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Chapter 837 - Killing with One Hand

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     837 Killing with One Hand"Lord Barbaric Dragon?"

    At that moment, countless people looked up and saw the giant that had a dragon head and a human body covered in black scales. Millions among the Chinese were terrified.

    As the King of the Barbaric Dragons, Lord Barbaric Dragon had been a famous character in many Chinese stories, which said it liked indulging in human flesh and blood.

    "This is Lord Barbaric Dragon?"

    Xiao Mang looked up.

    Even though she had entered the Ethereal Enlightenment Level, she felt like she was as weak as an ant in front of a peak-stage Connate Cultivator.

    "Lord Barbaric Dragon, don't you dare provoke the Chinese. Leave this instant!"

    A beam of light was shot from afar and Qin Luo appeared. He was wearing armor and his blade aura cracked the air. Dozens of warriors of the Barbaric Dragons were shattered to pieces by the Blade Qi.

    On the ground…

    Countless soldiers in black armor surged out.

    There were many catapults with ten-meter arrows pointing at Lord Barbaric Dragon on the stone walls. Surges of Connate Cultivator energy rose from the Ancestral Temple and came behind Qin Luo.

    "Qin Luo, you're not powerful enough to be my enemy. Ask Xie Changying to come out now, or I'll level Old China Town and eliminate the Chinese."

    Lord Barbaric Dragon grunted.

    "How arrogant!"

    Qin Luo sneered.

    The Chinese had been fighting with the Barbaric Dragons for thousands of years, so they knew about each other's strength. Qin Luo was confident that if he could stop all those warriors for half a day, the Chinese Overlords and their allies who would arrive from the other cities would bring enough power to crush Lord Barbaric Dragon. Besides, this wasn't quite difficult with the resources the Chinese had in Old China Town.

    "Haha, looks like you're quite confident. All right, I'll kill you first, and then I'll break into the Ancestral Temple and catch Xie Changying."

    Lord Barbaric Dragon chuckled and stretched out its hand. Its claw then flashed towards Qin Luo, cracking the air.

    Qin Luo didn't step back at all. He pulled out his sword and stood right before Lord Barbaric Dragon with aura surrounding his body.


    The battle between them turned the air above Old China Town into a sea of Essence Qi. Wind started howling and it began to pour.

    "Go, Master Qin Luo!"

    Countless Chinese looked up and cheered for Qin Luo.

    Xiao Mang also clenched her fists and looked over. Qin Luo was the most powerful Overlord of the Chinese. If he lost, everyone would suffer a huge blow.

    "Sword Qi River!" Qin Luo's voice suddenly resounded. After that, a hundred feet long ray of light sped over the sky. This attack had reached the peak of the Connate Level.

    Even though the body of Lord Barbaric Dragon was tough, it couldn't withstand such an attack and the scales on its body fell off. Dozens of holes appeared and it fell back quickly.

    "Your Majesty!" many members of the Barbaric Dragons yelled.

    Someone rushed over and saved Lord Barbaric Dragon, while the others went after Qin Luo. And yet, Qin Luo wasn't afraid at all. He raised his sword and the Sword Qi filled the air.

    Thirty seconds later.

    The second Connate Cultivator of the Barbaric Dragons died by beheading.

    Two minutes later.

    Qin Luo stabbed the third Connate Cultivator of the Barbaric Dragons and its body exploded.

    Five minutes later…

    In just an hour, thirteen Connate Overlords of the Barbaric Dragons had died in front of Old China Town. Qin Luo stood on the stone walls and stopped dozens of Connate Cultivators and a hundred thousand warriors.

    At that moment, countless cultivators of the Barbaric Dragons were speechless, while the people of Old China Town cheered.

    "Master Qin Luo is so powerful!"

    "He's indeed the top Overlord of the Chinese."

    "Go, Master Qin Luo! Kill Lord Barbaric Dragon and exterminate the Barbaric Dragons once and for all!"

    Many disciples were cheering in the Ancestral Temple and a lot of girls were looking at Qin Luo lovingly. Xiao Mang was also excited, but Chen Fan's face suddenly came to her mind. Although she knew Chen Fan had a low level, she had a feeling that Qin Luo wasn't as powerful as Chen Fan…

    "Strange. Why would I think that my lazy brother is more powerful than Master Qin Luo? I must have lost my mind," Xiao Mang thought.

    Meanwhile, Qin Luo was standing on the walls of Old China Town, sword in hand. He said, "Do you want to continue, Lord Barbaric Dragon?"

    Lord Barbaric Dragon turned pale.

    Qin Luo was much more powerful than expected and could be regarded as a Golden Core-to-be. He was only half a step away from the Golden Core Level. When everyone thought Lord Barbaric Dragon was going to lose, it suddenly chuckled.

    "Qin Luo, do you really think this is all that we've got?"

    "What do you mean?"

    Everyone was confused and Qin Luo was also startled. He looked up to the sky and saw Lord Barbaric Dragon say as it bowed, "Ancestral God, please."

    At that moment, all the other warriors of the Barbaric Dragons knelt on one knee at the same time and said respectfully, "Greetings, Ancestral God."

    Their voices shook the world. Then, a giant appeared above Old China Town in front of the astonished looks of the Chinese.

    It was a hundred meters tall and had a dragon head. Its claws were sharp and its black scales were shiny like metal.

    Once the giant showed up, an powerful energy filled the world and everything in a hundred miles seemed to be about to collapse. The terrifying energy waves made countless people kneel down.

    "Barbaric… Dragon… God?" Qin Luo said with a serious face.

    This giant was the legendary True God of the Barbaric Dragons! It was the reason why the Barbaric Dragons could become one of the powerful races in the Beihan Region.

    "How dare you come here, Barbaric Dragon God? Aren't you afraid the Lord of the Yan State and the Arctic Sect come after you?" Qin Luo shouted.

    "Who are you to question what I do? Go to hell!" The Barbaric Dragon God raised its hand and smacked. The world was immediately covered by black waves.

    "Sword Qi River!" Qin Luo shouted and slashed with a more powerful energy, but he still couldn't withstand the attack of the Barbaric Dragon God and was smacked down from the air. Then, he was pushed into the ground together with the city walls and a giant claw mark appeared. When the claw was lifted, everyone saw that Qin Luo's armor had been shattered and his limbs fractured.

    Qin Luo lost after one attack!

    The power of a True God was frightening.

    Countless Chinese were devastated and many young girls cried their eyes out. Even the Connate Cultivators paled at the sight. Qin Luo was the most powerful cultivator in their eyes. If even Qin Luo had lost, they would never be able to resist against the Barbaric Dragon God.

    "Xie Changying, I'm here now. Don't you want to come out and see me?"

    Barbaric Dragon God stared at the Ancestral Temple.

    A beam of light shot out of the Ancestral Temple and an old man appeared. He was extremely old, but he was still standing upright in front of the Barbaric Dragon God.

    "Barbaric Dragon God, according to the agreement we signed, you can't be involved in the quarrels between us, or the Arctic Sect and the government of the Yan State would take the necessary measures. Are you sure you want to violate the agreement?"

    The Arctic Sect was a famous Immortal Sect in the Yan State.

    They had more than one Golden Core Ancestral Patriarch; it had been the Exalted Sect that the Chinese had been relying on in the last thousands of years. The Chinese offered them countless Spirit Stones and resources every year and they protected the Chinese in return.

    In addition, the government of the Yan State also prevented the Barbaric Dragons from running wild.

    The Chinese had been able to survive to the present day only because of the protection offered by the two forces.

    "The Arctic Sect? The government of the Yan State?"

    Barbaric Dragon God suddenly burst into laughter.

    Its voice shook the world and the windows of countless houses broke, as if a thousand bombs had exploded. Many ordinary people covered their ears. If the Elders of the Ancestral Temple didn't open the array and blocked the sound waves in time, half of the Chinese would have died.

    "Try to contact the government of the Yan State and the Arctic Sect now. How would I come unprepared?" Barbaric Dragon God snickered.

    Xie Changying was stunned.

    The Elders immediately took out their communication stones and tried to contact the government of the Yan State and the Arctic Sect, but none of them answered.

    "Xie Changying, an elite of your clan reached the Ethereal Enlightenment Level in three months and she's more talented than Chu Tianyu. Do you think you can keep this a secret? Do you think the Lord of the Yan State and the Arctic Sect would still protect your people like they used to after hearing about this?" Barbaric Dragon God said.

    Xie Changying and the Elders gradually turned pale .

    The reason why the government of the Yan State and the Arctic Sect supported the Chinese was because they were weak and easy to manipulate. If there was another Golden Core Cultivator among the Chinese, the two forces would no longer be able to control them anymore. The government of the Yan State and the Arctic Sect couldn't allow this to happen, so they didn't do anything to help the Chinese this time.

    "Don't worry. I've made a deal with the Lord of your state. We will leave and won't attack you as long as your hand over the girl," Barbaric Dragon God said coldly.

    After hearing what it said, Xiao Mang was frightened, but what terrified her more was that she felt how countless people were staring at her and she couldn't even imagine what they meant.

    "A person or a race. It's up to you," Barbaric Dragon God said.

    The entire Old China Town went silent. Xie Changying and many Connate Cultivators were speechless, and the girl had all the attention.

    She seemed so lonely at the moment.

    At the State Mansion in Red Flame City.

    An old man in a red robe was standing in front of a water mirror, looking at what was happening outside Old China Town, with a visibly furious mood. He had red hair and his body was surrounded by fire, while there were nine fire birds flying around him. His energy was even stronger than that of the Barbaric Dragon God.

    Chi Fenkong, the Lord of the Yan State.

    He was kind of an Overlord even among the Golden Core Cultivators. He had achieved the mid-grade Golden Core. Even though it was only at the fourth grade, it was already more powerful than many inferior-grade Golden Cores.

    A young man in armor bowed and said,"My Lord, should we do something? The Chinese are definitely helpless against Barbaric Dragon God."

    "Xu Hao, do you know what the most important thing is for the Lord of a state?" Chi Fenkong asked.

    "The Golden Core Level?"

    Xu Hao frowned.

    As the most outstanding talent of the Yan State government, he had become a peak-stage Connate Cultivator at a young age. Even the representatives of the Grotto-heavens, including Lin Wuhua and Manggu, were weaker than him. Countless people in the government saw him as the next Lord of the Yan State and called him Young Lord.

    "Level is certainly important, but it can't help you make all the sects and races obey you," Chi Fenkong said calmly, "The most important thing is the system of checks and balances.

    "Only such a system can make all the races in the region behave, so that nobody dares to challenge the government… But now, the Chinese are breaking this balance. If that girl keeps cultivating, they'll have one more Golden Core Cultivator in less than a century. By then, they'll become the second Barbaric Dragons, which is something we can't tolerate," Chi Fenkong said.

    Xu Hao was astonished by that answer.

    The senior officials and Connate Cultivators of Red Flame City were also convinced and they all admired Chi Fenkong.

    "The Chinese will definitely yield. What's a talented cultivator before the lives of billions of people? They would even be willing to sacrifice Xie Changying."

    Chi Fenkong shook his head and left the study.

    Outside Old China Town.

    Everything indeed happened according to what Chi Fenkong said. More people looked at Xiao Mang and all the senior officials of the Chinese remained silent.

    "I'll go with you," the girl in a purple gown said in front of countless people.

    She felt that many people were looking at her in shock, but more of them were relieved.

    Xie Changying was stunned. He tried to speak several times and his hands were shaking, but he couldn't say a word. In the end, he heaved a sigh and seemed a hundred years older.


    Qin Luo struggled and tried to pick up the sword, but he couldn't even stand.

    "I'm willing to sacrifice myself in exchange for the lives of our people."

    The girl cracked a smile. She stood there with beams of light coming out from her body like a fairy.


    The Barbaric Dragon God burst into laughter, then raised its giant claw and tore the array of Old China Town apart. Nobody dared to resist. They lowered their heads feeling ashamed and many of them turned away in shame.

    Xiao Mang looked up and saw the claw of the Barbaric Dragon God coming towards her. She had never thought she would be so calm in the face of death.

    She had forgotten about her own life and the betrayal of her people.

    Only one person came into her mind right then.

    "Brother, I'm sorry. I can't make you sticky rice cakes anymore," Xiao Mang said gently.

    At that moment, countless Chinese clenched their fists, while the warriors of the Barbaric Dragons burst into laughter and many others shook their heads.

    Right when the claw of the Barbaric Dragon God was about to grab the girl…

    Suddenly, a crystal clear finger appeared in the sky and stopped the giant claw from going towards Xiao Mang.

    A voice came into everyone's ears.

    "Have you asked me before taking her?"