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Chapter 838 - Like a God

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     838 Like a God"Have you asked me before taking her?"

    The girl in a purple gown opened her eyes and saw a black haired young man in a black outfit standing in front of her.

    The young man pointed with his finger and blocked the giant claw. He was so small compared to the claw, but was as large as the fiend in Xiao Mang's eyes.

    It was Chen Fan.

    "Brother…" Xiao Mang said with a trembling voice. She couldn't believe this.

    At her most desperate hour, helpless and in great danger, nobody in the entire Ancestral Temple had dared to step forward and billions of people were at a loss for words. In the end, Chen Fan, who had the lowest level, was the one who protected her.

    Not only Xiao Mang…

    Qin Luo and the Grand Elder's eyes also popped out, as if they had seen a ghost.

    "Wasn't he just an Ethereal Enlightenment Cultivator? How daring of him, to offend the Barbaric Dragon God. Is he actually a hidden master?"

    Qin Luo was confused.

    The Grand Elder sized up Chen Fan and something seemed to have come to mind.

    "Who are you?" the Barbaric Dragon God asked.

    Although it hadn't used any of its Dharma Power, his bodily energy could crush a mountain, crack the earth and destroy half a city. And yet, Chen Fan had blocked such a powerful attack. How could the Barbaric Dragon God not be surprised?

    Countless Chinese, including the seniors of the Ancestral Temple, were confused.

    Chen Fan looked so unfamiliar to them. He didn't seem like any of the Connate Overlords of the Chinese, and no one had ever seen someone who was more powerful than Qin Luo.

    "My name's Chen Fan, Xiao Mang's brother," Chen Fan said.

    Even while facing a hundred-meter god, Chen Fan wasn't scared in the slightest.

    "Chen Fan? I've heard of you! You're not a Golden Core Cultivator. How dare you stop me? Let me turn you into trash like I did with Qin Luo!" the Barbaric Dragon God said coldly.

    It noticed that Chen Fan was only a peak-stage Connate Cultivator. He might have powerful True Essence and a tough body, but he wasn't a Golden Core Perfected Cultivator after all.

    Qin Luo and the others also knew about this and they were terrified.

    "Go to hell!"

    The Barbaric Dragon God stretched out its claw again.

    Its claw had black scales and was as large as a mansion. It was shining bright and its sharp nails a few feet long tore the air apart, creating five long white marks. The most terrifying was that the sky was full of black energy waves once the Barbaric Dragon God attacked.

    This time, it used its invincible True God power.

    Everyone saw that the sky had suddenly become dark and the endless black waves flooded the world. Before the claw of the Barbaric Dragon God arrived, the ground had cracked and countless houses were shattered. Thousands of people died in an instant.

    A True God was too powerful!


    Chen Fan didn't step back.

    He used his hand as a sword and made a pulling motion in the air. Crackling sounds reverberated in the sky and an azure blade aura moved before the black waves. The blade aura split the black waves in half and cracked the clouds, making a long white mark that extended through a thousand meters.

    "He's alive?"

    Everyone thought Chen Fan would at least be seriously injured, but he had survived, even having the upper hand.

    "When did we get such an Overlord?"

    Countless people wondered.

    "His True Essence is terrifying. It's as powerful as that of a Golden Core Cultivator." Qin Luo widened his eyes.

    "Unfortunately, he's still not a Golden Core Cultivator after all. Otherwise, he'd be able to turn the tides." Xie Changying shook his head.

    There was a huge difference between a Golden Core Cultivator and a Connate Cultivator.

    This was something that no cultivation art, Divine Power or Dharma Treasure could compensate. It was a qualitative difference, like metals and wood. Other than the son of God in the legends, no one had ever heard that a Connate Cultivator could defeat a Golden Core Cultivator.


    The Barbaric Dragon God chuckled.

    As a True God and the Ancestral God of a race, it still couldn't finish Chen Fan after two attacks. It could easily imagine how its enemies were jeering at it right then.

    "Kid, let me show you what a True God is capable of."

    The Barbaric Dragon God smirked.


    A black curtain suddenly appeared under its feet.

    The black curtain covered a thousand feet range and countless souls of the Barbaric Dragons were howling inside. The air had been filled with a powerful dark energy. Inside the territory, the Barbaric Dragon God grew to a thousand meters large and the sky was full of energy waves that were a few times more powerful than the ones before. People in the entire Old China Town were trembling underneath.

    A territory!

    A Dharma Form!

    Those were the two things a Golden Core Overlord used to crush all the Connate Cultivators.

    The body or True Essence of some peak-stage Connate Cultivators could be as powerful as those of a Golden Core Cultivator, but once the Golden Core Cultivator took control of the world and established his territory, everything in a thousand feet radius would be under his control. Any Connate Cultivator who was inside this territory would be slaughtered. When a Golden Core Cultivator let out his Dharma Form, his power would even increase several times.

    Everyone was frightened as they looked at the black curtain in the sky.


    Some people were grinding their teeth.

    The full power of a Golden Core Cultivator was too terrifying. The entire Old China Town had been enveloped by the energy of the Barbaric Dragon God. Countless people were pushed on the ground and even Immortal Cultivators were overwhelmed. Only the Connate Cultivators could still remain standing, but they were also frightened.

    "Oh no, run!" Xie Changying yelled as he took out a jade talisman and crushed it. Once it was broken, a golden light curtain formed by countless runes appeared above Old China Town to defend them against the Barbaric Dragon God.

    "Do you think a Golden Core talisman can stop me?"

    The Barbaric Dragon God stepped forward.

    The golden light curtain immediately exploded. Xie Changying then cast seven Dharma Spells with seven jade talismans, but the attacks disappeared right after they clashed against the territory around the Barbaric Dragon God.

    "It's useless. All your attacks are nothing in front of a True God. You can never imagine how powerful we are," the Barbaric Dragon God said with a thunderous voice.

    It flashed to the Ancestral Temple, then lifted its foot and was about to stomp on Chen Fan.

    The Barbaric Dragon God wanted to stomp him to death.

    Countless Chinese Overlords clenched their fists, while the hundred thousand warriors of the Barbaric Dragons snickered. The senior officials of the Yan State, who were standing in front of the water mirror, also shook their heads. As for Chi Fenkong, he didn't even look back and was about to step out of the study.

    Then, Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    He ignored the giant foot and looked at the girl.

    "Xiao Mang, are you afraid?"

    "No, I'm not, brother." Xiao Mang smiled and stood behind Chen Fan. She felt like she had nothing to fear. Even if they had to die together, she would accept it.

    "Hm, then watch me defeat the bad guy," Chen Fan said with a smile.

    Then, a thin golden chain was broken, somewhere in his body where nobody could see. A golden Essence Core pulsed in his sea of Chaotic Qi.


    At that moment, Chen Fan's body let out beams of light like the sun. He was surrounded by layers of golden aura, which then turned into burning fire.

    Chen Fan stood inside the fire like a god.


    He threw a punch.

    His hand was a few hundred meters large like a monster's claw. Then, everything exploded. All the black scales, muscles and Divine Body were crushed and drops of black blood fell from the sky.


    The Barbaric Dragon God let out a cry and stepped backwards.

    But this was only the beginning. A ray of golden light was shot from the ground like a dragon rising to the skies. There was a man inside the light, as if he were the invincible God of War.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Just like breaking a dead branch from a tree.

    The enormous Dharma Body and the Divine Body of the Barbaric Dragon God exploded bit by bit, starting from its feet. Its legs, tummy, chest, neck, head… All of them were broken to pieces. In the end, its thousand-meter Divine Body was shattered and the air was filled with its flesh and blood.

    A giant hole had even appeared on the True God's territory.

    The golden ray of light didn't stop after killing the Barbaric Dragon God; it kept shooting thousands of meters upwards, cracking half of the clouds before finally stopping. Even people a thousand miles away could see this beam of golden light.

    It was so bright and eye-catching!

    It was invincible!


    At that moment.

    Millions of people in Old China Town, including the seniors of the Ancestral Temple, the warriors and the Barbaric Dragons, were speechless.

    Qin Luo was dumbfounded.

    Lord Barbaric Dragon had instantly stopped laughing.

    Xie Changying had just gone back to the Ancestral Temple and was about to take out the ancestral artifact. He dropped the artifact and froze when he saw this shocking scene.

    Chi Fenkong, the Lord of the Yan State who was about to leave the study, had also seen what happened and he immediately stopped walking.

    In the sky and on the ground.

    Everyone was stunned and speechless. The area became silent; all those witnessing this could only look at the bright fist aura, the disintegrating Barbaric Dragon God and the Chinese young man enveloped in a golden aura.

    The young man stood in the sky with hands behind his back. He had black hair and black eyes, and his clothes fluttered in the wind.

    He looked like a god.