were glittering, but he turned around and left in the end.

    "You'll get a taste of your own medicine someday. I won't hold back next time I see you!"

    Everyone watched Chi Fenkong turn into a burst of fire and shoot away. They finally reacted after he left. The Lord of the Yan State had chosen to retreat without a fight?

    The Chinese were first shocked, then they started to cheer.

    Their cheering sounds were earth-shattering and it was spread for a few hundred miles. Countless warriors of the Barbaric Dragons looked gloomy and many onlookers were terrified.

    "We won! Grand Elder, we won!"

    Many seniors of the Ancestral Temple cried tears of joy.

    "Yes, we won!" Xie Changying repeated slowly.

    His hands shook and he looked up with tears covering his face. "We… finally won!"

    Right when Chen Fan turned around, a girl in a purple gown ran into his arms. Then, the excited Chinese Overlords came up around them and hugged their hero, who they had been waiting for thousands of years!

    That day was a day that belonged to the Chinese!

    They had been struggling for thousands of years and the moment they would stun the world had finally come.

    In front of the water mirror.

    The senior officials of the Yan State government were speechless. They felt especially desperate when they saw Chi Fenkong leave.

    "I guess nobody in the Yan State will dare to compete with the Chinese from now on," someone said after a while.

    The room was in silence. Everyone, including Xu Hao the Young Lord, was pale and speechless.

    October 16th, 2017, the 129500th year of Planet Tianhuang.

    Chen Fan killed six Perfected Cultivators outside Old China Town and scared Chi Fenkong away, the Lord of Yan State, after an astonishing battle!

    Once the news was spread, the thirty six states of the Beihan Region were stunned!