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Chapter 828 - Becoming Famous around the Beihan Region

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 828 Becoming Famous around the Beihan Region

    Meanwhile, seven young Overlords of the Beihan Region were lying in front of the palace, covered in blood. Only Chen Fan was still standing in the sky with hands behind his back.

    Zhao Qingchen was terrified.

    He had never thought that the others would be annihilated in such a short period of time. There were dozens of Connate Cultivators!

    “You’re indeed powerful. I’m ashamed.”

    Zhao Qingchen was a member of the royal family. He knew when to lower his head and yield.

    But Chen Fan was still looking at him coldly. This man had humiliated the Chinese people several times before and Chen Fan never forgot about it.

    “It was only a misunderstanding. The treasures belong to no one. You can take whatever you want.” Zhao Qingchen took another step back.

    Chen Fan ignored him and stepped forward with fire in his eyes.

    “My friend, I’m a member of the royal family and my ancestor is Lord Beihan. Everyone here came from Grotto-heavens and large families. Are you really going to kill us all?” Zhao Qingchen said calmly, but his heart was trembling. He had never been humiliated like this before.

    Chen Fan’s body shook a bit.

    Everyone was thrilled and Zhao Qingchen seemed to be satisfied. In the Beihan Region, Lord Beihan was like God and all the Overlords had to think twice before provoking the members of the royal family.

    “Give me one Spirit Treasure or a peerless material and I’ll spare you lives. Otherwise, all of you will have to die!” Chen Fan said.

    “Why don’t you come and get it?”

    Gu Lingzi widened his eyes.

    A Spirit Treasure was important for any sect. It was something that brought luck for them and many Golden Core Ancestral Patriarchs might not even have one. Those elites had been granted Spirit Treasures because they had a promising future. They would definitely be punished if they lost it in this excursion.

    “Then, die!”

    Chen Fan flicked his fingers and a powerful energy shot through Gu Lingzi, making him spurt silver blood and fracturing his bones instantly.

    Everyone was frightened.

    They had finally realized how cruel Chen Fan was, so they decided to hand over their Spirit Treasures. After all, their lives were more important than the treasures.

    “Phew, luckily.”

    Only Zhao Qingchen was truly relieved.

    Losing a Spirit Treasure was inconsequential for the rich royal family. Besides, he would report to the King when he returned and would then gather all the Overlords to go after Chen Fan.

    “Kid, you might be able to do anything right now, but I’ll tear you apart and exterminate all the Chinese people after I leave the Grotto-heaven.”

    Zhao Qingchen was acting more and more respectful.

    “The Tianming Sword, the Golden Spear, the Thick Soil Shield…”

    Lin Wuhua and the others gave Chen Fan their Spirit Treasures, but they still had a hint of hope. After all, those Spirit Treasures belonged to their sects and all of them had Golden Core imprints, making it impossible for outsiders to control them.

    But Chen Fan wiped off all those imprints and completely dashed everyone’s hope.

    “Brother, you’re impressive. I’m in love with you.”

    Bai Qiuer handed over the Yin Yang Painting. Her lips were red like fire and her eyes were glittering. Her seductive look made all the men’s hearts race.

    “If you were twenty years younger, I might have let you be my maid,” Chen Fan said.

    Bai Qiuer froze. Chen Fan was apparently mocking her age.

    “I’m only thirty years old, which is pretty young among the Immortal Cultivators,” Bai Qiuer said as she glared at Chen Fan and left.

    It was finally Zhao Qingchen’s turn.

    Zhao Qingchen smiled and moved forward. He took out a white Spirit Armor with a giant python twined around it from his dimension ring.

    He said with a hint of arrogance, “This armor is called the White Dragon. An Overlord of my sect named it after the form he transformed to. It’s very powerful among the Defensive Spirit Treasures and can withstand an attack from a Golden Core Cultivator…”

    This armor had to be at the top of the Golden Core Level and might even be close to the Nascent Soul Level. It was definitely a superior-grade Spirit Armor.

    But before Zhao Qingchen finished talking, Chen Fan interrupted him, “Give me your ring too.”

    Zhao Qingchen was stunned.

    Dimension Treasures were rarer than Spirit Treasures. A Dimension Treasure had to be a Spirit Treasure, but it wasn’t necessarily true the other way round. Only Zhao Qingchen among all the elites had a dimension ring.

    Even though he wasn’t willing to give the ring to Chen Fan, he did so in the end. He couldn’t wait to get out of the Juehan Grotto-heaven so he could ask the royal family to go after Chen Fan.

    While Zhao Qingchen was about to leave, Chen Fan suddenly said, “Did I say you can leave?”

    “What do you mean?” Zhao Qingchen was anxious and his smile disappeared. “You said we just had to give you one Spirit Treasure and I even gave you my dimension ring!”

    “That only applies to them. You humiliated my people and tried to kill me. This isn’t something only a Spirit Treasure can compensate for,” Chen Fan said calmly.

    “What do you want?” Zhao Qingchen said expressionlessly.

    “Simple. I want the blood of the Sky-Swallowing Python in you.” Chen Fan gave a beaming smile.

    “No way!”

    Zhao Qingchen was enraged.

    On Planet Tianhuang, blood was the core and most important asset for any powerful race. The royal family could rule the Beihan Region because of the blood of the “Sky-Swallowing Python.” Losing it would be like losing their main cultivation art. Without it, Zhao Qingchen would immediately turn into a useless person, which made it harder for him to accept.

    “I’m not negotiating with you. I’m only telling you,” Chen Fan said as he reached out his hand.

    “Fall back!”

    Zhao Qingchen crushed a talisman in front of his chest. He was then surrounded by a white aura and he turned into a beam of white light as he entered a dimension.

    “Void Secret Talisman,” someone murmured.

    Only Nascent Soul Cultivators could make this kind of secret talisman. It could send someone a thousand miles away through a dimension portal and was very rare in the Beihan Region. It was more precious than a Space Treasure, so Zhao Qingchen didn’t really want to use it if it wasn’t necessary.

    “You can’t get away.”

    Chen Fan’s hands reached out. Everyone saw them disappear and only his wrists were left. Then, a scream was heard and Chen Fan dragged out a white light ball.

    The white light dissipated and Zhao Qingchen’s terrified face was exposed.

    “Breaking a dimension with his body!”

    At that moment, all elites were terrified.

    A cultivator who could tear a dimension apart had to be the most outstanding among the Golden Core Cultivators or may even be at the Nascent Soul realm. Such a being could travel a thousand miles with one step and no arrays could restrict him. He would be the most powerful Overlord even on Planet Tianhuang, let alone in the Beihan Region.

    “This man has complete control of the dimension. Is he in fact a Golden Core or a Nascent Soul Cultivator?”

    Lin Wuhua widened her eyes.

    She couldn’t believe that a Core Formation Cultivator could tear open a dimension. Lin Wuhua even doubted that Chen Fan’s appearance, name and identity were real.

    The others were thinking along the same lines; they lowered their heads in fear.

    “Senior, please don’t kill me,” Zhao Qingchen begged.

    But how would Chen Fan hold back? He raised his hands and a small black swirl appeared above Zhao Qingchen.

    Swallowing Divine Power!


    “Ach, ach!”

    Zhao Qingchen’s eyes widened. His face flushed and blue veins throbbed as if he were suffering an excruciating pain. Everyone saw the blood in his veins flow out and gather over Chen Fan’s hand. That blood was white and chilly, which made the ground freeze.

    This situation lasted for a few minutes.

    In the end, all the blood formed a ball which was the size of a thumb. A transparent white python swam inside and a vicious energy surged out of it. That was the blood of the Sky-Swallowing Python.

    Chen Fan took out a jade bottle and placed the blood inside. Then, he let Zhao Qingchen leave.


    Zhao Qingchen knelt on the ground.

    He looked pale and was drenched in sweat. His hands were shaking; he couldn’t even stand up. The others were stunned. They knew that Zhao Qingchen had become a useless person after losing that blood; he would never be able to cultivate again.

    “Chen Beixuan, you took my blood and destroyed my future. My people… My people will never let you get away with it!”

    Zhao Qingchen looked at Chen Fan with a baleful look.

    “Really? Let them come!”

    Chen Fan didn’t mind at all.

    He asked everyone to leave and turned around, to face the palace alone.

    Lin Wuhua and the others helped Zhao Qingchen up and walked out of the Grotto-heaven’s center. Some of them looked back and saw the arrays shatter. The gate of the palace opened and Chen Fan entered.

    “We lost a lot of things this time.”

    They looked at one another with gloomy faces.

    They had thought that this would only be a battle between elites, but Chen Fan showed up.

    “Luckily, we didn’t become someone like Zhao Qingchen.” They were completely terrified after looking at Zhao Qingchen’s sad state.

    For a genius, taking away the talent he was most proud of was more heart-breaking than killing him.

    Many elites walked out of the Grotto-heaven soullessly. The others immediately knew what happened. The truth about the incident inside the Grotto-heaven was quickly spread; thousands of cultivators outside were in awe.“Chen Beixuan entered Juehan Grotto-heaven.”

    “Chen Beixuan defeated all the elites and killed dozens of Connate Cultivators by himself!”

    “Chen Beixuan got the treasures of Perfected Cultivator Juehan and injured Zhao Qingchen, the Prince of the royal family…”

    All those news were like bombs to everyone. Mu Hongti was dumbfounded; she couldn’t believe any of it. Half of the Beihan Region soon learned of this.

    The six Grotto-heavens, the entire royal city and countless cultivation families were stirred.

    At this moment…

    Chen Fan became famous around the Beihan Region!