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Chapter 352 - You Guys Will Die A Horrible Death When My Lord is Back!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 352: You Guys Will Die A Horrible Death When My Lord is Back!

    Su Yuhan and the rest panicked when they witnessed Lin Tai about to be killed by Xue Feng’s slap.

    “Wait!” Guardian Huang suddenly waved his sleeve and stopped Xue Feng from slapping Lin Tai. He said in his deep voice, “This man seems to hold secrets. It must be related to Mad Southern Ye. Don’t kill him just yet!”

    Suddenly, Bai Hongyu and Xue Feng were reminded about something. Until now, they had no idea why Ye Chen possessed the abilities of an ancient martial artist and cultivator when he was none of those.

    “Patriarch, Sir Huang is right.” Xue Yuantao seemed to have recalled something after seeing the similarity between Lin Tai and Ye Chen. He proceeded to speak, “I’ve investigated before. Lin Tai wasn’t an ancient martial artist a month ago. He was just a gangster in Tiannan who knew nothing about martial arts at all.”

    Lin Tai’s heart sank and he could not help but begin to panic.

    Despite being knowledgeable, Guardian Huang, Bai Hongyu, and the old man in gray behind him had shock in their eyes. Within a short month, a regular man had just become an expert with Illuminating Pulse combat strength.

    Even the organization behind them could not do such a thing!

    “Now, that’s interesting!” Xue Feng recalled his palm instantly and looked at Lin Tai in a condescending manner. “I’ll give you a chance to tell us the secret, the secret about how you managed to elevate your ability within a month. We’ll spare your life as soon as you tell us!”

    “That’s right!” Guardian Huang nodded too.

    If the Martial Dao Adjudication Office obtained such a secret, there would be a significant elevation in their abilities. To them, Lin Tai was merely an ant. He definitely would not reject their offer on the brink of life and death!

    However, Lin Tai laughed out loud in disdain. “I, Lin Tai, have already been killing on the streets when I was 15. What kind of life and death situation have I not encountered? Just kill me. Don’t expect me to spill anything.”

    Xue Yuantao lifted his arm and charged his energy as soon as Lin Tai was done speaking. Immediately, the energy severed Lin Tai’s right arm.

    “Are you going to talk now?” Xue Yuantao grinned.

    “I know you!” Lin Tai’s face was almost deformed from the pain, but he forced a smile anyway. “You’re from the Xue family. My lord didn’t put an end to your family back then purely to avoid killing more innocents. Never had I thought your family would still dare to show up now!”

    “Haha!” Xue Yuantao scoffed and said in joy, “With experts like our patriarch and Sir Huang, Mad Southern Ye’ll definitely die if he dares to show his face!”

    Xue Yuantao dared not cross the line like what he was doing today if this had been the same as the last time. After all, the situation was different after what happened to Xue Xiao.

    Xue Feng and Guardian Huang aside, Bai Hongyu was a young man who was 20 years younger than him. Besides ranking top ten on the Heaven Leaderboard, he had defeated Yang Junlin who ranked No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard in one hit.

    How powerful was he to have been able to do that?

    Therefore, to him, this was the end for Ye Chen.

    “Haha!” Lin Tai was so pale that there was no color on his face. He could only glare dangerously at them and enunciate word for word, “I can guarantee that you guys will die a horrible death when my lord is back. A horrible, horrible death!”

    “Shut your mouth!” Xue Feng stepped on him as if he was looking at an ant. “I can’t believe a peasant from the outside world would dare to speak so highly of himself!”


    At the same time at the Gu residence in Tiannan, Gu Yingying rushed to the pond behind the mountain of the house. She said to Old Master Gu who was fishing, “Bad news, Grandpa. I heard that something has happened to the Ye family. Those who are after him seem to be…”

    “I heard!” Old Master Gu said without even turning his head.

    “Grandpa, why are you still sitting there?” Gu Yingying was stomping her feet in her panic.

    “What else can I do?” The old master withdrew the fishing rod which had no hook on it. He turned his head and said, “Since Mr. Ye brought this trouble upon himself, he can only depend on himself!”

    Before this, he had received a call from the old chief, asking him not to stick his nose in whatever happened to the Ye family. Everyone who was in the military from the Gu family had been captured temporarily, so he could not send anyone to help.

    Although the old chief did not say it, the old master knew that the military was scared!

    He sighed softly in despair. A person like him who sacrificed himself to build the country was determined to overthrow all power. In the end, he realized such power still existed. He hated the fact that he was old and could no longer kill the enemies with his weapon!

    “Grandpa, is there really nothing that we can do?” Gu Yingying forced a smile. Although she had no idea what was happening, she figured that something was off after noticing her grandfather looking so serious and beaten.

    “There is!” The old master took a deep breath. “As soon as Mr. Ye returns, he can solve the situation. There’ll be a great change in China. A new era will come!”

    However, was that possible?


    In an unknown mountain village in the northwest, an old farmer was smoking while squatting under a tree. The wrinkles on his forehead were like the ridges on the field.

    There was an old bull eating grass while swaying its butt before him. Its tail could not stop swatting its butt as it seemed to want to get rid of the flies.

    There was a fly that it could not get rid of. It could only kneel and rub its butt against a tree trunk.

    The old farmer puffed a smoke ring out. “Old bull, oh, old bull. Do you hate flies too? Hate alone is useless. You’ll need ability, just like you’ll have to kneel in order to kill that fly. Now, kneel! Hahaha!”

    He looked into the sky. “Sometimes, when you’ve knelt once, you’ll kneel for the second time. It’s hard to stand up straight when your spine is crooked.”


    The old bull farted at him. It seemed to be responding to him in disdain.

    “Are you looking down on me?” The old farmer was surprised. Subsequently, he shook his head and rode on the old bull. “Forget it. Let’s go.”

    The old bull was walking really slowly as if each step it took was strenuous.

    A rather lonely sigh came. “Old bull, you’re old now. I, the Dragon of China, am old too. I can no longer take it. I only want to work in the field and smoke every day. This will be a test for that kid. When someone is born, naturally, someone will die. As long as he passes, I, the Dragon King, might reenact the catastrophic flood again!”


    On the plane to Tiannan, Ye Chen helped Yang Tian to his seat.

    “Old Ye, am I considered to have passed the test?” Yang Tian asked, feeling rather guilty. Strictly speaking, he did not complete the three-month agreement that he made with Ye Chen.

    “Yes.” Ye Chen nodded absentmindedly. He picked up his phone and called Su Yuhan again, but he realized that her phone was not in service.

    For some reason, he had a bad feeling within him.

    “Are you alright?” Yang Tian said while smiling seeing that he was in a bad mood, “Are you thinking about your wedding with Yuhan when you get back?”