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Chapter 353 - Ye Wushuang’s Decision!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 353: Ye Wushuang’s Decision!

    “Oh, yeah, have you decided on the date of your wedding with Yuhan?” Yang Tian asked, looking curious.

    “Not yet.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly and glanced at his phone. An air stewardess happened to pass by with the cart, so he asked, “Hi, may I know how long it will take to get to Tiannan?”

    “One and a half hours more.” The air stewardess smiled courteously.

    Ye Chen frowned but said nothing more.


    At the Ye residence in Tiannan, both of Lin Tai’s arms had been severed by Xue Yuantao. As he lay on the floor, blood flowed from his severed arms.

    Ye Hai and the rest were enraged, but they had no strength to stop all that.

    “Are you still not talking?” Xue Yuantao had a furious expression on his face upon seeing that Lin Tai refused to talk. He wanted to kill him.

    “Spare his life!” Guardian Huang stopped him and lifted his eyes to look at Ye Hai and the rest before him. He grinned. “Kill them first!”

    Ye Hai and the rest had a drastic change of expression. They could not help but retreat many steps back while Yang Hui was crying.

    Xue Yuantao took a step out and walked slowly towards them while smirking. “Don’t blame me. Blame yourself for bringing such a son to the world. I’m warning you it’s best that you guys don’t fight back. Perhaps you won’t die in so much agony.”

    “Wait!” Ye Hai suddenly spoke at that moment. He walked to the front, ignoring Su Yuhan’s call. He said after letting out a soft sigh, “It’s my son who caused all of this. Just kill me. Please let go of the rest behind me.”

    At that moment, he no longer had any hope for Ye Chen. He only hoped that he could use his life to guarantee Ye Ming, Yang Hui, Su Yuhan, and the rest’s safety.

    “Do you think that’s possible?” Xue Yuantao smirked in disdain. “All of you must die today!”

    Energy exploded from his body as soon as he said that. He charged at Ye Hai in a flash and grabbed onto him as cold killing intent filled his face.

    ‘Mad Southern Ye, oh, Mad Southern Ye! So what if you’re No. 1 in China? Your parents are still your weakness! I really want to see the despair and pain on your face when you see your parents’ heads.’

    Ye Hai shut his eyes in despair, saying nothing more because he knew that they could not run away from this today!

    Apart from him, Wu Lan, Ye Ming, Yang Hui, Ye Wen, and the rest next to him had despair on their faces too!

    Zap, zap!

    A series of zapping came when Xue Yuantao was getting to Ye Hai.

    ‘What’s that noise?’

    Before he could figure it out, a sword gleam glinted! The sword gleam was like lightning as it traveled quickly!

    “Oh, no!”

    Xue Yuantao’s heart jolted out of nowhere, making him retreat immediately. The second the sword gleam landed on his right arm, he felt pain as blood splashed everywhere.

    A whole right palm landed on the ground.

    “Ahhh!” Xue Yuantao staggered as he retreated. He fell onto the ground and shrieked as he pressed his right arm. The scene that came out of nowhere shocked Xue Feng and the rest. It shocked Ye Hai and his family too.

    ‘Is Xiaochen back?’ Ye Hai was over the moon while he peered around.

    Su Yuhan looked at Ye Wushuang next to her by instinct.

    “So, there’s an expert hiding among you!” Xue Feng’s pupils shrunk slightly. He could not help but glare at Ye Hai and the rest.

    The sword gleam earlier had been extraordinarily fast! It had been so fast that even Xue Yuantao, a Martial Dao master, failed to dodge it. It was also very powerful to have severed Xue Yuantao’s hand with a swing of the sword.

    At the same time, Guardian Huang, Bai Hongyu, and the rest could not help but have their interest piqued.

    A young man dressed in white carrying a long sword on his back walked out behind the people. There were electric arcs sparkling on the long sword while it hummed.

    He was Ye Wushuang.

    “Xiaoshuang, was that you?” Ye Hai said with surprise on his face.

    Ye Ming, Ye Wen, and the rest were also shocked. Never had they thought that the quiet young man in their eyes would reveal such terrifying force at that moment.

    Ye Wushuang nodded lightly. He then walked over to the people and stared coldly at Xue Feng and the rest. A terrifying force filled his body as he walked out. It seemed like it was going to charge and tear through all restrictions in the world.

    Xue Feng secretly jolted. He could not believe that he sensed that pressure and a dangerous threat that he had never felt as Ye Wushuang continued staring.

    He could not help but feel secretly horrified. ‘This young man is merely 17 or 18, but he’s posing such an intense threat to me!’

    Next to him, Guardian Huang, Bai Hongyu, and the rest were startled.

    At that moment, Xue Yuantao’s expression changed. He suddenly recognized him now. “It’s you, Unparalleled Sword!”

    “The Unparalleled Sword who ranks No. 11 on the Heaven Leaderboard?” Bai Hongyu squinted and looked at the long sword on Ye Wushuang’s back. “Although he ranks No. 11, he’s much more powerful than Yang Junlin that I fought before.”

    The gray-clad old man behind him spoke, “Master Bai, the sword intent from this guy is intense. He seems to be an Ancient Sword Cultivator!”

    “An Ancient Sword Cultivator? From the Sword Sect? I can’t believe there’s such a person in the outside world.”

    Guardian Huang’s face turned slightly serious. He said while looking directly at Ye Wushuang, “Are you from the Sword Sect?”

    The Sword Sect was a special sect in Shang Santian. They had the least members among all of the sects while all of them only cultivate Sword Dao. Everyone in the sect was lunatics. They did not care if they died when they fought. Therefore, not many organizations dare to offend them.

    Ye Wushuang said without answering the question, “You guys, scram or die!”

    “You’re seeking death!”

    “Junior, so what if you’re from the Sword Sect? If you dare to interfere with our business, we’ll kill you!”

    A cold gleam flashed through Xue Feng’s eyes. It turned into a green after-shadow that charged at Ye Wushuang, and it was much faster than Xue Yuantao’s attack before.

    Ye Hai and the rest felt their hearts sink. In their eyes, there was a bright glow on Xue Feng’s palm. It seemed to have grown a few folds bigger whereby it was shining brightly like a sun.


    The long sword on Ye Wushuang’s back released a sword hum and it came out of its scabbard. When he swung the sword, a majestic sword intent tore the air around them. It consolidated into a sword qi as it charged at the palm.


    A compelling shock wave exploded as a result of their collision, sweeping toward all directions. Then, Ye Wushuang lifted his arm and waved. Immediately, the energy that was charging at Ye Hai and the rest dissolved.

    He retreated from the collision. Eventually, he knelt on one knee on the ground. There was blood flowing at the corner of his lips as his handsome features turned pale.

    Xue Feng, on the other hand, merely took a step back.

    “You’re not my match!” Xue Feng smirked in disdain. “Since you’re talented, I’ll spare your life as long as you yield to me!”

    Ye Wushuang stood up slowly and turned his head slowly to look at the Patriarch of Hell in the little Mengmeng’s arms. Determination flashed through his face. “Bring them away, you damned dog. I’ll cover you!”

    The Patriarch of Hell looked at him in slight shock upon hearing that.

    ‘Is this guy out of his mind? Everyone here has a more powerful ability than he does. And he’s staying to cover us?’

    “Sister-in-law, leave with the rest!” Ye Wushuang said again just when Su Yuhan wanted to speak.

    Su Yuhan’s pretty face turned pale. She seemed to have realized something, so she said while clenching her teeth, “Dad, Mom, let’s go!”

    “But what about Xiaoshuang?” Ye Hai was hesitating.

    Su Yuhan said nothing and left to the parking lot while carrying Mengmeng. As Ye Hai sighed softly, he could only follow her together with Wu Lan and the rest.

    “Let’s go? Where are you guys going? You’re too naive!” Guardian Huang smirked in disdain. “Brother Xue, get this brat. I’ll kill them.”

    He charged at Ye Hai and the rest as soon as he said that in a flash. However, another sword gleam came, blocking his way entirely.

    “Brat, are you trying to stop the three of us by yourself?” Guardian Huang was enraged. “Go ahead and try!”

    Ye Wushuang looked cold while his eyes were as pure as snow. To their surprise, he closed his eyes slowly under such circumstances. A cold, silver gleam sparkled on his body.


    A loud thud burst forth from his body suddenly.

    In the next second, the Great Thunder Sword in his hand broke into three parts.

    “Out of his mind! This brat is really out of his mind!”

    The pupils of the gray-clad old man behind Bai Hongyu shrunk. He seemed to have understood something. “I can’t believe he broke his sword. He’s going to kill us, as well as himself!”