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Chapter 450: Qualified for the Gambling Figh

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 450: Qualified for the Gambling Figh

    The selective trial rules were very simple. For those who previously signed up for it, they would compete in the arena. The winner will take the stage, and the loser leaves.

    In the end, those who had extraordinary ability could stay on the arena for an incense time and no one dared to challenge, then they would be qualified to represent the Changfeng Association to fight with the Golden Jade League.

    Feng Zhan personally presided over the selective trial. After briefly explaining the rules and asking everyone to learn from each other and not to kill the opponent, he took Feng Cai and Wei Zhong to a small high platform that was built for watching the battle. He then announced the start of the trial loudly.

    Not long after he announced, there were four people that were divided into two groups of one-on-one. They couldn’t wait to fly into the ring and fought right away.

    Naturally, there were people around the arena activating the magic array that was set. Layers of white curtain covered two arenas in them.

    The people that gathered here, although it was impossible for them to completely crowd the arena like mortals, they all looked from distance in the sky. All of them looked excited.

    Not long after there were commotions from the two arenas, the winners were decided. After that, there were more people going up on the arenas.

    Liu Ming and Xin Yuan were not in a hurry to make a move, they just watched the battle on the arena from a distance.

    “There are 28 guests who are above the Condensation Period, and there are ten hall masters in the association. Most of them are above the intermediate stage. Now most of the backbone of the association should be gathered here.” Xin Yuan said slowly as he watched the duel on the arena.

    “Oh, then these people are all here to participate in the competition?” Liu Ming asked casually when he heard the words.

    When it comes to understanding the Changfeng Association, Liu Ming was far from Xin Yuan who had good social skills.

    “That’s not the case. I’ve inquired about it before. For the selective trial this time, there are only eighteen people who participate in this trial. Most of the others are here to watch for fun.” Xin Yuan glanced at the crowd around him, then he sneered and said.


    After half a day.

    At this moment, the battle between the two arenas was much fiercer than before.

    On the arena, Liu Ming was holding a silver spirit sword, fighting with a middle-aged taoist in a gray robe.

    This taoist had the same cultivation base as Liu Ming. The blood-colored spear in his hand ***. Suddenly, it turned into a scarlet blood python that sprayed a patch of blood. His mystic arts were so insidious and weird, which made Liu Ming fluster for a while.

    The taoist waved his hand, and the spear transformed into a giant python of several ten meters in a bloody light. When it bit at Liu Ming, a bloody breath came to his face.

    As soon as Liu Ming smelled it, his mind was shaking. A feeling of dizziness struck him. He immediately snorted in his mind. He channeled his powerful mental power in the sea of ​​​​consciousness, and the discomfort disappeared immediately.

    Then his hand shook, and there was a ear-piercing sound from the silver spirit sword in his hand. It turned into a sword shadow that blocked in front of him.

    With a “bang“, the scarlet python phantasm and the silver sword shadow disappeared at the same time. Then, the scarlet spear head was caught in Liu Ming’s palm.

    A look of surprise flashed in the eyes of the taoist in a gray robe. His arms trembled suddenly, trying to withdraw the long spear from his opponent’s hand, but this long spear couldn’t move as if it was rooted.

    Liu Ming flicked it with one hand, and a huge force poured out.

    After staggering a few steps, the taoist in a gray robe was immediately knocked back for feet away.

    At the same time, Liu Ming’s sword flew out from his hand with a layer of silver light, turning into a silver rainbow that struck at the opponent.

    As soon as the taoist in a gray robe stabilized his figure, he felt the silver light in front of him. As he was shocked, a bloody spirit pattern suddenly appeared on the surface of the blood-colored spear in his hand. As soon as the spirit pattern moved, it turned into a bloody light shield in an incredible speed that blocked in front of him.


    The round shield trembled suddenly, and the bloody light shone great. After it flashed and faded away, there was a hole on the center of the shield.

    The taoist in a gray robe suddenly felt a cold on his cheek. A silver light flashed from one side, and the body protection aura on his body broke apart in an instant. It couldn’t resist the sword light at all.

    Then a sword whistling from behind the taoist!

    The taoist turned his head abruptly, and he saw a silver rainbow sneaking by close to the ground of the arena, leaving a deep sword mark more than a hundred meters long.

    The clothes behind the gray-robed Taoist priests suddenly sweated!

    At this moment, how could he not know that the other party was merciful, otherwise if the sword light swept pass for half an inch closer, he would probably be dead.

    “Mr. Liu’s sword technique is really good. I’m really not as powerful as you.” After the middle-aged taoist cupping his fist, he kept the blood spear and walked out of the arena.

    Liu Ming calmly said “not at all”, then he called back the flying sword with one hand. At the same time, he glanced below the stage.

    “High rank guest, Liu Ming, win!”

    Feng Zhan, who was not far on the high platform, faintly announced that. Although Liu Ming’s Sword Controlling Technique was amazing, it could not be put into the eyes of this Crystallisation Period powerhouse.

    “Who is this Liu Ming? Even Hall Master Li was defeated. He is one of the powerhouses second only to the two vice presidents in the association.”

    “I think it’s because Hall Master Li didn’t use all his strength.”

    “What do you know? Sword Cultivator is originally a very difficult character to deal with, so fighting with people who have higher rank is even more common.

    “So that’s the case.”

    Some spectators with a little experience couldn’t help discussing, but in this way, no one dared to challenge the stage for a while.

    At the same time, on the other side of the ring.

    An earth shattering noise!

    A big pit of several ten meters deep suddenly appeared on the ring.

    As the scattered stones dispersed, a muscular man in a green robe with a green glow on his body appeared next to the big pit. A huge green mist curled up his arm in an unstable state, still maintaining the attacking posture.

    This person used some unknown mystic arts to increase his body size multiple times, and his skin was covered with a layer of sturdy scales. His every move could bring tremendous force.

    It was just that every time he punched, the thin man on the opposite side could dodge in advance as he predicted it. After a few rounds, the muscular man obviously felt the spiritual power in his body was about to run out.

    Not far from the giant pit, a figure flashed out, and it was Xin Yuan who could escape the blow of the muscular man in green robe.

    He just smiled at the muscular, then he suddenly groaned. The muscles on his arms expanded, sweeping the black rod in his hand at the muscular man.

    In an instant. there was a whistling sound!

    The black rod cast a large shadows that surged overwhelmingly at the muscular man.

    The muscular man in green robe felt that the black shadow blurred for a moment, then the rod shadows came from all direction toward him.

    Before the rod shadow hit, an invisible huge force appeared around, making the surrounding air tight.

    The muscular man was surprised. A green light flashed all over his skin, and a protective barrier emerged abruptly. After that, the barrier shook, and a huge force came from his right, heavily knocking him to the light curtain of the arena.

    After he screamed painfully, the protective light barrier suddenly burst open. At the same time, under the severe pain of the arm, the green light on the body surface also collapsed under the impact. The petrified sturdy skin that was as hard as iron actually bled, then his body shrank in size like a balloon that was leaking. He fell onto the ground and could no longer stand up.

    Mr. Xin’s tremendous force is powerful, I admit defeat. ” The muscular man in green robe knew that he could no longer fight, so he smiled bitterly as he said.


    “High rank guest, Xin Yuan, win!” Feng Zhan’s voice came from a distance.


    “Father, although these two guests only have intermediate stage cultivation bases, their strength should not be underestimated. With the general standard of the Condensation Period later stage, those people may not be the opponent of a group of people. It seems that the results are out for this selective trial..” Feng Cai in colorful clothes snuggled next to Feng Zhan. A hint of smile flashed in her beautiful eyes as she smiled and said softly.

    Feng Zhan didn’t answer her directly, but just nodded slightly.

    On the other side, Wei Zhong, the Five Spirits Sect disciple, heard Feng Cai talking like this and couldn’t help letting out a cold snort. A trace of disdain flashed in his eyes.

    Liu Ming and Xin Yuan; one had incredible physical strength; another one used Sword Controlling Technique. For a long time, no one dared to step into the arena.

    It was not until the time for an incense was approaching that someone who were not reconciled came up to challenge, but they were easily defeated by the two.

    After half an hour, no one dared to challenge the arena.

    “Good, very good! I didn’t expect the two new friends who just joined the association to have such profound strength. This time, our association will surely win the gambling fight against the Golden Jade League. By the time, we still need to rely on two guests a lot.” Feng Zhan glanced around the audience. Seeing this, he smiled and praised Liu Ming and Xin Yuan.

    “President has overpraised me. I will surely do my best,” Liu Ming said with a smile while cupping his fist.

    Xin Yuan also said a few polite words on the other arena .

    “Haha! Both of you are too modest. After the winning gambling fight, our association will definitely celebrate for three days.”

    Feng Zhan said with a hearty laugh, then he waved his hand to silence the crowd. He then announced loudly, “Now, I officially announced that the three participating in the gambling fight on behalf of the Changfeng Association are Wei Zhong, Liu Ming and Xin Yuan.”

    As soon as the announcement was made, some of the guests who had been friends with Xin Yuan suddenly came up to congratulate.

    “Brother Xin, Brother Liu, congratulations!” Guanyu looked at the two people in front of him, and his expression was a little unnatural.

    This time he also signed up to participate in the competition. But unfortunately, he only won one match, then he was defeated by the muscular man in green robe who was at the Condensation Period later stage.

    Seeing that the matter had been settled, the rest of the people chatted casually with Liu Ming and Xin Yuan and left one after another after bidding farewell to Feng Zhan.

    “I hope you two can have a good rest during the next period of time to fully prepare for the gambling fight after the month. During this period, if there is anything that I can help, you can just say it. The association will support with all its resources.” Feng Zhan, Feng Cai and Wei Zhong had already stepped down from the platform. He came to the side of Liu Ming and Xin Yuan and promised heartily.

    “I will definitely live up to President Feng’s high expectations.”

    Liu Ming and Xin Yuan naturally thanked President Feng greatly, then they left the island not long after.