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Chapter 832 - Controlling the Dimension

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     832 Controlling the DimensionIn Zhuyan City, part of the Beihan Region.

    Chen Fan was wearing a black robe and his black hair was loose. He seemed to be an ordinary person walking across the moat. He had been away for five months. Zhuyan City didn't look very much different. Countless people walked past him and he saw some cultivators on the way.

    Still, all those cultivators had serious looks and seemed to be in a hurry, as if they were afraid of something.

    Chen Fan arrived at the Mu family mansion. He was here to say goodbye to some of his friends in Zhuyan City before continuing his journey to the place where the Chinese had gathered. However, Chen Fan found the mansion in ruins.

    "What's going on?"

    Chen Fan frowned.

    He asked a random person.

    "You don't know? A group of guards of the royal city came five months ago. They killed the Ancestral Patriarch of the Mu family and imprisoned the rest. I heard that none of their descendants escaped. It was awful!"

    The man who was dressed like a student heaved a sigh.


    Chen Fan raised his eyebrows.

    Zhuyan City was only a small city and there were thousands more like it in the entire Beihan Region. Why would the Overlords of the royal city travel all the way here to deal with the Mu family?

    He had a feeling he had something to do with it, but he wasn't sure.

    "I saw what happened with my own eyes. Not only the Mu family, all the cultivation families in Zhuyan City, including the Yun family, the Wu family and the Zhang family were captured. Their Connate Ancestral Patriarchs had barely gotten out of the Juehan Mountain Range, but they ended up being killed by the royal city guards. The entire Zhuyan City was flooded with blood and dead bodies were all over the place. Countless cultivators were caught, filling several flying ships."

    The student shook his head.

    "Even the Zhang family and the Wu family were caught?" Chen Fan hesitated. "Do you know why?"

    It might be because of him if they had only taken Mu Hongti's family, but the Zhang family hated him. Why would they also catch them?

    "I'm not sure. I heard that the royal city is looking for a Chinese man, but how would there be a Chinese person in this small city? Is that a joke? Most Chinese people are staying in Old China Town, which is more than ten thousand miles away from here…"

    The student suddenly glanced at Chen Fan's face and froze.

    "A… A Chinese?"

    Chen Fan immediately used his Immortal Will and secret arts to wipe this conversation away from the student's mind. He could easily twist all the memories of an ordinary person.

    When the student woke up, Chen Fan had already left. He shook his head and continued his way to school with his lunchbox.

    Chen Fan was walking quickly among the crowd with a serious look. Those people who had captured the cultivators and hunted down the Chinese were obviously going after him.

    "Was it because of what I did to Zhao Qingchen? Looks like I've underestimated the royal family,"Chen Fan said coldly to himself.

    Even though he didn't really know Mu Hongti, that girl had given him the information about the elders of the Qingyang Sect and warned him on several occasions. Chen Fan would always return a favor.

    "If you're killed by Lord Beihan, I'll slaughter a thousand cultivators of the royal family," Chen Fan pondered.

    He arrived at the headquarters of the Golden Crow after taking a few steps. This building was a hundred feet tall, and there were two giant Golden Crows at the entrance.

    "Who's that?"

    All the guards at the gate were Ethereal Enlightenment Cultivators.

    But Chen Fan ignored them and went directly to a dungeon dozens of meters underground. He sensed someone he knew was inside.

    "Perfected Cultivator Chen?"

    Old Ding, who had been chained up, got up excitedly when he saw Chen Fan.

    "Who are you? How dare you break into the dungeon of the Golden Crow? Don't you know this is a forbidden area?" There were five unfamiliar Divine Sea Cultivators guarding the dungeon. All of them looked serious. However, Chen Fan had never seen them in the Golden Crow before.

    The Golden Crow had only two Divine Sea Cultivators; their Sect Master and Old Ding. These five people were almost as powerful as the cultivation families.

    "Shut up!"

    Chen Fan flicked his fingers.

    An invisible energy surged and killed four of them. The last guard was terrified and was about to take out his Dharma Treasure to escape.

    "You think you can run away from me?"

    Chen Fan grunted.

    He solidified all the Essence Qi in a hundred feet like a piece of iron without even moving. Dozens of guards, including the running Divine Sea Cultivators, were smashed immediately. A Golden Core Perfected Cultivator could control the Essence Qi with his Immortal Will and kill like a God.

    "Greetings, Perfected Cultivator."

    Old Ding bowed with tears covering his face.

    He had lived miserably during those days. He thought he would end up dying inside the dungeon, so he had never expected to see Chen Fan again.

    "What happened? I was gone for a few months and Zhuyan City became like this? Even Mu Hongti was caught." Chen Fan pointed at the chains around Old Ding's limbs and the Spirit Light immediately disappeared. Old Ding could then break them easily.

    "The White Python Guards did all this," Old Ding explained.

    According to him, the White Python Guards was one of the nine troops of the royal family. All the normal soldiers were Divine Sea Cultivators, while the Generals were Connate Cultivators. Their Chief Commander was even a Golden Core Perfected Cultivator, and was a powerful one at that.

    "The royal family was enraged because of what happened to the Prince and they sent three troops to go after you. Since the White Python Guards couldn't find you, they started killing people and they took almost all the senior cultivators in Zhuyan City, including those from the Mu family, the Yun family, the Zhang family and the Wu family. But don't worry. Miss Hongti and Miss Yier weren't caught by the White Python Guards.

    "Fairy Lin Wuhua saved them and has taken them to the Xuanming Grotto-heaven."

    Chen Fan was a bit shocked after hearing what Old Ding said.

    "Lin Wuhua? The Xuanming Witch?"

    It was normal that the White Python Guards couldn't find Chen Fan. He took control of the Juehan Palace and shut the gate. No one would ever find the Juehan Grotto-heaven, unless a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord was there.

    But Chen Fan had never thought that Lin Wuhua would protect Mu Hongti. The Tianming Sword was still in Chen Fan's hands.

    Chen Fan immediately realized what the Xuanming Grotto-heaven was trying to do. They just wanted to establish a good relationship with Chen Fan.

    "I'll be nice the next time I see people from the Xuanming Grotto-heaven."

    Chen Fan nodded. He was relieved after knowing Mu Hongti and the others were fine. As for the descendants of the Mu family and the Zhang family, Chen Fan didn't really know them, so he wasn't going to do anything about it. Those cultivation families had done a lot of bad things in Zhuyan City throughout the last centuries. This was what they deserved.

    "What about you? Why didn't they catch you? Why were you locked up down here?" Chen Fan asked.

    "I'm just an alchemist, so I'm not important to the White Python Guards. However, the headquarters sent someone to investigate the death of the Alchemy Envoy and they thought I had betrayed the Golden Crow. That's why I ended up here."

    Old Ding smiled wryly.

    "The Golden Crow headquarters?"

    Chen Fan frowned.

    Suddenly, someone shouted in the sky, "Who dares to break into the Golden Crow?"

    A golden light ball went through dozens of meters down the ground and appeared inside the dungeon.

    This man was covered in golden fire, which burned everything ten feet around him. He was blonde and golden eyed; he was wearing a golden outfit and his energy was much more powerful than that of Lin Wuhua, making the air freeze. He was obviously a Core Formation Cultivator who was only half a step away from the Golden Core Level.

    "That's him. Xuan Danqing, the leader of the six Golden Crow Envoys and the top cultivator at the headquarters. He's known as the Little Perfected Cultivator."

    Old Ding's eyes were wide open as he bowed.

    "The Little Perfected Cultivator?"

    Chen Fan looked interested.

    Xuan Danqing was enraged when he landed, but his eyes popped out when he saw Chen Fan. "Chen Beixuan? Aren't you being chased by the guards? I thought you had escaped from the Beihan Region. Why are you here in Zhuyan City?"

    "Who said I had left the Beihan Region?"

    Chen Fan moved closer with hands behind his back.

    Xuan Danqing was terrified.

    This man was someone who had defeated countless elites and injured Zhao Qingchen. Rumor had it that he was a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator in disguise. Even though Xuan Danqing knew he was as powerful as those elites and could fight with normal Golden Core Cultivators, he would not dare to become an enemy of such a vicious man.


    Xuan Danqing stomped his foot and turned into a golden fire column. He was extremely fast, and he even burnt his blood to cast a forbidden spell from the Golden Crow Sun Art.

    The Golden Crow Fire Escape was an Art of Concealment of the Yin Yang Grotto-heaven. It could send a cultivator a hundred miles away in a second and even a normal Golden Core Cultivator would be unable to keep up.

    But Chen Fan wasn't a normal Golden Core Cultivator.


    Chen Fan reached out and scratched.

    The five Essence Cores in his body pulsed and an invisible energy wave swept a thousand feet in the sky.

    The entire dimension froze in a heartbeat. All kinds of Essence Qi and the air became as solid as iron. Xuan Danqing felt as if he had run into a cement wall and he couldn't even move a finger. His fire also froze in the sky; he was completely stunned.

    "He's controlling the dimension!"

    This ability was of a higher level when compared to controlling the world.

    In normal circumstances, only a Nascent Soul Cultivator would be able to control a dimension with the power of his body, but Chen Fan had five divine-grade Essence Cores, so he could do this in a small area.


    Chen Fan clenched his fist.


    The dimension shook and it was instantly torn by a dimensional storm. Xuan Danqing, as well as prisoners and guards inside the dungeon were all shattered into pieces. The entire ground under the Golden Core Building became a giant black hole, which sucked in everything. As for Xuan Danqing, his Divine Soul had already been destroyed.


    Old Ding was completely dumbfounded.