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Chapter 841 - Invincible!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     841 Invincible!How powerful were five Perfected Cultivators?

    There were about eight Perfected Cultivators in the entire Yan State, including Chi Fenkong and the hidden Golden Core Cultivators; more than half of them were present at the moment. Each of them was the leader of a sect or a race. They were worshipped by billions of people and their lives could span for a thousand years.

    The Barbaric Dragons had already backed the Chinese to a corner. Since five Perfected Cultivators were working together, almost nobody thought Chen Fan had a chance of winning.

    "Run!" Countless Chinese yelled.

    Auntie Liu and the others were anxious, while Xiao Mang had already forgotten everything; she clenched her fists so tightly that her knuckles had already turned white. At that moment, everyone was staring at the sky, waiting to see what would happen.


    The bright golden Fist Qi clashed with the Essence Magnet Divine Light, the Sword Qi and other Dharma Spells, creating a banging sound. There seemed to be a thousand nuclear explosions in the world; an enormous and colorful mushroom cloud rose from the ground.

    If the Grand Elder hadn't used the ancestral artifact to turn on the hidden array of Old China Town…

    The impact of the attack could have levelled the entire Old China Town to the ground. It fiercely fell from the sky, immediately tearing the array open.


    Dozens of Chinese elders spurted out blood.

    A Connate Cultivator was as weak as an ant when it came to clashing against energy of the Golden Core Level.

    "What's the outcome?"

    Qin Luo and the others peeled their eyes and looked at the sky.

    "The Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect must have won," many senior officials of the government said.

    Even Chi Fenkong would have been terrified if five Perfected Cultivators worked together against him. Only a mid-stage Golden Core Overlord could go head to head with them.

    And yet, the result was out of everyone's expectation.


    Five people shot out from the mushroom cloud. The Perfected Cultivators—including Sword Master Lietian and the Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect—fell back after the attack. They created a thunderous sound every time they took a step back.

    In the end, only Chen Fan was left standing in the sky.

    He held the soul of the Barbaric Dragon God in a fiery hand while clenching his other fist. The wheel behind him was shining like the sun and his long hair fluttered in the wind, which made him look invincible.

    "How is that possible?"

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    Chen Fan defeated five Perfected Cultivators all by himself?

    Even Chi Fenkong's eyes popped out. Although he had seen Chen Fan kill the Barbaric Dragon God, he was still astonished by Chen Fan's display of power.

    "Only the leaders of the eight powerful families and the Top Ten are mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators. How could such a young Chinese be so strong?"

    Chi Fenkong couldn't believe it.

    After entering the Golden Core Level, it was a hundred times harder to reach the next stage.

    He had cultivated for nine centuries, but he was still an early-stage Golden Core Cultivator and was nowhere near the mid-stage. He had defeated cultivators of the same level and suppressed the Yan State, only relying on the power of his mid-grade Golden Core.

    "Damn it!"

    The five Perfected Cultivators turned pale.

    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect looked at the Divine Soul of the Barbaric Dragon God, which was crying painfully; it had already been halfway consumed by the flames. He said, "If you don't listen to us, we'll not show you mercy."

    "Let me put you back on the right path today," Sword Master Lietian shouted as he pulled out his sword.

    The Sect Master of the North Sea Monsters, Exalted Cultivator Lingkong and the Blood Beast God showed their powers.

    Many territories had been established, some giant Dharma Forms appeared in the sky and a lot of Spirit Treasures were initiated. The Golden Core Perfected Cultivators were finally exerting themselves.

    Looking from the ground…

    A strange sight appeared in the sky. There were wonders, including a thousand-foot Blade Qi, an aurora and a blood river, and each of them was like an incredible miracle.

    "Is this the power of a Golden Core Cultivator? If I were that powerful, I'd be able to help brother out, instead of just hiding behind him."

    The girl looked up with a hint of admiration in her eyes and clenched her fists.

    On the other hand, the elders of the Chinese were looking at the battle with serious faces.

    The five Perfected Cultivators were only planning to demoralize Chen Fan, but then opted to get rid of him outside of Old China Town after seeing how powerful he was.


    Chen Fan squeezed his hand expressionlessly and the Divine Soul of the Barbaric Dragon God exploded.


    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect was furious.

    He flicked his sleeves and a colorful aurora turned into a beam of light that rushed towards Chen Fan. The Arctic Sect was known for the control of the Essence Magnet Energy. The "Essence Magnet Divine Light" was the trump card of their Ancestral Patriarch.

    "Boom, boom!"

    There were sounds of explosions in the sky.

    Looking closely, the colorful aurora was made of countless tiny Essence Magnet Needles. They were as thin as hairs, but they were indestructible and could penetrate metal Spirit Artifacts. Even a Golden Core Body would be turned into a hive if it was hit by so many of them.

    "Show off."

    Chen Fan snickered.

    He reached out and the Essence Magnet Energy flew to his palm. Then, Chen Fan flicked gently.

    The Essence Magnet Divine Light formed a ray of gray light and was shot back to the Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect.

    "Oh no!" the Ancestral Patriarch yelled.

    He immediately crushed a Dharma Artifact on his body and flashed a hundred feet away. When he turned around, he saw that the ray of light created a massive hole at the place where he originally was and even the dimension was shattered.

    "Is that the power of the Void Essence Magnet?"

    The Ancestral Patriarch gasped.

    In the legends, not even a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator would dare to touch a Void Essence Magnet, or his Divine Body would be torn to pieces. The other Perfected Cultivators also looked stunned. They had to be extra careful when dealing with an Overlord like Chen Fan.

    "Take my attack."

    Sword Master Lietian pulled out his sword and the air was filled with Sword Qi.

    The air cracked and a blade aura turned into a thunderbolt that struck at Chen Fan. The Nine Heaven Sword Sect was famous for their sword arts. Sword Master Lietian even let out his Dharma Form. An enormous shadow then merged with the blade aura, making it brighter.


    Chen Fan threw a punch and the Sword Qi was shattered.

    Then, before the others attacked, Chen Fan cracked the sky and flashed to appear right next to Exalted Cultivator Lingkong, just like a ghost.

    "He crushed the air?"

    After witnessing such a move, Exalted Cultivator Lingkong was terrified.

    That was a legendary Grand Divine Power which only peak-stage Golden Core Perfected Cultivators and Nascent Soul Heavenly Lords knew. Not even the Sect Masters of the six Grotto-heavens were capable of that. When a cultivator had power of such magnitude, he would be unstoppable; nobody would be able to defeat him.


    Exalted Cultivator Lingkong wanted to escape.

    But it was too late. Chen Fan's Fist Qi had already torn his territory apart. If Exalted Cultivator Lingkong's Dharma Form hadn't taken his place, which was a True God, he would have already died.

    Even so, he was still drenched in sweat and was completely stunned.

    This was only the beginning.

    Chen Fan flashed around and attacked the other Perfected Cultivators.

    "Crack, crack."

    In the sky.

    There were countless shadows of Chen Fan.

    He seemed to be everywhere. In a second, he was still a thousand feet away, and in the next, he was right in front of you. Even the top assassins had to show him respect.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    There were explosions everywhere.

    One Perfected Cultivator spurted out blood during every clash.

    Chen Fan's phenomenal-success Divine Body and the power of the True Martial Essence Core were on par with the might of a mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator.

    Those normal Perfected Cultivators were no match for him. They were all injured after a few attacks. The Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect was like a drowned mouse and his hair was loose. The sword of Sword Master Lietian cracked and he fell back. Chen Fan even cut off one claw of the Sect Master of the North Sea Monsters.

    In the end, Chen Fan was raging.

    He was enveloped by golden fire like the sun shining in the sky. Then, he punched the Blood Beast God.

    "True Martial Divine Fist!"

    That peerless art finally reappeared.

    The air cracked, the sun and the moon reversed their paths and the world seemed to have collapsed.

    "Damn it! Get out of my way!"

    "Blood God Territory!" the Blood Beast God yelled.

    It was a hundred-meter Blood Fiend drenched in blood like a devil that had climbed out of Hell. Since its territory had been activated, a thousand feet around it turned into a sea of blood.

    Facing such an attack, the Blood Beast God let out his Dharma Form, which was a thousand-meter Blood Fiend that covered the sky.

    But it was useless.


    Chen Fan used the True Martial Divine Fist and the golden wheel behind him shone brighter. The Blood Qi in his phenomenal-success Divine Body was gathered on his fist, turning into a fist aura that was shot across the world.

    Everyone's eyes were wide open.

    They saw a beam of golden light flashing in the sky and no one could keep up with it.

    The Blood Beast God suddenly froze and its body shook slightly. It exploded from the inside like a nuclear bomb and even its territory fell apart.

    The body of the Blood Beast God was blown to pieces.

    In the end, a terrifying Fist Qi went into its Divine Core and crushed it.


    The Blood Beast God let out a cry, and his Divine Soul, body and Divine Core were completely destroyed. He completely disappeared from the world.

    The Blood Beast God had died!

    At that moment, everyone present became silent. The four Perfected Cultivators were terrified and even Chi Fenkong's face had turned pale.