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Chapter 827 - Defeating the Elites

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     827 Defeating the Elites"Boom!"

    The air exploded. A thousand feet around the palace turned into a sea of Essence Qi and the collective surges of Connate energy were upsetting the inner world. Countless talisman inscriptions on the walls were lit up to protect this old building.

    Outside the palace.

    Zhao Qingchen looked cold while a giant python floated behind him. Gu Lingzi, Lin Wuhua and Zhao Qiuer were also ready to fight.

    "Even if you're really a Golden Core Cultivator, we can still kill you!" Zhao Qingchen said.

    Being a member of the Beihan Region's royal family, he had neither lost a battle nor encountered any difficulties since he was young, which was why he tended to despise everything in full display of arrogance. He didn't think he would lose on this piece of land.


    Gu Lingzi immediately attacked without saying anything.

    His body was silver in color and he was surrounded by an aura. When he spread his wings, he instantly turned into a beam of silver light. The spear in his hand pierced through the air, shooting toward Chen Fan at ten times the speed of sound. Most of the people present could only see that silver light ray.

    "Gu Lingzi wasn't really hurt before. He was just fooling me."

    Lin Wuhua felt startled.

    Gu Lingzi could be considered the most powerful cultivator among the younger generation in the Beihan Region with this attack. That beam of silver light was indestructible. It flashed across the sky, seemingly having made the air quake; even a Core Formation Cultivator would die if he wasn't careful enough.


    Then came a tinkle.

    Chen Fan flicked the silver light off and Gu Lingzi's body appeared. The silver light ray made a ninety degree turn and it almost broke. Everyone saw Gu Lingzi's flushing face; he was apparently trying his best to push forward, but he wasn't able to.


    The silver light moved a thousand feet backwards; it came dangerously close to clashing against the array. Gu Lingzi was exposed when the silver light dissipated. He looked overwhelmed as he gasped for air.

    Chen Fan had almost broken the silver spear.

    Gu Lingzi's spear was a gifted Divine Power called the "White Silver Secret Weapon." It had thousands of different forms and was as powerful as a Quasi-Spirit Treasure, but it couldn't even withstand one attack from Chen Fan.

    "Let me help you," Manggu shouted.

    He believed the Tianmang Body was unstoppable. In fact, the Tianmang Hall indeed used this body to run wild in the Beihan Region. It was indeed unbreakable; everyone was helpless against it.

    Manggu was ten meters tall like a giant; he rushed forward as if he were a tank.

    Chen Fan placed one hand behind his back, then clenched his other fist and threw a punch.


    Nothing could be used to describe this punch.

    There was an explosion in the sky and the air in a hundred meters range was obliterated. Only a beam of golden light could be seen, which came from Chen Fan's hand. It penetrated Manggu's chest, continuing until it struck the array, creating a banging sound.

    Manggu let out a cry.

    His ten-meter body was thrown away like a torn bag. His body made crackling sounds while he was in the air. A scary amount of bones, muscles and organs were either cracked, torn, or ruptured, and there was even a giant hole on his chest, showing the light golden blood and bones inside.

    The Tianmang Body was tough indeed and Chen Fan didn't use his full power. If not, this attack would have killed Manggu.


    Even Lin Wuhua was shocked silent.

    Many Connate Overlords gasped. Manggu, the representative of the Tianmang Grotto-heaven and a cultivator who had almost achieved a Golden Core Body, he couldn't even withstand a punch from Chen Fan? The others even realized by then that Chen Fan hadn't used any Dharmic Power. He threw a punch with the energy of his own body.

    "He… He's too powerful! How is he capable of doing that?"

    Zhang Dongxu's eyes popped out.

    He was thrilled at first when he saw Chen Fan here, thinking that he could take this opportunity to kill him. And yet, all those dreams had been crushed by Chen Fan; any kind of plotting was just a joke in front of such an invincible energy.

    Bai Qiuer's jaw dropped, completely unable to conceive this.


    Then, Chen Fan moved.

    He started attacking. His body was like a flash of light and he appeared in front of Zhao Qingchen in an instant. He opened his hand and smacked down.

    "Go to hell!"

    Zhao Qingchen was still looking calm.

    The white python behind him opened its mouth and tried to swallow Chen Fan. The Sky-Swallowing Python was said to be able to swallow a Nascent Soul Cultivator and suck dry a lake, which were telltale feats of its extreme power.

    However, the power of the phenomenal-success Divine Body wasn't something these people could withstand. Chen Fan's azure hand crushed the head of the Sky-Swallowing Python. Its hundred-foot body was shattered, then the hand hit Zhao Qingchen.


    Zhao Qingchen was smacked down like a ball; Chen Fan pushed him a hundred feet into the ground.

    He would have been smashed if it weren't for the white Golden Core talisman on his body.

    "This man is powerful. We will all die here if we don't fight with our full power," Lin Wuhua said seriously.

    A black light a hundred feet long behind her shot up into the sky and turned into a giant hellish sword. An energy close to that of a Golden Core Cultivator surged from her body.

    Spirit Treasure, the Tianming Sword!

    "Bang, bang."

    Seven Spirit Treasures were awoken one after another.

    Gu Lingzi formed a golden spear on his hand and a ray of light shot out from it. A Tai Chi Painting appeared under Bai Qiuer's feet, while Chu Tianyu was holding the True Dragon Hammer and a Purple Qi Dragon howled next to him…

    All of these elites hailed from top Grotto-heavens and sects. How would they not have any Spirit Treasures?

    They were holding their own Spirit Treasures; each of them produced energy signatures as earth-shattering as those of a Golden Core Cultivator. The seven of them together were even more powerful than the seven Sect Masters in Kunxu. Dozens of Connate Cultivators around them also lined up and moved forward.

    Unfortunately, Chen Fan wasn't the same as he was several years back.


    Chen Fan shot up into the sky and smacked in their direction.


    A giant millstone spinned in the sky, creating a thunderous sound. Everyone then saw an enormous hand appear in the air; even the arrays formed by Perfected Cultivator Juehan exploded.

    This enormous hand was azure in color, formed by countless tiny talisman inscriptions. It was surrounded by an azure aura, and it seemed as if it were going to crush everything.

    Yi Wood Grand Qin Na Hand.

    Chen Fan used this Dharma Spell with his Golden Core power, pushing the energy to the highest level.


    Lin Wuhua was originally confident, and was about to fight Chen Fan with her Tianming Sword, but she almost dropped her weapon after seeing this hand. Gu Lingzi and Manggu were also frightened.

    Such a terrifying Dharma Spell wasn't something Connate Cultivators could resist.

    A Connate Cultivator looked up and said, "Oh Lord! Is this guy a true Core Formation Cultivator? Or is he a Golden Core Ancestral Patriarch who came to fool us?"

    "Let's fight!" Manggu yelled.

    It seemed they couldn't run away at this point, and their dignity didn't allow them to ask for mercy, either.

    A shield ten feet large appeared in his hand. It was extremely thick and there were many signs on it which were letting out a yellow light. The Thick Soil Shield was one of the Defensive Spirit Treasures of the Tianmang Hall. It was said to be able to resist an attack from a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator, but at this moment, Manggu wasn't quite confident about it.


    Chen Fan finally attacked.

    It seemed that the world had reversed and that mountains had collapsed.

    No one could describe this attack with words. Beams of azure light fell from the sky, filling the world as if the universe had collapsed. There were sounds like claps of thunder in the sky, which were being caused by Essence Qi explosions.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Many Connate Overlords took out their Dharma Treasures and used their cultivation arts to clash against the giant hand, but none of them succeeded. A flying sword couldn't even leave a mark on it.

    Only Lin Wuhua made the giant hand shake slightly with her Tianming Sword and her black waves.


    In the end, everyone shouted as they exerted themselves. Seven Spirit Treasures were awakened at the same time, hitting the azure hand with a terrifying energy. Some elites even used the power of their Essence Core.

    But to no avail.

    Chen Fan's True Essence was extremely powerful. Even a Golden Core Cultivator would easily be defeated, not to mention cultivators like them. The giant hand then smacked down on the ground.


    The Grotto-heaven shook.

    The restriction spells on the palace gave in and the entire building almost collapsed. A mark of the hand was left on the ground, which was a thousand feet large and several meters deep.

    The azure light dissipated.

    A group of people lay on the ground.

    Normal Connate Cultivators like Zhang Dongxu had been smashed when the hand smacked down. Dozens of Connate Overlords died instantly. The elites were more powerful, and they had the Golden Core talismans and secret treasures given by their elders, so they had barely survived. Still, all of them were severely injured.


    Lin Wuhua's black gown was torn, showing her fair skin. She knelt on one knee and looked at Chen Fan in shock as she spurted out blood.

    Chen Fan had killed dozens of Connate Cultivators and defeated the six powerful elites!

    This was something Lin Wuhua had never considered.

    She thought this trip was a chance for the elites to battle and determine the most powerful one among the younger generation, but Chen Fan showed up and defeated all of them.

    "It's impossible… He's only a Core Formation Cultivator. Why is he so powerful?"

    Gu Lingzi had lost his soul.

    One of his wings broke and there were wounds all over his body. His silver armor had also shattered. Manggu, Chu Tianyu and Bai Qiuer were also completely stunned.



    A giant python quickly emerged from the ground and Zhao Qingchen appeared. He was covered in white scales and his energy was a few times more powerful than before.

    He yelled, "Chinese kid, this is my real Divine Power…"

    Before Zhao Qingchen finished talking, he took in the sight of the surviving elites and suddenly paused. Chen Fan smiled and looked at him.

    "What did you just say?"