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Chapter 355 - Arriving at A Dead End!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 355: Arriving at A Dead End!

    Almost at the same time that Ye Wushuang died, Ye Chen, who was resting his eyes on the plane back to Tiannan, suddenly jolted. It felt as if his heart had been stabbed by a needle.

    “No!” A stunning aura exploded from his body. He shocked all of the passengers in the cabin, including Yang Tian who had just fallen asleep.

    Yang Tian woke up from the fright. “Old Ye, are you alright?”

    “Something’s happened. Come with me!”

    Ye Chen grabbed onto his arm and attempted to get out through the plane window directly while everyone was watching, much to the passengers’ shock.

    ‘What are those two guys doing? Are they trying to kill themselves?’

    Yang Tian’s face turned pale.

    An air stewardess said, “Sir, please sit down…” She swallowed what she was going to say when she was halfway speaking.

    Ye Chen walked through the plane window directly while grabbing Yang Tian. Meanwhile, nothing happened to the window glass at all.

    Dead silence! The plane was filled with dead silence!

    Everyone watched with slack jaws.

    Yang Tian, who had just walked through the plane, was shaking in the air. His face was pale as he pleaded, “Old Ye, stop this. I’m scared.”

    Ye Chen said nothing though. The Almighty Killer Sword turned into a golden giant sword and hovered mid-air. He grabbed onto Yang Tian while stepping on the Almighty Killer Sword that turned into a sword gleam and flew quickly into the sky!


    At the Nine Dragons Bay’s villa, Wushuang’s body lay quietly on the ground.

    The old beggar checked on him with a grim expression. Meanwhile, there were three Great Thunder Sword pieces next to his body. They were currently covered in blood, and the sword had lost its majesty from before.

    “Wushuang…Wushuang!” Lin Tai was like a lowly worm as he tried his very best to crawl to Ye Wushuang after having witnessed everything. Both of his arms were severed, so he could only kick with his legs, leaving a trail of blood on the ground each time he crawled.

    The hunky Lin Tai could not help but sob as he finally made his way to Wushuang. “Wushuang, you can’t die. You can’t die!” He knew that Ye Wushuang had a special relationship with Ye Chen who treated him as if he was his blood brother. Everyone in the Ye family loved this young man who was 17 or 18 years old.

    Never had he thought this man who looked fairly young would decide to take cover during such a critical time, and stop the few half-step martial venerables on his own!

    Never had he expected this young man, who appeared immature and quiet, to have such terrifying force explode from him, almost harming the half-step martial venerables severely!

    Ye Wushuang remained still as Lin Tai wailed.

    The old beggar said angrily, “Alright, stop crying. My ears are going deaf from your wailing. This guy isn’t completely dead yet.”

    “What do you mean by that?” Lin Tai looked at him.

    “It’s a long story.” The old beggar looked as if he was in deep thought. “I’ve been living for 200 years, but it’s my first time seeing such a strange body. It’s just so strange. He’s human but has no heart. He’s perfect, so perfect that he has no flaws.

    “It’s unfortunate that this guy was born to be a sword genius. If he had met me earlier within ten years, that old thing Sword Saint would have to drink the water I use to wash my feet.”

    “Can you save him, sir?” Lin Tai was sobbing, “I’m begging you.”

    “Alright, alright. I’ll bring him back and see what I can do.”

    A purple gourd appeared in the old beggar’s hand. After popping a medicinal pill into Ye Wushuang’s mouth, he picked him up and left.

    Lin Tai shrieked in rage, “Where are you taking him?”

    “I’m bringing him somewhere he belongs. When Mad Southern Ye returns, tell him to come to the 10,000 Sword Pavilion in three years.”

    The old beggar placed Ye Wushuang on a donkey. He stretched his arm and patted the donkey’s butt, and the donkey walked far away on its own. It was braying while walking, “Hee-haw…”


    On the highway in Lin City, a Lamborghini was speeding crazily fast on the road. It was so fast that there were all sorts of warnings on the navigator popping up almost every ten seconds.

    However, the car had no intention to slow down.

    Su Yuhan was checking out what was behind through the rearview mirror while driving. Eventually, she drove out of the highway and entered a mountain road.

    Wu Lan and Yang Hui were vomiting in the car, and they felt terrible.

    It was quiet in the car. Eventually, Ye Hai could not help but ask, “Yuhan, where are we going? Did they catch up with us?”

    He had Mengmeng in his lap. There was a black puppy covering its ears while sitting in the passenger seat.

    “Dad, we can only go to Beijing now!” Su Yuhan said without even turning her head, “Ye Chen has a garden in Beijing, and there’s a formation set up in there.”

    There was something that she did not say though. No matter what, Beijing was the capital. In the city where the enforcements were, Xue Feng and the rest dared to do as they wished.

    What she was worried about now was that she had no idea what could have happened to Ye Wushuang whom they had left behind to cover them.

    “Yuhan, how did Xiaochen offend those people?” Yang Hui wiped her mouth with a napkin as fear was apparent on her face.

    “Why are you asking this at such a time?!” Ye Ming scolded her and said, “The important thing now is to contact Xiaochen. If he can come…”

    The car made an emergency brake all of a sudden before he was done speaking. Everyone lurched forward.

    “Someone’s blocking our way!” Su Yuhan’s lips twisted into a grimace.

    They lifted their heads to see a middle-aged man standing in the middle of the road 20 meters away. Dressed in blue, he was looking at them quietly with his arms on his back.

    “Press the horn and make him go away now,” Ye Ming’s expression changed as he urged.

    Su Yuhan kept honking. However, the middle-aged man did not seem to have heard it. Not only did he not dodge, but he was also walking toward them one step after another with his arms behind his back.

    At the same time, Ye Wen suddenly screamed, “They’re here!”

    They turned their heads to look immediately. Five silhouettes were flying in the sky behind the Lamborghini. They were extremely quick, whereby they arrived less than ten meters from the car almost within the blink of an eye.

    “Where’s Xiaoshuang? How come I don’t see him?” Wu Lan said while choking.

    The people in the car fell into silence upon hearing that.

    Su Yuhan’s eyes turned red, and she felt like she was going to cry.

    Wushuang had stayed to take cover. Although the enemies were here now, they did not see him, so one could have guessed what happened.

    Ye Hai could not help but shed a tear. “Xiaoshuang was a great kid.” Clearly, even he realized something.

    At that moment, Xue Feng, who was in front, grinned as he spoke, “I thought you guys were fleeing. Why aren’t you fleeing now?”

    When the five silhouettes landed, they walked towards them with the middle-aged man from before.

    Ye Hai and the rest were in despair while the Patriarch of Hell, who was sitting in the passenger seat, wanted to cry.

    ‘The sword brat is dead! It’s my turn now! That damned Xiao Yezi! I’m going to die because of you!’