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Chapter 360 - The Solution to Save the Patriarch!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 360: The Solution to Save the Patriarch!

    “Cutie is still alive?” Su Yuhan gaped at Ye Chen by instinct immediately. She was surprised and over the moon, and so were Wu Lan and the rest. Joy filled their faces.

    If the Patriarch of Hell had not fought during that critical moment, they might not have been able to hold the fort until Ye Chen returned.

    Ye Chen walked to the patriarch with a grim expression He released a soft sigh after checking him. “Although he’s still alive, he’s no different from being dead.”

    He found out that the consciousness in the patriarch’s ocean of consciousness was extremely weak. There were signs of it going out, which clearly indicated that his soul power had been drenched. Soul power translated into a person’s soul strength. The worldly terms would be consciousness and vitality.

    Not all mortals’ soul power was the same. For instance, there would be people who could spend a couple of nights at a cyber cafe without sleeping while some would be like zombies the next day after pulling an all-nighter to the extent that nobody could wake them up.

    The patriarch was rather pitiful. As a Tribulation Stage monster, he insisted on taking 3,000 beauties to go through the tribulation with him instead of doing it alone. Nobody had ever done that in the cultivation world, so one could imagine the Heavenly Tribulation that he had to go through for doing that.

    The patriarch had failed the tribulation, so he accidentally landed on Earth with a sliver of soul remnant. If he had managed to find a spirit transfer body, he could have at least recovered to Nascent Soul cultivation base. However, to the patriarch’s devastating discovery, most of the people on earth had no spiritual root.

    It would be hard for him to escape death decades later if he were to take over a mortal’s body without a spiritual root. After realizing that his soul was dying, he possessed a dog that had been run over by a car out of desperation.

    Although that was the case, he had pathetically low soul power. To elevate his cultivation base by force, he had to burn his last remaining sliver of soul power.

    The smile on Su Yuhan’s face faded when she heard what Ye Chen said. She asked while feeling confused, “Ye Chen, what do you mean by he’s still alive but he’s no different from being dead?”

    “Cutie’s soul power has been exhausted, hence he’s in suspended animation now. In other words, he’s like a human vegetable. To be exact, a dog vegetable!” Ye Chen spoke while frowning.

    Wu Lan was the first to get out of the car. She said as her eyes turned red, “Xiaochen, what do we do now? Why don’t we bring Cutie to a vet?”

    A vet?

    Ye Chen was in between laughter and tears. He said while shaking his head, “Mom, don’t worry. I’ll do my best to wake Cutie up.”

    Now that the patriarch’s soul power had been drenched, the only way to save him was to refine the Soul-brewing Pill to recover his soul power. However, to refine the Soul-brewing Pill…

    “Cutie is a good dog. If he’s going to be u-unconscious his whole life, I’ll take care of him,” Wu Lan sobbed as she wiped her tears.

    Ye Chen felt rather touched. After all, the Patriarch of Hell was a cunning fox to him, a monster who would only do things for his own benefit. He would protect himself first during times of danger.

    However, it seemed like Ye Chen was wrong about that. He looked at Su Yuhan to ask, “Oh, yeah, did Cutie have anything to tell me before he fell unconscious?”

    Su Yuhan looked rather awkward. She hesitated and said, “Cutie asked you t-to burn him young models during the Qingming Festival every year…”

    Ye Chen was speechless. Finally, he shook his head and carried the patriarch to the car. He then got Yang Tian to toss Xue Feng and the rest into the boot.

    “Let’s go home.”


    At the Nine Dragons Bay’s villa, there was a pool of blood where Wushuang had died. His body was long gone.

    Three Great Thunder Sword pieces lay quietly on the ground, having lost its glow from before. The Ning family of Nanjing’s treasure was considered gone.

    Lin Tai, who had lost both arms, had fainted earlier.

    Ye Chen bent down to pick up the Great Thunder Sword pieces slowly in misery. As he attempted to fix them, his eyes were rather wet.

    “Wushuang…Wushuang…I’m sorry that I’m late! Why did you do this? You’re my family too. It hurts me to lose any of you!” His hands that were holding the broken sword were shaking lightly. His head was filled with thoughts of the young man in white who had been cold and proud.

    Wu Lan was crying quietly aside while covering her mouth while Su Yuhan turned around quietly to wipe her tears. Ye Hai was speechless.

    “No! It can’t be!” Ye Chen suddenly clenched his fists and said in determination, “I don’t believe that you’re dead. You’re the Imperial Heavenly Emperor Sword’s spirit. You’ve traveled through tens of thousands of worlds with me throughout the 3,000 years, and you weren’t destroyed even once. I can’t believe that merely three ancient martial artists could kill you! I want to see you if you’re still alive. I want to see your body if you’re dead!”

    He seemed to have gone insane as he spread his Divine Consciousness quickly over the range of a kilometer. However, he found nothing.

    Subsequently, he walked to the boot of the Lamborghini. He opened it and pulled Bai Hongyu out.

    “Mad Southern Ye, w-what are you trying to do? The Bai family will never let go of you if you dare to kill me!” Bai Hongyu was scared by his stern expression. “Ahh!”

    Ye Chen pressed his palm on his head to perform the Soul Searching Tactic by activating his Divine Consciousness by force. A moment later, he tossed Bai Hongyu back into the boot. However, his gaze was getting colder now. “An old beggar who rides a donkey? So, you took Wushuang’s body away?”

    Countless thoughts were flashing through his head.

    ‘Who is that old beggar? Why did he take Wushuang’s body?’

    A whiff of fragrance entered his nostrils as Su Yuhan held him tightly. “I know Wushuang’s death is killing you, but you still have us…”

    “That’s right, Xiaochen. He’s already gone.” Ye Hai walked over and patted his shoulder, appearing solemn.

    Mengmeng pulled his pant leg and whined, “Don’t cry, Daddy. When I grow up, I’ll avenge Uncle Wushuang. I’ll kill all of the bad guys!”

    “I’m fine!” Ye Chen took a deep breath. He walked over and picked Lin Tai up from the ground. He then led the rest into the villa.

    Wu Lan could not stop sobbing when she saw the devastating state that Lin Tai was in. “Xiaochen, let’s send Lin Tai to the hospital. He’s been hurt really badly.”

    All of them had witnessed Xue Yuantao severing both of Lin Tai’s arms with their very own eyes. They still had the scene etched in their heads.

    “No need, Mom. I can heal him!” Ye Chen shook his head and placed Lin Tai on the bed. He stopped his bleeding first, then released endless spiritual power into his body.

    “My lord!” Lin Tai woke up an hour later. He attempted to struggle off the bed the second he saw Ye Chen.

    “Don’t move!” Ye Chen pressed him down immediately and said, “You’ve lost a lot of blood and your vitals have been wounded. You shouldn’t move around, We’ll talk when you’re healed.”

    “My lord, Wushuang is dead!” Lin Tai could not help but cry out.

    Ye Chen’s face twitched slightly. “I know, and his body is gone!”

    “No!” Lin Tai shook his head. “I saw with my own eyes that an old beggar took Wushuang’s body away…”

    Subsequently, he told Ye Chen everything that happened.

    Ye Chen squinted slightly. “So, Wushuang is still alive? But who exactly is that old beggar? Also, where’s this 10,000 Sword Pavilion? Why did he say that I can only see Wushuang in three years?”

    At that moment, Ye Hai knocked on the door. “Xiaochen, there’s a lady with the family name of Lan asking to see you!”