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Chapter 359 - I’ll Make You Guys Suffer!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 359: I’ll Make You Guys Suffer!

    Shrieks filled heaven and earth.

    It was Xue Feng screaming.


    Xue Yuantao fell onto the ground as if he had lost his soul. He could not stop shaking. Before this, he thought that he could conquer China with the help of the patriarch Xue Feng’s ability as a half-step martial venerable. He even thought he could kill Ye Chen like a piece of cake.

    When had he ever thought that his family’s patriarch, Xue Feng, who was his trump card, would be crippled by Ye Chen like that?!

    The scene was gory and ruthless!

    Li Ya, Bai Hongyu, and his servant stared blankly at Ye Chen. Their fear was growing.

    Xuu Feng’s ability was no less powerful than theirs, but he had no strength to fight when he was in Ye Chen’s hands. Just how powerful was Ye Chen?

    Their expressions changed completely as they thought about it. Intense horror and disbelief filled their eyes.

    Martial venerable! He was a martial venerable! Only a martial venerable could perform such a technique!

    Bai Hongyu’s heart pounded, and he was no longer as calm as before. He could not help but question, “Mad Southern Ye, are you a martial venerable?”

    “So what if I am and so what if I’m not?” Ye Chen walked towards them one step after another. The cruel gaze in his eyes was becoming more and more unrelenting as if he was going to freeze the place.

    “Wait!” The old man in gray behind Bai Hongyu suddenly stopped him. “Mad Southern Ye, we admit that we’ve underestimated your ability and we regret having offended you. Can we forget about this? As long as you agree to that, Master Bai and I can recommend you to join our family!”

    “The Bai family?” Ye Chen chuckled.

    “That’s right!” the old man continued, “Our family is prestigious in Shang Santian. There are countless cultivation resources in our clan with an infinite number of martial tactic books. If you join our family, you can elevate your cultivation base even further!”

    “And you want me to forget about everything?” Ye Chen said.

    Bai Hongyu nodded and looked at him with a tinge of fear. “We’re here mainly to avenge Bai Zhanyuan, but your value has exceeded Bai Zhanyuan’s, so there’s no need for us to fight you!”

    “That’s right, Mad Southern Ye. Your family is fine. There’s no need to create trouble in your rage. The power our family has is beyond your imagination,” the old man said.

    “My family is fine?” Ye Chen laughed as if he just heard something funny. Soon, his smile faded, and a bitter expression was the only thing left on his face.

    “Ye Wushuang is my brother, but you guys killed him. The Patriarch is my little brother, but you guys killed him too. How dare you say that my family is fine?! You killed my family and humiliated my wife. How dare you be so shameless to beg for forgiveness? I’ll make you guys suffer!” He scoffed and hovered into the air. Then, he activated his immortal body as he was showered in a golden gleam. He appeared to be a man who had conquered the world and had everything under his control.

    It was Ye Chen’s rage! It was the Heavenly Emperor’s rage!


    A humming tremble came from the ground beneath their feet as if the ground was rocking.

    “Kill him now!” the old man in gray lost all rationality and screamed.

    The remaining three of them charged at the same time as soon as they heard that. Energy shot out everywhere, and the terrifying power made Xue Yuantao, a Martial Dao master, retreat immediately. He dared not be part of it as he was afraid that he would be killed by the storm.

    “Sun-slaying Sword!” A sword gleam was glowing in Li Ya’s hand as he swung his sword.

    As Bai Hongyu threw a punch out, he yelled, “Domineering Shadow Fist!”

    “Heavenly Flame Blast!” The gray-clad old man created fire on both of his palms.

    The land within a range of 500 meters was covered in the aura that the three of them released. Xue Yuantao spat a mouthful of blood out from the impact and fainted.

    “Burning Palm!”

    An overbearing and terrifying aura exploded out of Ye Chen’s palm at that moment. When he slammed his palm out, sparks swept across heaven and earth.

    The entire world looked as if it was dyed red. Countless plants wilted and scorching heat waves materialized in the air. The blow suppressed everything!

    Bang, bang, bang…

    With resounding thuds, the trio was thrown around as if they were kites whose threads had been broken. They were vomiting blood, and dense fear permeated their faces.

    The old man shrieked, “How is it possible that you possess martial arts skill too?!”

    Martial arts skill! It was a skill cultivated especially by ancient martial artists!

    Just like a person who was learning to play the piano, they would need to learn to read sheet music. If not, he would be doing it with brute force without using any skill.

    Although there were many ancient martial artists in China, almost none had outstanding martial arts skills. The so-called Wing Chun, Emperor’s Long Fist, and Form-Intention Fist were merely used by regular martial artists to fool themselves.

    The real martial arts skills had been stolen by Shang Santian. On top of that, it would never be taught to any outsiders!

    Therefore, the old man thought that it was a martial arts skill after witnessing the power coming from Ye Chen’s Burning Palm. Furthmore, it was a compelling martial arts skill!

    Ye Chen did not answer him. The aura in his body grew as he stood in the air while his rage peaked.

    “Master Bai, we’re not his match. Let’s go!” The old man got up and held Bai Hongyu. They rushed away quickly in the attempt to flee.

    Li Ya from the Sword Sect activated his sword gleam and ran far away.

    “Stay!” Ye Chen shouted and stretched his arms at the gray-clad old man and Bai Hongyu. He then performed the Gravity Tactic.

    The duo felt a terrifying suction force coming from behind. Desperation filled their eyes while they struggled with all of their might.

    In the next second, a punch landed on the gray-clad old man’s back.


    The old man shrieked in devastation and spat a mouthful of blood out while his body staggered forward. Ye Chen had punched a hole through his chest.

    “Roc Secret Method!”

    A pair of cloud wings appeared on Bai Hongyu’s back. It was a pair of gigantic wings, whereby he shot far away as if he had turned into a gleam of light after flapping his wings.

    “Running away?” The second Ye Chen swung his sword, a sword gleam went after Bai Hongyu. It severed his left arm directly, causing blood to spurt out.

    “Ahh!” Bai Hongfu fell onto the ground after a shriek. Groaning, he could finally sympathize with Xue Feng’s pain from having his arm severed. Although he had compelling force, he was human, after all, and would feel pain.

    At that moment, Bai Hongyu and his servant were crippled within the blink of an eye.

    Meanwhile, Li Ya had run a kilometer away with the sword gleam. However, Ye Chen stopped him in front of him while holding a sword.

    Li Ya forced a smile and landed on the ground. He looked at Ye Chen with a complicated expression on his face. “Would you like to spar with me?”

    He swung his sword at Ye Chen by gathering all of his strength as soon as he said that. Meanwhile, his aura was dying.

    It seemed like the swing of sword came with a big price. The sword could kill a half-step martial venerable.

    Ye Chen also wieldedhis sword.

    The air went silent for a couple of seconds.

    Li Ya looked at him. “What’s that sword?”

    “A sword that kills dogs!” Ye Chen said.

    “Well said! A sword that kills dogs!” Li Ya smiled just as a crack appeared between his brows. He was sliced into half from the middle, and his blood and organs splashed all over the ground.

    He was from the Sword Sect.

    Swordsmanship was his pride! However, he died by a sword!

    At that moment, the result was set!

    Among the five half-step martial venerables, the Patriarch of Hell had sacrificed his soul power to elevate his cultivation base by force and killed Guardian Huang. If Xue Feng had not seen through his weakness, he might have been able to kill the remaining four.

    After Ye Chen returned, Xue Feng was crippled, then next were Bai Hongyu and his servant. However, they were not dead. It was Ye Chen’s intention to keep them alive. Li Ya from the Sword Sect was the only one who was killed by the swing of a sword.

    Ye Hai and the rest were so shocked that their mouths were left wide open. They did not expect this to happen at all.

    The most shocked would be Ye Ming’s family. Although they knew that Ye Chen was very powerful before this, they never expected him to be this intimidating!

    “Xiaochen, if you had come earlier, Xiaoshuang and Cutie wouldn’t…they wouldn’t have died!” Wu Lan said while sobbing. She was in pain and felt guilty when she recalled the young man who had died for them.

    Ye Chen shook his head. “Who said that Cutie is dead?”