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Chapter 840 - Whoever Stops Me Dies

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 840 Whoever Stops Me Dies

    A beam of Essence Magnet Divine Light came with the voice.

    It landed on Chen Fan's hand, hoping to take the Divine Core of the Barbaric Dragon God from him, but Chen Fan crushed it with a finger.

    "Who's that?"

    Everyone looked up in shock.

    A ray of white light flew from afar and a white-haired elder in a white outfit appeared. His entire body, including his eyebrows, was white. His long sleeves fluttered in the wind and his energy was as strong as that of the Barbaric Dragon God. He was apparently a Perfected Cultivator as well.

    "The Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect?"

    Xie Changying was startled.

    Many elders of the Ancestral Temple were also dumbfounded.

    They certainly recognized the white-haired elder. He was the Golden Core Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect, who the Chinese had been relying on! However, the Ancestral Patriarch was looking at Chen Fan with a smirk.

    "Stop now, my friend. Even if the Barbaric Dragon God did something wrong, it doesn't deserve to die. Show some mercy. I can promise you the Barbaric Dragons will leave right away when they see the Chinese in the future and they'll offer you Spirit Stones and Spirit Medicines to compensate for your loss," said the Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect.

    "That's right, we're willing to make it up for you," the Divine Soul of the Barbaric Dragon God also yelled.

    It was currently hiding inside its Divine Core. Although it knew that the Divine Core was tough and it couldn't be killed so easily, the feeling of being controlled was too overwhelming. Besides, if Chen Fan allowed it to live and locked it somewhere for thousands of years, the feeling would be much worse than actually dying.

    "Make it up for me?"

    Chen Fan snickered and looked at the Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect with disdain.

    "Where were you when the Barbaric Dragons slaughtered my people? Where were you when the troops of the Barbaric Dragons invaded Old China Town? Where were you when the Barbaric Dragon God was about to catch Xiao Mang? The Chinese had been offering tributes to the Arctic Sect for thousands of years. You weren't here during the critical moments and now you came to negotiate? Do you think I'm a fool?"

    Chen Fan had sensed the Ancestral Patriarch since the beginning.

    However, he never showed up when the Barbaric Dragon God was running wild and only made an appearance after it died. How would Chen Fan believe in such a person?

    "Crack, crack."

    Chen Fan clenched his fist.

    It was surrounded by a golden aura and there was a terrifying energy of his Divine Body. His hand looked like it was made with gold, like a small sun. In comparison, the black Divine Core seemed to be a bit overwhelmed inside the golden aura. Many tiny cracks appeared on its surface and the Divine Soul of the Barbaric Dragon God screamed.

    "My friend, do you really want to do that?"

    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect narrowed his eyes.

    "Whoever stops me dies!" Chen Fan said firmly.


    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect heaved a sigh.

    He swayed his hand and a river appeared behind him above Old China Town.

    Looking closely, it wasn't a river, but an aurora. The colorful aurora had been formed by pure Essence Magnet Energy, which had been collected by the Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect a hundred thousand feet above the North Sea. It could destroy people's bodies and souls.

    "You want to fight with me?"

    Chen Fan smiled.

    Even though the Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect was powerful, he was only an early-stage Golden Core Cultivator. When it came to facing Perfected Cultivators who had only an inferior-grade Golden Core, Chen Fan could kill them effortlessly.

    "I know I can't stop you by myself. Luckily, I have quite a lot of friends who have compassion like I do."

    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect laughed.


    Several beams of light were shot from all directions and some fierce Overlords appeared. Some of them were surrounded by red fire, some by blood waves and some looked cold. Each of their energies were as powerful as that of the Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect and there were six of them.

    "The God of the Blood Beasts."

    "Exalted Cultivator Lingkong of the Lingtian Sect."

    "Sword Master Lietian, the Sect Master of the Nine Heaven Sword Sect."

    "The Sect Master of the North Sea Monsters…"

    Xie Changying looked up and named all those Overlords one by one. They were the most powerful Overlords in the Yan State and none of them had shown up in the past century, but almost all the Perfected Cultivators had gathered that day.

    Xie Changying's entire body began to tremble when he saw the last elder, a red headed cultivator surrounded by nine fire birds.

    "Chi Fenkong, Lord of the Yan State!"

    That elder was apparently Chi Fenkong, who had rushed over from the government of the Yan State.

    All the people present in Old China Town were out of breath because of the Overlords making such a grand appearance. All of them remained silent; none of them dared to say a word. The Barbaric Dragon God had single handedly suppressed the Chinese for thousands of years and more Perfected Cultivators had shown up? Even the elders of the Ancestral Temple turned pale.

    "What do they mean? Aren't the Arctic Sect and the government of the Yan State our allies? The Arctic Sect is an Exalted Sect. Why are they stopping my brother?" Xiao Mang was angry and confused.

    "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down… We are that nail right now." Xie Changying smiled wryly.

    The other elders went silent.

    They knew that the powerful forces of the Yan State supported the Barbaric Dragon God this time, so that the Chinese would be weakened. However, Chen Fan had suddenly shown up out of everyone's expectation.

    Knowing that the Barbaric Dragon God was in danger, those hidden masters had to come and help.

    "Are you going to stop me too?"

    Chen Fan looked up calmly.

    "My friend, listen to me. The Barbaric Dragon God has cultivated for thousands of years and that is no easy feat. Please spare its life. As for compensation, we can talk about it afterwards," Exalted Cultivator Lingkong said.

    "We're all Perfected Cultivators of the Yan State. Why should we fight with one another?" Sword Master Lietian nodded.

    "This is for your own good!" The Blood Beast God said.

    "You might not know that the blood of the Barbaric Dragon God came from the Red Dragons, the most powerful race of the Top Ten in the Beihan Region. If they know that you killed the Barbaric Dragon God, Lord Red Dragon will be upset," the Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect said as if he just wanted to help Chen Fan.

    Everyone went silent.

    The Red Dragons were the top race of the Beihan Region. They didn't even give in to the royal family.

    The blood of their Overlords was extremely strong and they had many Golden Core Cultivators. If they had a larger population, they would have become the royal family of the Beihan Region, instead of the Zhao family. Besides, Lord Red Dragon was known as one of the ten most powerful Overlords of the region, second only to Lord Beihan and the Sword King. Not even the Sect Masters of the six Grotto-heavens would dare to provoke him.

    Even Xie Changying was stunned.

    The elders of the Ancestral Temple looked at one another. If they were close to Chen Fan, they would have tried to convince him.

    The Barbaric Dragon God said quickly, "Yeah, my mother is the sister of Lord Red Dragon. If you kill me, the Red Dragons will never let you get away with it. If Lord Red Dragon is angered, all your people will have to die!"

    Chi Fenkong flicked his sleeves and said, "Let the Barbaric Dragon God go and all this will be over. I promise you that the Barbaric Dragons will never touch the Chinese again."

    What he said was the final word.

    The Golden Core Cultivators around him nodded in agreement.

    The alien races and sects weren't the most powerful and superior in the entire Yan State, but the government. As the Lord of the state, Chi Fenkong was the strongest among everyone else.

    Everyone immediately looked at Chen Fan, waiting for his decision.

    "What if I don't?"

    Chen Fan looked up.

    "You're interrupting the order of the Yan State and challenging all the Overlords! As the Lord of the state, I have the responsibility to keep the stability in the entire Yan State. I'll punish whoever defies!" Chi Fenkong replied.

    The Blood Beast God and the others besieged Chen Fan immediately.

    They didn't have to kill him, but they had to cut him down to size and save the Barbaric Dragon God. Otherwise, the Chinese would be out of control, which was the last thing the powerful forces wanted.

    Facing five Perfected Cultivators.

    The entire Old China Town was silent. All the elders turned pale and Qin Luo was terrified.

    "Perfected Cultivator, just let it go!" Xiao Mang said.

    "Yes, Perfected Cultivator. Let the Barbaric Dragon God go. It's not worth it to risk your life for this," the other elders also said.


    Even Xiao Mang yelled.

    Chen Fan turned around and saw Xiao Mang's worried look. He then glanced around. Everyone was looking at him anxiously. They hoped that Chen Fan could stay alive. He had become the backbone of the Chinese. Only with him would they be able to stand on top of the Yan State.

    Chen Fan chuckled and said, "Xiao Mang, there are a lot of despicable people in the world. They control you claiming that it's for your own good. When you encounter these people, just kick their a**es. Don't listen to what they say, because they're only a bunch of losers."

    The five Perfected Cultivators knew Chen Fan was mocking them. Chi Fenkong's eyes even had a glint of displeasure.

    Then, they became enraged the next instant.

    Chen Fan's hand let out beams of golden light and he squeezed.


    The tough Divine Core that could withstand attacks of a Spirit Treasure was shattered like a glass ball. The Divine Soul of the Barbaric Dragon God screamed painfully and was then burnt by golden fire; it started to disappear.

    "What are you doing? Stop!" the Ancestral Patriarch of the Arctic Sect shouted.

    Many Perfected Cultivators immediately attacked Chen Fan, trying to save the Barbaric Dragon God.

    Five astonishing energies in the sky made countless warriors of the Barbaric Dragons kneel and millions of Chinese people were frightened.

    Chen Fan looked at the five Perfected Cultivators in the sky and said, "I told you, whoever stops me dies!"

    Then, he grabbed the Divine Soul of the Barbaric Dragon God with one hand and threw a punch with the other. A giant golden wheel ten feet tall appeared behind him. His entire body turned into a beam of golden light and shot up higher in the sky, shining over the world.

    The fist aura was earth-shattering!