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Chapter 448: Purple Night Temple and Golden Jade Alliance

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 448: Purple Night Temple and Golden Jade Alliance

    When the two returned to Qingyu Island, it was already the next morning. When they were about to fly back to their own cave house, a person flew toward them.

    After Liu Ming took a closer look, it was Guanyu, a guest who also recently joined the Changfeng Association.

    “Brother Liu, Brother Xin, it’s been a long time!” Guan Yu stopped and asked with a smile when he saw the two of them.

    “It turned out to be a Mr. Guan. You are so in such a hurry, is there something urgent?” Liu Ming asked with a slight smile.

    “You two aren’t in the island for these few days, so you don’t know the major event happened in the association.” Guanyu was startled when he heard the words, but he immediately said with a smile.

    “Oh, Brother Liu and I did go out recently. What major event happened in the association, I hope Brother Guanyu can tell me about it.” Xin Yuan couldn’t help but directly asked.

    When Liu Ming heard this, there was also a hint of doubt.

    “It’s like this…” Guanyu illustrated the whole event.

    It turned out that when the two people were away from the island, the vice president, Fan Zheng, who was going to cultivate behind a closed door suddenly disappeared without warning.

    “You two don’t know that there is a rumor in the association that the vice president actually met the Golden Jade League privately after accepting the challenge. There is also a rumor that Vice President Fan had already colluded with other forces when President Feng was missing. Now many people thought that he had betrayed our association and ran away.” Guan Yu looked around, and he lowered his voice after seeing that there was no one in the room.

    “There is actually such a thing!?”

    Although Liu Ming and Xin Yuan had no intention of participating in the fight, they couldn’t help but glance at each other in surprise after hearing the news.

    “The reason why I rushed out of the cave house now is because I got the message of the president. He is summoning us to gather in the headquarters to discuss something. It is probably related to the fight and Vice President Fan. Since you have returned, we should go together.” Guanyu said with a smile.

    “Alright, since we already knew the news, I’m afraid it would be disrespectful to President Feng if we don’t attend.” Liu Ming finished listening, then he hesitated slightly before saying.

    Xin Yuan and Liu Ming naturally had no objection.

    So, the two changed their directions and immediately went to the headquarters with Guanyu.

    An hour later, in the main hall of the Changfeng Association, the core members of the Condensation State intermediate stage and above of the Changfeng Association gathered again.

    Not only there were senior guests such as Liu Ming and Xin Yuan, but there were even some high rank deputies of the Changfeng Association. They also had the cultivation of the intermediate stage of the Condensation Period.

    Liu Ming glanced slightly. He discovered that apart from Fan Zheng, Wei Zhong, the young man in black clothes of the Five Spirits Sect, was also absent.

    But Qu Ling, as the vice-master, looked calm instead.

    “Today I summoned everyone because of the competition between our association and the Golden Jade League. Now that the agreed time is approaching, the Vice President Fan suddenly disappeared. Therefore, I decide to choose one of you guys as the third participant.” Feng Zhan did not beat around the bush and announced directly.

    As everyone heard that, they all looked at Feng Zhan who was sitting in the center…

    At the same time, on another island made up of purple corals that was not far away from Qingyu Island, a huge temple that almost occupied most of the island.

    Yang Sheng, the messenger of the Purple Night Temple, respectfully stood in a room with his head down. On the chair in front of him, sat a white-haired old taoist in purple robe.

    This person was Tian Guangzi, the temple master of the Purple Night Temple, the powerhouse of the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period.

    “Sheng’er, according to you, Feng Zhan’s daughter actually joined the Five Spirits Sect, and she went back to the Changfeng Association with another Five Spirit Sect’s disciple? With the Five Spirits Sect’s power in the Middle Sky Continent, how do they know about Chang Feng Association?” The old taoist in purple clothes said slowly as if he didn’t believe it.

    “Reporting to master, although disciple does not have much contact with the two of them, Feng Zhan would never dare to lie about this matter.” Yang Sheng replied politely.

    “Hmph, with the prestige of the Five Spirits Sect, the Changfeng Association dares not find anyone to pretend to be their disciple. However, most of the Five Spirits Sect’s disciples that are traveling outside are from the lower house. The true disciples will never interfere with such matters. I’m a little surprised. The Golden Jade League knows that the Changfeng Association is a subsidiary of our Purple Night Temple, and they still keep doing their dirty moves for these few years. If there is no support from the Tianxiang Pavilion, I’m afraid it’s impossible for them to do that. If that’s the case, this gambling fight is a bit intriguing. However, now your grandmaster (his master’s master’s fellow apprentice) vowed to stay behind closed-door until achieving his objective, so we must lay low even if there is a huge matter. Just in case, we don’t have to rush interfering in this gambling fight and wait for the results quietly by the side. If there are any tricks in this fight, we will think of making a move again. For the following matters, leave them to your Master’s Junior Shi. Chang Feng Association is the affiliated force brought by him to our temple.” The old taoist in purple clothes thought for a moment, then he instructed.

    “Yes! Disciple understands!” Yang Sheng lowered his head and replied respectfully.

    “Okay, you go down first.” The old taoist said so and closed his eyes to rest again.

    “Yes, master.” Yang Sheng immediately retreated.


    Another island far away from Qingyu Island, here was another major force which was the main hall of the Golden Jade League.

    The island had a radius of hundreds of miles. The buildings on the island had the golden palace theme. Looking from a distance, it gave people a special sense of luxury.

    In a large magnificent pavilion in the middle of the island, Golden Jade League’s disciples in golden robes went in and out from time to time.

    In the forbidden secret room deep underground in the attic, a young man with a naked upper body was sitting cross-leg on the ground.

    This person looked like twenty years old, and there was a vaguely thick green python phantasm on his body surface which was wandering. His skin was covered with dense green spirit patterns which made him look very hideous and terrifying.

    Every time the green python phantasm roamed for one round, the green spirit patterns on the young man’s body became brighter. At the same time, his muscles were bulging; his skin was revealing a bronze light; his bones vaguely made crackling sounds, showing that this person had extraordinary physical strength.

    And in a hall above the secret room, an elderly man with a long beard in a golden robe was talking with a beautiful woman in her thirties with a smile on his face.

    “In this gambling fight, I heard that Changfeng Association will send a disciple of the Five Spirits Sect. I think Leader Dugu should have heard about it..” The beautiful young woman played with the silk scarf in her hand, blinked her beautiful eyes, and asked faintly.

    “Fairy Xiao, please don’t worry. This time we have a spiritual pill given by Tianxiang Pavilion. My disciple’s Green Python ** will be complete. We can win this match easily!!” The old man in golden robe was the leader of the Golden Jade League, Dugu Yu, although he was a Crystallization Period powerhouse, he was very polite in front of this beautiful woman.

    “Leader Dugu should underestimate your opponents. You should be very clear that this gambling fight can only be won but not lost. The pawn who was placed by you in the Changfeng Association for several years has now been removed, and the disciples of the Five Spirits Sect are involved now. Our pavilion can no longer interfere with this matter directly…” The woman said in an indisputable tone, then snorted.

    “As far as I know, the Five Spirits Sect disciple is just a lower house disciple which is not a problem at all. As for Fan Zheng’s matter, it won’t be exposed. Now everyone in the Changfeng Association has their own considerations, so Feng Zhan can only rely on the Five Spirits Sect’s disciple and Vice President Qu Ling. Moreover, I have done some preparations for Qu Ling. There will be no problem at all. I will surely offer the jade mineral vein to your honorable pavilion..” Feeling the unkindness in the woman’s tone, the old man was shocked and hurriedly said.

    “The best jade mine was discovered by my Tianxiang Pavilion’s disciple by chance in the Changfeng Association’s territory a few years ago. It may contain the rumored spiritual material ‘Ten Thousand Years Chalcedony’. It is not difficult to get hands on, but I believed easily your proposal to set up Feng Zhan and provoke conflict. This should be a plan that kills two bird with one stone. We can directly take over the mineral vein in the area, but we have delayed this for several years. If there are any more mistakes again, even I can’t guarantee your safety from pavilion master.” The beautiful young woman stared at the old man coldly with the hint of blaming him.

    “Please forgive me, fairy. I indeed took the wrong move previously. However, if Purple Night Temple didn’t intervene repeatedly, and the pavilion master instructed us to not make the matter big that would cause the suspicion of other sects, we have already gotten this jade mineral vein in our hands.” The old man said with a pale face. He was obviously afraid of the “pavilion master” in the mouth of the beautiful woman, so he quickly respectfully.

    “I don’t want to hear any more reasons. You’d better prepare for next month’s gambling fight, and don’t let the pavilion master down again.” The beautiful woman gave the old man a blank expression, then she turned and left the hall.

    “Please watch your steps, fairy.” Seeing this, the old man in golden robe bowed and watched the woman leave.


    One day later, an amazing news came out of the Changfeng Association’s headquarters!

    Because this gambling battle was of great importance, everyone who participated would not only get a large amount of contribution points in the association, but he would also get a heavy reward of 300,000 spirit stones. Of course, if he wins, the participants would be allowed to choose one treasure.

    It was normal to get contribution points and rewards for participating in gambling fight on behalf of their sect, but such a heavy reward was obviously far beyond the expectation of everyone else.

    300,000 spirit stones were enough to make these Condensation State casual cultivators who were not rich to be tempted!

    After all, it was just a gambling fight between the same level; it was not a real life-and-death fight. Even if they couldn’t win against a strong enemy, their own safety was still guaranteed.

    As a result, the news spread throughout Qingyu Island after a few days. Everyone in the Changfeng Association knew about it.

    Those senior guests couldn’t help but eager to try, even some Condensation State high rank members who had duties outside also returned back to the headquarters.

    Suddenly, the gambling fight attracted the attention of countless people. Everyone in the Changfeng Association, who thought they were eligible to participate in it, also eager to participate in it