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Chapter 358 - I’m Sorry That I’m Late!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 358: I’m Sorry That I’m Late!

    A sea of lightning advanced with dark clouds far away in the sky.

    A sword gleam broke the clouds apart. As if a sun was piercing through the dark clouds, it lit up the world.

    At that moment, everyone lifted their heads to look at the sky. They saw a skinny silhouette in the clouds faintly.

    “Is that…” Ye Hai looked into the sky in a blur. That silhouette seemed to be his unfilial son.

    ‘Is this an illusion?’ Su Yuhan opened her eyes slowly and looked into the sky while tears were still pouring down her face. ‘Is he here?’

    “Daddy, it’s Daddy!” The little Mengmeng’s joyful voice broke the silence.

    Wu Lan carried the little girl who tried to struggle her way out of her embrace. “Daddy, Mengmeng is here!”

    Xue Yuantao, Xue Feng, Li Ya, Bai Hongyu, and his servant had a change of expression upon hearing that.

    “Patriarch, kill them. Mad Southern Ye is here. He has returned!” Xue Yuantao’s face was distorted when he almost screamed his lung.

    If one were to look closer, they would realize that he was shaking.

    The devil had returned. He could not help but feel scared and nervous as he trembled even though he had a few half-step martial venerables there with him.

    Xue Feng snapped back to his senses instantly and slammed his palm at Su Yuhan. He said while grinning, “Perfect! I’ll send him to hell to meet you after I’ve killed you!”

    Everyone watched without blinking as the blow came down on her. Su Yuhan smiled in surrender.

    Xue Yuantao was chuckling. ‘So what if you’ve made it here, Mad Southern Ye? You’ll watch your family die right before your eyes! That’ll be the most painful thing in the world.’

    However, a sword gleam shot through the clouds in the next second.

    Xue Feng’s hand that was closing in on Su Yuhan was sliced into half directly by the sword gleam. He shrieked and retreated quickly while holding his severed hand, appearing to be in terrible pain.

    When they looked again, a skinny silhouette came down from the sky while stepping on a sword gleam. It was the sword gleam that had cut him earlier.

    Xue Feng, Bai Hongyu, and the rest shrank back as a sense of threat grew within them. ‘So, this is Mad Southern Ye? He’s so terrifying!’

    Su Yuhan smiled to see the silhouette that she was so familiar with. She felt like she had lost all of her strength, so she fell slowly onto the ground.

    In the next second, Ye Chen arrived by her side after recalling the sword gleam. He held her into his embrace and whispered close to her ear, “I’m sorry that I’m late!”

    Yang Tian stood aside in silence.

    “Wushuang is dead! And so is Cutie!” Su Yuhan shook in his embrace. She let go the feeling of being wronged as well as the tears that she had been holding back at that moment. She blurted out everything that happened.

    Ye Chen’s arms trembled slightly. He carried her and walked to the Lamborghini before kneeling hard before his parents. He said after taking a deep breath in, “Dad, Mom, Second Uncle, Second Aunty, I’m sorry to have scared you guys!”

    “You’d have to collect our bodies if you came a minute later!” Ye Hai said while looking serious, but there was joy between his brows.

    “Daddy, pick me up. I want you to carry me!”

    The little girl Mengmeng struggled out of Wu Lan’s embrace and ran to Ye Chen. She held his neck tightly and said while pouting, “Daddy, these naughty people are bullying us. They’re the bad guys!”

    “Daddy’s here. Everything is alright!” Ye Chen caressed his daughter’s face.

    At that moment, an extremely unharmonious voice boomed, “What a touching scene!”

    Xue Feng looked coldly at Ye Chen with killing intent on his face. “Mad Southern Ye, you should have at least waited until the time when your family is in hell to meet them again!”

    “That’s right. Your most powerful underlings are dead, but you’re here playing happy family.” Bai Hongyu smirked.

    Ye Ming’s expression changed as he started to say in concern, “Xiaochen…”

    “Second Uncle, I’ll help you guys get over the shock after I kill these few annoying dogs!” Ye Chen smiled and handed his daughter to Wu Lan. He then turned around slowly and glared coldly at Xue Feng and the rest.

    “I suppose you guys are from Shang Santian, huh? You guys sure are something. I didn’t go to you guys, yet you dare to come and trouble my family. I’m holding a grudge against you all. I’ll destroy the organizations behind you guys one day!”

    The smile on his face froze slowly and was soon replaced by intense grim and coldness. “Now, come accept your death, old dogs!”

    “B*stard, you sure are boastful. I’ll fight you!” Xue Feng scoffed as hatred filled his eyes. He threw a punch at Ye Chen while gray energy covered his fist.

    This punch contained all of his abilities as a half-step martial venerable. He even used a skill from Shang Santian. The energy tore through the sky and charged at Ye Chen’s chest.

    Smirking, Xue Feng had 100% confidence in his punch because Li Ya, Bai Hongyu, and his servant, who were also half-step martial venerables, dared not take his attack on. He thought that Ye Chen would dodge, but he realized that the latter stretched his arm out while looking calm. He was trying to grab his attack.

    ‘What a fool!’ Xue Feng grinned.

    However, a suction force exploded from Ye Chen’s palm in the next second. With a majestic aura, it engulfed him directly.

    Xue Feng threw his punch at Ye Chen’s chest with the help of the momentum. However, he felt as if he had just thrown a punch at a piece of metal. It vibrated so much that his purlicue was numb.

    ‘How’s that possible?!’ He was horrified.

    Ye Chen grabbed his throat and picked him up like he was holding a chick. He revealed a terrifying snicker. “You were the one who tried to kill my wife, aren’t you?”

    His snicker was like frost when it went into Xue Feng’s ears. There was intense killing intent within it, causing Xue Feng to feel more and more threatened.

    “H-how are you so powerful?” Dense horror and disbelief emerged in Xue Feng’s eyes. Ye Chen had captured him so quickly! Although he knew that Ye Chen was powerful, it was impossible for him to be so powerful that he had no strength to fight back. After all, he was a half-step martial venerable!

    “Did you only find out that I’m powerful now? Why didn’t you find out earlier?!” Ye Chen lifted another arm and severed his left arm by force. “This arm is for Wushuang!”

    Xue Feng shrieked directly.

    “This arm is for the patriarch!” Ye Chen then severed his other arm before cutting off both of his legs. “These are for my family!”

    Within a few breaths, Xue Feng’s limbs were severed. His face was twisted in pain while he almost fainted from the agony. Fear filled his eyes. “Let me go. I’m begging you…”

    Li Ya and the other two, who were aside, were secretly terrified.

    “Let you go?” Ye Chen chuckled. “Do you think that’s possible? Don’t worry. I won’t kill you right away because that’d be too easy for you. I’ll cut you with a knife, piece by piece, and feed your flesh to the dogs!”

    Xue Feng glared with his eyes wide open. “Devil! You’re the devil!” He was in so much pain considering that his arms and legs had been severed. He was terrified to think that he would be cut into pieces soon!

    “Haha!” Ye Chen grinned. “Devil? If I’m the devil, what can Buddha do about me? If I’m Buddha, there’ll be no demons in the world!”

    He looked at the rest after saying that. “Now, it’s your turn!”