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Chapter 447: Detoxification

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 447: Detoxification

    “Mr. Fan has hundreds of years experience in cultivation, it is indeed a pity that he was killed by this blood locust king beast’s king beast …” Fang Yao said with a long sigh, looking very regretful for Fan Lingzi’s dead.

    “We cultivators are originally acting against the nature law, so it isn’t surprising to die along the way. All we can do is to keep the body of Mr. Fan properly.” The old man in green robe, Shan Changfeng said indifferently.

    Fairy Mu Wu also looked sad. Although she didn’t say anything, her sleeves flicked, and the ribbon in her hand rolled out and wrapped the corpse of the scholar.

    “The Feilian Island where Fellow Fan Lingzi is located is not far from my Xiaokui Island, and I have some friendships with him. I will take the body back to the island on my way back to let him be buried by his people.” Fairy Mu Wu said faintly.

    “Thanks Fairy Mu Wu.” Fang Yao nodded and said.

    Next, everyone immediately used a large number of storage talismans to keep all these blood locust beast corpses, while the king beast was stored with a storage talisman alone. After that was done, they left the seabed.

    After half an hour, several people flew out of the bottom of the sea and returned to the island where Fang Yao was located.

    Several people came to Fang Yao’s cave house and immediately released dozens of storage talismans in the hall. After making a gesture, hundreds of blood locust beast’s corpses gushed the storage talismans. The bloody smell spread immediately.

    According to the distribution plan mentioned earlier, they divided up the low tier blood locust beast corpses within just a while.

    Both Liu Ming and Xin Yuan didn’t bother about this. They just sold them directly to others; each of them exchanged for more than 100,000 spirit stones.

    In this way, only the blood locust beast of the Condensation Period was left.

    “How do we distribute this blood locust king beast?” Fang Yao stared at the corpse of the blood locust king beast on the ground and asked.

    The blood locust beast of the Condensation Period could be said to be a treasure. Needless to say, its beastkin core was an excellent material for alchemy. As long as the spiritual power of its scale armor was not lost, it could be used to forge a spiritual weapon level armor.

    According to what was decided beforehand, the materials in this king beast was completely allocated according to the contribution of each person.

    Although he was the initiator of this operation, the decision-making power at this time was obviously out of his hands.

    Upon hearing this, the old man and Fairy Mu Wu couldn’t help looking nervously at Liu Ming and Xin Yuan.

    “We only need the poison sac and part of the blood essence.” Liu Ming said without hesitation when he saw this.

    He had discussed the matter with Xin Yuan using voice transmission earlier on the way back.

    Hearing the words, the three others felt relax in their hearts.

    Although this beast’s blood essence and poison sac were also of great value, they were nothing compared to Liu Ming and Xin Yuan’s last contribution to turn the tide.

    Next, Fairy Mu Wu and Shan Changfeng stepped forward to select some materials such as beast horns and blood essence.

    As a result, Fang Yao naturally got the beastkin core in the blood locust beast as he wished. This time, apart from the one person who died, everyone got what they wanted.

    After Fang Yao asked them to stay, the old man in the green robe and the enchanting woman did not rush to leave. They stayed in the cave house temporarily with Liu Ming and Xin Yuan.

    After Fang Yao had seen the strength of Liu Ming and Xin Yuan, he didn’t dare to have any other thoughts. He took a moment to deal with the injuries on his body and immediately started refining Qingsan Pill.


    In a secret room in Fang Yao’s cave house, Liu Ming and Xin Yuan sat cross-legged, adjusting their breath to restore spiritual power. The two of them were not injured during this trip. They just consumed a little spiritual power, and they could all recover within a short time.

    In the other stone chamber next door, Fang Yao in a gray robe sat in front of a white cauldron furnace of several ten meters in size. His hands formed gestures, and from time to time he launched a series of symbols into the cauldron furnace, causing it to shake slightly.

    Suddenly, he changed his gesture in one hand, and the cauldron’s cover flew up.

    Fang Yao turned his right hand over without saying a word, and a small white jade bottle appeared in his hand. The bottle contained the venom extracted from the blood locust king beast’s poison sac.

    After carefully pouring a little bit of the black liquid in the bottle into the white cauldron furnace, he quickly took out some other materials. He was calculating something while putting the materials into the cauldron furnace one by one.

    After a few hours!

    In a pothole at the bottom of the white cauldron furnace, wisps of crimson flames continued to gush out. After a while, the cauldron furnace began to emit a scent of medicine, which was a sign that many materials began to merge.

    At this moment, a black smoke burst out of the cauldron furnace. He immediately made a gesture to extinguish the fire at the bottom of the cauldron furnace.

    Fang Yao sighed lightly and frowned.

    Even with this blood locust beast venom as a drug, this Qingsan Pill was not so easy to refine. This was the fifth time that he had failed, and he could barely refine nine Qingsan Pills.

    It was only about 60% success rate. However, it was already excellent for an alchemist.

    However, these were far from enough to remove the poison in Liu Ming and Xin Yuan’s body. Fortunately, the Condensation Period blood locust beast’s sac contained a lot of venom, which was enough to refine it.

    As Fang Yao thought about this, he formed gestures again. The flames around the cauldron furnace were ignited again, then he continued to refine pill.


    One day and one night later, Fang Yao finally walked out of the alchemy room and came to the secret room where Liu Ming and Xin Yuan rested, holding two bottles of Qingsan Pill in his hand.

    “I finally successfully refined 32 Qingsan Pills. These are enough to cure the poison in your body.” Fang Yao twisted his beard with one hand and smiled and handed the medicine bottles to the two.

    Liu Ming was overjoyed when he heard the words. After thanking him, he hurriedly took the medicine bottle and scanned with his consciousness slightly. There were bean-sized emerald green pills in the bottle, and there was a hint of fishy smell. There was even blood red spirit patterns on the surface.

    Liu Ming himself was also an alchemist. He could naturally notice the elixir’s grade in front of him at a glance. Its grade was indeed not low. After licking the elixir on the tip of his tongue, he squinted his eyes and tasted it, then he revealed a look of satisfaction. He immediately threw the elixir into his mouth, then he sat down cross-legged on the spot.

    Xin Yuan immediately widened his eyes and watched Liu Ming’s reaction.

    Liu Ming only felt a little bitterness in his mouth as he swallowed the pills. Then, Qingsan Pill turned into a bloody aura that went into his body, wandering between the meridians and organs.

    Under Liu Ming’s consciousness, he saw the bloody aura wandering in his meridians. It traveled through his internal organs in an instant. Once the black mist attached to his organs touched the bloody aura, the black mist went toward the bloody aura. At the same time, there was a sharp pain in his abdomen as if he was cut by knife.

    After a while, this bloody aura gradually turned black!

    Liu Ming suddenly inhaled, and then opened his mouth, spouting a cloud of black blood cluster.

    At the same time, the black gas in his organs was really reduced a lot.

    Seeing this, Xin Yuan on the side was overjoyed, and he immediately took a pill.

    After Liu Ming let out a sigh of relief, he cupped his fist and thanked Fang Yao.

    “Thank you Mr. Fang Daoist for refining this Qingsan Pill for me. These blood locust beast’s blood essence is not of great use to me, so I will give it to Mr. Fang as a reward for this pill.” As Liu Ming said, he took out a small gourd that contained the sea beast’s blood essence he got a few days ago.

    Fang Yao was overjoyed when he saw this. After saying a few polite words, he kept the gourd. At the same time, he instructed the two of them that they had to consume this pill every once in a while until it finished if they want to completely cure the poison.

    Liu Ming naturally nodded.

    Soon after, when Xin Yuan also spewed a black blood cluster, and the poison was greatly reduced, they bade farewell to Fang Yao, left the cave house, and headed back to Qingyu Island.

    It was just that their mood was different from when they came. At this moment, both Liu Ming and Xin Yuan felt relaxed, the troubles in their hearts were finally gone.

    Almost at the same time, on the west island of Qingyu Island, in a hill in a remote corner.

    The mountains were overgrown with weeds and shrubs, it seemed inaccessible and extremely desolate.

    In a hidden tunnel in the middle of the mountain, a tall man walked slowly inside.

    He had a square face and thick eyebrows. This person was Fan Zheng, the vice president of the Changfeng Association!

    At the end of the secret road, a cave entrance suddenly appeared.

    Suddenly, Fan Zheng looked around very carefully. After he found no abnormalities, he suddenly walked into the cave and came to a corner. He stretched out his hand and patted on the rock wall twice.

    The sound of “ka ka” sounded!

    The originally flat stone wall suddenly sank several feet inward, revealing a small magic array the size of a ten meters.

    Without saying a word, Fan Zheng took out a jade slip and threw it into the circle. At the same time, he launched a symbol into the array.

    As the array flashed in white light, a buzz sounded!

    Jade slip disappeared in a flash while being wrapped by the runes.

    Fan Zheng sighed lightly and turned around. When he was about to leave, there was a middle-aged man with a white face and no beard looking at him indifferently.

    “President… Feng, why are you here…?” When Fan Zheng saw the visitor clearly, his face changed drastically. His voice trembled slightly.


    After Feng Zhan let out a cold snort, his sleeves flicked without saying a word, and a yellow sword light surged out.

    Fan Zheng was shocked. His figure suddenly jumped back. At the same time, he spouted a silver iron plate from his mouth. After it shook in the air, it turned into a silver shield that blocked in front of him.


    A clear sword light flashed, and it cut through the seemingly extraordinary shield like tofu. It even directly flashed past Fan Zheng’s neck!

    Fan Zhenggao was still standing tall, but his skull was rolling down from his neck. His face had a look of horror.

    Then a blood fountain with a few feet high spewed out. A cloud of black gas rushed out from it, and it was trying to escape from the cave.

    Feng Zhan sneered. He waved his sleeves, and another yellow sword light swept out. Not only did it shatter the black gas in the air, but it also cut the small array into half. Simultaneously, he waved and launched a fireball at Fan Zheng’s corpse.

    After doing all this, Feng Zhan called back the spirit sword blankly. After a few flashes, he left the cave quietly.