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Chapter 356 - The Patriarch of Hell’s Ability!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 356: The Patriarch of Hell’s Ability!

    Dark clouds filled the vast sky at the moment. It was suppressive and gloomy, issuing a warning that it would rain soon.

    A sword gleam was speeding through the air, slicing the dark clouds around. Ye Chen activated the Almighty Killer Sword with all of his might, feeling incredibly anxious.

    ‘Dad, Mom, Yuhan, Wushuang! Please wait for me!’

    Meanwhile, it was Yang Tian’s first time flying on the sword. No matter how scared he was, he was not screaming because he knew that something bad had happened!


    On the road below Qianjiang Highway, Ye Hai and Ye Ming had despair on their faces upon seeing that they were being blocked both at the back and before them. They looked gloomy.

    “Dad, Mom, stay in the car!” Su Yuhan took a deep breath and got out of the car. For a moment, Ye Hai hesitated before getting out too.

    Xue Feng and the other four of them were close to them.

    Xue Yuantao, whose hand had been severed by Ye Wushuang earlier, looked ferocious at the moment. “Do you guys really think that you can run? You’re so naive.”

    “Where’s Wushuang?” Su Yuhan asked while suppressing the fear within her.

    “That brat was overconfident for wanting to kill us and eventually killed himself!” Xue Yuantao snickered while he checked Su Yuhan out in a lecherous manner. “I’d love to see who else will save you guys now.”

    As Su Yuhan trembled, tears were pouring from her face. Wu Lan and the rest in the car began wailing after hearing about Wushuang’s death.

    “I don’t think I know you. Why are you stopping us?” Su Yuhan looked at the old man in blue who was in front. If he had not blocked their way, Xue Feng and the rest might not have been able to catch up to them.

    Among them, Guardian Huang glanced at the man in surprise. “I can’t believe that Li Ya from the Sword Sect is here.”

    “I thought Sword Sect doesn’t usually stick their nose in worldly business. Why are you here?” Bai Hongyu frowned, appearing confused.

    Meanwhile, the few of them looked scared.

    Li Ya lifted his eyes to look at Su Yuhan with a rather cold gaze. “Mad Southern Ye destroyed the Su family. Your cousin asked me to kill Mad Southern Ye, as well as all of his kin, including you!”

    Su Yuhan’s face turned pale immediately as a name suddenly popped into her head

    Su Qilin!

    It was the cousin that she had never met.

    Legend had it that a phenomenon happened in the sky when her cousin was born. A  had appeared on a seven-colored cloud. Later on, her cousin was taken away by a traveling priest. Since then, he had never returned.

    One could say that almost everyone in the Su family had no idea who this person was. Even if they did, they had forgotten about him by instinct. Therefore, she did not think of him when Ye Chen destroyed the Su family.

    Never had she thought that this cousin of hers would have learned about the news and even send a powerhouse for revenge.

    “Brother Li, it’s perfect that we have the same goal.” Xue Feng chuckled. “Take this lady, but give the rest to us. We’ll kill one or two people each.”

    “Sure!” Li Ya looked cold.

    Xue Yuantao charged his palm with energy as soon as he said that. While terrifying energy spread out, a palm print consolidated in the air and shot out directly at the Lamborghini.

    If the Lamborghini was hit, not only would the car be crushed, but even the people in the car would be pulverized into pieces.

    Su Yuhan shrieked in despair, “No!”

    At that moment, Xue Yuantao was grinning and Xue Feng looked ferocious. Guardian Huang had disdain on his face while Bai Hongyu shook his head lightly. They seemed to expect what would happen next.

    However, in the next instant, the smile on their faces froze as disbelief gradually filled their faces.

    The car did not explode like they imagined when Xue Yuantao’s attack landed on the car. Instead, a red glow imploded in the car. The red glow was like a sun, covering the entire Lamborghini within. Therefore, Xue Yuantao’s attack did no harm to the car at all.

    They were not the only ones who were shocked. Ye Ming and the rest were astounded too. They thought they would definitely die when Xue Yuantao extended his palm. They never thought they would have escaped death.

    “You motherf*ckers!” At the same time, loud curses came from the car. “You guys have crossed the line. I’m so done with you guys!”

    Xue Feng and the rest turned solemn as they stared dangerously at the black puppy sitting in the passenger seat of the Lamborghini.

    Shocked, Bai Hongyu thought he was hallucinating. “Did…the dog just speak?”

    “F*ck you! Everyone in your family is a dog!”

    The Patriarch of Hell broke the window in the car and stood on the hood. He stood with both legs and spoke with his arms on his waist. “I hate it the most when people call me a dog. I’ll kill whoever calls me a dog!”

    Ye Ming, Ye Hai, and the rest were completely stunned.

    They never thought that the Cutie they knew could speak. Furthermore, was it Cutie who just saved them earlier?

    “I-is that Cutie?” Wu Lan spoke while stammering.

    “Mommy, Cutie can talk!” Mengmeng watched with her eyes wide open.

    Su Yuhan cried tears of joy. She did not know that Ye Chen had left a guardian with them before departing.

    Mengmeng attempted to struggle her way out to pet the patriarch, but Wu Lan held her tightly. She could only say while pouting, “Cutie, these people are the bad guys. They’re bullying Mommy, Grandpa, and Grandma. Kill them, and I’ll feed you when we get home.”

    The Patriarch of Hell was speechless to hear that.

    “Hmph!” Guardian Huang scoffed, “I thought who could it have been. So, it’s just an animal with a cultivation base. Go to hell!”

    Guardian Huang flew out quickly as soon as he was done speaking. Majestic energy exploded from his body. He turned into a green fist shadow directly as he headed for the Patriarch of Hell. The punch could kill any Martial Dao master. Xue Feng, Li Ya, Bai Hongyu, and the rest were secretly scared watching that.

    The Patriarch of Hell too sensed the terrifying aura from the punch, and his expression turned serious now. He wanted to dodge it by instinct, but he figured that the punch would definitely land on the car if he dodged it. Then, Ye Ming and the rest would definitely die.

    ‘Damn it, I’ll give my all then! Xiao Yezi! You owe me ten pounds of dog food! No, you owe me a favor!’

    “You’re merely an ant, yet you dare to attack me. You were touching yourself in your mother’s belly when I conquered the Ashen Purple Planet!” The Patriarch of Hell smirked. He was enraged at that moment.

    “Hellish Destruction Finger!” A scream came from his mouth.

    Subsequently, he charged with his doggy paws. A purple cyclone exploded out of the tip of his claws. As soon as the cyclone appeared, a terrifying aura burst out as if it would pierce through space.

    It was his first time attacking!

    He performed his famous skill as soon as he attacked: the Hellish Destruction Finger. With this skill, he had killed many people in the cultivation world back then to win the hearts of beautiful lady cultivators!

    “Break it!”

    A gigantic finger appeared as he charged. The air was destroyed wherever the finger passed. The purple gleam pierced through space, racing towards the fist shadow at lightning speed.


    A terrifying energy erupted as a result of the collision.

    Guardian Huang, Xue Feng, and the rest were thrown out tens of meters away from the force. Disbelief filled their eyes when they lifted their heads to look.

    Even Li Ya from the Sword Sect was thrown out too.

    Did a dog just throw the six of them out?

    Ye Ming, Ye Hai, and the rest were shocked. They were even suspecting that they were dreaming.

    “Wow! Cutie, you’re amazing!” The little girl was flushing from the excitement.

    The Patriarch of Hell stood proudly with his arms behind his back while his legs were shaking from the satisfaction. He spoke, copying Ye Chen’s tone, “I’m not scared of trash like you guys. Fight me at once!”

    Commoners would have thought he was super powerful after hearing his challenge.

    The assailants’ pupils shrunk, and they nodded after looking at each other. “Sure, we’ll grant you your wish!”

    The patriarch staggered instantly!