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Chapter 354 - The Sword is Broken and His Soul Has Been Destroyed, Wushuang is Dead!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 354: The Sword is Broken and His Soul Has Been Destroyed, Wushuang is Dead!

    “What? He’s breaking his sword!”

    Even Xue Feng and Guardian Huang were shocked to hear what the old man in gray said.

    To a Sword Cultivator, a sword was what they were born with. It was their second life. Therefore, in the world of Sword Cultivators, there was a saying whereby the cultivator would live if the sword lived, and the cultivator would die if the sword died.

    Ye Wushuang broke his sword at that moment. He clearly wanted to stop the three of them with his life so that he could buy Su Yuhan and the rest some time to run.

    He closed his eyes, appearing as proud as before. However, the aura on his body was growing. There was a majestic sword qi that lingered around his body like a drizzle.

    Suddenly, a sword intent was emitted from his body. There was stubborn, unyielding, and even more determination in the sword intent.

    “Brat, are you out of your mind? You’ll die if you do that!” Bai Hongyu’s scalp turned numb as he shouted in fear.

    Ye Wushuang had a similar ability as he did. If they were to fight alone, the five of them might not be able to kill him. He could even run away.

    However, what was beyond Bai Hongyu’s expectation was that not only Ye Wushuang did not run. Instead, to stall them, he would rather die. He might not be able to kill them from risking his life to break his sword, but he could definitely cause severe injuries to them!

    “Die?” Ye Wushuang had determination in his eyes as he mumbled, “I’ve been following my brother since young. He’s my everything. Everything that my brother is protecting is what I shall protect! If my sacrifice is worth it, so what if I’ll be killed? I’m a weapon spirit. Death has nothing on me! Sword Dao will be with me forever!”

    “Oh, no! Stop him!” Guardian Huang, who had been calm, finally panicked now because the threatening aura from Ye Wushuang was getting more intense.

    The person, whom he had treated like an ant earlier, was becoming a threat to him.

    At that moment, Xue Feng, Guardian Huang, and Bai Hongyu charged at Ye Wushuang, seeming to want to stop him.

    In the next second, Ye Wushuang opened his eyes suddenly. A sword-shaped shadow appeared in his pupils.


    Three silver gleams tore across the sky.

    The three Great Thunder Sword pieces before him turned into three sword gleams. They charged through the air as if they were going to tear heaven and earth apart as they charged at Xue Feng and the rest.

    At that moment, the aura from him peaked. His unparalleled Sword Dao integrated with his sword qi to perfection, whereby he became one with his sword.

    Horror flashed through Xue Feng, Guardian Huang, and the rest’s faces at that moment. The stench of death suppressed them. They could not help but feel terrified.

    ‘Is he really just an ant from the outside world?!’

    Heaven and earth became dark as if endless night had arrived. They felt three sharp swords breaking through the darkness and rushed at them in an overbearing manner.

    At that critical moment, they did not manage to say anything. As they growled in rage, the energy from them grew. Terrifying energy exploded. They formed a qi barrier that was over 30 meters thick before them.

    The old man in gray protected Bai Hongyu behind him.


    Ye Wushuang’s three swords came, landing hard on the qi barrier. The air within two kilometers was rented. Eventually, it forced a majestic blast to implode.


    At that moment, Xue Feng, Guardian Huang, and the old man in gray spat a mouthful of blood out. They looked terribly pale while Bai Hongyu was thrown out directly.

    “That’s unfortunate!” Ye Wushuang forced a smile after realizing that they were still alive. His body shot out like a kite which thread had been broken. His white shroud that had always been clean was drenched in blood now.

    His body was cracking like a field that was shattering from the heat. There was blood flowing between his brows while the light in his eyes dimmed.

    “Hahaha!” A hysterical laugh boomed.

    Xue Feng gained a shot of vitality after consuming a medicinal pill. He then walked to Ye Wushuang who was lying on the ground in joy. “I must admit that you’re almost the most outstanding genius that I’ve ever met. Your sword also broke my qi barrier.”

    “That’s right!”

    Guardian Huang and the gray-clad old man nodded together and said while shaking his head. “You’ll definitely surpass us one day. It’s unfortunate that you’re so narrow-minded and stubborn. And now your sword is crushed and you’re dying.”

    “Hah!” Ye Wushuang felt he was losing his strength.

    He could not help but think of the times he spent with Ye Chen back in the cultivation world. He had a smile at the corner of his lips.

    “Master, I’ve finally fought for you!” He closed his eyes slowly as soon as he said that. Then, his arms fell hard onto the ground. He was dead!

    The old man in gray went over to check. He smirked as he turned his head around to say to Xue Feng and the rest, “This man’s sword is broken and his soul has been destroyed!”

    “It’s unfortunate!” Bai Hongyu felt wasteful. “I didn’t expect there’d be such a stubborn and crazy person in the outside world. It’s wasted that I didn’t manage to fight a fair battle with him!”

    “This b*stard is too much. I’ll have to cut him into pieces to release the rage in me!” Guardian Huang looked mad as he threw a punch at Ye Wushuang’s body.

    When had anyone hurt him like that?


    Just when his fist was landing on Ye Wushuang’s body, a mouthful of phlegm flew from far away, landing accurately on his face.

    Guardian Huang was stunned. He touched his face with his hand by instinct and then sniffed it. He was completely frozen.

    Apart from him, even Bai Hongyu and the rest who were next to him were bewildered too.

    At that moment, a filthy beggar dressed in torn clothes walked over slowly from far away. The beggar held a chicken drumstick in his hand. He spat occasionally as he ate the drumstick. The dark yellow spit was the same as the one on Guardian Huang’s face.

    Guardian Huang looked at him very grimly. “Did you spit on me, you freaking beggar?”

    He could not believe that someone just spat on him when he was the almighty Martial Dao Adjudication Office’s guardian. On top of that, it was a beggar who had done it.

    “Huh? I spit on your face?” The old beggar looked at the spit on his face and rubbed his palms. He revealed his yellowish teeth. “Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose. My eyesight is bad since I’m old.”

    He spat again as soon as he was done speaking. What was strange was that he was spitting at his foot, but the spit ridiculously flew ten meters away, landing on Guardian Huang’s face.

    At that moment, Guardian Huang had phlegm on both sides of his face.

    “You’re seeking death, old thing!” In a fit of rage, Guardian Huang slapped the beggar. He looked extremely ferocious.

    The beggar looked panicked as he attempted to run. However, he could not run away from Guardian Huang. As they struggled, Guardian Huang failed to touch him. Instead, the old beggar smudged his face with his filthy hands.

    Bai Hongyu wanted to help by instinct, but the old man stopped him. “Master Bai, please don’t do that. There’s something wrong with this old thing!”

    He knew Guardian Huang’s ability. Guardian Huang was a half-step martial venerable! Guardian Huang was more powerful than him, but he was being fooled around with like a monkey now. It would prove that the old beggar’s ability was very, very powerful! He was on a whole different level compared to them.

    The old man in gray could not help but say, “Sir, please stop fooling Brother Huang.”

    The old beggar slapped Guardian Huang while throwing him out. He shook his sleeve and pretended to look like a powerhouse. “Well, do you really think I’m a powerhouse?”

    Just when the old man was going to speak, the old man nodded like a narcissist. “You have great eyes. I think I look like one.”

    “I wonder who are you to be fooling us like this, sir?” The corner of the old man’s lips twitched a little as he spoke while suppressing down the horror within him. Never had he thought that there would be such a powerhouse in China outside Shang Santian.

    Guardian Huang snapped back to his senses whereby he surrendered.

    The old beggar waved angrily. “I’m just a beggar. Don’t call me sir. Oh, yeah, that guy on the ground is my grandson. I’m here to bring him back.”

    His grandson?

    The gray-clad old man and the rest looked at Ye Wushuang’s body. They were secretly mocking him. ‘Do you really think you could have such a handsome grandson when you look like that? Will you get over yourself?’

    The old beggar panicked a little after realizing that they did not believe him. “He really is my grandson. We fought earlier and this brat ran away from home by impulse.”

    “Who are you trying to fool…?” Guardian Huang scoffed, but the gray-clad old man’s stare stopped him when he was going to speak.

    “Sir, since he’s your grandson, please take him away. We won’t interfere.”

    The gray-clad old man clasped his fists and ran towards where Su Yuhan and the rest had run to with Bai Hongyu and the others.

    After everyone left, the old beggar looked at Ye Wushuang who was on the ground. Subsequently, he walked over and checked him with his greasy hand. Suspicion flashed through his cynical face.

    ‘That’s strange. This brat’s pulse has stopped and his soul has been destroyed, but there’s an endless vitality growing inside of him! Strange, strange indeed!’

    The old beggar checked on Ye Wushuang again, then his expression changed.

    ‘This brat has no heart!’