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Chapter 831 - Level Completed

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     831 Level CompletedA cultivator would only form one Essence Core.

    Only a few people in the universe could form several Essence Cores at the same time, aside from some Divine Beasts, as each Essence Core corresponded to one path. After getting through the Thunder Tribulation, the Essence Core formed would represent the direction of their future cultivation. So, how could a cultivator walk two different paths at the same time?

    Not even Chen Fan could do so, but he still kept going.


    As Chen Fan breathed, the Wood Element Spirit Qi ran into his body and the Wood Element Spirit Qi in the Juehan Grotto-heaven was rapidly being depleted. Chen Fan then summoned the Chaotic Divine Tree. Its branches went into a rootless world and created a hole at last.

    There was an azure light inside the hole. The Wood Element Spirit Qi fell like raindrops and the entire world was filled with pure Wood Element Spirit Qi. Many Divine Trees grew and cracked the sky open.

    "Wood Spirit Realm!"

    This was an incredible world in the universe. It was almost as large as a planet and was formed by Yi Wood Essence Qi. Many wood-elemental creatures existed there.

    Only a small crack had been made, even with the power of the Chaotic Divine Tree.

    But an azure water current surged out of the hole towards Chen Fan. A hole like a crater floated in the sky with water running inside it. Each drop of the azure liquid was the purest Wood Element Spirit Qi, which was comparable to a Spirit Stone, and thousands of them fell every second.

    Chen Fan's body absorbed all of this pure Essence Qi like a sponge.


    The azure Essence Core became larger at a visible speed. One day, two days, three days… A month later, it had grown to the size of an egg and was similar to the Xuan Wu Essence Core.


    The bright Essence Core seemed to have been enlarged to the extreme.


    This Wood-elemental Essence Core cracked open, letting a branch with leaves stretch out. Then, more branches appeared until it became a small tree. The tree was enveloped in a Chaotic Qi current. The branches shook and each of the leaves seemed to have a world inside.

    It appeared to be the Chaotic Divine Tree.

    It looked quite realistic; the shadow in the outside world was nothing in comparison.

    Chen Fan had completed the second divine-grade Essence Core!


    Then, Chen Fan took a deep breath.

    He got up slowly and his body sent out countless beams of azure light, like a Divine Tree. All of his muscles weighed ten thousand tons and the entire palace seemed to be overwhelmed. The floor cracked and the arrays were shattered.

    A terrifying tide of Essence Qi came out and turned into an azure sea.

    "The Azure Thearch Essence Core is as powerful as the Xuan Wu Essence Core!" Chen Fan thought.

    There was a sea of Chaotic Qi inside his body. An azure Divine Tree and a Xuan Wu were intertwined and floating inside of it.

    "The Xuan Wu Essence Core was formed by absorbing the Xuanming Qi in the Ancient Underworld Pearl and combining it with the Zetian Painting. It's much more powerful than an ordinary divine-grade Essence Core. However, I've started practicing the Azure Thearch Longevity Art a decade ago. It's also the strongest Divine Body and one of the Sacred Bodies of the Five Elements.

    "I can only choose one of them if I want to get through the Golden Core Thunder Tribulation. Both the Xuan Wu Essence Core and the Azure Thearch Essence Core can help me conquer Planet Tianhuang and defeat all the elites, but I want to build a supreme foundation as well. So, how could I settle for a divine-grade Golden Core?" Chen Fan pondered.

    There were nine Golden Core levels and above all of them was the super grade.

    The super grade was then divided into three levels, the divine grade, the sacred grade and the deity grade!

    A divine-grade Golden Core was rare. Only the elites of the most powerful sects could make one by using a Divine Material or by opening a high-level world with the help of their elders to absorb the Spirit Qi in the universe. Once the Golden Core was formed, challenging cultivators with a more advanced level would be a piece of cake.

    However, a sacred-grade Golden Core was even more terrifying. It could only be made in an ancient sacred ground or a supreme sect! There was only one thing to say about it:

    It could be used to defeat a Nascent Soul Cultivator!

    There was a huge difference between a Golden Core Cultivator and a Nascent Soul Cultivator! Even a hundred Golden Core Cultivators might not be able to resist an attack from a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord.

    A Nascent Soul Cultivator was already powerful in the universe. Heaven's Equal had blocked the Path of Heaven, which had still stopped Chen Fan from moving forward after thousands of years. One attack from a Nascent Soul Cultivator could crush mountains, sink islands and destroy countries.

    But a sacred-grade Golden Core could defeat a Nascent Soul Cultivator. How powerful was that?

    At the same time, a sacred-grade Golden Core was more difficult to make. There might not be even one on the entire Planet Tianhuang. Only the old sacred grounds and sects had a couple of them. Chen Fan even doubted that there would be any divine-grade Golden Core Cultivators on this planet.

    As for the deity-grade Golden Core, it was only a legend. There wasn't even one across the universe over thousands of years! So, Chen Fan didn't even waste time thinking about it.

    "As long as I complete a sacred-grade Golden Core, I'll be on an equal footing with the top Saints and Goddesses in the universe."

    Chen Fan looked at the two Essence Cores in his body.

    The Xuanming Essence Core was water-elemental, while the Azure Thearch Essence Core was wood-elemental! He had already planned for this when he developed the Azure Thearch Longevity Body.

    "I only have the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, but I'm sure I can use another four Divine Arts to complete the Five Elemental Sacred Body. By then, the five divine-grade Essence Cores will merge into one and become the most powerful Connate Five Virtue Golden Core!"

    The five most powerful Qi Essences in the world were called the Connate Five Virtues. When combined, a sacred-grade Golden Core would be formed, which was comparable to the Five Elements Sacred Pills of the Five Elements Immortal Sect!

    However, Chen Fan wasn't planning to follow the five elements.

    There were many changes in the world and the Connate Five Virtues didn't have to be metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The universe had billions of different energies. As long as he gathered five powerful divine-grade Golden Cores, he would be able to achieve his goals.

    Thinking of this, he sat down and kept cultivating.

    Two weeks later.

    He completed the third Essence Core. This Essence Core was like a tiny black hole with a Kun Peng flying around it. It was apparently based on the Kun Peng Painting. The Kun Peng was a Dimensional Divine Beast, which meant that this was a Dimensional Essence Core.

    But it wasn't as large as the Xuanming Essence Core and the Azure Thearch Essence Core. It was only the size of a thumb.

    "I don't have enough resources after all. To form a real Kun Peng Essence Core, I must find a Dimensional Divine Stone or countless Void Treasure Stones to absorb a massive amount of energy."

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    A month later.

    Chen Fan completed the fourth Essence Core.

    Thunderbolts struck inside of it, which then formed a tiny Thunder Loch. This Thunder Loch Essence Core was the most powerful Thunder Essence Core, but it was much smaller and weaker than the previous two.

    The last Essence Core took the longest time.

    Chen Fan spent two months on it in total. This was a pure Essence Core that was surrounded by a golden aura. Although it was as small as a soybean, it carried an indestructible, eternal energy.

    The True Martial Essence Core!

    Chen Fan formed it with the True Martial Divine Art. It only had the True Martial Divine Power, able to destroy anything. Even though the True Martial Essence Core was minuscule, the energy contained within was much denser than in the previous two Essence Cores.

    "Xuanming, Azure Thearch, Kun Peng, Thunder Loch, True Martial."

    These five Essence Cores represented the five paths Chen Fan had taken throughout his cultivation journey. Each one of them was a peerless Divine Art, which could defeat all the powerful cultivators on Planet Tianhuang and shatter the world.

    And yet, Chen Fan formed five at once.

    He was going to combine them and turn them into a sacred-grade Golden Core.


    When the fifth Essence Core was done…

    A terrifying energy shot out of Chen Fan's body. The air cracked and the entire Grotto-heaven shook. Juehan Palace even exploded in a second.

    Chen Fan's body then sent out five colors of light.

    The Xuan Wu, the Divine Tree, the Kun Peng, the Thunder Loch and the golden light wheel appeared, surrounding him. The first two looked more realistic, while the last three seemed to be more illusory, especially when the True Martial Dharma Form turned into a golden light wheel.

    These five energies made Chen Fan feel like he was a giant that could crush the Grotto-heaven. In fact, he was indeed powerful. If the Mayan fleet were there, he would have been able to smash all the battleships and the Titan effortlessly!

    With these five Essence Cores, Chen Fan had become extremely powerful!

    "Oh no!"

    But then, Chen Fan looked up with a serious expression. The sky was suddenly covered with thunderclouds.

    A terrifying energy fell from the sky.

    The small world produced crackling sounds as it also seemed to be overwhelmed.

    The thunderclouds were too frightening. The sky had turned into a sea of lightning and there were different kinds of Divine Thunder within, including the Miejue Thunder, the Yin Yang Thunder, the Mixed-Essence Divine Thunder and the Five Elements Thunder… The thunderclouds even spread outside of the small world, covering the Juehan Mountain Range.

    Countless beasts were trembling.

    If the cultivators of Planet Tianhuang were present, they would have been stunned by the sight.

    The Golden Core Thunder Tribulation usually produced a storm filled with a hundred miles of thunderclouds and one or two kinds of Divine Thunder. Only a peerless talent would have more than three. And yet, Chen Fan's Thunder Tribulation had a thousand miles of thunderclouds and there were countless types of Divine Thunder in the sky.

    "I'm afraid that not even ten Golden Core Cultivators working together would survive this Thunder Tribulation!"

    Chen Fan frowned.

    He wasn't afraid at all, but this was not a good time to go through the Thunder Tribulation.

    Chen Fan had only completed the Xuanming Essence Core and the Azure Thearch Essence Core. The other three were still in progress. If he went through the Thunder Tribulation right then, he would only be able to form a divine-grade Golden Core. This was something Chen Fan was unwilling to accept.

    "Deception Art!"

    Chen Fan's energy suddenly became weak as if he had separated himself from the world. He gradually turned from a giant to an ordinary person. All the energy was absorbed back into the Essence Cores inside him, looking just like a normal man in the end.

    The Thunder Tribulation couldn't sense any energy so it gradually dissipated.

    Chen Fan got away from the Thunder Tribulation with the Deception Art. He took a deep breath and looked at the north.

    "It's time to go to Old China Town, to see what's going on with the Chinese in this world," he said with coldness in his eyes.