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Chapter 834 - Becoming an Ordinary Person

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     834 Becoming an Ordinary PersonThe Fire State covered a few hundred thousand miles, which was larger than Earth's surface. There were many volcanoes everywhere and the ground was crimson in color. The weather was warm all year round, and that was the main reason for its name.

    There were some cultivators flashing by on a beast or with a Dharma Artifact from time to time, and there were also flying ships moving about. All of those people belonged to the upper class of the Fire State. They were either members of the cultivation families or the cultivation sects.

    The capital of the Fire State was "Red Flame City," which was a hundred miles large, with a population ranging in the millions. It was located in the mountains and its lights were always lit up. It was also known as the city that never sleeps and the bustling people's voices resounded all over the city.

    Chen Fan didn't stop at Red Flame City; he kept flying north on the Wind Spirit Bird.


    The temperature became colder and there were less cultivators as they approached the north. There were a large number of ordinary people instead. These people had black hair and black eyes, and they were wearing simple clothes. They worked hard in the cold weather; there was a clear contrast when compared to the cultivators in Red Flame City.

    In the end, an old stone city appeared in front of Chen Fan.

    They arrived in Old China Town.

    "Land here. We'll walk into the city," Chen Fan said.

    Old Ding landed the Wind Spirit Bird and the two of them walked towards Old China Town together as Master and servant. Chen Fan felt as if he had traveled back to ancient China. People were wearing historical outfits and speaking a language similar to Chinese. There were Chinese words on the stone signs of the shops and many hawkers were shouting, just like the scenes in dramas.

    Chen Fan found them all familiar.

    He felt like he had returned to Earth and China.

    What made Chen Fan frown was that there were too few cultivators on the street. There was only one in a few hundred people and was at most an Ethereal Enlightenment Cultivator. Many people simply cultivated for fun. This was completely different from what he had seen in Zhuyan City and Red Flame City. Even though there weren't many cultivators either, he could still see them quite often.

    "Master, I heard that the Chinese once committed a serious crime. The first Lord Beihan then restricted their ability to practice Immortal Cultivation and exiled them to this chilly place."

    "Old China Town has millions of people and more Chinese are living outside of the city. There are over ten million Chinese in the entire Beihan Region. How was Lord Beihan capable of casting a curse that could last for thousands of years on so many people?"

    Chen Fan didn't believe it.

    Not even he was unable to do so, let alone Lord Beihan. Chen Fan knew he had to be at the Nascent Soul level to accomplish such a feat.

    But every person he asked on the way said the same thing. He bought a history book from a hawker and found that the history of the Chinese wasn't clear at all. The information about Heaven's Equal, Earth and the Path of Heaven had been wiped out.

    "Something must have happened thousands of years ago."

    Chen Fan's eyes glinted.

    He then bought a house and stayed in Old China Town with Old Ding.

    Two months passed in a heartbeat.

    During this period of time, Chen Fan lived like a normal person, never using any of his Divine Powers. Their neighbors knew an old man and a young man had moved in. The Master was called Chen Fan, who was very friendly.

    "Xiao Fan, you're going to read at the Taishi Pavilion again!"

    "Xiao Fan, Auntie Liu has extra turnips. Don't forget to ask Xiao Mang to take a couple home for you."

    "Xiao Fan, the story ‘Journey to the West' is incredible. My boy still wants to listen to it. I'll bring him here tomorrow as well."

    All the neighbors greeted Chen Fan and Chen Fan also smiled back.

    He was wearing a traditional outfit and his hair was tied up with a small jade crown, like an elegant young man. Old Ding was in an azure robe and was preparing for their trip. They then went to the Taishi Pavilion on a bullock carriage.

    The Taishi Pavilion was a place where the Chinese kept their historical books and was considered their highest institution.

    Chen Fan had been learning and reading the books inside the library, but the books were the same as those outside. There was nothing about the things that happened to the cultivators from Earth thousands of years in the past.

    "Chen Fan, you're here to read again?"

    Lord Taishi approached him with a gentle smile.

    Chen Fan got up and said respectfully, "My Lord, I feel like there are a lot of things about our race that aren't recorded in the books, such as where our ancestors came from and how we lost both our cultivation talent and our cultivation traditions."

    Lord Taishi went silent and said after a while, "I've known what you wanted to ask since the first day you entered Taishi Pavilion. In fact, countless young people have been trying to find the answers from the books written in the last thousands of years, but I can't tell you everything. If you really want to know, go to the Ancestral Temple. You should be able to find what you want there."

    Chen Fan bowed.

    He looked back and saw Lord Taishi putting the books back on the shelf. Even though this old man wasn't even a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, Chen Fan was grateful for his help.

    Such a person was the reason why the Chinese could survive in this place. He passed down the experiences and lessons of the ancestors to the following generations.

    "Nothing in the Taishi Pavilion. The Ancestral Temple is the last place."

    Chen Fan looked up.

    There was a towering old hall at the center of Old China Town. Beams of light were seen inside from time to time.

    The Ancestral Temple.

    The most sacred place of the Chinese. Almost all the Chinese cultivators originated from that place; it was also the highest authority of the clan.

    In the evening.

    Chen Fan returned to his home and a girl in a purple dress stuck out her head. "Brother, Grandpa Ding, you're back."

    "Brother, I made some sticky rice cakes. Do you want to try them?" a girl said with a box in her hands, like a child waiting for compliments.

    Chen Fan tried one and said, "They have a pretty good taste. Your cooking is getting better and better."

    Like a cat, the girl's face was immediately beaming.

    This girl lived opposite to Chen Fan and was called Xiao Mang. Chen Fan had saved her from a monster in the North Sea. She had been on a trip with her family at that time when a monster attacked them. Both of her parents died. If it wasn't for Chen Fan, Xiao Mang would have also died.

    Since then, Xiao Mang had relied on Chen Fan and had never left his side.

    Chen Fan had thought about sending her away at first, but the girl looked at him without saying anything and simply started crying, as if she were a pet that had just been abandoned by her owner. In the end, Old Ding convinced Chen Fan to let her stay.

    Xiao Mang was a well-behaved girl. Even though she was only thirteen, she always cleaned and tidied up the house like a hardworking maid. By then, even Chen Fan was used to having her around.

    "Brother, tomorrow is the day the Ancestral Temple tests our cultivation talent. Everyone under fifteen has to go, which will be more than ten thousand people. I heard that only dozens are tested positive each year," the girl said.

    "If I'm tested and do have cultivation talent, I'll be able to become a super powerful cultivator like you and Master Qin Luo. By then I'll be able to avenge my parents and help you out."

    Xiao Mang widened her eyes and swayed her fists.

    Qin Luo was one of the few Chinese Connate Cultivators and was extremely talented. He had spent fifty years to reach the peak stage of the Connate Level and became the top Overlord among the Chinese. He was also the guardian of Old China Town. Countless residents had deep admiration for him.

    "Don't worry. You'll be tested positive," Chen Fan said.


    Xiao Mang nodded with confidence.

    Then, the girl told Chen Fan a lot of things she had heard from the neighbors and ended falling asleep. She was holding him tightly even in her dreams, scared that he would leave.

    Chen Fan became more gentle as he looked at Xiao Mang's face.

    He should have left Old China Town and the Beihan Region to look for Divine Materials for his remaining three Essence Cores, but his plans had been postponed again and again because of this girl. He didn't want to lose the life he had at the moment.

    Xiao Mang was someone that connected Chen Fan and Planet Tianhuang.

    "I should leave after searching for information about the Chinese."

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    Suddenly, beams of light appeared.

    The roar of a dragon came with the light, and a dragon flew out of Xiao Mang's body. Once it appeared, an old, powerful energy fell on the room. The dragon was surrounded by clouds and mist, and its eyes were shining bright. It was apparently a real dragon, not a python.

    True Dragon Divine Meridian!

    This was a Divine Meridian comparable to that of Red Sparrow, the Xuan Wu and Kun Peng, and was real pure dragon blood, unlike that of the Chu family.

    Chu Tianyu only had impure dragon blood, and still, his power had almost reached the Golden Core Level. On the other hand, Xiao Mang had the real blood of a True Dragon, which was one of the most powerful in the universe. She would be able to climb the levels before the Soul Formation State without any difficulties and reach the Nascent Soul Level in a century. With enough cultivation arts and opportunities, she might even be able to reach the Soul Formation and Void Returning levels.

    If the sects and sacred grounds in the universe knew about this, they would do the impossible to get her.

    But then, many invisible chains were twined around the dragon. It couldn't escape and could only let out a cry. Those chains came from deep inside Xiao Mang's blood, which were passed down from her ancestors.

    "Law Divine Chains?"

    Chen Fan grunted when he saw those chains.

    A Nascent Soul Cultivator would notice that they were very similar to the five Deception Divine Chains on Chen Fan.

    The next day.

    Xiao Mang came back home, with her head hanging low.

    Looking at her gloomy face, Chen Fan knew she had been judged as being devoid of cultivation talent. When tears started welling up in her eyes, Chen Fan made a sudden question.

    "Xiao Mang, do you want to be an Immortal Cultivator?"