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Chapter 349 - Something is Brewing in the Dark!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 349: Something is Brewing in the Dark!

    Hu Meiling sighed softly when she realized that Ye Chen was unwilling to hand over the Weasel King and the Rat King’s beast cores. She said nothing more.

    Nevertheless, Ye Chen did not care.

    If she had not shown up, the Mysterious Snake King, the Black Bear King, and the Hedgehog King would have definitely died today.

    As Hu Meiling waved her sleeve, two jars of wine appeared on the table. “Immortal Master Ye, these two jars of wine are a gift from me to you.”

    “Is that monkey fruit wine?” Ye Chen was surprised.

    The so-called monkey fruit wine was made of the fruits that monkeys gathered. They collected them in tree holes for the winter, but they would forget about a portion of the fruits when they had gathered enough. As time went by, the forgotten fruits would ferment on their own.

    It sounded easy, but in reality, it was difficult for that to happen. The reason being it had to be the perfect tree hole, the local temperature had to be right, and the soil had to be suitable.

    It could be said that the legit monkey fruit wine was made of luck since it was so rare. Even if there was such a wine, it was difficult for regular people to retrieve them. After all, they would be attacked by monkeys.

    “That’s right.” Hu Meiling smiled lightly and said, “No. 4 gave me ten jars 300 years ago. As the years went by, I’ve drunk seven to eight jars. I’ll give you the last two jars, Immortal Master Ye.”

    “Don’t mind if I do!” Ye Chen put away the monkey fruit wine with a grin. Such a thing was rare as it could prolong one’s life. It would be great for him to bring back to his parents.

    He left after they chatted for a while.


    At the border of the secondary forest, the people, who had fallen asleep, woke up. They could not help but feel relieved when they saw that the wild animals that surrounded them had left.

    Meanwhile, the Mysterious Snake King, the Black Bear King, and the Hedgehog King hovered midair. As they stood still, they looked worried.

    It had been at least half an hour since Ye Chen went in. Nothing was happening, so how could they not panic? After all, it was related to their life and death.

    “How did I fall asleep?” The sexy vlogger Du Xiaoxiao woke up too. She opened her pretty eyes wide, appearing to be looking for something. She suddenly asked Shen Cangsheng who was beside her, “Eh, where’s the little brother from before?”

    “Which little brother?” Shen Cangsheng said impatiently. To him, people like Du Xiaoxiao were no different from an ant. If not for Ye Chen, he would not have bothered talking to her.

    However, Du Xiaoxiao did not notice his impatience, so she said by instinct, “The little brother who killed the big rat and the weasel earlier.”

    Did she just call Mad Southern Ye little brother?

    The corner of Shen Cangsheng’s lips twitched hard. ‘You’re the only ignorant person in entire China who dares to call the devil that.’

    The three of them midair had a chill in their eyes.

    At that moment, a skinny silhouette walked out of the forest.

    While the three immortals’ expressions changed, they descended immediately and knelt onto the ground at the same time. Their bodies were shaking lightly.

    Ye Chen looked at them, but a figure threw herself into his embrace just when he was going to speak.

    The person held his neck with both hands. Subsequently, the person kissed his lips.

    Ye Chen was stunned at that moment. Besides him, everyone else was also bewildered.

    Du Xiaoxiao let him go by then, and her little cheeks were flushing as if she was drunk. She mumbled softly, “I’m in a dream anyway. It’ll be a waste if I don’t kiss you. I’ll consider this a wet dream.”

    Until now, she thought that she was in a dream. After all, everything that she had seen earlier was just too terrifying as if she was watching a movie.

    Women admired powerhouses since the beginning of time. If the scene of Ye Chen fighting the five immortals earlier went viral, a bevy of ladies would be charmed by him, including Du Xiaoxiao.


    Wet dream?

    Ye Chen pursed his lips and looked at her with shock on his face.

    He could not believe that someone would have kissed him by force.

    “What are you looking at? That was my first kiss. You’re lucky.” Du Xiaoxiao stared at him with her hands on her waist after noticing Ye Chen was looking at her, feeling wronged.

    Her many fans would be so pissed that they might kill themselves if they found out she had given her first kiss away to a strange man. She noticed something wrong as soon as she said that. “Wait. Why does it feel so real when it’s just a dream?”

    She stretched her arm out to pinch herself hard. Then, she screamed in pain. Subsequently, she stared with her pretty eyes opened wide, wishing she could just die from the embarrassment. “I-I’m not dreaming?!”

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly and looked at the three immortals kneeling before him. He said with his deep voice, “For the sake of Hu Meiling, I’ll spare your lives this time, but you’ll still be punished. Give me your soul blood!”

    The three of them had a drastic change of expression as they were unwilling to do so.

    As soon as they handed their soul blood to him, they would be handing their lives over to Ye Chen. From now on, he would decide when they lived or died.

    However, the three of them clenched their teeth and handed their soul blood over after sensing the killing intent from Ye Chen. There was nothing that they could do. They would die right away if they did not hand it over, and they would live if they did. Anyone else would have done the same.

    Ye Chen left the secondary forest after putting their soul blood away.

    Du Xiaoxiao could not find him when she snapped back to her senses, so she attempted to go after him.


    At the same time on a hill in Beijing, two people were fighting in a forest. The terrifying energy as a result of the fight scraped the hills nearby into flatlands.


    A young man in white threw Yang Junlin who ranked No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard out with a punch. He shot tens of meters out, creating mayhem.

    “Junlin, are you alright?” Yan Nanfei, Han Qinhu, and the rest helped him up immediately.

    Yang Junlin spat a mouthful of blood out and looked at the white-clad young man before him. He looked terrified and serious. He could not believe that he was defeated in a single hit.

    “So weak! The second on the Heaven Leaderboard is nothing!” The young man in white shook his head lightly with his arms behind his back as if he was speaking nonchalantly. “The outside world remains a lowly place filled with hillbillies like you guys!”

    Enraged, Yan Nanfei wanted to attack the man. However, Yang Junlin held onto him and said to the young man in white, “Are you from Shang Santian?”

    “You know about Shang Santian?” The young man was rather shocked.

    Yang Junlin said in his deep voice, “I thought people from Shang Santian don’t go out. What exactly are you guys trying to do to be out here? Let me remind you about what happened 100 years ago!”

    “How dare you threaten me?” The young man frowned before chuckling out loud. “Tell the government that I, Bai Hongyu, am here just to kill one man. I hope that the government won’t stick its nose into this.”

    He vanished from where he was as soon as he was done saying that.

    Yan Nanfei said while suppressing the rage within him, “This guy is underestimating us just because he’s from Shang Santian. He’s too much.”

    Yang Junlin shook his head. “Clearly, he came because of Bai Zhanyuan’s death. It seems like Venerable Ye is in great trouble!”

    The few of them were shocked to hear that!


    The Xue family had been living a life of fear since Ye Chen killed Xue Xiao. They were worried that he would put an end to their family.

    However, the Xue family’s upper echelon was currently stirred at the Xue residence.

    The family’s newly appointed master, Xue Yuantao, led two sexily-dressed ladies into a room. He bowed and said to the old man in blue sitting at the corner of the table, “Patriarch, I’ve got you the ladies that you asked for.”

    The old man looked like he was in his 60s, and there was no aura on him at all. He looked just like a regular old man.

    However, Xue Yuantao dared not be disrespectful of him at all because the old man belonged to the Xue family.

    Speaking of seniority, he was Xue Yuantao’s great-grandfather!

    It was just that he had disappeared for 50 years and had suddenly returned now!

    Xue Yuantao was close to 50 this year. Judging by that, this great-grandfather of his had an extraordinarily long life.

    “You may leave now!” The old man lifted his eyes to look at the two ladies behind Xue Yuantao.

    Xue Yuantao responded and walked out of the room after closing the door. A series of moans went on in the room. An hour later, a calm voice came from the room, “Come in!”

    He saw two dead naked bodies on the bed when he walked in. Their lower bodies were swollen, and the most terrifying thing was that the bodies were dried up as if someone had sucked them dry.

    Xue Yuantao secretly jolted.

    The old man said without even lifting his head, “Any news?”

    “Patriarch, we heard that Mad Southern Ye was in Ganzhou before, and he seems to have left to the northeast after causing a stir at the Spiritual Medicine Mountain,” Xue Yuantao reported immediately.

    “Tell them that we’ll capture him now!” The old man grinned. “This time, I’ll give this man a taste of real fear and despair!”