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Chapter 350 - Old Chen’s Rage!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 350: Old Chen’s Rage!

    At the Beijing military headquarters, Old Chen was staring into space as he stood by the window with his arms behind his back.

    At that moment, Qin Xiaotian walked in and said softly, “Commander, those people from Shang Santian are on their way to Tiannan now!”

    “Ye has finally triggered the powerful ones!” Old Chen sighed softly. “Xiaotian, go to Tiannan. Save whoever you can. I believe they won’t dare to cross the line because of us.”

    Qin Xiaotian nodded, and a jeep pulled over at the entrance just when he was going out. Subsequently, two old men walked over in big steps. “The Dragon King has ordered the military not to interfere. Apart from that, the military can’t fight the people from Shang Santian!”

    “Why not?” Old Chen frowned slightly upon hearing the name “Dragon King”. He was rather enraged. “Why? Has the Dragon Soul’s spine bent completely after the battle 50 years ago that it can no longer stand?”

    The two old men said expressionlessly, “The boss has decided on that!”

    Old Chen smashed his favorite clay teapot on the ground and condemned, “Niu Qingshan is a useless thing, a coward! He can no longer stand since he knelt that one time! Scram, get out! I can’t believe the country is afraid of a bunch of b*stards at such a critical time! Where are my cannons? Where are my missiles?!”


    At Tiannan’s Nine Dragons Bay villa, Ye Hai and Ye Ming’s family were gathered at the moment.

    Ye Wen was sitting aside while carrying the little girl, Mengmeng. The pretty girls of different generations were playing on the phone together.

    Since becoming the general manager of Yaffle Cosmetics Limited Company, Ye Wen was much more matured now. She would basically spend time at Ye Chen’s home every day.

    If one were to look closer, she would peek at the young man in white sitting across her occasionally while she played the game on her phone. Upon noticing the young man looking at her, she would look away while blushing.

    Delighted, Ye Hai said to Ye Ming and Yang Hui, “I got you guys here today mainly to discuss Yuhan and Xiaochen’s wedding.”

    “What’s there to discuss? You’ll call the shots, Bro,” Ye Chen’s Second Aunty Yang Hui said with a smile while covering her mouth.

    Since they reconnected, they were always together.

    Ye Ming said while smiling, “That’s right, Yuhan and Xiaochen were separated for five years, but he’s finally back. What I’m trying to say is the sooner they get married, the better. They can have another baby then.”

    Su Yuhan, who was knitting a sweater for Mengmeng, blushed. She wanted to bury her face somewhere. Nevertheless, there was a smile of joy at the corner of her lips.

    She suddenly screamed.

    “Yuhan, are you alright?” They looked at her immediately.

    Su Yuhan shook her head. “Nothing, I accidentally poked my finger.” She sucked her middle finger on her left hand as she was done speaking. For some reason, she suddenly jolted at that moment.

    Ye Hai nodded, and just when he was going to speak, Lin Tai walked in quickly. He nodded to the few people in the house and looked at Su Yuhan. “Ma’am, there’s someone here for you!”

    “Someone’s here for me?” Su Yuhan was confused.

    Lin Tai shook his head. “I’ve no idea who that is.”

    Su Yuhan hesitated and put the needle and thread in her hands down. As she got up and walked out, Ye Wushuang followed her right away.

    When they arrived outside the villa, there was a lady in a black dress standing there. She was 30 to 40 years old, and a high bun was tied on her head.

    Su Yuhan approached her and smiled out of courtesy after taking a look at her. “Hi, are you looking for me?”

    “You must be Su Yuhan, aren’t you?” The middle-aged woman smiled warmly while excitement filled her eyes when she looked at Su Yuhan. “Let me introduce myself. My name is Aunt Lan. May I know if I can speak to you alone?”

    She looked at Ye Wushuang and Lin Tai who were standing aside after saying that.

    Su Yuhan raised her sharp brows. “I’m sorry, I don’t think I know you.”

    “Don’t worry. I’ve got no ill intentions,” Aunt Lan shook her head immediately and said, “I’m here to save you.”

    “Save me? I’m sorry!” Stunned, Su Yuhan turned to go back to the house.

    “What if what I’m about to tell you has something to do with your boyfriend’s life?” Aunt Lan suddenly said.

    Su Yuhan stopped walking. She looked at Lin Tai and Wushuang and said, “You guys go in. I’ll be right there.”

    “Ma’am, don’t believe…” Lin Tai opened his mouth.

    However, he sighed after noticing Su Yuhan’s determined gaze. After Lin Tai signaled Ye Wushuang, they walked into the house. However, they were still watching whatever that was happening out there.

    Su Yuhan spoke as soon as they left, “You may speak now.”

    “It’s a pleasure for I, Lan Daolian, to meet you, Master!” Aunt Lan suddenly knelt before her with utter respect.

    Su Yuhan was shocked, so she retreated a few steps back by instinct. “What are you doing? Did you get the wrong person?”

    “You’re the right person!” Aunt Lan said with utter sincerity, ‘You’re the reincarnation of the Nether King, and you have the body of the Nether King. You’re the glorious master of our Dark Judgement Division who’s fated to take over the reign and inherit the Dark Judgement Division’s holy weapons which are the Nether Umbrella and the Judgement Sickle!” She behaved like a loyal servant at that moment.

    Su Yuhan’s pretty face turned rather unfriendly. “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about at all. I’m sorry I can’t send you off.”

    “Master!” Aunt Lan said immediately, “The reason why I came here is to bring you back to the Dark Judgement Division. You’re not suitable to stay in the outside world. No regular person in the outside world deserves you.

    “Your boyfriend, that Mad Southern Ye who ranks No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard has killed many, causing people from Shang Santian to come to him. Please follow me now. With me here, nobody can hurt you!”

    Su Yuhan’s expression changed. “Are you saying that Ye Chen is in danger?” She had no interest in the Dark Judgement Division and the body of the Nether King. She would rather stay at home to be the woman who would serve her husband and nurture her child.

    “That’s right!” Aunt Lan nodded and said, “Three experts from Shang Santian are coming. Their mission is to kill your boyfriend, as well as to destroy the entire Ye family. They’re on their way now.”

    “I don’t believe what you’ve just said!” Su Yuhan said although she lacked the confidence, “This is a society ruled by law. The country won’t just sit there and watch if they dare to attack us. Moreover, Ye Chen is the chief commander of the Firearms Division. He’s a lieutenant general!”

    “It’s futile!” Aunt Lan shook her head and said, “Shang Santian has existed for thousands of years. How powerful they are is beyond your imagination. The country won’t make rivalry with them because of you guys. By then, nobody will be able to help your boyfriend no matter how he begs!”

    She seemed cold as she glanced at the entire villa and the people inside as she spoke to this point. She proceeded, “By then, everyone in there will die, including the two of them who have a bit of cultivation base from before. Master, please follow me!”

    “Although I’ve no idea what this Dark Judgement Division is and whether you speak the truth, no thank you!” Su Yuhan stated and turned around to return to the villa.

    Meanwhile, the people in the house were still discussing the wedding.

    Su Yuhan went upstairs quietly and called Ye Chen on her phone. However, she found out there was no signal on her phone, so she could only make emergency calls.

    Her heart sank. She could only go downstairs and tell Ye Wen, who was playing games with Mengmeng, “Xiaowen, may I borrow your phone?”

    Ye Wen unlocked her phone and handed it to her.

    However, when Su Yuhan looked at the phone, she realized that there was no signal on Ye Wen’s phone as well.

    Her expression changed at that moment. A thought popped into her head.

    Someone must have blocked the signal in the villa to prohibit them from calling from help!

    She interrupted Ye Hai and the rest as she thought about this. Abruptly, the squeal of brakes came from outside after she took a deep breath preparing to speak.

    “Kill all of them. Leave no one behind!”