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Chapter 839 - Please Stop!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     839 Please Stop!"How is that possible?"

    Lord Barbaric Dragon looked up and couldn't believe what it saw.

    That was an invincible Ancestral God. The Barbaric Dragon God was a top Overlord in the Yan State and the Beihan Region. Other than cultivators from the six Grotto-heavens and the ten powerful races, the rest of the Golden Core Cultivators could only defeat it at most, but killing it was completely impossible.

    In fact, not only Lord Barbaric Dragon, everyone else was dumbfounded. Qin Luo couldn't even say a word. Everything that happened before them was totally different from what they had expected.

    Wasn't the Barbaric Dragon God going to stomp Chen Fan to death?

    Why was it Chen Fan the one who killed the thousand-meter Barbaric Dragon God?

    "Honey, is that Xiao Fan?" Auntie Liu asked with hesitation.

    "No, you must have seen the wrong person. If Xiao Fan really defeated that monster, we'll be saved!"

    Butcher Zhang gave a beaming smile.

    Millions of Chinese people were silent at first. Then, the entire Old China Town was full of cheering sounds. Countless people threw everything around them into the air to express their excitement and the seniors of the Ancestral Temple also cried tears of joy.

    The Chinese had waited for this day for so long! In the last thousands of years, they had been struggling in the dark. They had yielded to the Arctic Sect and the government of the Yan State, while resisting the attacks of the Barbaric Dragons, the Blood Beasts and the monsters in the North Sea. That day was the day they had been dreaming of!

    "We finally have a Perfected Cultivator!" Xie Changying mumbled.

    A Perfected Cultivator!

    A race must have a Perfected Cultivator or a True God to be able to survive in the Beihan Region, or their people would be bullied and treated as servants by countless sects and the government. With a Perfected Cultivator, the other sects and races would think twice before offending them.

    A Perfected Cultivator was unstoppable!

    Any Overlord would have to pay a heavy price in order to kill a Golden Core Perfected Cultivator. Unless they were much more powerful, otherwise a Perfected Cultivator would be too difficult to kill. Besides, if the Golden Core of a Perfected Cultivator exploded, the energy released would surpass the yield of a billion-ton nuclear weapon.

    It didn't matter if Chen Fan was a Perfected Cultivator or not. His punch had cracked the Dharma Form of the Barbaric Dragon God and this was the power of a Perfected Cultivator.


    The Dharma Form shattered and showed the true form of the injured Barbaric Dragon God.

    It was still alive!

    But that was normal. All Golden Core Overlords were hard to kill. Their bodies weren't their most important assets. Only when their Golden Core was shattered and their Divine Soul was destroyed would they be completely dead. However, the Barbaric Dragon God was in an extremely bad condition. Its Divine Body had started to crack and countless scales fell off. There were wounds like spider webs everywhere.

    Chen Fan's Fist Qi was too terrifying.

    He had punched with his True Martial Essence Core, which was powerful enough to defeat a mid-stage Golden Core Overlord. Even though the Barbaric Dragon God was strong, it was only an early-stage Golden Core Cultivator, and it was already lucky that its Divine Soul and Divine Core had survived.

    But its body had been crushed by Chen Fan's Fist Qi and it was only hanging on with its power, like gluing a broken vase back together.

    "You're not dead."

    Chen Fan smiled.


    Chen Fan walked in the sky and created many golden ripples. He was surrounded by fire, staring at the Barbaric Dragon God.

    "How about we stop here? It was my fault this time. We'll leave the region right away," the Barbaric Dragon God said.

    It lowered its head in front of everyone.

    It had completely lost its confidence and pride after Chen Fan's punch! Even if it thought it still had a trump card, it didn't want to fight with Chen Fan anymore.

    "My territory is broken and my Divine Body is cracked. I need at least a century to piece my body back together. Revenge can wait."

    The Barbaric Dragon God lowered its head.


    Chen Fan didn't stop. He took another step.

    "Do you really want to fight until we both die? You have to know that I can drag you down to Hell with me. If you die, the Chinese will be left unprotected," the Barbaric Dragon God said.

    "You think you can kill me?"

    Chen Fan sneered and stretched out his hand.

    A giant golden hand appeared in the sky and smacked down as if it were going to crush everything. Some powerful golden Blood Qi filled the air, which made countless warriors of the Barbaric Dragons tremble.


    The Barbaric Dragon God also tried to attack.

    And yet, its body was immediately smashed by Chen Fan's hand. Many golden bones, blood and scales were dispersed in all directions.


    The Barbaric Dragon God let out a cry.

    Its Divine Soul then turned into a beam of black light and hid among the warriors of the Barbaric Dragons.

    "Don't let it escape!" Xie Changying shouted.

    Without crushing the Divine Core, a Golden Core Overlord wouldn't die completely. When the Barbaric Dragon God formed its Divine Body and returned after a century, the Chinese would have to face another crisis.

    After all, there was no way they could stop them from coming back.

    Chen Fan couldn't stay in the Chinese area forever. The Barbaric Dragon God could slaughter everyone in a village this day and destroy a city the next day. The Chinese would suffer a great blow in the next few years. This was also the reason why the large races were unwilling to declare war against one another.

    "You can't run away!"

    Chen Fan smiled.

    He swayed his body and rushed into the army of the Barbaric Dragons like a chariot. Lord Barbaric Dragon shouted and asked their warriors to protect their Ancestral God. Many of them ran towards Chen Fan as if death was nothing to them, and dozens of Connate Cultivators were also sacrificed.

    They could die, but they couldn't let Chen Fan have the Barbaric Dragon God.

    Otherwise, all the Barbaric Dragons would be exterminated!


    Chen Fan was surrounded by fire like the sun. All the Barbaric Dragon warriors around him, including the Connate Overlords, were killed by his terrifying Fist Qi.

    In a blink…

    Chen Fan had killed thousands of Barbaric Dragon warriors and created a long path of blood. He even burned them to ashes and smacked Lord Barbaric Dragon to death.

    In the end, Chen Fan grabbed the Divine Soul of the Barbaric Dragon God in his hand. He ignored its cries and his hand let out countless beams of light. While he was about to crush the Divine Soul with his True Martial Divine Power…

    There was a sudden yell.

    "Please stop!"