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Chapter 825 - Chen Fan’s Power

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     825 Chen Fan’s PowerMeanwhile, wind was howling outside the mansion of Perfected Cultivator Juehan.

    All the descendants, Connate Ancestral Patriarchs and regular Immortal Cultivators of different sects around the Beihan Region had gathered there. There were over a hundred Connate Overlords and cultivators as powerful as Xuan Qingzi, but all of them remained silent.

    Chen Fan's way of killing Xuan Qingzi had been too frightening. He did it effortlessly and without hesitation, which meant that he was much more powerful than Xuan Qingzi. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to do so.

    "A Core Formation Cultivator. He's a Little Perfected Cultivator!"

    Countless people were startled.

    They looked at Chen Fan in fear.

    The Core Formation State was the last stage before the Golden Core Level. Core Formation Cultivators already had part of the powers of a Golden Core Cultivator and could suppress normal Connate Cultivators. They were also called Little Perfected Cultivators; their status was second only to Golden Core Cultivators.

    "But how is that possible? Even young Overlords like Gu Lingzi and Lin Wuhua aren't Core Formation Cultivators. How can this nameless young man reach such a high level? Is he a secret disciple of that Golden Core old man?" Fairy Yuelong wondered.

    Not only her, many Connate Cultivators were also confused.

    Old Sang, the Sect-servant of the City Lord Mansion, didn't enter the mansion with Zhang Dongxu. He remained with Zhang Lingfeng all the time. So, he had been completely stunned when he saw how powerful Chen Fan was.

    "This kid is Chinese. He didn't even dare to move a finger the last time I met him. How did he suddenly become a Little Perfected Cultivator?"

    Old Sang couldn't believe it.

    But Chen Fan did kill a sect heir. So, even if they were confused, they had to yield to him. Who wouldn't be scared when facing a cultivator who was that close to the Golden Core Level?

    Chen Fan looked at Fairy Yuelong.

    "I killed Xuan Qingzi. Are you going to avenge him?"

    Chen Fan's voice was like a clap of thunder, freezing both Fairy Yuelong and Fang Jianyu. They might be the heirs of their sects and could treat all the other cultivation families with contempt, but they didn't dare to act against Chen Fan.

    "No, Little Perfected Cultivator. We didn't really know Xuan Qingzi. Please don't get it wrong," Fang Jianyu quickly said, "I guess even Lin Wuhua and Chu Tianyu are no match for you. I hope you can defeat all your enemies and enjoy the treasures alone."

    Fairy Yuelong wasn't willing to yield, but she had to.

    "I have nothing to do with Xuan Qingzi either."

    Seeing them lower their heads in front of Chen Fan, the others followed suit. Nobody wanted to offend such a cultivator and be killed in a second.


    Chen Fan grunted and turned to Mu Hongti and the others.

    The Young Master of the Wu family lowered his head and avoided Chen Fan's eyes, while Zhang Lingfeng was pale and trembling. Only Mu Hongti stood there with a shocked look.

    "Senior Chen… is so powerful!" Yun Yier mumbled with a slack jaw and eyes open wide.


    Chen Fan stretched out his hand and Zhang Lingfeng flew out of the crowd, landing close to his grasp.

    "Please don't kill me, Senior Chen. Hu Kunhao did all that. I have nothing to do with it. I've always respected you," Zhang Lingfeng yelled. Chen Fan had killed Xuan Qingzi, so why would he be afraid of the City Lord?

    Zhang Lingfeng had been thinking of running away since Xuan Qingzi died, but he dared not to. After all, Chen Fan was almost a Golden Core Cultivator.

    Old Sang quickly approached them and said, "My friend, please spare the life of my Young Master for the sake of the City Lord. Zhuyan City will be grateful…"

    Mu Hongti was about to beg on his behalf as well.

    "You've also been jeering at me. Do you really think I'm a fool?"

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    Then, he let out some energy through his hand.


    Zhang Lingfeng was crushed into a blood mist with True Essence. This top cultivation elite of Zhuyan City, a young Divine Sea Overlord, had died in half a second.

    Everyone was terrified.

    While facing a vicious man like Chen Fan, not even the descendants of the other sects dared to say anything.

    The Young Master of the Wu family knelt down and begged for mercy. The elders of the Mu family and the Yun family were drenched in sweat when they thought about how they had treated Chen Fan ten days past.

    "How… How dare you kill my Young Master? Aren't you worried that the City Lord Mansion would take revenge?"

    Old Sang stared at Chen Fan in shock.

    "I'll kill you too if you say another word," Chen Fan said calmly.

    Old Sang suddenly remembered Chen Fan was an Overlord close to the Golden Core Level. Even the City Lord, Zhang Dongxu, was no match for him. When Zhang Dongxu learned of this, he wouldn't even think about taking revenge; he would apologize to Chen Fan instead. This was the power of a Golden Core-to-be! If Chen Fan really became a Golden Core Cultivator, no one would say a word even if he exterminated all the sects and families.

    After thinking all of this, Old Sang slowly bowed.

    "Zhang Lingfeng offended you. He indeed deserved to die."

    After Old Sang gave in, the rest of the people from Zhuyan City became even more frightened. Mu Hongti looked at Chen Fan with a troubled face. She finally realized the power and status of a Core Formation Cultivator.

    There were thousands of cultivators present, including over a hundred Connate Cultivators, but none of them dared to look directly into Chen Fan's eyes.

    His power was astonishing.

    "I'm afraid that even Lin Wuhua and Gu Lingzi are weaker than him," someone murmured.

    Chen Fan nodded at Mu Hongti and turned into a beam of golden light as he entered the gate. Everyone was finally relieved after he left.

    "Where did he come from? I had never heard about him before. Even Xuan Qingzi's Qingyang Gold Body was unable to withstand his attack. He's really terrifying."

    A young man in a white shirt frowned.

    "Brother Lincai, didn't you notice he has black hair and black eyes? He's Chinese."

    Fang Jianyu heaved a sigh.

    "What? Chinese?"

    Everyone was stunned.

    The Connate Cultivators then realized Chen Fan indeed had black hair and black eyes, and he looked a bit different from the people in the Beihan Region.

    "He's really Chinese? But I thought they had been cursed by Lord Beihan and had no Immortal Cultivators ever since."

    Fairy Yuelong was surprised.

    "Nobody knows if Lord Beihan cursed them or not, but the Chinese are indeed weaker. They don't usually have Immortal Cultivators. Even if they do, there are only a few of them, let alone Connate or Core Formation Cultivators. I guess this Little Perfected Cultivator must have gotten some help with his cultivation." Fang Jianyu shook his head.

    The others looked at one another. A Chinese cultivator had made so many heirs and Connate Ancestral Patriarchs yield. Many of them felt ashamed while they were still in shock.

    Whether Chen Fan was Chinese or not, his power was real.

    Once Chen Fan entered the gate, he felt as if the world had changed. Everything immediately became white, filled with a chilly air.

    He finally understood why only Connate Cultivators could enter this place.

    There were cold waves everywhere which could easily freeze people. Normal cultivators would immediately turn into ice statues; only Connate Cultivators could barely survive, but they would also shiver uncontrollably.


    Chen Fan faced the chilly wind, not feeling cold at all.

    He let out his Immortal Will and scanned through the entire world. This Grotto-heaven was only a hundred miles large. Perfected Cultivator Juehan was more powerful than normal Golden Core Cultivators. He found this world, then repaired the dimension passage and turned it into his mansion.

    Chen Fan sensed that there were many invisible arrays in the area. Those arrays were connected with the entire Grotto-heaven and were extremely powerful. Even though part of them had lost their power, most were still working. Even Golden Core Cultivators would be in danger once they entered.

    Many strong energies entangled and clashed against each other in the Grotto-heaven.

    They belonged to the elites and Connate Overlords who had entered the Grotto-heaven first. They were carefully moving forward, so that they wouldn't be sucked into the arrays.


    Since his identity had already been exposed, Chen Fan didn't hold back anymore. He shot into the sky and turned into a beam of golden light, flashing across the air towards the center of the Grotto-heaven. He felt the energy of the Ancient Underworld Pearl there.

    "Boom, boom!"

    Layers of arrays exploded next to Chen Fan. He swept across the sky like a long train, creating a thunderous sound. He was also like a golden shooting star which shone over the entire Grotto-heaven.

    At that moment.

    Countless Connate Overlords looked up and saw that golden light ray flash across the sky.

    "Who's that? Isn't he scared of the array?"

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    They had been so careful, afraid that they would be dragged into the arrays of Perfected Cultivator Juehan, but that person ignored all of that.

    "Oh no!"

    Chen Fan didn't seem to be planning on stopping; he kept breaking through layers of arrays as he moved towards the center. Many elites then also turned into rays of light and went after Chen Fan.

    "Damn it. Who's flashing around Juehan Grotto-heaven completely disregarding his safety? Does he want to die?" Lin Wuhua thought.

    But she had to do the same thing. She turned into black waves and broke through many arrays. The center of the Grotto-heaven was the place where Perfected Cultivator Juehan died, so the Ancient Underworld Pearl had to be there. She would never let anyone else take it.

    Lin Wuhua tried to resist the attacks of the wind blades, thunderbolts and ice spears, as she glanced around at the same time. She saw Gu Lingzi on her right. She knew that all her great enemies were also making a move.

    Nobody would give up on the Ancient Underworld Pearl.

    "Quick! Quick!"

    Lin Wuhua crushed a secret treasure and immediately went into the air, passing through countless arrays. An enormous palace then appeared in front of her.

    The towering palace was a hundred feet tall and some chilly wind blew out from the inside. In front of the palace was a young man with black hair and a black outfit, standing with his back facing the others.

    They were at the center of the Grotto-heaven.