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Chapter 351 - Lin Tai is Triggered!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 351: Lin Tai is Triggered!

    “Kill all of them. Leave no one behind!”

    Ye Hai and the rest in the villa were stunned to hear that. They could not help but go out to check.

    There were four to five cars pulled over at the door. The vehicles had Beijing car plate numbers. Subsequently, some 20 people got out of the cars. All of them had killing intent on their faces.

    The leader was a middle-aged man who was dressed sophisticatedly. He was the newly appointed master of the Beijing wealthy family, Xue Yuantao!

    “Patriarch, this is the Ye family’s villa.” Xue Yuantao glanced at Ye Hai and the rest in slight disdain, then he turned his head and clasped his fists at the old man in the car.

    The old man walked out of the car. He looked at Ye Hai and the rest with his cloudy eyes. Faint lechery flashed through his eyes when he glanced at Su Yuhan and Ye Wen. He declared slowly, “Apart from the two ladies, kill the rest!”

    Ye Hai and the rest had a change of expression upon hearing that. Just when they were going to speak, two cars came from far away. It was a black BMW and a jeep.

    A young man in white walked out of the black BMW, followed by an old man in gray. Meanwhile, an old man in black came out of the jeep.

    The old man in gray smiled and said when he saw them, “Master Bai, Guardian Huang, you guys would’ve missed a grand massacre if you had come ten minutes later.”

    “Xue Feng, I can’t believe that the Xue family sent a useless thing like you here.” Bai Hongyu snickered in contempt.

    The man before Bai Hongyu was from the Xue family. He had been in Shang Santian for decades, but he remained a half-step martial venerable, so he was rather useless.

    Xue Yuantao was enraged. “How dare you!?”

    “You’re the daring one!” The old man in gray behind Bai Hongyu stepped forward, suppressing Xue Yuantao with a terrifying aura.


    Xue Yuantao fell onto the ground and spat a mouthful of blood out. He was secretly horrified. As a Martial Dao master, although he could not compare to Xue Xiao who had died, he was considered to be at the peak of Martial Dao in China. However, the man’s words caused him internal injury.

    Xue Feng was rather annoyed.

    “Stop it!” At that moment, the old man in black, who was standing aside, condemned in his deep voice, “I’m not here to see you guys fight.”

    The young man in white smiled and held back after hearing what he said because the black-clad old man was the Martial Dao Adjudication Office’s guardian, thus his status and power were much more powerful than his.

    “Guardian Huang is right.” Xue Feng nodded immediately.

    “So, this is Mad Southern Ye’s home?” Guardian Huang glanced at the entire villa in utter coldness. Eventually, he stopped when he looked at Ye Hai and the rest. He seemed to be scorning them. “The mortals are lowly and pitiful like ants. Since you’re ants, then you shouldn’t attempt to trigger His Majesty!”

    Ye Hai could not help but ask, “Who are you guys?” Until now, he still had no idea why these people surrounded the villa or why such killing intent filled their tone.

    Su Yuhan’s pretty face changed slightly. At that moment, she finally believed what Aunt Lan said. These people were Ye Chen’s rivals.

    Guardian Huang glared coldly at Ye Hai and asked, “Who is this man?”

    “He’s Mad Southern Ye’s father, Ye Hai!” Xue Yuantao said respectfully.

    Guardian Huang came to a realization, then he said after a scoff, “Your son destroyed the Martial Alliance and killed the chief. It’s a great offense for him to have done that. As his family members, you guys will be buried with him!”

    “That’s right!” Xue Feng yelled, “Mad Southern Ye killed the master of my Xue family, Xue Xiao, Xue Lei, and Xue Xuejiao. As a part of the family, it makes sense that I’m here for revenge.”

    “Haha!” Bai Hongyu shook his head lightly. “Mad Southern Ye killed Bai Zhanyuan from my family. An eye for an eye. Don’t worry. This bunch of ants isn’t worthy of me lifting a finger.”

    Ye Hai and the rest had a drastic change in their expressions as soon as the three were done speaking.

    Ye Ming’s family especially did not expect their nephew to have killed so many people. Besides that, these people did not look ordinary.

    “Guys, is there a misunderstanding?” Ye Ming sighed softly and he signaled Su Yuhan secretly to call the police. To him, they were merely regular people. How could they be their match? Therefore, he could only try to buy some time.

    How would Su Yuhan not get what he was trying to say?

    However, the signal around the villa had been blocked.

    “A misunderstanding?” Guardian Huang scoffed, “Kill them. Chop off their heads and hang them in the villa. I want Mad Southern Ye to know that Shang Santian’s dignity is not to be challenged!”

    “Kill them!” When Xue Feng waved his hand, the 20 people standing behind him charged at Ye Hai and the rest.

    “Protect the madam and family!” Lin Tai had a drastic change of expression and shouted immediately. Subsequently, more than ten Star Pavilion members protected Su Yuhan, Ye Hai, and the rest.

    There were 800 members in the Star Pavilion. However, given that this came out of nowhere, they had no chance of calling for help at all.

    A chill flooded Ye Wushuan’s eyes as he stood close behind Su Yuhan. The Great Thunder Sword behind him could not stop shaking! “Madam, don’t go anywhere. As long as I, Lin Tai, am here, I won’t let anything happen to you guys today!”

    “Kill them!” He charged quickly after saying that. Instead of retreating, he charged at the group p of people that were coming at them as his aura skyrocketed.

    “Asura Heaven-suppressing Kill. Kill all living things in one hit!” He threw a punch out, killing a man who was running in front. Blood splashed all over his face.

    The gory scene shocked Ye Hai and the rest, especially Ye Wen and her mother Yang Hui, who screamed by instinct.

    “Kill them!” Lin Tai threw another punch out. There was no other thought in his head. His mind was filled with killing!

    ‘My lord taught me the Asura Heaven-suppressing Kill. He transformed me significantly and got me to protect his family! Even if I’ll be killed, I can’t disappoint him!’

    Within a short one minute, dead bodies were scattered all over the ground. Most of them were crippled, and blood flowed everywhere.

    Although those people were ancient martial artists, their abilities were confined to Internal Energy. Meanwhile, Lin Tai had achieved beginner-stage Spirit Assembly after cultivating the Asura Heaven-suppressing Kill, so one below the master level was his match.

    Ye Hai and the rest were completely stunned, especially the 20 over members from the Star Pavilion as it was their first time witnessing Lin Tai fight. Never had they thought that he would be so terrifying!

    After killing the last man, Lin Tai looked at Xue Feng and the rest as blood filled his body. Shouting ‘kill’, he charged at them.

    Bai Hongyu said in surprise, “This man isn’t an ancient martial artist or a cultivator, so how can he have Illuminating Pulse ability?”

    Disdain flashed through Xue Feng’s eyes upon seeing Lin Tai coming at his men. His aura exploded as he shouted, “Kneel!”


    Lin Tai suddenly felt a great pressure that pressed him to the ground as if a mountain was on him.

    “You’re merely on Illuminating Pulse and you dare to attack us! Get over yourself!” he scoffed and slammed Lin Tai’s head with his palm.

    The slam alone could have crushed his head!

    Lin Tai shut his eyes in despair. ‘My lord, this humble one is useless!’