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Chapter 829 - A Divine Material

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 829 A Divine Material

    "Zhao Qingchen lost his powers!"

    "Who did that? That's the seventeenth Prince and the descendant our Lord adores the most. He has the blood of the Sky-Swallowing Python in his body and is only half a step away from the "Dharma Form" state. He's one of the most outstanding cultivators among the younger generation of the entire royal family."

    "I heard that it was a Chinese young man called Chen Beixuan, but Lin Wuhua and the others believe he's actually a Golden Core Cultivator disguised as a Chinese."

    The news about Zhao Qingchen losing his powers circulated around the entire royal city and all the families were talking about it.

    Other than the Zhao family, eight top families, including the Chu family, the Shang family and the Ling family, were families that had developed the Beihan Region with the first Lord Beihan. They were extremely superior, second only to the royal family.

    "Did the six Grotto-heavens say anything?"

    "All the sects claimed that the guy isn't one of them. We can't find where this Chen Beixuan came from. The royal family is enraged and Sword King also knows about it. They sent out the White Python Guards to go after Chen Beixuan."

    "Even the White Python Guards were deployed, one amongst the nine most powerful troops in the Beihan Region. Chen Beixuan is doomed."

    Some people heaved a sigh, some were thrilled and some were gloating.

    The incident in the Juehan Grotto-heaven caused a dimensional storm that swept across half of the Beihan Region. Countless families and sects were waiting to see how the royal family would react.

    If they couldn't even kill the person that took their blood, the royal family would lose their dignity.

    At the Royal Palace of the Beihan Region.

    A middle-aged man in a white outfit was standing with a sword in his hand. He was like a long Divine Sword and the guards around him were in awe, as if they were looking at a God.

    Sword King!

    The top warrior of the Royal Palace and a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator. There had been a time when he had single handedly forced the Sect Masters of the six Grotto-heavens to yield and he was the person with the most clout in the entire Beihan Region, other than Lord Beihan.


    Zhao Duluo walked over and bowed to the man with a serious face. He was Lord Beihan's oldest son. Even though he had entered the Golden Core Level and had a high status in the royal family, he had to respect the man before him.

    "How's Zhao Qingchen?" Sword King asked. His voice was cold.

    "His blood was taken and he's lost all his powers. If we can't find the legendary ‘Disaster Golden Pill,' I'm afraid nothing can save Xiao Qing's life," Zhao Duluo said.

    "The Disaster Golden Pill is a Divine Pill. The supreme sects might not even have one. Besides, it's not worth it to use that pill on such trash. Just give him some money, kick him out of the royal family and let him survive on his own," Sword King said.

    "Yes, uncle," Zhao Duluo replied respectfully.

    He knew Sword King. Anyone who failed would be regarded as trash by him, even members of the royal family.

    Zhao Qingchen had lost all his blood and he was completely worthless at the moment. Although he could live a peaceful life like a king, he wasn't a member of the royal family anymore and he could no longer enjoy all the resources the royal family had.

    "Even though Zhao Qingchen is dumb, Chen Beixuan also deserves to die. If we don't kill him, people will begin to think that they can do anything to the royal family. Send the White Python Guards, the Hanchi Guards and the Manghuang Guards to search for Chen Beixuan. Get me the heads of the three commanders if they fail to catch him."

    Then, Sword King tore the dimension and left.

    Zhao Duluo gasped and bowed to Sword King.

    "Got it."

    When he looked up, his eyes were full of astonishment and fear. The nine troops of the royal family formed the powerful army that suppressed the Beihan Region. Just three of them were already enough to level a Grotto-heaven.

    "Uncle really thinks highly of this Chen Beixuan."

    Zhao Duluo sighed.

    While the entire Beihan Region was stirred because of Chen Fan, the man himself was walking inside the Juehan Palace.

    That old palace had been built by Perfected Cultivator Juehan. He had been planning to start a new sect here after entering the Nascent Soul Level, to also establish the seventh Grotto-heaven in the Beihan Region. And yet, he died afterwards.

    "Swish, swish."

    As Chen Fan kept walking.

    The sight around him changed continuously. There were thunderbolts, chilly winds, illusions and reversed dimensions. All of those places were dangerous.

    "Tianhan Six Kill Array, Nine Star Array, Sky Reversing Array…" Chen Fan named the arrays one by one.

    If the cultivators of Planet Tianhuang were present, they would be completely frightened. Those arrays were top killing arrays and there were even some Quasi-Heavenly Arrays. All of them together could kill a Perfected Cultivator.

    But they couldn't do anything to Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan had five centuries of experience in cultivation and those arrays had countless flaws.

    "The cultivation on Planet Tianhuang seems to be a bit behind. People on humanity's central planet stopped using the Sky Reversing Arrays ages ago. Looks like they're quite outdated here."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    After taking nine steps, he finally found the core of the arrays. He stomped his foot gently and yelled, "Open!"


    The entire palace shook.

    Then, all the illusions suddenly disappeared. A spacious hall was exposed and there were forty nine large crystals standing. In the middle of the hall, a cultivator in luxurious clothes was sitting cross-legged.

    He had white hair and his skin was crystal clear like jade. His eyes were closed, but he was still breathing. There were two beams of white light like snakes in his nostrils and he seemed to be just sleeping.

    It was Perfected Cultivator Juehan, the founder of the entire Grotto-heaven.

    There was a giant hole on his head, which made him look hideous.

    "If a cultivator can't break through the Golden Core Level to the Nascent Soul level, he will be trapped inside his own body and grow weak along with it."

    Chen Fan wasn't surprised at all; he heaved a sigh instead.

    He had seen too many Golden Core Cultivators die in his last life when they tried to enter the Nascent Soul Level. Some of their heads even exploded and their Divine Souls had also been destroyed.

    The journey of a cultivator was full of danger. If Chen Fan hadn't gotten a chance to live another life, he would have been extra careful right then.

    "This must be the Ancient Underworld Pearl!"

    Chen Fan saw the black pearl between the cultivator's legs. It looked ordinary, without the least bit of shine. There seemed to be some smoke inside.

    Chen Fan didn't go straight to the pearl. He had a stern expression.

    He stepped forward slowly.


    The entire world was immediately reversed; a ten feet range around the cultivator was filled with a chilly mist. The black and chilly mist was poisonous; it seemed to have come from Hell. It could freeze Divine Souls and kill Golden Core Cultivators.

    Chen Fan stepped back and the chilly mist was lifted.

    After that, he was sure about something.

    "No wonder the Golden Core Cultivators in the Beihan Region have yet to nab your treasure after so many years. I thought they had a deal not to enter the Grotto-heaven, but it's because of this Ancient Underworld Pearl."

    Chen Fan stared at the pearl.

    Even though the black pearl looked ordinary, he knew it had created the black mist just then; it was also responsible for the cold waves around the entire Grotto-heaven and the Juehan Mountain Range.

    "Looks like I've underestimated the Ancient Underworld Pearl. There's a large amount of Xuanming Qi inside. It's really close to the Divine Material level."

    Chen Fan looked thrilled.

    A normal Ancient Underworld Pearl could freeze a hundred-mile Grotto-heaven, but it couldn't extend beyond that to freeze the mountains as well. Only a Divine Material or a Quasi-Divine Material could do this. It had the power of God.

    "This Ancient Underworld Pearl is enough for me to form a divine-grade Golden Core."

    After thinking of this, Chen Fan didn't hesitate anymore and took a step forward.


    The black chilly mist rose again.

    The mist then condensed into water; the area was filled with black raindrops. Each drop was transparent and black. The air seemed to have frozen; it was letting out crackling sounds. Chen Fan's clothes were torn in a second, but he kept going.

    Some beams of azure light came out of Chen Fan's Divine Body and pushed away the chilly mist.

    The mist became denser as he went deeper inside. In the end, some black crystals were floating in the sky, which were the concrete form of the Xuanming Qi. One of them could kill a Connate Cultivator.

    Chen Fan didn't stop.

    Ten feet, nine feet, eight feet…

    When he was five feet away from the pearl, even his phenomenal-success Divine Body seemed to be a bit overwhelmed.

    This Ancient Underworld Pearl was too powerful. It should have been called "Ancient Underworld Divine Pearl!" If the Xuanming Qi inside exploded, it could turn a thousand mile range into a world of snow. Its power was comparable to an attack of a Nascent Soul Cultivator and it could affect the weather.


    The shadow of a Divine Tree appeared behind Chen Fan. In the end, he even took out the Five Thunder Essence Magnet. Rays of Five Thunder Essence Divine Light fell from the seal and protected him.

    Finally, Chen Fan went through the last ten feet and grabbed hold of the pearl.


    All the chilly mist dissipated at once as if it were only an illusion. Chen Fan took a deep breath. He might have needed to fall back if he couldn't get it just then.

    Chen Fan placed the pearl in front of his eyes and saw a world of snow inside.

    "Although it hasn't become a Divine Material, it has reached the level of a Quasi-Divine Material. If a Soul Formation Cultivator had it, it could be used to make a Divine Treasure and establish a new world. The twenty four legendary Dinghai Pearls are peerless Divine Materials. Perfected Cultivator Juehan had no idea how precious this pearl was."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    There were only a few Divine Materials on a planet and even Quasi-Divine Materials were rare. The powerful cultivator who had made a treasure with Earth's resources was in fact making a Divine Material.

    With this pearl, Chen Fan could finally form a super-grade Golden Core.