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Chapter 826 - Get Out, or Die!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 826 Get Out, or Die!

    "Who are you… Hm, aren't you the Chinese Connate Cultivator? Where's the person in the golden light ray from a moment ago?" Lin Wuhua went forward and asked.

    She had seen Chen Fan at the City Lord Mansion, so she was shocked.

    That beam of golden light had to be from a Core Formation Cultivator, at least. Lin Wuhua had regarded that person as her enemy; she couldn't believe that it was Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan remained silent and looked at the palace in front of him. Countless talisman inscriptions were flashing in his eyes. He had let out his Immortal Will to scan through the arrays surrounding the palace.

    "Do you want to die?" Lin Wuhua said coldly.

    As the representative of Xuanming Grotto-heaven, even the Ancestral Patriarchs of the cultivation families had to respect her. How could a Chinese Connate Cultivator ignore her?

    A Black Water True Energy surrounded her hand, then it turned into a chain and was about to twine around Chen Fan.

    Then, a banging sound was heard up above. Lin Wuhua turned around and saw a silver man flashing out of the chilly wind.

    Gu Lingzi!

    He had arrived.

    Gu Lingzi was surrounded by a silver aura. His silver armor and his wings were shining bright, and his hair looked as if made of white silver. There were many wounds on his body, which had been caused by the arrays when he reached the center.

    Even so, Gu Lingzi was still standing upright and his eyes were full of coldness.

    "I'll kill Gu Lingzi first."

    Lin Wuhua immediately made a decision.

    Compared to Chen Fan, Gu Lingzi was her biggest enemy. This young elite of the Silver Spirits had been born with four powerful Divine Powers. Even though he was severely injured at the moment, he was still terrifying. Lin Wuhua knew what he was capable of. If she didn't have the Tianming Sword last time, she would have been much weaker.


    The shadow of a sword appeared behind Lin Wuhua.

    Gu Lingzi had never thought that there would only be three cultivators near the palace, especially when Lin Wuhua was one of them. And yet, he wasn't afraid at all. He sneered and formed a peerless spear a few feet long.

    The battle began.

    Then, there came some crackling sounds.

    A three-meter brawny man broke through the wind. He was muscular, as if his body were made of steel and he exuded a powerful energy. He was Manggu, the representative of Tianmang Grotto-heaven!

    Once Manggu arrived, Lin Wuhua and Gu Lingzi became alert. When they were about to speak, many others came through the chilly wind.

    Chu Tianyu, the Young Master of the Chu family of the royal city.

    Bai Qiuer, the representative of the Yin Yang Grotto-heaven.

    Zhao Qingchen, a member of the royal family…

    In the end, dozens of Connate Cultivators broke open the arrays and walked in. There were countless elites and cultivators in front of the palace in a heartbeat. The weakest among them were peak-stage Connate Cultivators and even Zhang Dongxu was nameless among all of them.

    "Lin Wuhua, looks like our battle has to be postponed."

    Gu Lingzi smiled and put away his spear.

    Lin Wuhua grunted and her sword shadow also disappeared.

    "Where's the guy we saw before?" Manggu asked.

    Everyone was thinking about taking one step at a time. They wanted to go around the entire Grotto-heaven, then enter the palace to fight for the treasure pearl, but Chen Fan ruined their plans. They were worried that the treasure would be taken, so they had to get there earlier.

    Many of them were filled with wounds like Gu Lingzi. Only a few had dimension-type secret treasures like Lin Wuhua and Zhang Dongxu even looked overwhelmed. At least eight Connate Cultivators had died trying to break through the layers of arrays.

    "When I arrived, that person had already disappeared. He's the only one who was present when I got here," Lin Wuhua replied.

    Everyone turned to look at Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan didn't seem to mind facing so many elites and Overlords, at all. He kept standing at the palace gate, analyzing the arrays with his Immortal Will.

    Many people stared at Chen Fan with disdain after seeing his Chinese face and sensing his weak energy.

    "As you all know, this palace was built by Perfected Cultivator Juehan with an incomparable power. It's surrounded by countless killing arrays. A Golden Core Perfected Cultivator tried to break in, but he was frozen into an ice statue. That guy would never get in so easily," Zhao Qingchen said. He glared at Chen Fan and issued a command, "Tell me. Where did that person go? Why did he come?"

    Chen Fan ignored him.

    Zhao Qingchen froze. Being a member of the royal family, he had never been disrespected like this before.

    Bai Qiuer covered her mouth and laughed. Her satin gown exposed a good portion of her breasts and her body bent as if it had cracked, which caught everyone's attention.

    "Brother, if you tell us where the beam of golden light went, I'll give you a reward," Bai Qiuer said with a gentle voice.

    The Yin Yang Grotto-heaven practiced Charming Arts. As their representative, Bai Qiuer could make a Connate Cultivator yield easily.

    But Chen Fan still refused to answer; he didn't even look at them.

    This time, even Bai Qiuer became cold. Seeing that happen, Lin Wuhua admired this Chinese young man a bit instead.

    "How dare you ignore his Highness and Fairy Bai!"

    An elder in a purple robe grunted as he created ten long purple lights with his claw-like hands and attacked Chen Fan.

    It was the Ancestral Patriarch of the Zi family of Zhaoshan City.

    This old man was called Zi Jinghong; he was a peak-stage Connate Cultivator. He had powerful Poisonous Dragon Energy and was extremely vicious. He had once killed a peerless Connate Cultivator with the Poisonous Dragon Energy, which made the Zi family famous.


    The ten rays of light disappeared once they were ten feet away from Chen Fan.


    Everyone was stunned.

    The elites were the most outstanding cultivators among the younger generation. Chu Tianyu frowned.

    "A territory? You've completed the Essence Core and are a Core Formation Cultivator?"

    Many people were stunned. Core Formation Cultivators were rare. There were less than ten of them in a normal sect and there might not be any in cities like Zhuyan City, let alone Chen Fan who was Chinese.

    "All right, looks like I've underestimated you. You were the beam of golden light, right?"

    Zhao Qingchen sounded a bit angry.

    Lin Wuhua and Gu Lingzi were both startled by this. They had been fooled by Chen Fan's appearance, never thinking that this Chinese young man was a Core Formation Cultivator.

    But they weren't afraid at all. Since they were the most powerful cultivators among the younger generation of the Beihan Region, they had already fought with Core Formation Cultivators before.

    Manggu stepped forward and said with a thunderous voice, "Back off!"

    Many elites also looked at Chen Fan coldly.

    In front of so many young elites, even normal Core Formation Cultivators would retreat, but Chen Fan wasn't worried at all. He said calmly, "I'll give you a few minutes. Get out of my face, or die!"

    Everyone was first startled, then they burst into laughter. Chu Tianyu snickered.

    "Who do you think you are? A Golden Core Perfected Cultivator? Even a Perfected Cultivator has to yield to us, not to mention you're only a Chinese Core Formation Cultivator. We would respect you if you were Lord Beihan or the Sect Masters of the six Grotto-heavens, but you're nothing."

    "Brother, it's important to know your place."

    Bai Qiuer shook his head.

    The others also sneered.

    There were dozens of peak-stage Connate Cultivators and eight young elites in front of the palace. Normal Golden Core Cultivators might not be able to resist such powerful forces. After all, they weren't ordinary Connate Cultivators, but cultivators that stood at the top of the Connate Level.


    Chen Fan attacked immediately.

    Those people before him were just like bugs in his eyes. He formed a giant azure hand which was ten feet large, then he smacked Zi Jinghong down.

    This Ancestral Patriarch of the Zi family let out a cry and was thoroughly smashed.

    A Connate Cultivator had been killed with a smack!

    "You're dead!"

    Zhao Qingchen and the others were enraged. They had never thought Chen Fan would attack in front of them.

    "True Dragon Secret Art."

    Chu Tianyu immediately cast a spell and created a dragon. It was a hundred feet long. Its hair was shining and its scales were realistic. It then let out a cry and flashed towards Chen Fan.

    The Chu family of the royal city claimed that they had the blood of a True Dragon.

    However, a True Dragon was a Divine Beast. How would people on Planet Tianhuang have its blood? Nevertheless, the Chu family indeed had the earth-shattering secret arts of the dragons.


    Chen Fan put one hand behind his back and flicked the fingers of the other.


    The dragon stopped as if it had been hit by a hammer; it then exploded bit by bit. A terrifying energy was sent back to Chu Tianyu, which made him tremble and retreat a few hundred meters.

    "Oh no, his True Essence is too terrifying. It's as powerful as that of a Golden Core Cultivator."

    Chu Tianyu was in awe.

    As he went head to head with Chen Fan, it was like hitting a mountain. A powerful energy almost cracked his body. He had only seen such a power displayed by Ancestral Patriarchs.

    "Let's work together," Zhao Qingchen shouted and a white python appeared behind him. It was three hundred feet long and it turned into an enormous snake.

    After that…

    Dozens of energy bursts shot from the ground and filled the air, which made the arrays around them screech. Those energies were more frightening than those of Golden Core Cultivators; it felt as if they were going to destroy the world.

    There were many black waves around Lin Wuhua as if she were the Queen of Hell. Gu Lingzi swiftly reached the skies, spreading his wings and holding his spear. Manggu became a ten-meter giant…

    In a blink, Chen Fan had been backed into a corner.