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Chapter 357 - The Patriarch’s Dying Wish. Ye Chen Has Returned!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 357: The Patriarch’s Dying Wish. Ye Chen Has Returned!

    The Patriarch of Hell was currently at the mastery stage of Spirit Assembly.

    Meanwhile, Ye Chen was at the peak stage of Spirit Assembly. However, their abilities were not on the same level. After all, Ye Chen’s flesh alone was invincible.

    The patriarch’s ability should be on the same level as a half-step martial venerable if he were an ancient martial artist. It would have been fine if he were to fight a half-step martial venerable, but Xue Feng, Guardian Huang, Li Ya, the old man in gray, and Bai Hongyu were half-step martial venerables.

    It was definitely impossible for him to defeat five people on his own.

    Therefore, the patriarch performed his most powerful attack from the start and bragged, copying Ye Chen’s tone. He was trying to scare the five of them away as he threatened them with his boasting.

    However, he never expected the five of them to agree to fight him at once.

    The Patriarch of Hell was secretly cursing, ‘Oh, hell no! I’ve boasted too much and it backfired!’

    “Cough, cough, cough!”

    The Patriarch of Hell coughed a few times when he realized that they were going to attack. He said immediately, “Wait, I think it’s better that you guys fight me one on one. Otherwise, the outsiders will say that I’m underestimating you guys.”

    “No!” However, Guardian Huang shook his head and looked at him in utter seriousness. “You’re very powerful, even more powerful than that guy named Ye earlier. We wouldn’t want to risk it, so it’s better that we fight you at once!”

    He yelled after saying that, “Brothers, let’s fight him together!”

    The remaining men nodded. In the next second, five extremely compelling energies shot out. Their majestic aurae swept the area at the same time. They charged at the Patriarch of Hell who was on the hood of the car in a brutal and sly manner.

    The Patriarch of Hell displayed a solemness that had never been seen before in his eyes upon seeing the five people attack. He stomped hard, making the Lamborghini shoot out together with the people in the car.

    Su Yuhan dodged immediately.

    “Great, do you guys really think I’m a pushover?” A cold gleam filled the Patriarch of Hell’s eyes.

    As soon as he was done speaking, his body grew a few folds bigger. When one looked from far away, he looked like a giant monster.

    “Mountain-dividing Claw!” the patriarch yelled in rage as he slapped out at the five majestic energies that were coming at him.


    As a loud thud came, a menacing wave spread toward all directions in a wild manner. The trees around were crushed into dust while cracks that looked like spiderwebs appeared all over the ground.


    The patriarch was thrown out directly by the energy wave.

    Xue Feng and the rest retreated a step back as ruthlessness filled their faces. “I thought you’re powerful. So, you were just boasting!”

    They saw through the patriarch’s ability from that single attack. At most, he could only fight two half-step martial venerables at once. Fighting five people alone was purely wishful thinking.

    “Brother Xue, let’s kill him together!” Guardian Huang smirked coldly and said, “Brother Li, Brother Cheng, Brother Bai, go kill them. It’s time for all this to end!”

    From the hand of Li Ya, who came from the Sword Sect, a sword gleam exploded. He swung it directly at Su Yuhan who was far away.

    She closed her eyes in despair while Guardian Huang and Xue Feng worked together to attack the Patriarch of Hell.

    “Scram!” the patriarch shouted and threw a punch at the duo’s attack. He protected Su Yuhan by risking his life as he took Li Ya’s swing of the sword by force. He could not help but release a low groan.

    “You want to kill her? I didn’t agree to that!” The patriarch’s face was twisted faintly as he glared grimly at Li Ya.

    If one were to look closer, an extremely deep wound had appeared on the patriarch’s chest as a result of Li Ya’s sword. It was so deep that his bone was showing.

    At that moment, the patriarch could have totally run away, ditching Su Yuhan and the rest given his cowardly and sly character. However, he did not do that in the end. While he was a rather shallow person, he had to admit that the Ye family treated him well.

    What he hated was the significant drop in his cultivation base. He had only recovered to mastery-stage Spirit Assembly. Now that his soul had been transferred into a dog without any magical tools, talismans, or formations, it was difficult for him to defeat five half-step martial venerables!

    “Do you think you can protect her as well as the rest?” Guardian Huang grinned and looked at Ye Ming and the rest in the Lamborghini as killing intent filled his face.

    The patriarch’s expression changed slightly as struggle was apparent in his eyes. Eventually, he sighed softly. “Forget it. I’ll consider this as paying you guys back! I’ll use my soul power for the sacrifice and bring hell down upon you!” the patriarch shrieked in rage.

    His soul power that had taken some time to recover began burning intensely. His cultivation base was skyrocketing. He had been on mastery-stage Spirit Assembly at first!

    Then, he elevated to peak-stage Spirit Assembly. Later on, he leaped all the way to the beginner stage of Foundation Building!

    It was the patriarch’s secret method. He could recover his ability by force using his soul power as the price. The consequence would be his soul being crushed as soon as his soul power was exhausted!

    At that moment, the expressions on Guardian Huang and the rest changed after sensing the patriarch’s aura growing more terrifying and threatening.

    “Quickly stop him!” Guardian Huang could not help but scream in horror. He could not believe that he sensed death from that aura.

    The remaining four people charged without hesitation. They attacked the Patriarch of Hell with strikes of their own as all of them performed their most powerful attack.

    “Hahaha!” The patriarch suddenly laughed out loud. There was a condescending tone in his laughter. “Too late, it’s too late!”

    At that moment, the patriarch was no longer as lecherous as he usually was. There was a deep and mature aura from him now. He was not some Cutie!

    In the past, he was the famous Tribulation Stage monster in the cultivation world. He was a devil and a difficult opponent who would kill people and destroy sects as he wished. Otherwise, he could not have lived until the moment he went through the tribulation.

    “Go to hell, all of you!” The patriarch charged his palm at the Guardian Huang who was in front.

    At that moment, Guardian Huang felt goosebumps explode on his body. He shrieked with all of his might, “No!”


    The patriarch slapped Guardian Huang into a mist of blood directly. The guardian of the Martial Dao Adjudication Office, a half-step martial venerable, was killed just like that!

    Dead silence!

    The place was filled with dead silence!

    Xue Feng and the rest were shaking. They watched that with their eyes wide open in disbelief. That was the ability of a powerhouse on Foundation Building. Anyone below the venerable stage was like an ant to him!

    At the same time, the Patriarch of Hell could not help but retreat a step back and spit a mouthful of blood out. He could feel his soul power slipping away.

    Xue Feng said instantly, “He’s in a fake invincible mode now. He won’t be able to take it for long, so let’s kill him! Set up the formation!”

    Bai Hongyu, the old man in gray, Li Yan, and the rest snapped back to their senses upon hearing that. Stunning energy exploded out of their bodies at the same time. Their energies integrated, forming a huge, dense web. The web covered the few of them within.

    “Break it!” The patriarch charged his palm at the web.

    The web shook intensely, causing Xue Feng and the rest who activated the web to spit a mouthful of blood out. Horror filled their faces as they could not believe that they were harmed severely when they had a formation set up.

    When they thought that the Patriarch of Hell was going to charge his palm again, they saw him staggering and falling hard onto the ground. Meanwhile, his aura was fading quickly.

    Xue Feng was stunned at first, then he could not help but laugh out loud. “As expected, he’s dying!”

    Su Yuhan’s pretty face changed. She ran over and picked the patriarch up. She said while crying, “Cutie, a-are you okay?”

    The patriarch opened his eyes and looked at her. He said while coughing, “No. 1, call me patriarch. Don’t call me Cutie. I hate that name.”

    Su Yuhan was choking on her sobs. “Patriarch!”

    “No. 2, if I die, get Xiao Yezi to burn me a few young models during the Qingming Festival. I want models like Sola Aoi and Akiho Yoshizawa,” the patriarch spoke while pausing in between. He seemed to be struggling as he said, “Forget it. I don’t want Sola Aoi. I heard that sl*t is pregnant. I don’t want baggage like her!”

    Su Yuhan was stunned. Clearly, she did not expect him to say that. When she snapped back to her senses, the patriarch had shut his eyes and was lying still.

    “Patriarch!” she wailed.

    “What are you crying about? You guys will meet your filthy animal soon!” Xue Feng scoffed and walked toward Su Yuhan one step after another. He said, “You’re Mad Southern Ye’s woman and you’re not too shabby. I can spare your life if you allow me to play with your body for a few days!”

    “When I die, that will be the end of your whole family!” A grim expression flashed through her eyes. Subsequently, she closed her beautiful eyes as if she had surrendered.

    “If that’s the case, go to hell!” Xue Feng extended his palm at Su Yuhan’s head while brutality filled his eyes. For some reason, her words earlier gave him heart palpitations.




    Ye Hai and the rest were wailing in devastation as they watched. Wu Lan almost fainted.

    ‘Oh, God! What did our family do in our past life to have this happen to us?!’

    Just when Xue Feng’s palm was about to land on Su Yuhan, a bolt of lightning flashed through the sky.

    “Who dares to hurt my wife and daughter?!”

    The people lifted their heads to look by instinct. They saw a sea of lightning come like a wave in the sky. It was rumbling.

    There seemed to be a sword gleam appearing while killing intent filled the sky!